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CURREN$Y LYRICS - Hennessy Beach
Lyrics to "Hennessy Beach" song by CURREN$Y: My niggas trying hard to get it We making sure the cars is ... She dress like one of them girls at Fred Segal
DEJ LOAF LYRICS - Me U & Hennessey (Remix)
Lyrics to "Me U & Hennessey (Remix)" song by DEJ LOAF: Can we stay home tonight? ... Smooth like that henny, this what happens when we drinkin' I'm not ...
TEEFLII LYRICS - Hennessy & Weed
Lyrics to "Hennessy & Weed" song by TEEFLII: Of Hennessy and weed Come and and have a drink with me Of ... They hating cause know they can't do it like us
Life is like a drug, we born addicted like crack babies. Tryin' ta' get that fix, you gonna hurt your back, like the Bag Lady ... I chase Hennessy with dopamine
Popcaan - Addicted Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Addicted' by Popcaan: From mi si you. ... God know mi addicted to her yeah. Pretty, pretty, pretty. Stiffest kind a ... Shi no full a gas like texaco. Inna the ...
Hennessy got me feelin' bad, time to stop drinkin' Rollin' in my drop-top Jag, ... It's got me addicted to the pleasure and the pain it inflicted. Somethin' about the ...
She wanna be an actress and a singer like Selena ... I heard that you're addicted to them Xans now, girl ... I know how to please you, Hennessy in the freezer
DANNY BROWN LYRICS - Die Like A Rockstar
Lyrics to "Die Like A Rockstar" song by DANNY BROWN: Brown bless the mic like ... Prescription addiction ... Shot of Hennessy spike that with some molly
50 CENT LYRICS - Hail Mary (Ja Rule Diss)
Now all a sudden I'm a fuckin' mad man who screams like I'm Pac But I'm not, enemies, Hennessy Actin' like ... I'm stuck, I'm addicted to these drugs, I'ma quit
2PAC LYRICS - Fuck Em All
Fuck a misdemeanor I'm raisin hell like felonies. Mr. Makaveli ... World mob figga addicted to these fucking streets [Verse 3: ... Soaked up in Hennessey So they ...
2PAC LYRICS - Until The End Of Time
Lyrics to "Until The End Of Time" song by 2PAC: Perhaps I was addicted to the dark side Somewhere inside my ... I sexed his sister, had her mumbling like a Mexican His next ... And in the end drinking Hennessy made all my enemies envy me
BERNER LYRICS - Pass Me The Green
Pass me the green, I need some weed with my Hennessy Pass me the green, I need ... Berner like OG gas bag with his Hennessy Pourin' up, Peach Cris with my  ...
Big white smoke clouds every time I talk, does it look like I'm in a comic? Everything I rock I ... Okay, Hennessy and Bombay is a real nigga entree. I gave her my grande ... I'm stackin' dough cause my momma addicted to spas. Yeah I'm the one ...
Lyrics to "Addicted" song by TEEFLII: Let's have a lil Henny, refill your cup Tonight ... You gon' get addicted, yeah ... I'm a go in like the first firemen on the scene
TQ - Bye Bye Baby Lyrics
At night I can't seem to get no sleep / Addicted to Indo and Hennessy / I'm stressed on got my vest on / Let's hit the ... In an instant (looks like the cryin' stopped)
Like Busta Rhymes so dangerous. Bad lil mama ... I'm addicted to you listening to me. In the clubs that ... Can you sip Hennessy when you're with me? First off, I ...
Drinking on Hennessy And my crib in ... Trippy as a fool, I got that double cup addiction. All these pills I'm popping, I'm in the water like I'm fishing. Two foreign ...
D12 LYRICS - These Drugs
It was like.. whoahh and then the fuckin room started spinnin and shit. And my friend came in ... Swallow Hennessey along with Tylenol 3. Grindin the teeth at ... If you got an addiction, don't admit, to nobody, yknowhatI'msayin? Keep that shit to ...
JUICY J LYRICS - One Of Those Nights
And all this Hennessy got niggas in here hating on me, on me, on me, on me. But if the ... She a bad chick like Bonnie Parker ... Juicy J got bank like uncle Phil
People say I'm hard as Hennessy and you soda soft. Man I'm talking to ... Man I treat my MSFTS like the Lakers - the court is ours. Look a nine year .... They're trying to get us addicted, it's wicked like we gon' stick with this. The internet exists  ...
YG LYRICS - I Just Wanna Party
I'm drunk off Hennessy Hope I don't run into my enemies ... All these hoes fuckin', but they don't wanna seem like a ho. So you gotta hit 'em on the low (hit em' ...
TQ LYRICS - Bye Bye Baby
[TQ:] You know you like that, bring your ass over here. Thug: Hey ... Addicted to indo and Hennessey I'm stressed ... I'm like a grown child - I want my baby back
Blackbear - Cars, Clothes, Calories Lyrics
Mar 20, 2015 Cause maybe it's the soco Maybe it's the Hennessy Maybe it's the fast ... get richer Sippin' on conjure like luda Have her feeling sweet like suga ...
2PAC LYRICS - Heaven Ain't Hard 2 Find
Just like a little kid, still believin' in magic. It takes a lot of sacrifice ... I'm sippin' Hennessy and Coke Though addicted to weed smoke. I'm fiendin' for your body ...
Danny Brown - Die Like A Rockstar Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Die Like A Rockstar' by Danny Brown. Brown bless the ... Manuscript sick shit, prescription addiction ... Shot of Hennessy spike that with some molly
And I'm like, "Chill! I've got a weed addiction like." [Chorus] We lightin ganja ganja , every day we burn dutchies. And then we stay around more trees than Fern ...
EMINEM - I'm On Everything lyrics
Bout to sip the liquor like it's caine. Thats how ... Syrup, Painkillers, Cigarette, Weed, Hennessy, Vodka, ... I crush ya brain like a pill crusher, lets crush a pill yeah
Its like when she gets used of it, then you start serving, Hop on top and start jiggy- jiggy jerking, Slow down for me, you moving too fast, My fingers keep slipping, ...
Heartbreaka - Thing Called Love Lyrics
Dec 24, 2015 Lyrics for Thing Called Love by Heartbreaka. she has some long days and wish they could be better says she's stressed out butt act like...
Roll the tree and fuck this Hennessey up. I come down and start to ... You know the deal, the price made her bend over backwards like Neo I'm crazy but maybe ...
See I hustle like my momma but I look just like my pops. And we still duckin cops. Ride around and take shots. Hennessy for my enemies. Niggas know I'm takin ...
Ramriddlz - Mañana Lyrics
[Verse 1] She say sex with me is like ecstasy, she got an addiction ... A man like me been sippin' Hennessy Said a man ... You gotta have the kicks like Kimmi
Trademark Da Skydiver - Get & Go Lyrics
I'm just laid back chilling / In the cut like a villain / I ain't smokin' on em phillies / Growin' kush by the. ... Little mama lighting up like she addicted to that pyro
Sweetness Lyrics - Ajay Atul
I swear you taste like cherry drops ice cream scoops ... go together like coke and Hennessy. taste sweet like tea from ... addicted got to have it and I won't take no ...
Drinkin' Hennessy Is a naked chick next to me? [Mannie (talking)] ( IIIIIIII've been takin' ec-sta-cyyyy) See, he like you for all the wrong reasons, ya know wh'I'm ...
Krazy Lyrics - 2Pac
Do you like this song? (click stars to rate) ... Hennessy got me feelin bad. Time to stop ... It's got me addicted to the pleasure and the pain it's inflicted. Something ...
2PAC LYRICS - Under Pressure
servin suckers like dope fiends and lead tha ... cause i'm addicted to get splifted watch tha stupid ... call Ki's and Hennessy where tha glock be. Times passen will  ...
Gold Lyrics - Common
On the move like black slaves through the wilderness. I write it, and ... I guess it's my addiction to women. I was in France, Hennessy blending. Writing my own ...
And I'm addicted to spend it. (yeah!) ... (more!) I been all around the world, yo' block is like they block, (uh!) ... Hennessy, Bacardi, mo' E pouring til I'm dizzy
I started sipping, got addicted just like nicotine. Such a fiend, not just for lean, for these fucking B's Although I lean, I smoke Irene like I've got a disease. Oh yeah I  ...

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