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Chophouze, Scotty Atl & Strap Da Fool - Always Gettin' money lyrics ...
Lyrics for Always Gettin' money by Chophouze, Scotty Atl & Strap Da Fool.
Luch Millions - 03 - Luch Millions - Always Gettin Money (Produced ...
Lyrics for 03 - Luch Millions - Always Gettin Money (Produced By Young Shun) by Luch Millions.
Scotty ATL - Always Gettin Money Lyrics
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SOULJA BOY LYRICS - Im Gettin' Money
Lyrics to "Im Gettin' Money" song by SOULJA BOY: Y'already know what time it is Swag, money, Rich ... Smoking on this kush, man I always got the money out
YOUNG JEEZY LYRICS - Been Getting Money
Lyrics to "Been Getting Money" song by YOUNG JEEZY: Had a mill at 16 know ... I'm in something low-key steady mobbing with them thangs, greet us always
Soulja Boy - Getting Money Lyrics
Getting money (x8) / Jbar: / You get money damn right I get money yahh (x4) / Getting money ... but I never gave a fuck cause I was always getting money(ooh).
Lyrics to "Still Getting Money" song by CHAMILLIONAIRE: Let's get it Ben Franklin, that's gon' be my mascot ... Vince Carter how a baller always bendin the rim
Eightball & MJG - Get Money Lyrics
Always tight all night sleepy niggas don't get paid. They get made into broke ... ( This one goes to my hustlers gettin' money) Don't waste my time (This one goes ...
RICK ROSS LYRICS - B.M.F. (Blowin' Money Fast)
Always getting money my nigga, crime pays. So fuck a nigga, I'm Self Made You a sucker nigga, I'm self-paid. This for my broke niggas, this for my rich niggas
Always lyrics and translation - Fredo Santana feat. Capo & Lil Herb ...
May 7, 2014 Lyrics and translation for Always by Fredo Santana feat. ... See me fo' But I be gettin' money and I don't need to see you folk Yo' bitch text me, ...
JUICY J LYRICS - Been Gettin Money
Lyrics to "Been Gettin Money" song by JUICY J: Yeah it's Project Pat in this thang. .. This goes out to all ... It's always gunplay, cause ya mouth stay in grease-ful
Lil Wayne - I Think They Like Me Lyrics
But I'm never doing nothing cuz I'm always getting money. That's simple jackass, if you don't get it you're a dummy. And them niggas that diss me ain't nothing ...
On tour, gettin' money. Y'all don't even really check for me ... It's yours, it's yours, it's yours, it's always gonna be yours [Outro] Own it [x17] The shit. Own it, own it
K CAMP LYRICS - Off The Floor
[Hook:] I been getting money I ain't worried 'bout a ho. You better check your bitch cause she been creeping on the low. No matter the occasion I'ma always get ...
PAPA DUCK LYRICS - Cocaine Money
Lyrics to "Cocaine Money" song by PAPA DUCK: Gucci, gucci. who dat is? Yeah. haha. okay. ... All my niggas in the streets gettin this motherfuckin cocaine money. It's yo boy papa duck. ... Always getting money by the [?] Right cross the street ...
CHOPPA LYRICS - Gettin' Money
Lyrics to "Gettin' Money" song by CHOPPA: We gettin' money whoadie, And you can trust that The New ... And I always gone rock shows, Hoes always gone jock
Lyrics to "Bring It Back" song by BIRDMAN: Yea, Burrrrr, Burrr, CMB always How come gettin money never gets boring, How come gettin money nev...
I'm like Niggas ain't loyal, niggas ain't loyal. And these voices in my head saying niggas ain't for you. And when you gettin' money these niggas will aim for you
My niggas, my brothas and bitch, I'm a ride for the team 11, 11, the brick 22 so the half was 11. Always gettin' money, I've been doin' this shit since I was 1-7
Lyrics to "Light Up" song by DRAKE: I've been up for 4 days Getting money both ways Dirty and clean, ... They always tell me nobody's working as hard as you
Can't Stop Won't Stop - Always Gettin' Mine lyrics
Sep 28, 2014 Lyrics for Always Gettin' Mine by Can't Stop Won't Stop. ... almost ready to shoot If gettin' money's really evil you can call me the root Style's so ...
2PAC LYRICS - I'm Gettin Money
Lyrics to "I'm Gettin Money" song by 2PAC: Get money nigga Yeah - aw yeah Dedicate this one to all the hustlers That get up every motherfuckin'...
Daz Dillinger - $till Get'n Money Lyrics
Haha, yeeah, nigga.. You know i'm always getting money nigga. Dat Nigga Daz Haha!, yeah! DPGC. Don't get mad cus i does what i does i'm a dog pound ...
DRAKE LYRICS - Furthest Thing
But I stay down, girl I always stay down. Get down ... Getting high at the condo, that's when it all comes together ... Scheming, plotting, scheming, getting money
Lyrics to "Low Life" song by THE WEEKND: Everybody getting high Getting high, ... Used to have no money for a crib ... 'Cause I'm always repping for that low life
Always tryin'a jip you. Only kind of Jew I know is ... Always gettin money, takin it and double it. They got damn country, probably made of money. They own all the  ...
When I'm in the 100's you can always smell the scent of purple. These niggaz always gettin money in they inner circle. Fuck with 'em they fin' to hurt you; gotta ...
The Jungle Brothers - Gettin Money Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gettin Money' by The Jungle Brothers. 'I'll be getting money ... Cause whether dollars or yens, the 5-ohs always want to apprehend. A brother for doing  ...
Wake Up Call Lyrics - Yung Prince
niggas getting mad cause dey girl wanna fuck gotta get da dough(x3) ... I'm always gettin money and I'm neva eva snoozin yall dudes sleep daz why you lames ...
BMF (Blowin' Money Fast)
Full and accurate LYRICS for "B.M.F. (Blowin' Money Fast)" from "Rick Ross feat. Styles P": I think ... one nation under god real niggas getting money from the fucking start. I think I'm big ... Always getting money my nigaaz time pace. So fuck a ...
MONTANA OF 300 LYRICS - Holy Ghost
My lines so dope if I continue, I might overdose. Pull out my dick, and tell my haters join the rodeo. It's funny how you stay gettin' money, but always sittin' there
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - They Still Like Me
Name still buzzin even when I'm doin nothin. But I'm never dioig nothin. Cause I' m always getting money. That's simple jackass. If you don't get it your a dummy
DJ MUSTARD LYRICS - See Me Gettin' Money
Lyrics to "See Me Gettin' Money" song by DJ MUSTARD: Um yea Mustard on the beat, hoe Big money, fish fat New ... It ain't hard to find us, I be always poppin
Lyrics to "Gettin' It" song by TOO $HORT: That's right, album number ten, Short Dawg's in the house ... You should be gettin it, everything you want ... You shoulf be gettin it, gettin money ... They wanna keep me down but I always surprise em
Blue - Gettin Money lyrics
Nov 2, 2015 Lyrics for Gettin Money by Blue. ... alive its exactly what happens if yu throw something at a bee hive my neck is always froze my chain is always ...
FREDO SANTANA LYRICS - Keep Getting' Money
Lyrics to "Keep Getting' Money" song by FREDO SANTANA: Wherever I go man I keep the trap jumping Just the other day man I spent about a hundred I ain't ...
Problem feat. Ya Boy - Gettin Money lyrics and translation ...
May 31, 2015 Lyrics and translation for Gettin Money by Problem feat. Ya Boy. Rich, rich, rich Rokey like ASAP So I need a bad bitch ASAP Pussy always ...
PIMP C LYRICS - Playaz Life
Always gettin' money in this industry. Pull out my old Caddy, bitches in the seats [ Chorus: LeVitti] I'm just a player, livin' the players life. And if you's a hater, you ...
CIARA LYRICS - Girls Get Your Money
Lyrics to "Girls Get Your Money" song by CIARA: Girls get your money (get your money) All my girls ... They always wanna holla, but they ain't got no dollars [x4]
DRAKE LYRICS - Good Ones Go (Interlude)
I'm getting money just taking care of me girl. Cuz you'd be tired of taking care of me by now [Hook] But the good ones go. The good ones go, if you wait too long

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