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Leonard Cohen (1931-2016) happened to be legendary singer and song writer from Canada. Born in September 21, 1934 as the son of Jewish parents, he showed tremendous passion towards music. His parents were highly supportive and motivated him to follow his interests in music and poetry.

Cohen studied Jewish theology as a child and he was deeply interested in the stories of Old Testament as well. This influence was clearly evident in his later works in literature, poetry, mythology and songs. During 1950s and early 60s, he was more into poetry and literature.

His first album Songs of Leonard Cohen came out in 1967. He subsequently released another folk music album titled Songs from a Room in 1969 and another album titled Songs of Love and Hate was released in 1971.

Other popular albums of Cohen are New Skin for the Old Ceremony, Death of a Ladies’ man, Recent Songs, Hallelujah, I am Your Man, The Future, Ten New Songs, Dear Heather, Old Ideas, Popular Problems and You Want it Darker. Hallelujah is the most popular album of Cohen and it is still played at funerals and weddings everywhere.

Earlier, he was an ardent exponent of minimalist sound, but the album, Death of Ladies’ Man was a deviation from this track. Cohen came up with a lot of songs that combined his acoustic style with Mediterranean and oriental influences and Jazz.

His induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame took place in 1991. Other achievements of Leonard Cohen include Grammy Award, induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and many more. This man enjoyed an iconic status in Canada as a musician and lyricist.

Although Leonard Cohen enjoyed a legendary status as a musician and writer, his most famous album, Hallelujah is one of the widely misunderstood albums. His lifelong interest towards women also invited a lot of controversies.

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