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Rachel Ashley Platten is a well-established and immensely popular American singer and songwriter. She was born on May 20, 1981, in New York City as the daughter of Paul and Pamela Platten. As a young girl, Platten studied classical piano. She also started attending guitar classes while studying in high school. After completing her graduation, Rachel Platten went to Trinidad for an internship at a record label. When she was staying at a diplomat's office, she could perform in a friend's band at the International Soca Monarch competition in 2002.

After attending this competition, Rachel Platten decided to choose music as her career. Platten came up with her first studio album, Trust in Me in 2003. After 8 years, she released her second album, Be Here. Her self-written song 1000 Ships, reached 24th position on US Billboard Adult Top 40 chart. In 2012, Platten’s song Work of Art was used as the theme for ABC Family's Jane by Design. A few other songs were chosen for TV shows such as VH1's Basketball Wives and Pretty Little Liars.

In 2015, Rachel Platten signed a contract with Columbia Records. It was a major turnaround in her career. The debut mainstream single of Platten, Fight Song was released in 2015. This song reached 6th place on the Billboard Hot 100 in the USA. It generated double platinum sales and reached the top of many charts in the UK and other countries.

The Fight Song was chosen as the official anthem for the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. A Daytime Emmy Award was given to this American singer for a live performance of this song on Good Morning America. Rachel Platten launched two more singles Better Place and Stand by You in the same year. In 2016, Platten released her debut studio album, Wildfire which contained these two singles. Wildfire received Gold Certification from the RIAA.

Rachel Platten launched her second major-label album, known as Waves in 2017. This one found a place in the top 100 on the Billboard chart. She is the recipient of many awards and honors. Platten was a part of many shows in the USA and even acted in several films and TV series.

Rachel Platten – Musical Style and Influences

When she was a child, her father used to hear the famous Billy Joel song, New York State of Mind. Her parents’ record collection also contained songs of Michael Jackson and the Beatles. The musical environment at home played an important role in developing an interest in music. As a teenager, she listened to songs from confessional singer-songwriters like Tracy Chapman, Indigo Girls, and Tori Amos. Although her parents were not musicians, they loved to listen to the music of different genres. This early exposure to a variety of music styles and singers helped her immensely in the future.

Rachel Platten was in deep love with music as she grew up. With a perfect blend of powerful sound and humble charisma, she mesmerized music lovers across the world. The Fight Song was written when she was undergoing a lean patch in her life. According to her, it was her declaration not to give up in life irrespective of what happens. She always came up with beautiful and powerful music for her followers and fans. Rachel Platten was greatly influenced by musicians like Regina Spektor, Robyn, Arcade Fire, Lauryn Hill, Paul Simon, and the Beatles.

Rachel Platten – Major Awards and Achievements

Most of her songs reached the top of many charts in the USA, UK, and other parts of the world. Rachel Platten is the recipient of many awards and honors instituted by various agencies in the music industry. In 2016, Platten won the Daytime Emmy Awards for her excellent performance in a music show, known as Good Morning America. She is also the winner of the iHeartRadio Music Awards in the same year. This talented singer also got several nominations for Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards, Radio Disney Music Awards, and many more.

Rachel Platten – Albums and Other Creations

The four albums of Rachel Platten are Trust in Me (2003), Be Here (2011), Wildfire (2016), and Waves (2017). The only Extended Song of this artist is the famous Fight Song. The famous singles of Platten include 1000 Ships, Fight Song, Stand By You, Better Place, Broken Glass, You Belong, and Soldiers. Most of these songs received platinum and gold certifications. Her list of promotional singles comprises Nothing Ever Happens, Lone Ranger, Perfect for You, and Collide.

Rachel Platten appeared on many television reality shows, TV series, and talk shows, including The Ellen DeGeneres Show, American Idol, The X Factor, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, 2016 MLB All-Star Game, Megyn Kelly Today, Miss Universe 2017, The Talk, and more.

As a musician and songwriter, the contributions of Platten are priceless. She showed great passion for music at an early age itself. After her schooling, she studied at Trinity College, where she was a member of an all-female a cappella group, known as Trinity College Trinitones. With amazing talent and a strong passion for music, this woman became one of the well-known singers in America, the UK, and other parts of the world. It was in 2012 that Rachel Platten married Kevin Lazan. This couple was blessed with a daughter in 2019.

Apart from offering beautiful and powerful music, this dedicated singer also gets engaged in many social activities. Platten has been working with many charities to alleviate property and bring happiness to the lives of people.

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