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50 CENT LYRICS - That Ain't Gangsta
Lyrics to "That Ain't Gangsta" song by 50 CENT: How you gonna take this? like a Man or a bitch? you gon' get it on nigga or you gon' snitch? I rep...
50 CENT LYRICS - Candy Shop
Lyrics to "Candy Shop" song by 50 CENT: Yeah... Uh huh So seductive I'll take you to the candy shop I'll let you lick the lollipop...
50 Cent - Many Men Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Many Men' by 50 Cent: Death gotta be easy, 'cause life is hard It'll leave you physically, ... I ain't gonna spell it out for you motherfuckers all the time
50 CENT LYRICS - Be My Bitch
Take her to a different world, get her baby girl [Brevi (50 Cent)] I'll pick you up at 8 , we can call it a first date (get her baby) We gonna have some drinks on me, ...
50 CENT LYRICS - Rotten Apple
Lyrics to "Rotten Apple" song by 50 CENT: I'm on parole, I used to be on probaaaaaation I'm with my gun I ... I tell you "take it off" no hesitaaaaaation. Nigga you play around, I lay you down ... O.G. give 'em the word, you gonna get yo' ass hit
50 CENT LYRICS - Hail Mary (Ja Rule Diss)
Lyrics to "Hail Mary (Ja Rule Diss)" song by 50 CENT: Makaveli, rest in peace Irv Gotti, too much ... Catch me countin' cheese and when I'm callin', can you accept my calls? ... The streets ain't never want you, Beatrice, whachu gonna do now?
50 CENT LYRICS - 21 Questions (Remix)
Lyrics to "21 Questions (Remix)" song by 50 CENT: New York City! You are now rapping...with 50 Cent You gotta love it... I just wanna chill and twi... ... How deep is our love if that's all it takes for you to be gone? We only human girls we make ...
50 CENT LYRICS - I Ain't Gonna Lie
Lyrics to "I Ain't Gonna Lie" song by 50 CENT: I just wanna stay on you all night ... I can take you to Dinner, girl, But I ain't gonna lie, I just want to fuck you, baby
50 CENT LYRICS - Be A Gentleman
Lyrics to "Be A Gentleman" song by 50 CENT: It's best you be a gentleman and you watch what you say (bwahh nigga take that) Or Jesus Christ ca... ... You gonna talk about your chips till we run in your crib. And you gone ask dumb questions ...
50 CENT LYRICS - Non Stop (Street King Energy Track #4)
Lyrics to "Non Stop (Street King Energy Track #4)" song by 50 CENT: Now I don't get along with these niggas ... You fucking hesitate you gonna need first aid
50 Cent - In Da Club Lyrics
Lyrics to 'In Da Club' by 50 Cent: Go, go, go, go go, go, go, shawty It's your birthday We gon' party like it's yo ... Look mami I got the X if you into taking drugs
50 CENT LYRICS - Power Of The Dollar
[Talking] Ya'll niggas wanna get high, well we gonna get high then. This shit right here is drugs, ya'll for sell baby 50 Cent uh, take it how you wanna take it nigga
Ms. Vicky, heard you got that sticky. Let's go and take nine shots we'll just call it 50. And I'm gonna licky licky licky 'til her hicky. Have-have-have her river runnin' ...
This is 50 Lyrics - 50 Cent
Full and accurate LYRICS for "This is 50" from "50 Cent": This is 50, Yeah, ... I, dont' know what you take me for ... you gonna be strong enough to, take this shit.
50 CENT LYRICS - I'm Supposed To Die Tonight
Lyrics to "I'm Supposed To Die Tonight" song by 50 CENT: Ah man You know where the niggas be at right? Take me to 'em All through the hood, I keep hea...
50 CENT LYRICS - I Don't Need 'Em
Lyrics to "I Don't Need 'Em" song by 50 CENT: Yeah It is what it is man Uh huh Sirens flashin', ... Sayin' they gonna do me somethin', now you know thats a lie
JENNIFER LOPEZ LYRICS - I'm Gonna Be Alright (50 Cent Remix)
Lyrics to "I'm Gonna Be Alright (50 Cent Remix)" song by JENNIFER LOPEZ: Oh Yes! I wanna be the reason you smile after you wipe your tears, The reason you ...
50 Cent - 21 Questions Lyrics
Lyrics to '21 Questions' by 50 Cent: Girl, It's easy to love me now Would you love me if I was down ... How deep is our bond if that's all it takes for you to be gone?
50 CENT LYRICS - Outta Control (Remix)
Lyrics to "Outta Control (Remix)" song by 50 CENT: It's the Infamous Mobb, M-O-B-B (Ha Ha) ... You, know, I, got, what it takes to make the club go outta control
50 CENT LYRICS - All Of Me
[Chorus: Mary J. Blige] Now If I give you all of me. What you gone give me back? Your body is callin' me. Got me feelin' like a fiend on crack. Why you gonna ...
50 CENT LYRICS - Tryna Fuck Me Over
[50 Cent:] I ain't gonna let the people frisk me if I'm dirty, homie. A nigga never touched me, I got that thirty on me (You better watch your step) Y'all tryna fuck me  ...
50 CENT LYRICS - Peep Show
Lyrics to "Peep Show" song by 50 CENT: When you're breaking it down, keep breaking it down This is what it sounds like, when ... We're gonna do it, we're gonna do it, we're gonna do it again ... We could take a long time or get it done quick
50 CENT LYRICS - Hold On
Lyrics to "Hold On" song by 50 CENT: I woke up this morning, this is insane Rich as a motherfucker, and ... Nigga, you gonna die a bad case of too much pride
50 Cent - Rotten Apple Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rotten Apple' by 50 Cent. I'm on parole, I used to be on probation / I'm with my gun, I get full coporation / I tell you 'Take it off' no hesitation.
THE GAME LYRICS - 300 Bars & Runnin'
That was taught if a nigga take shots to shoot back ... I'm saying if you gonna retire, then hand me the crown ... And tell 50 Cent you want a copy of Beef 3
50 CENT - That Ain`t Gangsta Lyrics. How you gonna take this? Like a man or a bitch? You gon' get it on nigga or you gon' snitch? I represent niggas in the ...
50 CENT LYRICS - Get The Money
Lyrics to "Get The Money" song by 50 CENT: Yeah! 50! I make it feel brand new! Guess what ... Take paper! I'm major! ... [both] We gonna freak you up and down!
50 CENT LYRICS - Position Of Power
[50 Cent:] Aww nigga don't trip. I'll kill you if you fuck with my grip. I won't hesitate to let off a clip. Aww nigga don't trip. You're gonna make me get on some shit
50 CENT LYRICS - Hate It Or Love It (G-Unit Remix)
Lyrics to "Hate It Or Love It (G-Unit Remix)" song by 50 CENT: Yeah, let's take 'em back Uh huh Comin' ... And I ain't goin' no where so you can get to know me
50 CENT LYRICS - So Disrespectful
Lyrics to "So Disrespectful" song by 50 CENT: I'm so disrespectful, so so so disrespectful I'm so disrespectful, so ... I'm a big dick you know the one everybody on
50 CENT LYRICS - Best Friend
Lyrics to "Best Friend" song by 50 CENT: Yeah! It's my tape man, listen to my tape WOO!!! If I was your best friend, I want you 'round...
50 CENT LYRICS - Gatman And Robbin
Lyrics to "Gatman And Robbin" song by 50 CENT: Gee wilikers Gatman they got me surrounded I'm on ... [Chorus- 50 Cent & Eminem] ... So you take the good with the bad, I guess ... Mobile it aint gonna be no more rap its gonna be RRRAT
50 CENT LYRICS - Hustlers Ambition
Lyrics to "Hustlers Ambition" song by 50 CENT: (Like the fire needs the air) (I won' t burn unless your there) Yea, I need you, I need you to ha...
50 Cent - London Bridge (remix) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'London Bridge (remix)' by 50 Cent. / Cummin' cummin' comin in your mouth / YoSo come on son! / Told you it wasnt gonna take a long time / It only.
50 Cent - Get Up Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Get Up' by 50 Cent. Man I'm gonna do my thang, get up! / It's crazy in the club when I'm in ... I take you to the point of no return. If you listen you learn
50 CENT LYRICS - Psycho
Lyrics to "Psycho" song by 50 CENT: I can hear your heartbeat, you're scared, yeah yeah I can hear your heartbeat, you're scared You s... ... Pick a strap to take the mag. ... And you're gonna find out what the fuck we're like with pliers. [50 Cent ]
50 CENT LYRICS - Killa Tape Intro
Lyrics to "Killa Tape Intro" song by 50 CENT: New York City... You ... Here nigga take one. ... when you come back you gonna have my paper for that thang thang  ...
50 Cent - If I Can't Lyrics
Lyrics to 'If I Can't' by 50 Cent: I can't do it, / Stand alone squeezing my pistol I'm sure ... I'ma take it to the top ... And I'm around quit playing nigga you can't shine
50 Cent - The Realest Niggas Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Realest Niggas' by 50 Cent: We the realest, nigga 50 Cent and B.I.G., ... But I'm gonna shout y'all niggas out ... Take my loot and I'm baggin' you
50 CENT LYRICS - My Life
Lyrics to "My Life" song by 50 CENT: (That's what I think he said...) My life, my ... Now take the other end of 'em then plug them, motherfuckers in each. One of your ... Fuck letting up, you're gonna end up regretting you ever betted against me

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