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G-UNIT LYRICS - Poppin' Them Thangs
Lyrics to "Poppin' Them Thangs" song by G-UNIT: Every hood we go through All the ... All the gangstas around know my whole crew (nigga what) ... Nigga you can front if you want, we be poppin' them thangs ... I preach a sermon about the paper like I'm creflo dollar ... Semi-automatic spray, I'll tighten your ass up (what)
Lyrics to "Lump Your Head" song by HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD: Boy you better put a lid on it You don't know what it's like To get your head lumped in (To get yo... ... And make the front page news ... Aimin at your face ... Banged up, crapped out ... All bets are in ... We can go around the corner ... But never speak out of place
THE GAME LYRICS - 300 Bars & Runnin'
Now, there's the speaker, bring your ears a little closer ... Watch everybody sleep through it ... Then call up the pigs, tell them the rooster's back ... Let's go! Drop them off, then the sound like Esko I'm a say 'he hit me first' if me ... I'd kill 'em all, if I could bring Justo back .... 'Cause I'm a cold nigga when I put the pen to the page
Z-RO LYRICS - What Happened To That Dude
He was bumping, so I slapped a patch up out that dude [Z-Ro] Y'all fellas, know what happened to that dude ... I couldn't let it slide, I couldn't let it go ... Put my ends in my safe, in a safe place. I break a bone, in your motherfucking face ... But I'ma be fluent like fluid, and I knew it ... Trying my best, just to make the front page
Rollin' through the hood. Just stopped ... To get up out this hood was like a fantasy [1] And now ... I would give it all up. Just to take one ride (With you) How I used to kick it on the front porch (With you) ... I know you're in a better place. Even though I can't see your face ... Honey Love goes platinum and y'all ass come around
J. COLE LYRICS - Kenny Lofton
My flow father, go harder, Cole smarter. Shout out to ... The only thing left to do is die and hit front page. Should I knock on ... It's like I'm Wilt the Stilt, I'm fucking them all. They only ... I said, you wouldn't know the truth if it was right there in your face. See I can't explain the feeling when the feds surround your place. In that PJ  ...
Same old tired lonely place. Walls of insincerity, Shifting eyes and vacancy. Vanished when I saw your face. All I can say is it was enchanting to meet you. Your eyes ... Like passing notes in secrecy. And it was ... This night is sparkling, don't you let it go ... The lingering question kept me up ... This was the very first page
I give you my all.. but it seems like that's not enough. Now you can ... Its been a while, I can't front like I ain't phased. She was my ... I wish you all the best throughout the rest of your career"... And then ... So I reply "I ain't here cuz I fell down, I'm here cuz I got up" And then ... But go 'head, you just gon' wreck yourself . How was ...
Yeah you know I'm smokin' at the beginnin' of the song like a damn rapper. Aww man ... And posted up drowsy. In the cut so ... If your tux lousy then you can't sit with us, nah ... Between you and all these fuck niggas ... So you judge a mothafucka by the first page ... I'ma take my time, cause I'ma go out the same way I came in
You're one bridge I'd like to burn. Bottle up the ashes, smash the urn. I'm through with you, la dee da. I don't wanna be your "just for fun", Don't wanna be under ...
HAYSTAK LYRICS - Kindness For Weakness
I keep them W's up clutching my nuts like what. Whats up ... Front page of the paper body found, you in the woods. Its what ... I yank that thing out waist and put one in your face ... Come back to this motherfucker spray up the whole place ... They came through in old schools ... So help me they going all be in caskets bastards
Yo, all I need is one mic, one beat, one stage One nigga front, my face... ... One nigga front, my face on the front page. Only if I had ... Pure, like a cup of virgin blood; mixed with ... Hoodrats, don't abortion your womb, we need more warriors soon ... never gets shot up, bullets tear through the innocent ... What Goes Around
BANE LYRICS - "It All Comes Down To This" (1999) album
BANE lyrics - "It All Comes Down To This" (1999) album, including "Her Lucky Pretty Eyes", "Place In The Sun", "I Once Was Blind"... ... Carry a gun or know where you lay your head at night. And it was not her as ... The time has passed for tricks like faith and grace ... it's face. Just look to the front page ... We just can't go on
T PAIN - Can't Believe It Lyrics
I put you on the front page of a king magazine, But you goin' get yourself hurt here. Eh, baby I brought ... All the way up in Toronto Baby put you in ... Put one of em lil' flowers in your hair have you looking like a fly mamacita (Fuego) Cause you ...
HILLTOP HOODS LYRICS - The Nosebleed Section
Hilltop Hoods, all up in this bitch, And we ... This shit is for my bros, my people in the front row. ... Write rhymes to get me through a break up, bitch! ... Throw your hands in the air like you're hailing a taxi, ... And club owners don't say 'the place is wrecked it's your fault', (uh uh), ... You know, I looked around, the faces I'd know ,
You see, me and niggas like this have never been equal. I don't project my ... She struggled hard but they forced her to go up the stairs. They got to the roof and ...
Armageaddon, the end of your life on whatever's in his range. Never mind ... Will go and ride with me ... He said his name was Michael and introduced me to evil acts like ... And all for gettin cash with the blow I got from Castro ... Got blazed in your face, was about to drop mace in the place ... I put you frontpage on the cover
Lyrics to "Die Bout It" song by KEVIN GATES: Til' the paddywagon pull up and cuff us My pants ... In the club with like 30 bands, going hard til' like 2 somethin' ... Bring yappas out, pass by your house, December feelin' like August ... Taking pictures all in front my car, is like dick-puller, I mean meat-beater ... Smiling Faces
Turn that shit the fuck up. Uh, what? ... It's on nigga, fuck all that bickering beef. I can hear sweat trickling down your cheek. Your heartbeat soun like Sasquatch feet. Thundering ... Niggaz know, the lyrics molestin is takin place ... Recognize my face, so there won't be no mistake ... Brave nigga, turned front page nigga
Just go with the urge to create. I got no ... I see you've made the front page. Now it's all ... Got you in my sights, there's no place to run ... Face of stone, jewel-like eyes ... What you don't know is I can see through your facade ... You're gonna wake up one that's more powerful than you ... And I see real well with all of these eyes
A place where all assassins dwell. Pur back ... We belled through hell in khakis, locs, and black skully caps. So satan ... We met up at the Abyss ready to salughter the bitches. Yo, but wouldn't you know satan went out like a sucka. So I left ... A demon on the rise, and I'm snatchin' your fuckin' life ... I died and made front page
D.R.A.M. feat. Lil Yachty - Broccoli Lyrics
Ain't no tellin' what I'm finna be on I'm beyond all that fuck shit Hey lil' mama, would . ... like ten Gs I just did a show and spent the check on my mama When I go on ... me In the cut I'm rolling up my broccoli Ya I know your baby mama fond of me All ... face To know I either ball or I record over the snare and bass Rapper face, ...
DRAKE LYRICS - We Made It (Freestyle)
Now I walk into the buildin' and go off like "Nigga we made it!" ... You fly out your lady, I fly out my latest. Bitches can't front on the kid anymore, man they know what my name is. And if by chance she ... And she gotta come through the hotel and pop it off for me. Then she ... And all of those lawyer fees, nigga I paid it. My family ...
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Watch My Shoes
Dick in your mouth while you yawning, I'm goin in, Gudda why they started me, Marley why they started me, I'll bring you to the front door like you ordered me,
He's on the front page, never looking his age ... You don't have to be a superstar for me and you to go find ... I like the video you got out, the song is butter ... Shit, I ain't trying to take her place. I just wanna have your face all up in my space
Lyrics to "Rare Chandeliers" song by ACTION BRONSON: All I want to do is buy boots, ride coupe, hide ... Land on one leg, see me all up on the front page ... At your nuts, like the mouth of a whore ... Hop up in the Jag and skirt ... Chef with the tweezers place the parsley for me ... Jamaican dancers on your face rockin' 8's.
Lyrics to "The Irony Of It All" song by THE STREETS: Hello, Hello. ... There's nothing I like more than getting fired up on beer ... Spit in the face of an officer ... Going to Amsterdam in the New Year - top gear there ... A chemical reaction happening inside your brain causes you to forget what you're saying. ... Turn The Page
On the block serving like I never heard of the law. Cops hit the ... Blowing smoke in your face, I want the ransom and some. His shit'll get ... Never even walked through a junk yard. I thump ... A true bitch, eat a nigga up like a chew-stick ... Its all mine, Fagots ride bench when its crunch time ... I'ma front page you, I'ma young'n
... all day. And you gon' lose your mind if you don't get a plate ... It's a struggle man, I'm with you all the way ... Everyday that goes by they so close to losing faith ... It's a miracle how you'll wake up and your dreams right in your face ... Sliding base like I'm Derek Jeter ... I done made it through the rain and I ain't called FEMA
XZIBIT LYRICS - Kenny Parker Show 2001
I'll wreck 'em, deck 'em, set it, just checkin your mic. Droppin hot shit I like. So throw up your hands bitch, run your ice. Cause I'll go third, and he'll go fourth
THE SCRIPT LYRICS - If You Could See Me Now
Tattooed on my arm is a charm to disarm all the harm. Gotta keep ... Take that rage, put it on a page. Take the page to the stage. Blow the roof off the place. I'm trying ... I hope you're up there with God saying "That's my kid!" [Chorus:] I still look for your face in the crowd ... Like I won't know real love till I've loved and I've lost it
Just like I told ya, after all of this over. when the smoke clear from the doja you ... through the pain and all the rain done dried up, cleared all of my lies up. ... Let's face it, we in love. and you make me so mad til I hate you so bad but I ... Be forgetting what we have and when it come to fuck ups, baby, you done had your share.
EMMURE LYRICS - "Eternal Enemies" (2014) album
12. Rat King 13. Girls Don't Like Boys, Girls Like 40's And Blunts 14. ... Get it through your fucking head! All your ... All your. Friends are fucking dead. Yeah they got what they deserved. ... I want to spit the poison back in your face .... You deserve to feel what I'm going through ... When I'm up there standing in front of cameras
Want to discontinue me for all eternity and then some. It bothers ... And so I sit here and stare at this page and wonder. At what age it ... I'm going Your way. Even though I cannot see in front of me ... So I can finally breathe again instead of sinking like a stone ... Before the throne of your grace in this place and seek your face
Sixteen ways to die, but I'd rather just cut your throat. Unlovable Bred through hate, product of date rape but you can't wait to cremate ... Front page, blame it on us. Scapegoat for all, in Twiztid we trust ... Live show is sick like cups of brain matter ... You gotta let go of the envy ... If I cut ya tongue out and left mine in it's place
Tink feat. Jeremih - Don't Tell Nobody Lyrics
Mar 6, 2016 Don't front me off in front of company You know we could work that out ... leaving her place I pull up to your crib then you lie to my face He like ... and you start up something I said I was done with Then it all repeats in .... By closing this message , or by scrolling down this page you agree with our cookie policy.
Lyrics to "Take Your Place" song by THE UNDERACHIEVERS: Hey, hey, hey, ... Lord AK the illest, bring faith to your village Pass me the cake and an... ... Wish he would front by the end of my blunt ... Two shots to the lung bet he fall like a bum ... I'm stuck off this blunt, rollin' up till it's stuffed, motherfucker that's three grams
Just some book on a shelf with a missing page. And the front torn off ... I don't want to float through life, I wanna drown in it ... Lied to your face, I'll never change
PLAN B LYRICS - Great Day For A Murder
Go and buy the sun, and read up on all the council housed and violent scum ... With that in mind, your heads in such a vexed place ... Looking at the sun will make you go blind just like people say ... Action with a shotgun wave it in people faces ... Simply by shooting all his neighbors and made the front page in all the papers
Back when you fit in my poems like a perfect rhyme. Took off faster than a green light "Go". Yeah, you ... And the story's got dust on every page, ... And I see your face in every crowd. ... Tonight I'm gonna dance for all that we've been through.

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