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Astrofaes - Ad Infinitum (Dark II) Lyrics
Astrofaes Ad Infinitum (Dark II) Lyrics. Ad Infinitum (Dark II) lyrics performed by Astrofaes: [Lyrics: Henry L. Oldy.
Astrofaes - Ad Infinitum (Dark II) Lyrics
[Lyrics: Henry L. Oldy "Living in a Lost Time"] ... ,. , ,. , ... Song Discussions is protected by U.S. Patent 9401941. Other patents pending. print correct. FEATURED ...
Astrofaes - Ad Infinitum (Dark II) lyrics
25 июн 2012 Lyrics for Ad Infinitum (Dark II) by Astrofaes. ...Я шёл один в ночи беззвёздной В горах с уступа на уступ И увидал над мрачной бездной ...
RHAPSODY OF FIRE LYRICS - "From Chaos To Eternity" (2011 ...
Ad Infinitum 2. From Chaos To ... It's the dark fate they once asked for. It's nothing but sand .... [PART II: REALM OF SACRED WATERFALLS 3:17] Warriors and ...
Astrofaes - Ad Infinitum (Dark I: The Expectation) lyrics
Lyrics for Ad Infinitum (Dark I: The Expectation) by Astrofaes.
OMEGA CENTAURI LYRICS - "Universum Infinitum" (2012) album
Ad Infinitum. As I touched the sky adroitly. I looked at you and I composed a picture within a crystal frame. And as I embed myself into this phantasm
XZORIATH LYRICS - "Redimensioned" (2003) demo
demo: "Redimensioned" (2003). 1. Machinery Prepared 2. The Growing Eye 3. Intermezzo II 4. Dawn Of Renaissance 5. Ad Infinitum ...
ASGAARD LYRICS - "Ad Sidera, Ad Infinitum" (2000) album
ASGAARD lyrics - "Ad Sidera, Ad Infinitum" (2000) album, including "Let Me Die... (Funeris ... Mon Ange (Per Aspera Ad Astra) 4. Love. ... [Part II - Darkness]
AVERSE SEFIRA LYRICS - "Homecoming's March" (1999) album
AVERSE SEFIRA lyrics - "Homecoming's March" (1999) album, including " Homecoming's March", "Ad Infinitum", "Above The Firmaments Of Wrath"...
DE LIRIUM'S ORDER LYRICS - "Diagnosis" (2007) album
Diagnosis: Deranged. 2. Extermination Network. 3. Ad Infinitum. 4. Panzram. 5. Drowned In The World Of Delirium. 6. Ebola Instinct. 7. To Walk With The Dead.
KAMELOT LYRICS - "The Black Halo" (2005) album
Interlude II: Un Assassinio Molto Silenzioso 10. The Black Halo ... AD INFINITUM [English translation .... Dark is the night for us all, but some days. I feel the light ...
ASHES TO ASHES LYRICS - "Shapes Of Spirits" (2000) album
Divide & Conquer 7. Sacrilege 8. Ad Infinitum ... Dark spirits awaken in me. Eerie movements in his mighty ... A new dungeon of the dark, Like a shadow in dusk
EMIL BULLS LYRICS - "Phoenix" (2009) album
... Belong Here", "Son Of The Morning", "Man Overboard! (The Dark Hour Of Reason)"... ... Ad Infinitum 5. Infecting The Program 6. Nothing In This World 7. Time
EPOCH OF UNLIGHT LYRICS - "What Will Be Has Been" (1998 ...
Ad Infinitum 2. Undone Within 3. ... Caught within ":the dark backward and abysm of. Time:"[1] I sought to find ... A dark trip with nothing more to see. The immortal ...
AEONS CONFER LYRICS - "The Soul Of The Universe" (2003) EP
4. Bringer Of Light 5. The Soul Of The Universe 6. Ad Infinitum ... I've gathered secrets dark and old. The ancient spirits I've called. Made with feelings of a lie
PAZ - Ad Infinitum lyrics
Jul 3, 2015 Lyrics for Ad Infinitum by PAZ. ... meet the universe and comets collide On the moon's dark side by the light of a quark I couldn't feel your body; ...
24, Ad Infinitum (Dark II). 25, Secret of the Eternal Forests. 26, The Light of Blood and Pain. 27, The Depths of the Past. 28, Immortality Reached Fire ...
THIS IS HELL LYRICS - "This Is Hell" (2005) EP
THIS IS HELL lyrics - "This Is Hell" (2005) EP, including "When Death Closes Your Eyes", "Ad Infinitum", "Moving Targets"...
CLUTCH LYRICS - "Clutch" (1995) album
Big News I 2. Big News II 3. Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw 4. Texan Book Of The Dead .... Go Forth, Ad Infinitum. Return The Relics To The Elephant. And Atlantis Rises.
Rhapsody of Fire - Dark Mystic Vision Lyrics. [Dargor:] Iras...? [Iras:] ... 8, Ad Infinitum (Live) ..... 4, Gargoyles, Angels of Darkness: I. Angeli di Pietra Mistica / II.
NOCTURNUS LYRICS - "Thresholds" (1992) album
Dark Lyrics. SUBMIT LYRICS LINKS METAL LYRICS .... ad infinitum. Linear chaos. Internal distortion ... ad infinitum part of the whole reduced to nothing
NOX LYRICS - "Ixaxaar" (2007) album
Chaos Christus Regnat! Chaos Christus Imperat! Contra mundum ad infinitum. Contra mundum ad absurdum. Contra mundum ad nauseam. Consummatum Est!
Astrofaes - The Last Dawn Lyrics
Other Astrofaes Lyrics. Thunder I Shall Bring lyrics · Ad Infinitum (Dark II) lyrics · After The Battle lyrics · A Song Of The Night Birds lyrics · At Nightfall lyrics.
Astrofaes - A Song Of The Night Birds Lyrics
Thunder I Shall Bring lyrics · Ad Infinitum (Dark II) lyrics · After The Battle lyrics · At Nightfall lyrics · Necromantical Screams lyrics · Immortality Reached Fire lyrics ...
INTERNAL SUFFERING LYRICS - "Choronzonic Force Domination ...
Lifting from the dark pit into the dizzy vortex of blackness... Rending me free .... ad infinitum, through the nine-fold lense of Yesod - the astral plane!! Choronzonic ...
ARGENTUM LYRICS - "Ad Interitum Funebrarum" (1996) album
ARGENTUM lyrics - "Ad Interitum Funebrarum" (1996) album, including "Outro ( Hortafunebra)", "Pax Horiendi", "Ad ... When you deserve the dark .... ad infinitum
INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY LYRICS - "The Inerrancy Of Profanation ...
They're one and the same. Enslavement of the masses. The strong shall inherit the earth. The weak shall be torn asunder. With cloven hooves, ad infinitum
ENDSTILLE LYRICS - "Kapitulation 2013" (2013) album
Overloaded paths and ad infinitum treks. The reds in the back, ready to ... Make love and black masses in a dark shadow light. Blasphemer... Rites of death ...
Uncondition your soul. Take a leap! Ad infinitum one and all. Better flying free. Than endure the ceaseless crawl. No need to fight or flee. As you hear the clarion
Astrofaes - Under The Cover Of Destiny Lyrics
And your spirit shall be alone, deep sleep in dark forests ... Thunder I Shall Bring lyrics · Ad Infinitum (Dark II) lyrics · After The Battle lyrics · A Song Of The Night ...
DIES IRAE LYRICS - "Immolated" (2000) album
Tunnels ad infinitum. Blinded by impermeable darkness. Of the Ancient Ones Pictures, visions made by night. When she was young. Journey for aeons
Tornado Wallace - Ad Infinitum Lyrics. In a time when time's moved past us And ... On the moon's dark side by the light of a quark. I couldn't feel your body; I was ...
THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT LYRICS - "Trivmvirate" (2008) album
Honour my reign with sacrifice ad infinitum. For an intended endurance of 12.000 years. For thy blasphemy thou shall be punished. The Systemlords bring thee ...
SAMAEL LYRICS - "Solar Soul" (2007) album
a blast lifts you in the air enter the Valkyrie's new ride thunder and lightning across your sky now join the Valkyrie's new ride...ride! high! infinitum!
Rhapsody Of Fire Lyrics
ACT II - Dark Mystic Vision · Rhapsody Of Fire · ACT III - The ... Ad Infinitum · Rhapsody Of Fire · Aeons Of ... Dark Reign Of Fire · Rhapsody Of Fire · Dark Wings ...
LORD BELIAL LYRICS - "Angelgrinder" (2002) album
In the shadows and the dark it dwells. Pulsating cold blood in the ancient veins. Pugnacious .... 8. Kingdom of Infinite Grief ...Ad Infinitum... Vast and dying land
A HILL TO DIE UPON LYRICS - "Infinite Titanic Immortal" (2009) album
The Dark Road 8. We Soulless Men 9. Titanic .... We'll allow you days but after dark we claim these woods. Beware the moon! ... Ad infinitum. The hand of Gaia
DEVOURMENT LYRICS - "Conceived In Sewage" (2013) album
Complacent in my rituals, stab and hack ad infinitum. Still alive but fading quickly, I quiver with anticipation. Its clear what I must do now. Permeate, penetrate ...
A thunder opened the skies. And from its clouds a dark shadow fell ... Ad infinitum (Hasta la infinidad) Bellum continentur (La .... [Chapter II] And if darkness falls ...
Stellar might, dark Heaven Fill my art, trance ... 8, Ad Infinitum (Live). 9, From Chaos ..... 4, Gargoyles, Angels of Darkness: I. Angeli di Pietra Mistica / II. Warlords' ...

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