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Enter The Haggis - Gasoline Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gasoline' by Enter The Haggis. Outside around the side / Form a circle forwar I'm an / Outsider on the side / Formerly a farm-boy / Inside I'm on the.
Enter The Haggis - One Last Drink Lyrics
Lyrics to 'One Last Drink' by Enter The Haggis: I've had a life that's full Everyone's been good to me So fire up that fiddle, boy And give me one last drink.
Enter The Haggis - Down With The Ship Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Down With The Ship' by Enter The Haggis. Like ships in a squall we rise and we fall / We're plotting our course through the waves / Some masts are.
Enter The Haggis - Marti's Last Stand Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Marti's Last Stand' by Enter The Haggis. Marti was a fightin' man / Whose story should be told / He was a son of circumstance / He couldn't quite.
Enter The Haggis - Ride My Monster Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ride My Monster' by Enter The Haggis. Across the loch / On the mountain side / there lives a lovely lassie I would see tonight / But I haven't got an .
Enter The Haggis - Lanigan's Ball Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lanigan's Ball' by Enter The Haggis. In the town of Athy one Jeremy Lanigan / Battered away 'til he hadn't a pound. / His father he died and made him.
Enter The Haggis - Lancaster Gate Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lancaster Gate' by Enter The Haggis. Instru.
Enter The Haggis - The Mexican Scotsman Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Mexican Scotsman' by Enter The Haggis. Jose, get your bagpipes / And head down to the square / Seranade the passers-bye / And you'll make ...
Enter The Haggis - Icarus Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Icarus' by Enter The Haggis. My hand stopped her cold from its place in the air / But it lingered a while in her hair / To whisper remember me / And.
Enter The Haggis - Andromeda Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Andromeda' by Enter The Haggis. Andromeda / These hands are reaching out for you / I saw their eyes / You let them fasten / All of their hopes on you.
Enter The Haggis - Long Way Home Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Long Way Home' by Enter The Haggis. I feel I've wandered / For most of my years / Taken some wrong turns / They all brought me here / If the road is.
Enter The Haggis - Home Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Home' by Enter The Haggis. When I came to this town / I was not yet a man / Still green from the grass I once played in / A mere twenty-one years /
Enter The Haggis - Minstrel Boy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Minstrel Boy' by Enter The Haggis. The minstrel boy to the war has gone / In the ranks of death you will find him / His father's sword he is girded.
Enter The Haggis - The Litter And The Leaves Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Litter And The Leaves' by Enter The Haggis. Another link in the chain getting rusty breaking / Down in the gutter with a smile / It's another.
Enter The Haggis - Haven Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Haven' by Enter The Haggis. I'm running out of life / Open down and taken by / Sixty one in forty nine / Vision at the crossroads / Fire in the.
Enter The Haggis - Skyswimmer Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Skyswimmer' by Enter The Haggis. I met a man with eyes like glass / Whose youthful days were gone and past / He told me in a cardboard tone / How.
Enter The Haggis - Perfect Song Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Perfect Song' by Enter The Haggis. Many years I've lived alone / A life of solitude / Since my love did leave this life / My joys have been but few /
Enter The Haggis - Bagpipes On Mars Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bagpipes On Mars' by Enter The Haggis. I read about a man who'd been / Around the world and back again / Built a space ship in his back yard / And.
Enter The Haggis - The Apothecary Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Apothecary' by Enter The Haggis. Under the curtains the exit sign glows / Go now and no one will know / If you try later it may be too late /
Enter The Haggis - The Barfly Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Barfly' by Enter The Haggis. I met an old man one night in a bar / He was sitting alone / The way men his age always are / His movements were.
Enter The Haggis - Scotland The Brave / Hava Nagila Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Scotland The Brave / Hava Nagila' by Enter The Haggis. Hava Nagila, Hava Nagila, Hava Nagila / La, la la la la / la la la la la la la / La la la, la.
Enter The Haggis - No More Stones Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No More Stones' by Enter The Haggis. Thought we had a grudge against / Our friends who live beyond the fence / Victims of a circumstance or writers.
Enter The Haggis - The Train Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Train' by Enter The Haggis. Instrumental.
Enter The Haggis Lyrics
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Enter The Haggis - Cynical lyrics
Cynical lyrics by Enter The Haggis: I'm an actor, a web-voyeur / I'm a fall-down, follow-through / Trying hard to find somebody / And be.
Enter The Haggis - Congress Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Congress' by Enter The Haggis. Instrumental.
Enter The Haggis - Aerials Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Aerials' by Enter The Haggis. Instrumental.
Enter The Haggis - Life For Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Life For Love' by Enter The Haggis. No man / No man is an island / Way out on the water / All alone to stand / But I am / Tired of the dry land /
Enter The Haggis - Letters Lyrics. Lost, farewell under this sinking sun in an ocean of sky dust and bones echoes of rusty guns i'm not too young to die your love ...
Enter The Haggis - Martha Stuart Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Martha Stuart' by Enter The Haggis. Instrumental.
Enter The Haggis - New Monthly Flavour Lyrics
Lyrics to 'New Monthly Flavour' by Enter The Haggis. Jerry's keeping up with the neighbours / Good for the man on the go / Rabbit's got a new monthly flavour /
Enter The Haggis - Another Round Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Another Round' by Enter The Haggis. Train moves on another town / whisky's gone another round / whisky's gone / eagle flies overhead / sun will rise.
The Haggis Horns - Enter the Haggis lyrics
Lyrics for Enter the Haggis by The Haggis Horns. ... Enter the Haggis - Lyrics. The Haggis Horns. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points.
Enter The Haggis - Echo Of A Whisper Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Echo Of A Whisper' by Enter The Haggis. I can close my eyes and see you / Beautiful Caroline / And you smile as though you feel my eyes on you... /
Enter The Haggis - Donald Where's Yer Trousers Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Donald Where's Yer Trousers' by Enter The Haggis. Well, I just come down from the Isle of sky / I'm not very big and I'm awfully shy / The lasses.
Enter The Haggis - Star Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Star' by Enter The Haggis. Near Banbridge Town in the County Down / One morning last July / Down a boreen green came a sweet colleen / And she ...
Enter The Haggis - Where Will You Go Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Where Will You Go' by Enter The Haggis. Where will you go my faithful fair one? / What will you do when ye are on your own? / Whither, oh tell me,
Enter The Haggis - Broken Line lyrics
Broken Line lyrics by Enter The Haggis: Restless is dawn as it wanders the farm house / A new day awaits though he's worked through the.
Enter The Haggis - Getaway Car Lyrics. the getaway car in your backyard was your last resort hidden under vines and autumn leaves waiting there for you to ...
Enter The Haggis - Scarecrow Lyrics. little wonder wide awake buried under the promises you make don't be worried somebody's gonna take you home ...

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