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Lil Phat - My Glock Lyrics. [Hook:] I only live fa my muthafuckin glock* Put all the trust that I got up in these 17 shots When I'm a die they got me feelin like I'm pa
Donkey - 40 Glock Lyrics. feat. Lee Banks & Money Bags [Intro - Lil Boosie] ... That Glock .40 got a beam Play with me, you D-I-E, boy I got killers on my team
Young Scooter Lyrics - Like Me
Lyrics to "Like Me" song by Young Scooter: I'm a tell you like this, I'm boosie bo, ... I got my 40 glock Don't want no trouble, But if it come I make the party stop
E-40 Lyrics - Drugs
Lyrics to "Drugs" song by E-40: This thang all the way on my got this thang beaten the trunk cruise I'm on a big ass bottle of beast... ... 40 glock with the laser dot
M.O.P. Lyrics - 187
Lyrics to "187" song by M.O.P.: 187 in progress, everybody get it everybody's a target These niggas got me on my shit 40 glock give...
E-40 feat. B-Legit - Drugs Lyrics
This thang all the way on my got this thang beaten the trunk loose I'm on a big ass ... like I'm try'na build a pyramid Shit 40 glock with the laser dot And I ...
E-40 - Drugs Lyrics. ... E-40] This thang all the way on my got this thang beaten the trunk loose I'm on a big ass bottle of beast on some ... 40 glock with the laser ...
STARLITO & DON TRIP Lyrics - Paper, Rock, Scissors
Lyrics to "Paper, Rock, Scissors" song by STARLITO & DON TRIP: ... This 40 Glock got a laser on it Gun you down, ... We are not the same see the big difference is
E-40 Lyrics - In The Morning
Lyrics to "In The Morning" song by E-40: The slums of the big town As packed with drama and danger as the squallered streets of some native q...
21 Savage Lyrics - Racks In My Pocket
... yeah, yeah, yeah 21 Savage bitch Ricky Racks I got racks in my pocket I got racks in my ... Glock.40 on me with the ... Them rocks big Bitch my Glock big The ...
Future - Al Sharpton Lyrics
40 Glock, plastic, ... Got some Aquafina in my watch, oh yeah That's a new Dominican, ... Diamonds so big, look like they're fallin' off
B.o.B Lyrics - Paper Route
Lyrics to "Paper Route" song by B.o.B: You don't know who you fucking with Ain't no democrat, ... Can we not afford them but got enough to get a Glock 40
Eminem - Pistol Poppin Lyrics
'fore you throw up your sign if you even got one ... if he tried to run I could flip packs, get stacks, big straps, where it at ... grab a glock-40 Sniper at the ...
40 Glocc - 1 Blood (game Diss) lyrics
1 Blood (game Diss) lyrics by 40 Glocc: ... 40 a muthafucka! (hahaha!) Big bad 4-0! ... I got a Glock in the club!
This thang all the way on my got this thang beaten the trunk loose I'm on a big ass bottle of beast on some ocean spray cranberry juice ... 40 glock with the laser dot
Gucci Mane Lyrics - I Aint Even Gonna Lie
Lyrics to "I Aint Even Gonna Lie" song by Gucci Mane: ... My heart ain't got no feelings, My glock got an extension ... I'm talking big stacks
G Herbo Lyrics - Tired
I got so tired of nickel and diming and seeing my mama crying ... I tote me a big.45, I'm tired of eights, ... 40 Glock with the beam, ...
40 Glocc - Damn Remix Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Damn Remix' by 40 Glocc. ... Damn Remix Lyrics feat. Ray-J & Twista. ... J got the big head, and he ain't even famous
Ludacris - Rollout Lyrics. Rollout, rollout, rollout, rollout Rollout, rollout, rollout, rollout I got my twin glock 40's cocked back (Rollout, rollout) Me an' my h
E-40 - Million Dollar Spot lyrics
Million Dollar Spot lyrics by E-40: ... Catch me with a glock and a box of grenades ... We got big pimpin, ya understand
Ludacris - Southern Hospitality lyrics
Southern Hospitality lyrics by Ludacris: ... 40 glock cal Keep your mouth on ... And you got some big titties with a batchin ass
Welcome To My Hood (Remix) Lyrics. DJ Khaled ... Everybody know everybody and if I got it, everybody got it, ugh ... Cock my 40 Glock and my partna just bought a replica
Chief Keef Lyrics - Homie
Lyrics to "Homie" song by Chief Keef: Bitch, I got the SIG on me, I got the big on me And I got the pump, ... Got some weed and a Glock on me
Ludacris - Roll Out Lyrics. Roll out, roll out, roll out Roll out, roll out, roll out Roll out, roll out I got my twin Glock, 40s, cocked back Me ... Big Ass House: 7 ...
Rich Homie Quan Lyrics - Back End
I'mma still count up my back end, I'mma still do it for my fam Just because I got a lil' money, ... 40 Glock, keep it in my britches
E-40 - Drugs Lyrics
[Verse 1: E-40] This thang all the way on my got this thang beaten the trunk loose I'm on a big ass bottle of beast on some ocean spray cranberry juice
Terror Squad Lyrics - Pass The Glock
Pass the glock word up Pass the glock (T-Squaders) ... For us to stop'll take all of they got ... [Big Punisher] My shit bang like a ...
Vybz Kartel Lyrics - Badman Party
Badman party: no karate Mi and Shorty rollin' wid di Glock 40 Badman party: fly crazy Guinness corky mi spliff big like Walkie Talkie Badman party: mi have di Beretta
Lil Snupe Lyrics - Take Over
Lyrics to "Take Over" song by Lil Snupe: ... Glock 40 make the whole fuckin room shake ... Got my nigga twin with me and he got 2 glocks
E-40 - Baller Blockin' lyrics
Still runnin thru them hallways tote'n a glock Word got around Curly tryna close my shop ... Big party goin down wit Big Wood ... Baller Blockin' lyrics by E-40: ...
Waka Flocka Flame Lyrics - On Everything
Lyrics to "On Everything" song by Waka Flocka Flame: Everyday my phone rang I'm bustin' down the whole thang Whip same color cocaine Big ... I had to get 40 Glock on ...
Young Pappy Lyrics - Shorty Wit Da 40
Lyrics to "Shorty Wit Da 40" song by Young ... but I'm good bro, I don't need a Doc. Take the Glock, get the fuck outa ... he got big dreams Finna catch a body, that ...
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