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Gregory Isaacs - A Promise (Is A Comfort To A Fool) Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'A Promise (Is A Comfort To A Fool)' by Gregory Isaacs. She dobbie, dobbie, dobbie, do, yeah / Don't break your promise, no, girl / That you once made.
Sean Paul - Like Glue Lyrics
Dem a promise and a tell mi seh a fi mi fi mi. But a promise is a comfort to a fool, so cool. Well yuh dun know seh dat man haffi rule, di school. We nuh pet dem ...
Gregory Isaacs - Promise Is A Comfort Lyrics
Now I know a promise. Is a comfort to a fool. To a fool (2x) Gave all my love. Spilling it to you. And you always let me know. You felt the same way too. Promised ...
Riding On lyrics and translation - Nasio Fontaine
Dec 21, 2014 Lyrics and translation for Riding On by Nasio Fontaine. Promise is a comfort to a fool But I ain't dumb (I see their deception) Don't you try to s...
Trinity - Promise Is a Comfort to a Fool lyrics
Lyrics for Promise Is a Comfort to a Fool by Trinity. ... Promise Is a Comfort to a Fool - Lyrics. Trinity. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn ...
promise is a comfort to a fool. Teach them to love them one another love stop them from killing of eachother. Follow the words of your fathers and your mothers
Sizzla - Rejoice Lyrics
Give us now because mama says promise is a comfort to a fool. Teach them to love them one another love stop them from killing of each other. Follow the words  ...
Wretch 32 & Avelino - Fire in the booth Lyrics - Wretch 32
They say a promise is a comfort to a fool. I'm lying if I say I want to live in comfort I' m the truth. And this'll be the best Fire In The Booth And I doubt they'll tell you ...
BOB MARLEY LYRICS - Stiff Necked Fools
Stiff-necked fools, you think you are cool. To deny me for simplicity. Yes, you have gone for so long. With your love for vanity now. Yes, you have got the wrong  ...
Quit Trying Lyrics - Bunny Wailer
O promise is a comfort to a fool. You hypocrite go away-o. I don't need no sympathy you hypocrite go away- And please don't you sorry for me you hypocrite go ...
Code Red - Don't Talk The Talk Lyrics
The grass is always greener. On the other side. Phil: How dare you come to me. With your apology. A promise is a comfort to a fool. But you can't fool me. Roger:
Knuckledust - Promises Comfort Fools lyrics and translation ...
Lyrics and translation for Promises Comfort Fools by Knuckledust.
Eyedea & Abilities - Burn Fetish Lyrics
Eyes wide shut, I promise not to fall awake. Lick the guillotine ... Who the hell am I trying to fool? I'm a fool I feel ... Find my comfort, inside blame. Shove my pride ...
Nasio Fontaine - Dangerous lyrics
i heard your speeches (your talk is cheap) man, and your empty promises ( promises are comfort to a fool) but now that i know your words are dangerous, yeah ...
Jericho Lyrics - Israel Vibration
A faithful promise, yeah, is just a comfort to a fool. You gave a great speech, yeah . Then you kill them with your promises. Sufferation to the max is. The only thing ...
The Prime of Gregory Isaacs Tracklist. 1, Thief a Man. 2, Warriors. 3, Slave Master . 4, A Promise Is a Comfort to a Fool · More Albums. embed . Embed. Get the ...
VOLBEAT LYRICS - Still Counting
You're a liar, you're a cheater, you're a fool. Well, that's just like me yoohoo ... For betrayal, for betrayal. I promise, so easy to say, and easy you failed, And you ...
ABDEL WRIGHT - Quicksand lyrics
One bag of promise, comfort fi a fool. Three, Mama can't pay school fee. Blood out of stone, education no free. Four, ghetto youth with him gun hardcore
The Carpenters - I Need To Be In Love Lyrics
... full of good intentions But none of them will comfort me, tonight I'm wide awake. ... I used to say, no promises ... And fool enough to think that's what I'll find.
I could go on and on the fool has never been thrown. [Chorus] [Verse 2:] Who can afford to run will run. But what about those who can't... they will have to stay
Comfort came against my will. And every story must grow old. Still I'll be a traveler . A gypsy's reins to face. But the road is wearier. With that fool found in your ...
Volbeat - Still Counting lyrics and translation
You're a liar, you're a cheater, you're a fool Well that's just like me yoohoo And I ... before you blame All others for betrayal, now for betrayal A promise so easy to ... it again Well the music seems to comfort And all the liquid do the colours Well I ...
I'm taking comfort in the fact. That you could never let me go. But what am I supposed to do. When you go out and I'm alone. You made a promise you would  ...
Some people live with the fear of a touch. And the anger of having been a fool ... Another promise they hear in the dark. Because they only remember too well
DAMI IM LYRICS - I Need To Be In Love
I used to say, no promises. Let's keep it ... And fool enough to think that's what I'll find. So here I am with ... But none of them will comfort me tonight. I'm wide ...
HOLY TERROR LYRICS - "Mind Wars" (1988) album
A Fools Gold 5. Terminal Humor ... To eternal rapture life in heavenly comfort. Still the bound ... "Knowing God is having the promise of life that now is, break that ...
I used to say "No promises, let's keep it simple" But freedom ... And fool enough to think that's what I'll find [**] So here ... But none of them will comfort me tonight
Than to sit and listen to a broken-hearted fool. Could've been ... I was asking, begging for a sign to bring comfort to this lonely heart of. Mine But apparently ...
SHADOW GALLERY LYRICS - "Shadow Gallery" (1992) album
for the last time that I was tempted to the dance of fools ... now she comes to comfort me I tell her I'm too blind to see ... My heart knows of a broken promise
ALL OUT WAR LYRICS - "Into The Killing Fields" (2010) album
Rotting from the bottom and we the fools follow blind. On the wings of ... Their empty promises give us comfort ... Through empty promises they will hide their lies
Then you promise to return; When you don't I really burn, Well, I guess ... you so much, honey, I just got to know; I'm just a fool for you; what are you gonna do?
MR. BIG LYRICS - If That's What It Takes
BIG: Comfort me From a world where no one cares Where the words turn into cages And memories cut like gla... ... I see a distant promise of Eden Lifting my ...
No danger. I'd be all out war. Trade excuses for promises. That I can't keep anymore ... To make you love me. Be mine! And didn't I try. Hard enough to fool you
THIN LIZZY LYRICS - Don't Believe A Word
Your heart is like a promise. Made to be broken. Don't believe a word. Words can tell lies. And lies are no comfort. When there's tear in your eyes. Don't believe ...
STORMZY LYRICS - Storm Trooper
Tell me, who's gonna comfort me When my ba... ... I believed in promises before. And now I ... And let him take you for some fool, with your back against the wall
HUMAN ERROR LYRICS - "Memories Of The Afterlife" (2009) album
but promises only comfort fools and its hard to speak when you cant even breathe. You can't understand this is where I remain. I can't watch you fly away,
ARENA LYRICS - "Pride" (1996) album
ARENA lyrics - "Pride" (1996) album, including "Sirens", "Crying For Help VIII", " Fool's Gold"... ... Can there be comfort left. For one ... Hollow words and promises
MELODY GARDOT LYRICS - Deep Within The Corners Of My Mind
And I only pull it out when I long for your embrace. Deep within the corners of my mind. I'm haunted by your smile. As it promises me joy like a journey to a tropic ...
You hold on. To love that's gone. Run a mile. To see him smile. But you don't know. He's door to door. Playin' you. For the fool. Let him go. Walk out your door
Louise - That's What Friends Are For Lyrics
He was mistreating you like a fool. I can't believe he's ... Yes, I'll be there to comfort you through it all. And I'll be there ... Just promise me this time. That you won't ...

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