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Moneybagg Yo - Foreal Lyrics
Lyrics to "Foreal" song by Moneybagg Yo: I'm on them drugs for real Ran off on the plug for real You run up, I up for real I came up from not...
G-Eazy - Get A Bag Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Get A Bag' by G-Eazy. Wake up in the morning / I gotta go and get a bag / Momma need it real bad / I gotta go and get a bag / How much? / Shit I
Rich The Kid - 4 Phones Lyrics
She get a bag if the head right Cuban links nigga iced out Pinky ring that's a lighthouse They know I got cash, I ain't gotta brag no more (Woo, woo, woo, what?) I play with the money, I just might go snatch the Ghost (I just might go snatch the Ghost) I run through the check, but fuck it, the bag is close (Bag is close)
G-Eazy - Get A Bag Lyrics
I gotta go and get a bag Momma need it real bad I gotta go and get a bag (How much?) Shit I gotta go and get a bag Twentys, Fiftys, Hundreds Gotta go and get a bag [G-Eazy:] Yeah, uh Cause this money not 'gon make itself Rio De Janeiro 'cause its all about where you take yourself Been around this world getting bags, tryna make this wealth
E-40 & B-Legit - Boy Lyrics
Get a bag, run it up then we run it back Get a pack to the yak, watch how they act It's a wrap when it's wrapped and it's all intact If I ain't a real boy, what you call that? Havin' at it, gettin' to it I'm on this juice, same color as transmission fluid Two units on my collarbone But the, screen cracked on my iPhone
Lucas Coly - Get A Bag Lyrics
Come And Get A Bag With Me I Just Want Somebody Who Can Count The Cash With Me Aye, Stack It Up, Come And Get A Bag With Me Yeah, Baby Come And Get A Bag With Me Put You On Some Money, Fuck It When Can Stack Chicken Go Through Pain, You Could Forget About The Past With Me Take You To Another World, You Blow The Gas With Me Aye, Put That Pussy ...
Tee Grizzley & Lil Durk - Category Hoes Lyrics
Had to go get her a bag She told them she wanted that big O That lil bitch sick in the head First time hittin' my college bitch I tried breakin' her bed (breakin' her bed) She got insomnia But an orgasm make it easy to rest She got a quad that's four roomates so we had to wait 'til they left (let's get it)
Moneybagg Yo - Bagg Move Lyrics
Look at my bitch, she real (bitch) Heard he got popped in the field (popped) Heard he got popped in the field (baow) You can get poped like pills (woo) 2Pac, 2Pac real (2Pac) Heard he got shot in the field (baow) Heard he got shot in the field (baow) Look now, cash rules (cash) Makin' that bag move (bags) Look now, cash rules (cash)
Curren$y, Trademark & Young Roddy - Plan Of Attack Lyrics ...
Couldn't get a bag with em, now I'm touching bands on my own without em All my hoes done got finer, loud pack done got louder Bossed up like Scarface, first you get the money, then the power Making racks every hour, real nigga, never been a coward I got the juice like Bishop, call my hitters up if there's an issue Ain't shit for me to push up ...
Trapboy Freddy - Real Love Lyrics - lyricsmania.com
Hey Oh gosh, oh gosh Came a long way from nothing, baby We came a long way from nothing, baby I told you be patient and trust me, baby I told I was gon' make you love me, baby Now, we been fussin' lately Been a lot of kiss and huggin', lady You see that bag, I'm tryna touch it, baby Remember them times was wrong, there was nothin' to eat What about them times you couldn't even sleep, I was in ...
The Lox - Real Is Real Lyrics
Yeah, told my nigga real is real and bitch is bitch If I ain't doing a deal I'm probably with ya bitch You ain't gotta second guess you know I'm with the shits I don't care about ya rep you know I get ya heaaadd Yeah, rich is rich and broke is broke You already know my niggas moving coke and dope Got the sour, got the haze, we got both to smoke
Pat Green - Carry On Lyrics
Everybody gotta get away sometime Forget about yourself for awhile Seems to me that all you need Is a rag top car and a ride with me Okay, all right Just might get a little high tonight Okay, all right, carry on. Old Walt Wilkins lives up in Nashville You know his eyes have seen the miles Walt, why don't you jump in Jim T.'s Caddie
Quando Rondo - Thuggin For Real Lyrics
I don't know what they on but bitch we thuggin' for real 'Fore I walk up out my home I swear I'm clutchin' my steel I swear I'm tuckin' my steel, gang Quando Rondo nigga (aye yeah) Feds kicked my grandma door in talkin' 'bout a shooting Trending topic of my city, gotta watch how I'm moving I know these niggas out to get me, I don't trust nobody
Blueface - Fucced Em Lyrics
The hate be so real, the love be so fake I keep a blower for the lawn, I fucked the evens and beat the odds Baby you see this face tat, I don't want a job I get paid to show up like a fucking god Fuck a nigga mean, I'm a famous Crip Fuck a square bob, you see I'm at the tip Now she finna top, make that pussy pop I give her hood dick, I take a ...
Lil Durk - Like Me Lyrics
Fuck with a nigga like me, wanna fuck with a nigga like me Now she wanna fuck Fuck with a nigga like me, wanna fuck with a nigga like me Hit the club with a nigga like me. Do drugs with a nigga like me Fall in love with a nigga like me And never love another nig, never love another nigga like me (mee, mee) (2: Lil Durk):
Yo Gotti - Save It for Me Lyrics
No, save it for me Save it for me, yeah I told her I'll be right back I'll be comin' right back She gon', save it for me You know she gon' save it for me, yeah (Said only real niggas get to fuck with me) (She said only real niggas get to fuck with me) Save it for me She gon' save it for me [Yo Gotti:] Passed my number to Angela, I thought I had her
Rich The Kid - Like Mike Lyrics
I'll get you Givenchy and Jimmy Choo things I skeeted all on her chest Watch it drip all the way down to the pussy I spend it all, get it right back (Right back) You niggas acting up, niggas showin off Niggas not even like that (niggas not even light) Got to go run to the money I pick up a bag and I'm comin' right back Them niggas lookin' real ...
Z-Ro - Play Me Lyrics
Get a bag, plus a bag on the daily On that super loud, feeling real wavy And I never let a bitch nigga, yeah yeah These niggas, must of forgot That I don't need niggas, I'm Stevie Wonder to you I can't see ya nigga, me and you are not the same I use to think you was real, but I guess you got me mayn All up in the barbershop, gossiping like a he ...
Mike WiLL Made-It - Aries (YuGo) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Aries (YuGo)' by Mike WiLL Made-It. Hold up to be clear / I believe in miracles / But I don't believe in waiting for 'em (Nah) / You gotta make that
Gucci Mane feat. Migos - I Get The Bag Lyrics
Lyrics for I Get The Bag by Gucci Mane feat. Migos. Shine It's Gucci It's Drop Top Wizop, hoo (skrrt) Go, ayy You get the bag and fumble it I...
702 - Steelo Lyrics
Can I get your name and number, Cuz I like your steelo. And I dig the way you move, And the way you do your thing, Baby you can bring it on, ... Poppy got a brand new bag, for real, I taking 'keel O'Neal like Shaq, check. Ask Michael Jackson who bad, He says I am but the queen not drag.
Roddy Ricch - Ricch Forever Lyrics
Get right in the field I had to make a bag The day he lost his soul wish I can take it back I just wanna go get one mo' bag wit my nigga Wanna be rich forever for my dawgs Posed to take you on you first trip on a private jet I vow to always ball until I fall Got the Burberry jacket and an Ace of Spade Get a hunnid racks I gotta make it today
Lil TJay - Ride For You Lyrics
Keep it real then I get on my grind with you But understand that I'm gon do what I gotta do, my mindset way different from a lot of dudes Running late I make sure you get a ride to school Nah not lying to you, not lying to you I'ma always find time for you ah Man slow down, speed it up, slow down, speed it up Matter fact lay down lemme eat it up
Skyzoo - Heirlooms & Accessories Lyrics
All of 'em get to moving so you moving Swindling a store like swindling an award I'm, more Issa Rae, if we're sorta the same Ima support And carry all of that with me to the door, Like carrying last names Or carrying a pistol for the minute that bag came And opening the bag to see it's nothing that bag claimed
Migos - Brown Paper Bag Lyrics
This was a part of the plan, get millions is working [Takeoff:] Brown paper bag (bag) Wad full of cash (cash) Paparazzi flash Jeweler gave me glass (splash) Never look back at my past Sip slow and live fast (Actavis) I ended up in first place but I swore a nigga started last (I swear) I was born empty-handed but a nigga knew I had to get a bag ...
Lil Baby - Option Lyrics
The money is the only fucking option I got partners say they need me and I got 'em Long as I'm having all this money I'ma pop it Long as I'm having all this money I'ma pop it I want that bag for real, I get that cash for real (for real) I want that bag for real, I get that cash for real (for real) I want them b's for real, already had some m's
Yo Gotti - Real Shit Lyrics
I'm a real nigga 1st, get money 2nd Break bread with my niggas, we like family so respect it Bad blood in the camp and nigga feel neglected I try to work it out before it get all hecked But if its about a bitch, just know I don't respect it And if you talking foul I hope its ain't in my direction homie
Yung Tory - Sacked Up Lyrics
She gon' get it poppin' for me 'cause I am a GOAT And I'm sacked up, my pockets on overload Get your racks up, lil' boy, you lookin' broke But I need more, I might buy the store She give me top, help her vocal chords I Milly Rock when I'm in your whore And I'm rushin' like a landlord She want the drugs, still got her in Xan world
Lil Keed - Where I'm From Lyrics
Go and get some money, nigga, 'fore the bail hit A nigga havin' pressure on these hoes, but you know slime fuckin' bad shit Finna ball me into a superstar, ain't nothin' 'bout me average Got big drip, yeah, real drip, shit niggas ain't even havin' I put a big clip on a big chip, and you know slime get to smashin' Yeah-eah
Stunthard - Go Crazy Lyrics
Cant get shit from me But some dick from me Bitch I hit you quick kicked you out go get hit by D Stunthard almighty chase the fuckin cheese Go crazy hot boys that's my fuckin team [Verse 5] Put the money on the flo cuz I need that If the 40 in my hand imma squeeze that Hit the lick quick we can split it up If the spot get hot we can switch it up
Travis Scott - CAN'T SAY Lyrics
Gotta watch for 12, 'round my town you might get killed (better watch for 12) I'm out my mind, yea I'm high above the rim (I'm on my mind) You cop it live, boy I got in on film You gotta watch out where you rocking, shit get real Drink your real, I can't be fake, don't know the feel Gotta take a long drive up the hill Gang too wavy, move like ...
Lil Baby - Time Lyrics
Real talk I got six watches I'm ahead of time I'm going all off if it's bout mine I'm getting my shine on I been on my grind Feel like I'm different I'm one of a kind Buy her a Brikin Bag, keep her up to par Baby you look better naked you should take it off Had to play my role, now I'm taking charge Just got off parole make the brodie take the ...
Chris Brown - Real Or Fake Lyrics
Show you how real this can really get This love thing Some things last forever But we know that's not always true Just how I will always be here for you, you ... Oh, is it real-I got a bag full of goodies, goodies (I got a bag, baby) And I can't feel my face, yeah, oh, oh Is it real or fake?
Roddy Ricch - Area Codes Lyrics
Gotta get a Puma deal, waitin' on my call for memory Slangin' that white girl, Miley Cyrus, but my plug Vietnamese See all these niggas hate me 'cause I got these racks on me And my diamonds water, bitch, I spent a dub for the submarine I got a new broad in every city I've been steppin' in I hopped on the private with Louis V luggage
Rick Ross - Bag Of Money Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bag Of Money' by Rick Ross. / My b! tch bad looking like a bag of money / That b! tch bad looking like a bag of money / I go and get it and I let
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