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Mastermix Masta & Mc Malabo - 16 Bars [freestyle] Lyrics ...
Lyrics to '16 Bars [freestyle]' by Mastermix Masta & Mc Malabo. [Hook] [v1 : Mc Malabo] number 1, i always get me what i want you're lookin for the best, im the one
Merkules - 48 Bars (Freestyle) Lyrics
"48 Bars (Freestyle)" I asked myself like How'd I get so lucky this shits so gully I swear I feel a big storm comin they pissed off fuck em I'm busy makin hits all summer got rick ross money now Funny thing is I did not dumb it down For the sake of the industry yall can say that I'm ignorant
KJ-52 - 50 Bars Freestyle Lyrics
Just wanted to say thanks for hitting 50 percent funded on pledge music for my new Sons Of Intellect EP doing a 50 bar freestyle They used to state I was acting black cause I had a starter cap and a backpack full of rap I got mad till I had the fact realized I was just a guest in the house of rap but I've been down since the cabbage patch but when I come around they used to clown now cause I ...
Canibus - 100 Bars Lyrics
Lyrics to '100 Bars' by Canibus. Yeah! That's the beat right there. I'm about to black out with 100 bars on some professional shit. So don't try this at home, yo. Yo, yo, yo
600Breezy - 24 Bars Pt. 3 Lyrics
24 Bars Part 3 nigga Gang! I'm so high off this thoink bitch my ears pop I switch my flow up every track bitch I'm real hot I'm known to gangbang and let steels pop And bitch I'm still in the cut with the fucking mop I'm sippin act, plus all my niggas strapped We can get into that No chitter chat My nigga Dutchie clap No, this is not a rap
Freestyle - Sick Man Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sick Man' by Freestyle. I'm that youging that steady and slow cocked back good and i am ready to go you wanna be bitch but u don't understand you never will know Don't confuse this ya'll, you can loose it all,
Unknown - Lost And Forgotten Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lost And Forgotten' by Unknown: Yeah oooooo Mmmmmmmmmm This couldn't come at a worst time I thought I'd never see you How dare you come back in my life?
Big L - Blackout Rap Show (Freestyle) Lyrics
The Blackout Rap Show I'm cool like my man, Fat Joe Chew MCs like tobacco O.C [O.C.] Who's the fatso? No, not O MC pro-rap, I can rip the show With my man Big L, that's right, we representin' Name is O.C., I'll put my foot indent in Inside your butt like a slut on the call MC war Mics I storm My man Big E is on the back of the side
Logic - 24 (Freestyle) Lyrics
Imma be the guy that rap slow, sike nah Dictating bitches smoking Cubans I'm Castro My life is like the movie, and I'll be the director And just to get a small role, got bitches acting extra I wrote this verse in one minute cause Bobby said that he wants rhymes Intelligent, but I'm getting brain from bitches that's dumb fine
50 Cent - Stretch Armstrong Freestyle Lyrics
I got these cats that rap scared of me like I'm Ace and Jack Fuck that, if I was you, I be scared of me too Yo Stretch, roll the weed, while I tell 'em what I need I need cream by the stacks, shells for the mac Rims for the 'Ac, and a bitch to blow her back I need the coke to come back, mad time on a jack I got the Fendi sweaters, all I need is ...
Mad Skillz - Ugly Freestyle Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ugly Freestyle' by Mad Skillz. I ain't choose too rhyme, y'all betta get it right "The Saga Continues", another "Bad Boy for life" The F-A-B-O-L-O know who I am 'cause he heard me and he like (De de de de DAMN!) Mad to the Skizillz from "V to the izz-A"
ROOKACE GANG 254 - NDAKASS/CLOUT FREESTYLE Lyrics ROOKACE GANG 254. ... Nakuja vinoma naleta uhondo Kenyan rap sio bongo, (bong'o!) Dj vin ndio king, (hjaa!) na dj crash ndio master ... 12 bars wanaspit,cheki master hawa majoker (joker) Daily kupost madiva nyege kujaza ka priest wa catho (catho)
Teamheadkick - Minecraft Rap Lyrics
Lyrics for Minecraft Rap by Teamheadkick. Buildin', minin', gold and those diamonds. Fixing and changing, always rearranging. Growin...
Tyler, The Creator - Open Bar (Freestyle) Lyrics
Open bar, four bars, four topics Liftoff, Power 106 Jay Cruz, Justincredible Your next topic, Tyler, The Creator Pregnant girls [Verse 2] Niggas always thought I would rap about something sterical and lyrical and dysmistacal But I want the pregnant bitch to have the baby and give me that umbilical cord You little whore, let me lick that shit
Splurge - 2:31 AM Freestyle Lyrics
Fuck the rap shit, we still servin' four bars He paid for a twelve, I just give him four bars Higher than a bitch, shoot a video on Mars I got a sack like Santa Claus You can't say shit with my dick in your jaw Shoot up the car, make it stop like pause Stop tryna act tough, you grew some balls Your ass came in, they do not like it
Eminem - 8 Mile Freestyle Pt.II vs "Lotto" Lyrics ...
[Rap] I'll spit a racial slur, honky, sue me! This shit is a horror flick, But the black guy doesn't die in this movie! Fuckin' wit Lotto, dawg, you gotta be kidding! That makes me believe you really don't have a interest in living! You think these niggas gonna feel the shit you say? I got a better chance joining the KKK.
Freestyle Kingz - My Life Lyrics
Freestyle Kingz My Life Lyrics. My Life lyrics performed by Freestyle Kingz: [Chalie Boy] I leave hoes confused, like a riddle or maze Treat niggaz like cell phones, I make they signals fade My time is today I got tight rhymes, I rhyme for pay
Link up TV feat. Aystar - Behind Barz Lyrics
Lyrics for Behind Barz by Link up TV feat. Aystar. Linkup TV Behind Barz Big up all my niggas y'get me Liverpool Scousematic 2 ol soon Know what the fuck it is Yeah They said aystar bro your soon to blow I said I know If you've only just got onto that route boy then your slow Got niggas next to me that have already blew like they're tryna mix Already blew I ain't tryna mix paint look I'm tryna ...
Kodak Black - Str8 Bars Freestyle Lyrics
Ain't fuck with me before rap I been had swag before rap I run the game and you know that Never know until I appear VVS Diamonds so clear I can end you niggas career True Religion jeans on my rear She say, "Kodak you get on my damn nerves" I'm so fly, I be shitting on Mockingbirds Bang, I'm reloaded My wrists frozen The kid golde The streets ...
Cormega - Rap's A Hustle Lyrics
Rap is a hustle y'all Only the strong survive, I was born to rhyme Put me on the street I'm goin' for mines Money talks and bullshit walks Rap is a hustle y'all Only the strong survive, I was born to rhyme Put me on the street nigga (Verse 2) My rap is uncut raw, out the door Type shit to have fiends lookin' for more
Upchurch - Fortnite Freestyle Lyrics
Your rap style sucks dick, wassup bitch Why you takin' selfies like a girl, duck lips How you gonna shoot that shot with that little musket Big guns make holes and rearrange your guts quick What the fucks a Shotgun Shane, if two kings with gold rings You still fillin' up your tank, scrapin' up loose change Heat 'em up Lu Kang, assassinate Hussein
Heavy D - Don't Curse Lyrics
So G Rap, huh, it's time to kick a verse Do your man a favor and don't curse [Kool G. Rap] You're telling me don't curse on a verse, they did it worse First I put a curse on every verse I kind of got outrageous Check it, even made a record on how I'm doing on the B-I-T-C-Hes Drop some verses for the bust
Redman in the house you don't stopGilla house in the house you don't stopDef squad in the house you don't stopWu Tang in the house you don't stopHip hop in the house you don't stopYeah, yeah, yeahFreestyle y'allRedman got it like that greenPeople always say what ...
Top 100 Hiphop Lyrics
12 Rap God Lyrics Eminem #12. 13 Banyo queen Lyrics Andrew E #13. 14 In Da Club Lyrics 50 Cent #14. ... 24 Enough Lyrics Alex Roe 25 Melodien Lyrics Capital Bra ... 90 This Time Lyrics Freestyle 91 When Life Gets Broken Lyrics Sandi Patty 92 Hit Em Up Lyrics 2Pac
Dax - Album Of The Year (Freestyle) Lyrics
Bars thick, make these niggas throw they cash at the rope Smack, it's ten K and a laxative bro 'Cause I been shittin' on you niggas since I passed in the door It's crazy, the flow addictive like the crack in the eighties They bitin' styles, rap infective like it's written in rabies I'm searchin' files, niggas fake and they was never the baby
Freestyle - This Time Lyrics
Freestyle Lyrics "This Time" Oh I'm sorry, girl, For causing you much pain, yeah Didn't mean to make you cry Make your efforts all in vain And I apologize For all the things I've done, yeah You were loving me so much But all I did was let you down Oh, I really don't Know just what to say
Logic - 24 Freestyle Lyrics
"24 Freestyle" (feat. Shy Grey, QuEst & Jon Bellion) [Logic:] Feeling this villainous vibe Feeling, feeling this villainous vibe (Fight!) ... Imma be the guy that rap slow, sike nah Dictating bitches and smoking Cubans, I'm Castro My life is like the movie, and I'll be the director
Chris Brown - Open Bar (Freestyle) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Open Bar (Freestyle)' by Chris Brown. LA leakers These my homies, so I want to come here to chill, kick it Is the lift up baby See brazy, before you get out here let's play Open Bar You ready? Let's do it, I'm ready, let's do it!
600Breezy - 24 Bars Part 2 Lyrics
Since a nigga rap now, they think I got a change of heart Tryna drive on me and get your whole team parked nigga 24 bars, bitch I'm back around We shoot up niggas blocks then come back around We really smoking shit, nah we ain't jacking clown Tecs with the cooler kit, glizzy, we keep them Macs around
Too $hort - Short Rap Lyrics
Short rap (echo) Repeat x2. Short rap, is everything It's what I think, it's what I sing Cause I'm a rapper, who lets you know When it comes to music, I will grow Rap more raps than any mc Your rap ain't rap cause your rap ain't me Short rap, is what you find The mastermind, short rap that rhyme Too short baby, that's the name When I rap my rap ...
Denzel Curry - Behind Barz (ZEZE Freestyle) Lyrics ...
"Behind Barz (ZEZE Freestyle)" Link Up TV, Behind Barz D.A. got that dope First off, every rapper in the game garbage No flodgin', bitch I'm the Green Goblin Bitch I'm always working hard, but I ain't Amish All you silly little niggas need to pay homage To a nigga like me, 'cause you ain't like me
King Los - Control Freestyle Lyrics
Amateurs, I scientifically handle bars And you just Jodie, putting bikes together in your man's garage Dammit dog, I fold this guy I ain't talking 'bout no rapper, I said "fold the sky" nigga In half and disperse the worse grin As I write a verse in reverse that reverses the earth spin You worse than a scared nigga who popped thing off then flee
Eminem - Sway In The Morning (Freestyle) Lyrics
I'd rather rap like a fucking auctioneer Fuck around and walk from here to the Southpaw premier Get on Paul's back, rapping Paul Revere So call me queer, cause I'm always weird So praise a Genius, hope this don't get taken out of text But Hillary, I promise to wipe my server clean if you face subpoenas
D12 - On Fire (Freestyle) Lyrics. [Verse 1: Swifty] If you say that you hungry, then I ain't concerned Unless you came in this game with a tape worm The phantom of hip-hop, c
Devlin - Heat Up Freestyle Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Heat Up Freestyle' by Devlin. When I come thru there sweatin, like lee Evans and when I drop bars yeah the question beckons am I comin for that number1 slot or will I come second
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