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Lyrics to "Weh Yuh Have" song by ALKALINE: All who a style mi fi just the career weh unuh have Wa kind a asset, wa career unuh have? Look paw m...
Alkaline - Whey Yuh Have Lyrics
May 15, 2015 Lyrics for Whey Yuh Have by Alkaline. All who a style mi fi just the career weh unuh have Wa kind a asset, wa career unuh have? ...
ALKALINE LYRICS - Block & Delete
You can leave if yuh wah leave. Mi get gyal weh mi neva ask fah. It's alright, it's okay. Waste mi time but dat ah di least. Gyal a nuh you have di gold alone.
Lyrics to "Hard Work" song by ALKALINE: Everybody waan supn in a life To a higher level ... Stay focus and remember weh yuh come from ... While unuh have 3
Lyrics to "Like Me" song by ALKALINE: Nuh matter how yuh try fi trick yuhself Yuh ... [Alkaline:] Doh-don't badda, just don't badda. Coulda have money likkle more, ... Oh ohhh oh (Weh me tell yuh) Oh ohhh oh [Alkaline:] Cyah get aneda, get ...
Alkaline - City Lyrics
Apr 28, 2016 Fuck weh di fucka dem have fi say If dem di hot, dem wouldn't deh weh ... fi u Dem neva tell yuh seh nuh trouble weh nuh trouble yuh Summady ...
ALKALINE LYRICS - Pretty Likkle Som'n
Model pon a dutty bwoy caw yuh have everything. Yuh life sort out and yuh nuh suffering. And any bwoy weh yo f–k haffi give yuh money. Caw yuh pu–y a nuh ...
Lyrics to "Wait Yuh Turn" song by ALKALINE: Alkaline you a forward from di worst place Now you inna ... And, when some other man a pree weh dem nuh have
Lyrics to "Wifey" song by ALKALINE: You a wifey Mi baby mi need yo And me must breed yo Mi wifey ... Yuh have the shape weh a gwaan, a gwaan, a gwaan
Alkaline - Somebody Great Lyrics
Apr 20, 2016 Have me big house a yard and live out a suitcase. Price Yuh affi pay fi be somebody great. Affi laugh up wid some people weh me nuh rate.
Alkaline - Weh You Did Deh Lyrics
Lyrics for Weh You Did Deh by Alkaline has been translated in 1 languages ... Run in weh you did deh The time mi broke and nothing never did a gwaan fi mi Mi haffi ask weh you did deh? ... These lyrics have been translated into 1 languages.
Alkaline feat. Bobby V - Like Me Lyrics
Apr 3, 2016 Bobby V. Nuh matter how yuh try fi trick yuhself Yuh cya get another ... weh yuh get ih from enuh Yuh friend dem a di reason yuh nuh have a ...
ALKALINE LYRICS - Conquer The World
Lyrics to "Conquer The World" song by ALKALINE: Wi meck it passed a likkle drama When dem ... Know the gyal dem weh just a fuck mi because mi have name
Pretty Likkle Som'n lyrics and translation - Alkaline
Jun 5, 2015 Lyrics and translation for Pretty Likkle Som'n by Alkaline. ... caw yuh have everything Yuh life sort out and yuh nuh suffering And any bwoy weh yo f–k haffi give yuh money Caw yuh pu–y a nuh charity thing(Repeat)(3) Bridget ...
Alkaline - Side Chick Lyrics
Lyrics for Side Chick by Alkaline. ... time you come a fi mi yard An yuh doh have on nuh jawws Mi Seh weh yuh deh pon She seh mi come fi fuck yuh daahh!!!
Alkaline - Chun Chun Lyrics
Feb 18, 2016 Lyrics for Chun Chun by Alkaline. ... fi tell yuh Most time you come a fi mi yard An yuh doh have on nuh drawse And mi seh "weh yuh deh pon?
Alkaline - Spoil You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Spoil You' by Alkaline: If you drop me pick you up Me back you up and stick you ... Plus yuh bumpa have the proper size ... Better yet, weh yuh love?
Alkaline - Tom Taam Lyrics
Apr 3, 2016 Lyrics for Tom Taam by Alkaline. ... yuh wah war wid (No way) Couldnt me dem wah war wid wid Cousin have him papers fi show seh him mad, ...
Lyrics to "Afterall" song by ALKALINE: Mi have couple dog mi know woulda dead fi ... Gun inna head, yuh would swear we ah police ... Weh di 'matic send cross
Lyrics to "Fake Friend" song by ALKALINE: Seh yuh a mi friend but yuh a no mi friend Think yuh was my ... But the ratty weh mi have a yard dem kill the lilly
ALKALINE LYRICS - Somebody Great
Lyrics to "Somebody Great" song by ALKALINE: Day and day me a lose offa humans, you know? No, big man ... Have me big house a yard and live out a suitcase ... Him seh gwan do yuh thing youth and nuh listen weh nobody seh straight
Lyrics to "Too Real" song by ALKALINE: It coming like mi too bomboclaat real Fi ... Yuh frighten fi si weh some a dem a do ... But no everybody have supn fi seh
Lyrics to "City" song by ALKALINE: Fuck weh the fucker dem haffi seh Wouldn't deh weh dem deh Dem talk about me like ... Mi have mi guards up like everyday
Di hair dem have on s'mell like underneath cellar. Yuh nuh ... Play yuh netball a nuh ball weh fi juggle. When yuh ... Mi love off di gucci dress weh yuh have on
Alkaline - Ready Lyrics
Feb 15, 2016 Lyrics for Ready by Alkaline. yo straydee dem fi know seh dem nuh fuckin ... some $#$$hole fi know seh mi nuh tek chat nuh tel mi bout weh yuh ago do ... Alka no have no fking behavior Mi ready when you ready Fi flatten yuh ...
Alkaline - Move Mountains Lyrics
Oct 4, 2015 2016 I have a penis for your vagina hole Mi deh yah fi you ... know you a mi only If yuh nuh believe ask Dj Kenny Or ask Sunshine weh mi tell ...
Alkaline - Wul De Claffy Dem Lyrics
Yo straydee dem fi kno dem nah fuckin play with we alkaline mi name some ... mi nah care alka have no fuckin beheavior mi ready when you ready fi flatten yu ... tek chat nuh tel mi bout weh yuh ago do when yuh know yuh cant defend that ...
Seh shi like how it feel 100% security [Verse 2:] A suh mi know yuh really have mi head a way. A yuh alone understand mi devilish ways. Yuh know how fi calm ...
Lyrics to "Give Thanks" song by ALKALINE: Pu–y hole when yuh a go a yo rass ... Fi have money cyaa done, nothing no suh nice ... If yuh know weh good fi yuh
Lyrics to "Queng Dem" song by ALKALINE: Hey you wanna be bossy Yo post mart come test yo possy ... Man nuffer than any man weh dem have a defend dem
Alkaline - One Life Lyrics
Apr 1, 2016 Mi feel so amazing Weh dem a hype over, a everyday ting Yuh haffi experience it fi know the feeling, oh God Just rise and a bay bad vibes ...
Lyrics to "Told U I Was Right" song by ALKALINE: Portsmouth, only we know Loca Man, only we know A fool is always the last to know Dem nuh ... Yea me did right, memba me tell yuh me neva feel dem vybz ... Realize seh nuff a the things weh we did want a nuh weh we want ... Still have the bite mark dem pon me finga
Alkaline - Badness It Name Lyrics
Dec 27, 2016 Lyrics for Badness It Name by Alkaline. yow (murda) afta dis mi nuh wah ... ee hand dem weh yuh mada gi yuh cuda send a man fi buss out yuh head ... him waist what a man wukliss weh dem have gun fah dem fi have cutliss ...
Lyrics to "Baby" song by ALKALINE: Mi love yo gyal and everybody know Love how yuh meck mi happy so Mi would a marry yo Anything weh a... ... Yo don't have a car but believe seh yo drive mi so crazy. Mi baby [Verse 1:] Shi tell mi seh a ...
Alkaline - Badness It Name Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Badness It Name' by Alkaline. ... After this mi nuh wah hear nothing from none a unu / Yuh hear dat? ... Weh dem have gun fah? dem fi have cutlass
ALKALINE LYRICS - My Side Of The Story
[Verse 1:] If you ask me gyal you change and I don't like that. No, do nuh meck everything go to waste baby please fight back. Have some faith in a me wi nuh ...
Alkaline - Extra Lesson Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Extra Lesson' by Alkaline: Mi exchange number after mi exchange DNA. ... Dawg, you breed di first gyal weh you ever get, a wha' you a talk 'bout? Careful! Well, well, well ... Dem time deh when mi young and wild, mi nuh have ears
Alkaline - Told U I Was Right Lyrics
Apr 21, 2016 Lyrics for Told U I Was Right by Alkaline. A fool is always the ... Still nuh find nuh woman at all weh remind me a me mada. Woiee. One time ... Ohh, tell Yuh me right. Seh me did a ... Still have the bite mark them pan me finga.
Lyrics to "Bend Yuh Back" song by ALKALINE: Mi gyal, bend yo back mi like how you a gwaan When you whine no clothe you nuh fi have on No gyal, n... ... Yo never dash weh no belly if a suh you meck hi tan. When mi and you together not  ...
Alkaline - After All Lyrics
Oct 12, 2016 Mi have couple dawg mi know woulda dead fi mi 'Detta seh love ... soft Bwoi weh love chat tough nuffi ends off Man diss you inna yuh place ...

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