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Rejjie Snow - Dia Dhuit Lyrics
Half-African brother his IQ's lethal I wrote this rap with a broken figure and severed limb Arm and a dagger the duffle bag is a loosey ten Give me the shottie I'm slaying rappers with bad pilates Coughing up that crack I call it a John Gotti Inciting a riot and masacre fuck a slave ship Got these creme crackers nodding and saying the greatest
2face Idibia - Nfana Ibaga Lyrics
2face Idibia Lyrics. "Nfana Ibaga". Echo Yeah. I'm coming out straight this time. I'm coming out with the little of my own kind of peace of mind. I'm doing it my way this time. Like I'm not gonna bore you with some flimsy kind of piece of rhymes. So pull a cushion, sit back relax and listen. To this introduction of me, myself and my mission.
2face Idibia - U No Holy Pass Lyrics
Cos you no holy pass, my brother. U no holy pass, my sister. Some be acting that they know it all. But everybody knows that people rise and fall. Some rise up again just to stand up tall. And wiser and stronger. No matter how long you live. You can not learn it all. You go only do your best because you no go fit do all.
Logic - AfricAryaN Lyrics
Oh my. Oh my, my, my, my, my. Ohhh. Oh my, my, my, my, my. Oh. I feel the Aryan in my blood, it's scarier than a Blood. Been looking for holy water, now I'm praying for a flood. It feel like time passing me by slower than a slug. While this feeling inside of my body seep in like a drug.
$ilkMoney - My Potna Dem Lyrics
For my potna, I sideline a nigga like Gregg Popovich. I might pop a bitch with some shit that'll stop a wick. And make a nigga spin and do dolphin kick. Shit, I'ma be real, nigga. I just need me a bitch that like to gobble dick. DBSB, 3272, nigga, that's my potna 'dem. G-L-O-B-E, A-B-B, nigga, that's my potna 'dem.
Digable Planets - Where I'm From Lyrics
Real strange, real strange An overdose, a nickel bag of funk Now move on, move on yeah Hey man are you ready to go Boogie jive and rap is life where I'm from Where I'm from, Ahmed play with Izzy where I'm from Where I'm from, it be like run your coat black Jupiter, keeps her fat beats by the pack Where I'm from, nappy hair is life
Marvin Gaye - What's Going On Lyrics
Brother, brother, brother There's far too many of you dying You know we've got to find a way To bring some lovin' here today - Ya Father, father We don't need to escalate You see, war is not the answer For only love can conquer hate You know we've got to find a way To bring some lovin' here today Picket lines and picket signs Don't punish me ...
Eric B. & Rakim - In The Ghetto Lyrics
Incognito and taking it easy. Quiet, it's kept on a hush hush. In front of a crowd, I get loud, there's a bumrush. Be calm, keep a low pro, and play the background. HOPIN' the wack rapper'LL put the mic back down. So rip it, break it in half, go head and slam it. 'Cause when it's time to build, I'm a mechanic.
A Artist Song Lyrics (Page 52)
African Boyce feat. Young Iinnovators: 1 Lyric & 1 Album: African Brothers: 1 Lyric & 1 Album: African Children's Choir: 6 Lyrics & 4 Albums: African China: 40 Lyrics & 26 Albums: African Dream: 1 Lyric & 1 Album: African Footprint: 1 Lyric & 1 Album: African Gospel Rhythms: 1 Lyric & 2 Albums: African Head Charge: 20 Lyrics & 2 Albums: african ...
The single's successful release in the United States prompted an informal meeting between Ne-Yo and Def Jam's label head, and the signing of a recording contract. Ne-Yo was born in Camden, Arkansas. His father is of African American and Chinese descent, and his mother is African-American. Both his parents were musicians.
Frank Zappa - Cosmik Debris Lyrics
An' he fidget around a bit. He reached in the pocket of his Mystery Robe. An' he whipped out a shaving kit. Now, I thought it was a razor. An' a can of foamin' goo. But he told me right then when the top popped open. There was nothin' his box won't do. With the oil of Afro-dytee. An' the dust of the Grand Wazoo.
SPELLBLAST LYRICS - "Battlecry" (2010) album
The chain of a ruined life, a rusty past, lost memories. A past made by strange thoughts. And wrong, wrong beliefs. Let the axe fall, slash grim enemies. For the sake of our families. Then wind screams a word: Victory. 4. Path On The Sea. [Music: Luca Arzuffi / Claudio Arsuffi, Lyric: Daniele Geno Caravina]
Smash Mouth - All Star Lyrics
Go for the moon. Go for the moon. Go for the moon. Go for the moon. Hey, now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play. Hey, now, you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid. And all that glitters is gold. Only shooting stars. Somebody once asked could I spare some change for gas.
David Bowie - Chilly Down Lyrics
The brothers come 'round (the brothers come 'round) I get out of my dirty bed (my dirty bed) I shake my pretty little head (I shake my pretty little head) Tap my pretty little feet (tap my pretty little feet) Feeling brighter than sunlight (oh) Louder than thunder (oh) Bouncing like a yo-yo, whoa (oh) Don't got no problems (no problems)
Jonas Brothers - Black Keys Lyrics
The red lights starts to flash. It's time to wait. And black keys never looked so beautiful. And a perfect rainbow never seemed so dull. And the lights out never had this bright a glow. And the black keys. Showing me a world I never knew, no. A world I never knew. She hates the sun cause it proves she's not alone.
Black Star - Brown Skin Lady Lyrics
I like the way you move, I like the WAY you move. [Talib] I like the, I like the, I like the, I like the. way you walk, please, won't you do that dance. [Mos] I like the way you walk, when you walk on by. I like the way you move, I like you baby. [Together] And everybody on the avenue, I know, when they see you sing.
The brothers come 'round I get out of my dirty bed I shake my pretty little head Tap my pretty little feet Feeling brighter than sunlight Louder than thunder Bouncing like a yo-yo Don't got no problems Ain't got no suitcase Ain't got no clothes to worry about Ain't got no real estate or jewelry Or gold mines to hang me up I just throw in my hand
Yo, there's brothers on the block, posted up like they own it That's they corner from New York to California Got blocks locked down Like, "Dog, you safe whenever you with me, see, this is my town" So the youngsters grows in ghettos, goes to prison At an early age, already know it's against him So in order for him to survive, one day he must
Young Thug - You Said Lyrics
Got her head so big it explode [Young Thug:] You said you gon' fuck me to death when you see me You said that, you said that You said you gon' do me the worst, I remember you right when you said that You said you gon' kiss from my neck to my chest to my naval and dick and nuts We talked about everything, then you know that we got us some making up
2Pac - Changes Lyrics
Being real don't appeal to the brother in you You gotta operate the easy way "I made a G today," but you made it in a sleazy way Selling crack to the kids "I gotta get paid!", well hey, but that's the way it is [Talent:] That's just the way it is Things'll never be the same That's just the way it is Aww yeah That's just the way it is
6I need to stop, so I can touch myselfThe game so sharp I might cut myselfYou hatin on a boy? Hush thyself!I'm on my own jock cuz I love thyselfOh Sean T, with the slap again'Bout to bring the movement back, we goin' AfricanMy bruh put a Zanny in Actavis about to nod off ...
Kevin Gates - MYB Lyrics
Always throwing crosses that's what lil' hoes get, Claim to be a boss but you a lil' broke bitch, Reason you alive ain't the niggas you run wit, I was in a cell witchu and you ain't run shit, Told me put my shoes on, But. You ain't scratched, I wreck hall and jack off and then was so laid back, For niggas you would make calls, Don't that sound ...
Flipsyde - US History Lyrics
Flipsyde Lyrics. "US History". [Verse 1] Hustlin's in my blood my father's name is Britain. His history consisted of robbery killin' and pimpin. Filthy rich and the biggest killer that you ever seen. Once I'm older I'm takin' over ima be king. I was locked up in jail when he got the new land.
50 Cent - Niggas Be Schemin' Lyrics
Startin' to treat my own brothers like they just another nigga My clique got smaller and my clips got bigger Condom on my heart, motherfuck your feelings They call me Superman see I ain't supposed to walk Better watch how you talk or get popped like a cork, off [50 Cent:] See they ain't real as they seem and they schemin'
ORDEN OGAN LYRICS - "Vale" (2008) album
REALITY LOST Don't say we'd have seen it coming Don't say we'd have faced the change In the end we'll be brothers in anguish In our blood dying face to face I WAS THE ONE THAT KEPT FAITH WHEN IT DIED I WAS THE ONE THAT FOUND TRUTH IN THE LIES SMASH ME DOWN TO THE DIRT AND I'LL BRAY FOR THERE'S ONE MORE STORY TO SELL ON MY HAWKER'S TRAY ONE MORE ...
Good Gas & FKi 1st - We All We Got Lyrics
Brrp, go 'head, buzz 'em in Yeah, I got pills, go'n send 'em in Stick Baby scope the lot, gon' send 'em in We dry the bitches like cinnamon Lil' sap ass nigga stay sentimental No cap on my gang, used to ridin' rentals Crash the ball so simple, that's a fender bender East Point call us ball in the middle Me and Ralph got loaded, I don't know telling
Fredo Bang - iPhone 6 Lyrics
Would have been went and got Kwan, if he woulda had a bond (Run it up!) [Da Real Gee Money & Fredo Bang:] I'm boomin off this iPhone 6. I'm juugin off this Android, bitch. Hit the backstreet, I give it to ya quick. I'm on the front street, tryna hit a lick. I'm boomin off this iPhone 6. I'm juugin off this Android, bitch.
Quality Control & Marlo - Live Like Dis Lyrics
And head hold a nigga down, we don't fuck around Give him one phone call, nigga man down And a nigga real street with a man pouch Used to have a dream nigga, I'm the man now Quan go get the bag too, stack the real cabbage A nigga act gangster 'bout the bag, we had to reel in Niggas got me really in my bag
Prodigy - The Phone Tap (Welcome To State Prison) Lyrics ...
But tell Hav I love him get the beats together. So when Mobb Deep drop we be bigger and better. Word, tell him I need fire nigga. So when Mobb Deep drop we be bigger and better. Ayo they monitor the phone calls, watch what you say. They got the phones tapped better watch how you speak. Yeah, welcome to state prison.
Ninety-seven dreadlocks all gone. I looked in the mirror for the first time and saw that, hey. Hey, I am not my hair, I am not this skin. I am not your expectations, no, no. I am not my hair, I am not this skin. I am a soul that lives within. Good hair means curls and waves. Bad hair means you look like a slave.
MACHINE HEAD LYRICS - "Burn My Eyes" (1994) album
10. Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies 11. Block Hate breeds hate my eyes they have seen the decimation of all that is pure pure A system that feeds the machine with the blood, sweat and money of the poor poor Corruption gets rich, honesty just exists 'cause nobody cares anymore anymore Fuck it all Fuck it all White attack black, black attack back
Kodak Black - Testimony Lyrics
My brother, he just washed me down with bleach, oh Project baby, snotty nose, head peezy Now everybody 'round the world tryna be me Miss my niggas, hope they see me on the TV I'm on Instagram showin' off my VV's You won't understand that this wasn't easy I been walkin' 'round with my head peezy Shot a nigga, took a shower with the bleach, Yahweh
OFB - Mad About Bars (2019) Lyrics
Bark it, all of my brothers'll blast it Clart it, see this coupe and they're darting Rarted, trip up and drop, that's casket Let me get that, man's tellin', not askin' Bad B shut your mouth and just arch it Pull up on blocks, my name's not tarnished Lil Jojo should've got it through his glasses I scratch my head when I watch their vids
HAMMERFALL LYRICS - "Built To Last" (2016) album
1. Bring It! Your words of slander won't take us down. We see right through you, a shattered clown. We walk the walk and we talk the talk. We'll back it up if you wanna rock. We'll give you action to back these words. We'll write the songs that are still unheard. And at the dawn of the new crusade.
42 Dugg - On My Son Lyrics
The head was so fire, made a young nigga hum, uh Sloppy-top, got me locked, Birkin, pussy, she havin' WAP (Wet) Box of woods, [?], purple Wock' and cream soda pop (Kick) Eeenie-meenie, miney-mo (Bliss) Put a tag up on his toe (Tick) Charge the high for truffle smoke Pour up in Sprite and sell the Coke, go Whip all white, pull up like pope (Snow)
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