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Jonas Brothers - Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me) Lyrics ...
We're jokers and black sheep, we're really bad eggs. Stand up me hearties, yo ho. We're beggars and blighters and ne'er do-well cads, Stand up me hearties, yo ho. Aye, but we're loved by our mommies and dads, Stand up me hearties, yo ho. Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me.
Eels - Walking Cloud Lyrics
To hinge on the fact that I'm a bad egg. She says I'm like a big black cloud on legs. Well I'm not so bad I must defend myself. I like dogs and birds and records on the shelf. Well it's a crazy mixed up life. When it's hard for man and wife. To get along in a crowd. When you're walking cloud. Well I guess I can be such a bitter old fuck.
To hinge on the fact that I'm a bad egg She says I'm like a big black cloud on legs Well I'm not so bad I must defend myself I like dogs and birds and records on the shelf Well it's a crazy mixed up life When it's hard for man and wife To get along in a crowd When you're walking cloud Well I guess I can be such a bitter old fuck
We're devils and black sheep, really bad eggs, Drink up, me 'earties, yo ho. Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me. We're beggars and blighters, never-do-well cads, Drink up, me 'earties, yo ho. Aye, but we're loved by our mommies and dads, Drink up, me 'earties, yo ho. Submit lyrics correction →. 55k.
Princess Superstar - Bad Babysitter Lyrics
Princess Superstar Lyrics. "Bad Babysitter". (feat. The High & Mighty) I'm a bad babysitter, got my boyfriend in your shower, Woo! I'm makin 6 bucks an hour. Babysitting sucks but whatever they got junk food. Kung fu, egg fu, Dig Dug, a dog too. And a hot Jew, Mr. Weintraub, I mean he's old but not dimed out.
Dogs - Tarred & Feathered Lyrics
I'm on the road I'm making plans Dismiss this one-night misunderstanding And if I fail At least I tried Out of this jail I'll still be dreaming, yeah I will dismiss this misunderstanding, like I don't even no you I won't miss this misunderstanding, you gotta glimpse my korona Oh what a bad boy What a sad scene Oh what a bad egg Well what about me Out of control Misunderstood Drop in the ocean ...
Sada Baby - Whole Lotta Choppas (Remix) Lyrics
Egg whites, turkey bacon on Ain't in a restaurant, but I'm the bitch they been waitin' on (Tag) Gotta pop tags, bitches stuntin' in them hand-me-down bags ... Been a bad girl and I'm tryna get spanked Pretty little body, but my face look stank I be in a truck that cost your whole house
and a egg foo yung stand lookin at me there with your stupid face while your pop (me) goes out and solves the case cause i'm a bad detective and i always get my man baby yes i am said i'm a bad detective i could stand a lendin hand oh baby yes i can.
Heroes assemble!Yeah, we'll show those bad guys!No, objection, l-listen, listen!I'm a lawyer and I never lose a caseAnd I fix my hair with glue.But what you don't tell all your clients,"Justice is a science"I don't think the poor fool has a clue!But maybe they do ...
I'll sew your goddamn buttcheeks together, And just keep feeding you (oh) And feeding you, and feeding you, and feeding you, and. Whoa, yo yo yo dude! That's gross, man. That's gross. That is gross. I'm sorry man, I-- (gross) I don't even know what I'm doing anymore.
Primus - I Want It Now Lyrics
That there's a bad egg Submit Corrections. AZLyrics. P. Primus Lyrics. album: "Primus & The Chocolate Factory With The Fungi Ensemble" (2014) Candy Man. Cheer Up Charlie. Golden Ticket. Pure Imagination. Oompa Augustus. Semi-Wondrous Boat Ride. Oompa Violet. I Want It Now. Oompa Veruca. Wonkmobile. Oompa TV. Farewell Wonkites. Search. Submit ...
Young Jeezy - Leave You Alone Lyrics
"I know you bad (you bad) but I want you bad" (hey) She said (she said) "Makes me so sad That I, gotta leave you alone" (She said I) Gotta leave you alone, oh I, I, I, I [Young Jeezy:] Let me be your mind reader, let me read your mind And when I’m done with the front, hit it from behind Love and loyalty, never cross the line
Right here, and get that tail in gear! I whope that Buckanear. Somone better get a new career AH! I'll put you in the trance. My game is so advanced. This world dont stand a chance. When I unleash this dance! Claws up, Knees Bent, Tail straight. Bill spent, Eyes wide, Shell on lock.
Yeah, yeah, alright.Maybe you've heard about me.All in the news today.Im kind of legendary in the most destructive way.I have a secret hideout.I've got those fancy swords.I've got a bone to pick with all generic demon lords.Open a dictionary.Turn it to mastermind ...
DOG EAT DOG LYRICS - "All Boro Kings" (1994) album
If the last one dead's a rotten egg Meybe I'm better off a bad egg All we know If these are good times 2. Think I don't even hear what you say It's all about what you do You think you're the mack I'll tell you a fact No-one gives a fuck about you What it is What is was And what you always will be Think You think you're my friend You ain't my friend
And i miss you so bad I miss you so, so bad and i need you so bad I need you so, so bad I need you so bad These four just the same chords I would use them everytime you'd tell me, baby, write this one about me you'd never catch me i'm stealing lasts night story oh but i doubt you really cared at all no not at all you're the muse in my life when ...
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New York Dolls - Bad Detective Lyrics
Said I'm a bad detective I could stand a lendin' hand Oh baby, yes I can Honorable son I've been a number one Eat a fried rice And a egg foo yung Stand lookin' at me there With your stupid face While your pop (me) goes out And solves the case Cause I'm a bad detective And I always get my man Baby yes, I am Said I'm a bad detective I could stand ...
Waterparks - Easter Egg Lyrics
Like I say, when I say: "I'll be something you're not." "I'll be what all the people want". "I'll be something you're not." Just give all the people the truth. Which has nothing to do with you. Everybody just thinks that I’m falling apart at the seams and I can’t believe. That they’re all wrong about me. Or if it’s just me and ...
And i miss you so bad I miss you so so bad And i need you so bad I need you so so bad I need you so bad These chords are the same chords I would use everytime you would tell me Baby write this one about me You'd never catch me I'm stealing last night's story Oh but I doubt you really cared at all No not at all
Migos - Bakers Man Lyrics
Give that pack back to ya uncle, Gotta bad bitch, Yeah she asian like Kitana, Gotta scope on the sniper rifle, I see the anaconda, talk to scooter and he kept saying Quavo You a road runner, Free my nigga Offset, ASAP, So a young Nigga can get back to the money. [Hook: Quavo] Egg beater and sack (Whip) put it in my hand (skuuuurt) I'm
Lil Gotit - Waptopia Lyrics
When I'm going through it all, just called the best friend. He gon' be dead, draw, lose or win (Waptopia) Big backyard, cost the backend (Racks) Big front yard, that's a front end (Racks, racks, Waptopia) You treated too, fuck the grudges. Yeah, I'm doing me, I can show it (Waptopia) Then we get back together, love it.
Arlie - karma Lyrics
Wasn't my fault to egg you on, I couldn't wait I shoulda known you couldn't hold your own liquor It's a surefire but your daddy wouldn't pay He finds out I'm going down undercover You know the truth is loving you was not a mistake But that's a lot of bad karma Hey, I wouldn't make a bad father I'm afraid that I'm to blame if you give up, Kassie
Bizzle - Liar Lyrics
Thought to be a rotten egg hatched from a bad block I found God and came back for the have not's I can't necessarily brag like I'm that guy But I refuse to be another one of rap's mascots They rap about the trap like it ain't a bad spot But ask when the last time they hand touch a crack rock It's either a long time ago or never
Cardi B - Money Lyrics
The people whose shit not together (Okay) You'da bet Cardi a freak (Freak) All my pajamas is leather (Uh) Bitch, I will black on your ass, yeah (Woo, woo) Wakanda forever Sweet like a honey bun, spit like a Tommy gun (Brrr) Rollie a one of one, come get your mommy some Cardi at the tip-top, bitch Kiss the ring and kick rocks, sis (Uh) Jump it ...
Wale - The Glass Egg Lyrics
Or bad business with mad friends, aha, glass egg Used to be my homie, me and you was chillin' though Now that shit got cold like the OG with that finger roll That Spur, probably cop it, 'cause the more I drink Wallace And it's worse when they even in their fillings of your pockets Then I got my deal Started wondering if them hittas with me are ...
Dave Edmunds - Egg Or The Hen Lyrics
Which come first, the egg or the hen? Tell me which come first, the egg or the hen? Like the bad destroy the good, you know the good destroy the bad Like the glad destroy the mad, you know the mad destroy the glad Like cold destroy the hot, you know the hot destroy the cold Like the old are smarter than young, you know the young overpower the old
Guy Clark - The Coat Lyrics
I need some scramble eggs And whisky on the side Got a bad taste in my mouth Something I said None's all I feel Man, I should've gone to bed There's a wind from out of nowhere Come blow me away Throw me a rope I've had a bad day I walked out and left my coat Now the weather is turning cold I don't feel so smart I don't feel so bold And it ...
The goose that laid the golden egg Was an extraordinary goose (Real, real goose) Now, just imagine a goose laying a golden egg Why it's a dream come true (Real, real goose) Oh, but you don't lay no golden egg But you're a golden goose to me Ooh ahh yeah, you're so sweet Now, I'm as happy as a monkey with a peanut machine Since I found you (I ...
Aidonia - Supm Fi You Lyrics
Whine pon mi buddy til it bruck like egg What a gyal bad she a cock di tegereg (awwww) [Chorus:] Mi force it up inna har Mek she feel everything She wine pon mi buddy mek me feel everything She bend over And har new waist a spin Cocky inna belly, inna belly And she a wine it off And a feel everything She wine pon mi buddy mek me feel everything
Ray Stevens - Pickin' On The Chicken Lyrics
Baaaawwk. And it's time to stop pickin' on the chicken. I mean, what a chicken ever did to you. It's time to stop pickin' on the chicken. What a crock of cockadoodle doo. "Don't count your chickens before they hatch" and "don't put all your eggs in one basket". And "don't put up a squawk" or "all your chickens might come home to roost".
Ceraadi - Kung Pao Lyrics
'Get fifty bad bitties at the door' Shoes and my clothes they look like deathrow Booked and I'm busy money on my schedule Kung Pao chicken mix it with the egg rolls (wo!) Sweet sour sauce drippin' on the dance floor Baby wanna act like they can't get low I'mma kick you off the stage with like the sandman, yo! If you litty, put yo hands up
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Tupelo Lyrics
Why the hen won't lay no egg Can't get that cock to crow The nag is spooked and crazy O God help Tupelo! O God help Tupelo! O God help Tupelo! O God help Tupelo! Ya can say these streets are rivers Ya can call these rivers streets Ya can tell ya self ya dreaming buddy But no sleep runs this deep No! No sleep runs this deep No sleep runs this deep
Chavo & Pi'erre Bourne - Tweets Lyrics
Egg and waffle dates took her to a diner I'll have 'em laying where you lay I can get you lined up Trap phone won't stop ringing I can here it chiming Don't respond to tweets Well cross in the streets Heard you lost a bad bitch I got her here, finders keepers Blowing weed in front police Like I don't even see them Hit the curb Rim crack Anti up ...
Bad Lip Reading - Danny Elephant Lyrics
Bad Lip Reading Lyrics. "Danny Elephant". (from "Descendants: A Bad Lip Reading" soundtrack) I played cause the sauce hit my eyes I. Was just thinking 'bout all his paskhetti. And somethings I know the frogs and gl-asses and the. Guys took my self now the pit stink (oh oh oh-oh oh oh oh) Who am I to argue with Danny Ele-phant; he's so sweet.
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