David Guetta biography

Pierre David Guetta is an enormously talented and hugely popular French disc jockey (DJ) with an impeccable reputation. Born on November 7, 1967, in Paris as the son of Pierre Guetta and Monique, Guetta showed great interest in music at an early age itself. When he was 13, this guy mixed his first vinyl. He started performing at a local club Broad as a teenager. His talent behind the turntable was widely appreciated by the visitors to this club. His partnership with DJ Kien allowed him to showcase his talent. He began mixing his own music to keep the guests at Broad entertained. Both Guetta and Kien performed at other venues outside Broad to get more attention and acceptance.

The first album of Guetta, Just a Little More Love was released in 2002. He launched his second album, Guetta Blaster in 2004. The third album, Pop Life was released in 2007. All these albums were reasonably successful. However, he couldn’t enjoy mainstream success. With the launch of the next album, One Love in 2009, Guetta became immensely popular and became a part of the mainstream music industry. This album contains hit singles like Sexy Bitch, Getting’ Over You, and When Love Takes Over. These three singles peaked at number one in the UK charts.

After two years, Guetta launched his fifth album, Nothing But the Beat in 2011. It was a great commercial success. The singles like Turn Me On, Titanium, Without You, Little Bad Girl, and Where Them Girls At were super hit songs and reached the top of numerous charts. The sixth studio album, Listen (2014) received mixed critical reviews. It contains his collaborative works with leading artists like Ryan Tedder, Nicki Minaj, John Legend, and Sam Martin. The album reached the fourth position on the US Billboard 200. It also debuted at 8th position on the UK Albums Chart. This album boasts popular singles like Dangerous, Lovers on the Sun, Blast Off, Bad, and Shot Me Down.

The seventh album of David Guetta, 7 was launched in 2018. It featured leading artists like G-Eazy, Sia, J Balvin, Jason Derulo, Justin Bieber, and Nicki Minaj. The album contains 12 tracks by Jack Back, his alias. The popular singles of this album include Drive, Goodbye, Don’t Leave Me Alone, Your Love, Flames, Like I Do, Dirty Sexy Money, and 2U. The songs in this album found a place among the best ten songs on many charts, including the UK, France, Australia, Belgium, Ireland, and Italy.

David Guetta and his fellow producer, Morten launched a new collective movement, Future Rave in 2019. The first New Rave EP of this collaboration was released in July 2020. He partnered with Australian singer-songwriter Sia to create a new song Let's Love in the same year. This song received a nomination for Most Performed Dance/Electronic Work at the APRA Music Awards of 2022.

Musical Style of David Guetta

David Guetta was inspired by both past and present musicians. Geniuses like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder., Prince, and David Bowie influenced him as he grew up. According to him, these musicians were great storytellers. He is known as the international superstar who was instrumental in changing the destiny of EDM. Many critics describe him as the Godfather of EDM. According to Billboard, Guetta is the man who revived dance music in America. With a harmonious blend of EDM, Pop, R&B, and Hip Hop, he redefined the concept of electronic dance music.

David Guetta – An Overview of Awards and Achievements

David Guetta won a long list of awards for his commendable contributions to the music industry. He won the American Music Award for Favorite Electronic Dance Music Artist in 2012. The Billboard Music Award for Top EDM Artist was bestowed to him in 2013. He also received 14 Billboard Music Award nominations. Guetta is the recipient of three DJ Awards for the Best International DJ (2007) and Best House DJ (2008 and 2009).

David Guetta featured in the number one position on DJ Magazine top 100 DJs on many occasions. This amazingly talented musician won the Grammy Award for Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical in 2011. Other awards won by Guetta include Hungarian Music Awards (2), Teen Choice Awards (1), IFPI Middle East Awards (1), International Dance Music Awards (11), MTV Europe Music Awards (3), MVPA Awards (1), and NRJ Music Awards (4).

David Guetta – Albums and Other Contributions

The 7 studio albums of David Guetta are Just a Little More Love (2002), Guetta Blaster (2004), Pop Life (2007), One Love (2009), Nothing but the Beat (2011), Listen (2014), and 7 (2018). The compilation albums of this eminent artist include 9 versions of Fuck Me I'm Famous. The leading extended plays of Guetta include iTunes Festival: London 2009, iTunes Festival: London 2012, Lovers on the Sun, and New Rave.

The famous singles of this artist include Just a Little More Love, Love Don't Let Me Go, Love Is Gone, When Love Takes Over, Sexy Bitch, Grrrr, Memories, Who's That Chick?, Sweat, Little Bad Girl, Flames, Your Love, Say My Name, Conversations in the Dark, Bed, Remember, I’m Good, and Living Without You. He also appeared as a featured artist in many songs, including Commander, Wild One Two, Right Now, and Rest of My Life.

More than 10 million albums by this artist have been sold to date. The number of singles sales has crossed 65 million. Further, his singles reached more than 10 billion streams. He was chosen as the number one DJ in the DJ Mag Top 100 list in 2011, 2020, and 2021. Billboard chose his work When Love Takes Over as the best dance-pop collaboration of all time. He sold his recorded music catalog for an amount ranging between $100 and $150 million in 2021.

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