If im with it and your with it then whats the hold up lyrics

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Lyrics to "Hold Up" song by DEREK MINOR: Now pay attention to me mayne Y'all lucky that I'm not ... Knock on the world in your life time then tell me what's left
LIL UZI VERT LYRICS - Side Line Watching (Hold Up)
"Side Line Watching (Hold Up)". Hold up ... If you don't like me then sue me (what ?) Yea my new girl ... Look at your chain with your Jeweler (What) You need to ...
MEEK MILL LYRICS - Dreams & Nightmares
Lyrics to "Dreams & Nightmares" song by MEEK MILL: Ain't this what they've been waiting for? You ready? ... Hold up wait a minute, y'all thought I was finished? When I bought that Aston ... nigga what up. If you ain't about that murder game then pussy nigga shut up. If you diss me in yo' raps, I'll get your pussy ass stuck up
If you don't know me by now I don't know when we gon' meet ... You gotta value your team. Play by ... I say hold up, what's the hold up, this shit bigger than ever
I don't know how you do what you do ... 'Cause I wanna wrap you up. Wanna kiss ... Wanna hold your hand forever ... But your beauty's deeper than the make-up
TORY LANEZ LYRICS - Know Whats Up / The Take
Lyrics to "Know Whats Up / The Take" song by TORY LANEZ: She drop that dang thing on me I stand up ... I swear if niggas hate you know I got that thing on me
What we ain't. Why we ... 'Cause if the water dries up, and the moon stops shining . Stars fall, and ... 'Cause you're the best mistake I've ever made. But we hold on, hold on. There's no ... If I'm not the one then I'm the best mistake you ever had
CITY HIGH LYRICS - What Would You Do
What would you do if your son was at home. Crying all ... [Chorus] Hold up! Then she said, what would you do? Get up on my feet and let go off every excuse
FRANKIE J LYRICS - Obsession (No Es Amor)
And I still can't sleep. Thinkin bout your beauty it makes me ... Amor, no es amor ( if this ain't love) Then what am I feeling (what am I doing wrong) Amor, no es amor (if ... Hold up wait a minute baby you so damn independent. Loving everything ...
I roll up [Wiz Khalifa - Verse 1] Its your anniversary isn't it. And your man ain't acting right. So you packin' your ... Don't care what your friends say, cause they don't know me. I can be your ... You know if I ball, then we all gonna stunt. Send her my way, she ain't gotta hold up. Whenever you ... No matter where I am. No matter ...
Lyrics to "Hold Up" song by NELLY: Ya'll already know what this is homeboy No no no no no nigga Fuck ... If I ain't what ya trying to be than why you hustling see
Lookin' like I'm 'bout to set up a show in your kitchen. I'm outta my ... NF is a monster, I am a villain. My music is sick, ... Most of you people, you probably don't know what I'm sayin', hold up! ... And then Capitol came in the picture and gave me a shot ... The least I can do if I murder a beat is take the time to go to its funeral.
MACKLEMORE LYRICS - Brad Pitt's Cousin
Hold up, little homie, let me talk my truth. Made an Instagram for ... (Meow) Now my cat's more famous than you ever will be. I been hustling ... Like you don't know what's up. Bradley, he's ... If you're wondering, yes, I does my thing. And another ...
J. COLE LYRICS - Hold It Down
Lyrics to "Hold It Down" song by J. COLE: If my heart stop pumping tomorrow don' t feel no sorrow 'Cause life is ... Than macking hoes and stacking dough ... We grew up ... And if I needed gear you'd let me hold your new clothes ... What's next ?
LIL DICKY LYRICS - Pillow Talking
You ever talk to your brother about this, uh, type of stuff? Then she like no. I'm like well what ... Hold up. Girl what you sayin? That all of the life in the universe happens to be where you stand? I guess ... But if I'm not mistaken the bitch to my left
She's like, "Naw, you're being weird, what are you talking about?" I'm like, "Aw..." ... I'm like, "Hold up, how did, that's not even me ... Then she like, "Well, he talks to Jane before coming to me." ... I don't know if I mentioned that yet, but I am
DR. DRE LYRICS - What's The Difference
DRE: What's the difference between me and you? ... Until then - I ain't even speakin your name ... Pass it around if you can't handle it ... Aight, hold up hold up!
Now you two usually keep it private but you're about to open up and uhhh I guess we'll ... Thinking how we supposed to hold each other down if we can't even hold on a conversation. You take the sex away then what else are we left to lay in
J. COLE LYRICS - Lost Ones
Lyrics to "Lost Ones" song by J. COLE: Baby girl, I can't imagine what it's like for you I got you ... I know you wonderin' if this is gon make me think bout wifing you. Like if ... I'm feelin' like we aint ready and it's… hold up now ... Then we could make it work but I doubt it ... Bout your father and you told me that you hate that nigga
NF LYRICS - Can You Hold Me
Lyrics to "Can You Hold Me" song by NF: It feels like a tear in my heart Like a part of me missing And I just can't feel it I've tried and I... ... If lonely's a taste, then it's all that I'm tasting ... Let your love surround me. I am lost. I am lost [Bridge - Britt Nicole and NF:] If I ain't got you here ... What it gon' take? ... Turn The Music Up
Flyer than Salma Hayek or Jennifer Lopez Everyone told me ... Everyone around the way, gave up trying to get in it. It didn't matter how ... If I had the chance again, I'd never let you go. Hold tight to your love, 'cause you never know [Verse 2] ... " Nobody loves you more than me carino" is what the letter said "By the time you ...
Still the Same lyrics and translation - The Holdup
Nov 5, 2014 Lyrics and translation for Still the Same by The Holdup. If I told you I was tryin to change, would it make up for all the stupid things I've done?...
YOUNGBLOODZ LYRICS - What Tha Bizness (If I)
Vip, Im In The Back And You Aint Gotta Ask A Nigga Where Dem Dollas At ... If I Aint The Hood Then Who Is? Young Pimpin Whats The Biz ... So Get Your Shine On (Shine On) Get Your Grind On (Grind On) Hold Up Mutha Fucka Aintcha Time  ...
Already got someone that's what you tell 'em every time. That shit ain't up for grabs. Where you at on the map. I come to where you at. Fuck around and end up your last. I won't hold back ... If it ain't broke then don't fix it, it's clearly not broken
Marion Band$ feat. Nipsey Hustle - Hold Up lyrics
Lyrics for Hold Up by Marion Band$ feat. Nipsey Hustle. Everyday I think ... then nigga whats the hold up? If you really bout this paper, then whats the (Hold up?)
(I set records, ratchets hold up) [Hook - Sage the Gemini:] I know what you came here to see. If you're a freak, then you coming home with me. And I know what ...
FERGIE LYRICS - Fergalicious
Lyrics to "Fergalicious" song by FERGIE: Four, tres, two, uno Listen up you all ... And they be lining down the block just to watch what I got (four, tres, two, uno) ... I' m Fergalicious (hold, hold, hold, hold, hold up, check it out) ... If you really want me, ... [Will I Am] T to the A, to the S T E Y - girl, you're tasty, T to the A to the S T E Y ...
No matter what you say or what you do. When I'm alone, I'd rather be with you. Fuck these other niggas, I'll be right by your side. Till 3005, hold up. Hold up, wait  ...
If your lips are moving, then you're lyin', lyin', lyin', babe. If your lips ... I'm a hold it up. You full of something but it ain't love. And what we got is straight overdue
BIG SEAN LYRICS - Marvin & Chardonnay
Gave you a new name (what's that, what's that, what's that?) My bitch. Hold up, hol' up, woah there. Let's capture this moment if I hit it then I own it. Marijuanin every ... It's, like way way too much in your pants for us not to make the bed squeak
What's your name? Damn, that ... See what I want slip slide to it swifty. Felt it in my ... Then I flipped for a tip, make me wanna do tricks for him. Lick him ... If looks could kill you would be an uzi. You're a ... Straight up, wait up, hold up, Mr. Lover
Lyrics to "I Am What I Am" song by SLAUGHTERHOUSE: I am what I am I do ... Hold up, if it ain't Crook, Joell or Budden ... Fuck it then, shorty, fuck it then ... Can't even give her $500 without her being like "Ryan, you got your own problem"
M City JR - Addicted to My Ex Lyrics
May 23, 2016 ... on my old hoes Hand me downs, they ain't worth more than my old cl... ... I flex on my ex every time that she text me I'm lookin' like hold up (yaaaaaa) I know im the ... (I hate that nigga) If I'm really on tip I might even show up with one of ... come up to hug me I look and I say "bitch what" (yaaaaa) She tell all ...
Hold up, uh. That's why I gotta tell you [Verse 2 (Chris Brown):] Now a days is so crazy. Out here. You'd wanna be cutting me. If your daughter struts with me
Lyrics to "One Love" song by MARIANAS TRENCH: I wake up tonight, feeling paper thin and I'm paper ... 'Til now you're nothing more than a silhouette. But just hold quick, you're fading right ... A phantom limb is all that I am hanging on. So don't stop, no stopping it yet. What if the one true love's the only one that you get?
Looking at the phone wondering what taking so long for you to get wet. ... So if you wanna holla, holla back cause baby I want you. baby, I need you. so, ... this shit get annoying I know you tired of hearing I'm sorry but I am. ... what we have and when it come to fuck ups, baby, you done had your share. ... Trilla Than A Bitch
Lyrics to "Hold Up" song by MURPHY LEE: Can I get a hey hey? I get a ho ho Can I get a hey hey? I get a ho ho .. What's it gon be to... ... Just give me your information. And I'll keep ... Cuz if you not then I could simply take you back to the hood
Lyrics to "Hold Up" song by DEMI LOVATO: If the weapon is your love, I got my hands up If the weapon is your love, I got my hands up I'd say...
BLINK-182 LYRICS - Pretty Little Girl
Lyrics to "Pretty Little Girl" song by BLINK-182: Nineteen, your eyes are glowing to my beating heart Oh, it seems like it is fine as my ... What a crazy world ... If you break my heart then I'll change your mind ... Wait a minute hold up a second
DR. DRE LYRICS - The Next Episode
If you believe in the X you'll be relievin' your stress [Snoop] ... Then go home with, something to poke on (what's up bitch?) Loc it's on for the ... Hold up, hey

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