All this cash on me, i got a bag on me,all these racks on me lyrics

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Yuh Soulja I be killin these niggas man. Yuh I say, I say, I say, oho. That nigga to beezy. I got all these bands on me, all this cash on me. All these racks on me, ...
Lyrics to "On Me" song by TAYLOR CANIFF: I think she want me cause I got all this cash on me My fingers hurt from counting all these racks ho...
PnB Rock feat. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - Bet On It Lyrics
Jul 13, 2016 I got a trash bag full of cash, yeah yeah I got my racks so I'm not ... the check on it I got my cash up, got my racks up All these bitches on me, I'm ...
Make me throw my diamonds up, bitch my life was hard knock. Had so .... Got pills all on my phone, these niggas know I'm wrong ... And all she want is more bags, but all I want is more ones ... Young Money, Cash Money so strong (strong)
Taylor Caniff, Trey Schafer & Trap - On Me (feat. Trey Schafer & T ...
Feb 23, 2016 I think she want me Cause I got all this cash on me My fingers hurting from counting all these racks, homie. I'm really getting paid That's a fact, ...
Don't need these hoes, money racks to blow. Nigga I got bandz. Lets get this dough, ... gotta lie to me. All these niggas hatin' on me, know they wanna body me
DON Q LYRICS - All For The Cash
I'm getting all of this cash, I put it all in a bag. Smoking on all of this gas, might just pull up in a Jag Dripping with all of this swag, these bitches be calling me dad
Got all these bitches want dance on me. None of 'em ... And I'm so hard I got the opps turn into fans on me ... Her nigga mad cause I got racks on me. But boy I ...
Lyrics to "Shake That Ass" song by DJ MUSTARD: I got my phone and I tell her to come over I got the pole in the crib and we gon' go up Shake ... You the only girl getting all this cash (getting all these racks) ... Got the weed, lean, fiends call me for that Aderall ... They playing with you, I'm gon' help you get that bag right now
Lil Uzi Vert - Erase Your Social Lyrics
Sep 16, 2016 Know I walk with the racks on me Bad bitch want back back And you know she throw that ass . ... I don't want that girl cause She want me cause the cash on me Yeah ... they all on me Pull out the Snapchats on me I ain't got no Snapchat ... Instagram I'll bag ya hoe Back then they napped on me Now they all ...
Gorilla Zoe - Get Off Of Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Get Off Of Me' by Gorilla Zoe. ... I told her I don't care because I got all these hoes all over me. I got tats all over me ... I got racks all over me. Evidence ...
Over there Dancin like you ain't got no man... So baby if you want this cash. Let me see you do it with no hands. ... Won't you dance for all these racks? Girl you ...
GUCCI MANE LYRICS - What It's Gonna Be
They really too emotional I don't have time to hold them. I wanna be a ... Look at all that I've accomplished, I just bought me 3 ferraris ... Too many stacks on me so many racks on me. Got ... me. Gotta die on my life as whats it gonna be whatcha gonna do gucci mane gonna lead ... Rims with paper tag paper bag full of cash
G-EAZY LYRICS - Order More
Gon' throw it back, cause I got racks on the menu. You ain't ... Yeah baby, make it clap cause we got cash on the menu [G-Eazy:] ... This duffle bag that's full of ones will get me far ... Fuck you I'm living life, all good don't need advice. Pussy is my favorite vice, I see you I get enticed. Them titties nice, tonight I'm a hit it twice
G-EAZY LYRICS - Order More (Remix)
Lyrics to "Order More (Remix)" song by G-EAZY: I got racks on the menu She need more shawty cash on the menu Show some more, need that ass on a ... Yeah baby, make it clap cause we got cash on the menu ... Keep a bag, blow a bag, throw a bag it ain't nothing ... I got all these bands boy, these hoes call me band boy
"That Bag". Trap You know what I need. Racks! Cash Woo I might pop a perc and ... I'm all in her head like fucking lice ... But I got them workers so they pay me
I got racks on me. And the Mac ... There's something wrong with me nigga ... These niggas crackin cards ... In the mall, straight cash bitch we cash all the spots
RICH THE KID LYRICS - That Bag (Remix)
Racks! Cash Gang! Woo [Rich The Kid:] I might pop a perc and just go crazy. Fucking on ... And these feds on me, feds on me, talkin' on a payphone nigga. And I fucked off of [?], IG hoes, I done fucked them all. Last plug ain't fuckin' with me, 50 pounds I done tore them off. Chiraq is a mad city, no act, gotta keep red with me
I got twenty chains on me, they gon' chip just like some dip' ... Stack them racks, they know the memo ... Check my swag, check my bag, filled with cash, nigga
FUTURE LYRICS - 100it Racks
Yeah! Freebandz, OVO DJ Esco Talkin' duffle talk, yeah Got a hunnit racks bustin' out t... ... All y'all niggas don't matter ... Talk down on me, I'm flattered ... Crocodile Hermes bag ... You can go check these stones ... I'm a need mine in cash. Got ...
Lyrics to "Oldie" song by ODD FUTURE WOLF GANG KILL THEM ALL: Yo, shout out to everybody that worked on the album You feel me, son? Yo, shouts ... In a bag and wrapping them in seran wrap bandages. Tossing ... Jasper got the Henny, my nigga we get it in ... Only on this beat to make my racks grow faster. Got a TV ...
YC - Racks On Racks Lyrics
These hoes bringing me they soul. I will never sell my soul. Cash out on all these cars. These foreign (foreign) broads. Gotta nigga living in the stars. I'm on my ...
Lyrics to "I Got Dat Sack" song by YO GOTTI: Bitch I'm Sacked up Bitch I'm Racked up Bitch I'm ... That's all the DJ play ... If I'm wanted then I'm running fast, know they gotta catch me ... In this bitch goin hard, Niggas know I got them racks
She dancing Dirty Diana, I gotta hold up a Santa All my niggas gorillas... ... Baby, you going too fast, you see me blowing these racks. Diana, Diana, look what ...
DON Q LYRICS - Look At Me Now
Lyrics to "Look At Me Now" song by DON Q: I came up from nothing, my niggas just ... All I ever knew was drug dealer, my role model was the plug nigga ... Like I throw them racks in they face I count a stack everyday ... I got a chip on my shoulder, I turn that bitch to a chauffeur ... Run it up fill up the bag 'til its a million in cash
Young Thug - M.O.M. Lyrics
Got them racks on me, the long way. Hunnid's on me ... And all my hoes tryin'a fight bitches. Girl better ... No card, no 'cause you know I drop cash. I'm sitting on ...
YC feat. Young Jeezy, Yo Gottii, Bun B, Waka Floca, Wiz Khalifa ...
Jan 17, 2016 Bitch, I hit one button, my roof open like a hard spot Make me throw my ... can't even talk 'less you got the check, I guess that's why all of these niggas get .... I'm jokin', but I be Foamed out And all she want is more bags, but all I want is ... 'em like y'all hoes, got racks on 'em like tight hoes Young Money, Cash ...
I got cash, got racks, got bands in my pocket. I'm that man, ... It's stacks on stacks and bags I'm raising Maybach (the bat) I pull up to ... I keep a couple bricks up on me cause I love finesse ... Pull up to the club, wrist so fresh with all these bands
... feel me? I'm 'bout to get these bags ya dig? ... I ain't about to play with these niggas feel me? I'm 'bout to get ... Few racks with a hammer on me. Gotta move ... I got fathers diamonds and they all on me. Real cash nigga ball with it. Gotta bend ...
Bags lyrics and translation - Lil Scrappy feat. Rasheeda & Chinky ...
I got a bad bitch and she stupid fine she a vampire i think she read minds she ... to shop she got her own cash she like clothes but really loves bags all she want is ... her foolish bags (Chinkie Brown) all i want is bags all i want is bags buy me a ... Got that Burby If you ain't got them racks nigga it ain't even working Monday on ...
DRAKE LYRICS - Digital Dash
I showed her my racks and they love me. I'm smokin' ... Fuck all these bitches I keep em' comin' I pull up ... Got big with my bag with some Act on me. I'm single ...
Now excuse me while I count all these hundreds. I don't even ... Smokin' that gas, like I got the loud out, yeah. Guns all in my crib ... Get her what she want and that bag, yeah ... Yeah, I'm just stackin' my racks, ooh ... Cause I got the cash, yeah
Gucci Mane - Bite Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bite Me' by Gucci Mane. I woke up this morning, ... ass with these 50's. All about the Benji's, competition can't fuck with me ... Call me stacks, because I got them racks. Got them green bags, duffel bags, can't hold cash. Ceo, labled as  ...
KING LOS LYRICS - Racks In My Pocket
Lyrics to "Racks In My Pocket" song by KING LOS: Rollin' in my drop bumpin' 9 Piece I just spent a dime on ... When she hit the stage them other hoes don't get no cash ... Bitch I got these notes on me, call me Luther Vandross ... Just to rock a Birkin bag like her ... All these stacks I'm throwing up, you gone need a snow plow
Please Lord forgive me, I'm bout to take niggas to CHURCH! ... Is that a white bag in it? Yea? ... What I'm gon' do with all these racks? Damn, what she gonna do with all that ass? That baby oil is Holy Water Ever met a young nigga with too much cash? ... Got ten thousand all in ones cause, damn, that ass is stupid (Haha !)
Chiraq Lyrics - 485
I got a long clip, full of hot shit (Let's get it!) You not with ... I got them racks, my money come in constant (Cash out!) Tryna check a bag, hit my bands up (Let's get it!) I just want ... All these diamonds on got me rocky (Got me rocky!) Your baby ...
Meek Mill feat. Travis Scott - I Got Bandz lyrics
Jun 4, 2016 I got bandz (Oh no, oh no, goddamn) Don't need these hoes, hundred ... veeners, I put rubies in my crown Count them stacks and blow them racks, ... them real niggas I'm gon' throw that cash back, drop that on the real bitches ... want the money shorty, you ain't gotta lie to me All these niggas hatin' on me, ...
Somebody tell the waitress bring some fuckin' racks in ... Michael throw birkin bag if you tell me please ho ... I'm gon' throw that cash back, drop that on them real bitches ... All these nigga hatin' on me ... Ya'll got everybody infiltrating negros
YFN Lucci - Know No Better Lyrics
Jun 3, 2015 Yea We was always then niggas They know we them niggas She know I'm the nigga Still inn t. ... I did it for all of my niggas, I switched up my Audi my nigga, This is an ... Bitch don't know No Better They asked me to sign, Why should I sign ? (Yea x2) I walk around wit a dime, I got like def times a dime, I Fuck ...
MIGOS LYRICS - Brown Paper Bag
Lyrics to "Brown Paper Bag" song by MIGOS: Hah, pussy Fuck all these niggas man Yeah we havin' this shit too ... Smashing your hoe on the low and she callin' me dad (smash, dad, smash) ... I had a dream in the pool I was swimming through cash ... You saying your wrist is rocky, well I got some boulders (Rocky Balboa)

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