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Twiztid - The Argument Lyrics
Lyrics to "The Argument" song by Twiztid: You never listen to me! I can't fucking take this shit anymore! You fucking asshole, I'm taking th...
Twiztid - Karma Lyrics
And your karma is the reason that you burn like gas And in the past I been known to be a little to passive But like I just said I'll be the last one laughing Hopefully this will all make sense When your looking through the fiery fence And I commence To keep walking through time With a list of these names That I guarantee their karma's gonna
Twiztid - Bonus Flavour Lyrics
Lyrics to "Bonus Flavour" song by Twiztid: Haha, re-re-remix, bitch! (Throw me that fire!) We creepin' in, too, baby! (We got 5 on erryth...
Twiztid - Introduction Lyrics
Lyrics to "Introduction" song by Twiztid: The following program has been rated nc-17 by the riaa certification board. No persons under the ag...
Twiztid - Fuck U Lyrics
Lyrics to "Fuck U" song by Twiztid: Who you looking at? "Fuck you!" Who you talkin' to? "Fuck you!" You think you hard? "Fuck you!"...
Twiztid - Get It Right Lyrics
Lyrics to "Get It Right" song by Twiztid: I'm feeling sacrilegious and I'm so mad at the church I Can't believe they would inflict so much hu...
Sacred Reich - Love...Hate Lyrics
Every solution we come to starts with an argument But through adversity the music's in our heart We'll stay together you can't tear us apart It's the root of all disharmony but it's the need to feel complete It's a physical attraction a chemical reaction a walking contradiction a push, pull affliction It's a love...hate relationship
Twiztid - Entity Lyrics
An angry entity lives here now And he's more pissed on how things turned out He's gota deep rooted anger That lingers like a foul stench An eternal thirst that'llnever be quenched So pack your bags if you just moved in Cause there's no telling the things that he's capable of doing [Chorus] There's a dark spirit living in your house with you
Rich Gang - 100 Favors Lyrics
And all I know is girl I owe you 100, 100, 100 favors I owe you 100 favors, 100, 100, 100 favors [Verse 1: Detail] Niggas all talk, it'll never change Keep on choosin do your thang All them favors, I call her like a driver Drowning in that pussy, and I'm a soul survivor Vodka, hunned flavors, GT watermelon
Twiztid - Wont Die Lyrics
Lyrics to "Wont Die" song by Twiztid: Shotgun to the face Laying on the floor bleeding all over the place And I can't see, and I can't b...
DaVido - FIA Lyrics
DaVido Lyrics "FIA" Fia! Fia! Dance, make I dance (haba!) Give me love, make I love (I do!) Make no other one above (haba!) (Damn! Fresh on the beat) Shawty want a million dollar (sekpe!) Say make I wire wire Turn me to wana cover oh (maga oh!) She say all her friends are Living La Vida Loca
Twiztid - Get Ready Lyrics
Get ready for the fight of your life I'm gonna end it tonight Come get me if you wanna die Just come outside meet me in the moonlight [Violent J] I'm drunk in this bitch don't tell me to calm down, I coming over there dropping the bomb down, Kicking in the front door, what you front for? You screaming oh no I'm beaming the four-four
Twiztid - So High Lyrics
Lyrics to "So High" song by Twiztid: Now I'm smoking like a chimney With the purple cush up in me I'm really on cloud nine I got aliens...
Twiztid - Feel This Lyrics
I want you to feel this, This pain, this hate, even if you can't pretend to relate Feel this Can you feel this? Can you, can you feel this? [Monoxide] Riding by windows shakin' while I'm passing by Got a big screen TV in the front for I, With a DVD player playing porno nonstop, I'm so fuckin' high I don't wanna drive anymore
Twiztid - Story Of Our Lives Lyrics
Lyrics to "Story Of Our Lives" song by Twiztid: I want everybody listening now to say this Twiztid is the muthafucking shit And everybody else who...
Twiztid - Controversy Lyrics
Spoon feed me controversy They fill my head with thoughts Until they hear us beg for mercy Because they want me to die Believe in all their lies But I see it in their eyes They're just as evil as this planet [Monoxide] Sip blood spit with the wicked Never in the mood to kick it, I'm an asshole I've been prescripted and prescribed
Tyler, The Creator - Goblin Lyrics
Lyrics to "Goblin" song by Tyler, ... But that's a whole fucking different argument, shit I got over it And a couple bucks in my pockets, so now I could go buy ... Let me bust one in they mouth, I know they feel the flavor People excited thinking shit is so tight (for what?)
CalBoy - Envy Me Lyrics
Lyrics to "Envy Me" song by CalBoy: Now I lay me down to sleep, ayy I pray the Lord my soul to keep, yeah, ayy Like a locksmith, I got t...
Twiztid - Off The Chain Lyrics
So off the chain A little Paris Hilton and some Gretchen Wilson With a splash of Ashlee n' Jessica Simpson 'Cause when I'm smoking every girl I see seems to be So off the chain [Jamie Madrox] Your lips are just so soft and supple I'm willing to bet the farm she got a tight moose knuckle I'm seeing so many turkeys that I wouldn't mind stuffing
Joell Ortiz - Murder Lyrics
I need a place to lay low bro, cause this one is murder [Joell Ortiz] Check; cool as a fan, fresh as a new leather The new member in an argument of who's better The cool cheddar keep it New Yorican In a hoopty gettin brain from a chain on the Major Deegan The haters speakin, never mind playa The block ex-crack dime shaver turned best rhyme sayer
BIBBY x HERB - Kill Shit Lyrics
Aye Bibby, let's kill shit broski. Whatchu wanna do? (It's whatever man, just go on ahead and rip that shit I'm a come around and clean that shit up) Let's get it [Lil Herb:] Know a couple niggas that's down to ride for a homicide When it's drama time run up on a nigga with the llamas flyin Leave his loved ones all traumatized
Rich Gang - 100 Favors Lyrics
Lyrics to '100 Favors' by Rich Gang. Shout-out / Swear I be sitting here thinking 'bout the shit that we've been through / And all I know is girl I owe you 100,
Canibus - The Kings Sent For Me Lyrics
Lyrics to "The Kings Sent For Me" song by Canibus: Yo what up? Stop parking your rollers on the side of the street homey This is fucking Chef, man This...
ITEM - Buried Lyrics
Let the argument go-From the kisses, the licks, and the words you said. So I dropped some clothes off at your door, The time you had to kill was already dead. Well riddle me this operator When you touch that dial, Don't you pull that lever? Out of all of the flavors you chose to be salty, right? Right? Because it's all in your head, but it's ...
The Game - Work Hard Lyrics
Niggaz work hard in the game so they notice this, what We 'bout to blow this bitch Niggaz work hard in the game so they notice this, what Underground with it, poppin collars now Bust yo' shit nigga, put them guns down Put yo' knuckles up, catch you slippin dawg That's how we do it independent now we 'bout to ball [Verse Three]
MC Lars - Other People's Property Lyrics
A mullet on a b-boy, the flavor is intrinsic If you've got the beat inside you, me feel me if you're with it From Rolling Stone love to MTV The thin line between Eminem and Ali G Guess who just aced this hip-hop pop quiz? MC Lars posting up laying claim to what's his [Chorus:] You down with OPP? Yeah you know me Remixed pastiche of other people ...
The Coup - I Ain't The Nigga Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Ain't the Nigga' by The Coup. Now I shall tell a story that's filled with words / that start with the letter N / (DJ Pam cuts up 'Fly lyrics from
Monty Python - String Lyrics. Adrian Wapcaplet: Aah, come in, come in, Mr... Simpson. Aaah, welcome to Mousebat, Follicle, Goosecreature, Ampersand, Spong, Wapcaplet, Loo
Earl Sweatshirt - Moonlight Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Moonlight' by Earl Sweatshirt. Started thinking about a normal life, it got me suicidal Standing in the kitchen with a noose and a rifle Hang or bang hocking loogies in a bible Dancing with the Devil tonight's our first recital His hands on my hips he take control of my movement
Tyler, The Creator - Goblin Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Goblin' by Tyler, The Creator. You wouldn't do that Tyler, kill yourself or anyone You don't even have the balls to begin with What you need is me, someone to talk to Uh, it's been a while since our last session So, tell me what's been going on
Kendrick Lamar - I Lyrics
*Argument breaks out in the crowd* Not on my time, Not while I'm up here Not on my time, kill the music Not on my time We could save that shit for the streets We could save that shit, this for the kids bro 2015, niggas tired of playin' victim dawg Niggas ain't trying to play vic-- since Tutu how many niggas we done lost? Yeah, yeah, how many we ...
Tyler The Creator - Goblin Lyrics
Goblin lyrics performed by Tyler The Creator: You wouldn't do that Tyler, kill yourself or anyone You don't even ... Now competition missing like that nigga my mom fucked He still hasn't called me yet But that's a whole fucking different argument, ... I know they feel the flavor People excited thinking shit is so tight And co-signs from rappers ...
The Coup - I Ain't The Nigga Lyrics
[Flavor Flav: DJ Pam cuts up "Fly lyrics from the bank of reality"] [Boots] Step into the world of a nigger, figure to stay a little while so pack your bag up bigger First of all just let me introduce you seduce you into a frame of mind that's easy to get used to Nigger hasn't always meant a man with melanin It used to be a piece of wood that sat on the cotton gin Masta put it there and it ...
Earl Sweatshirt feat. Hodgy Beats - Moonlight Lyrics ...
Lyrics for Moonlight by Earl Sweatshirt feat. ... bitch cum My used penis beats on this virgin bitch drums She asking me to dance I ask for my pants Ended up with an argument sirens, ambulance Scratch her off my list, the situation bias She made me a milkshake and forced me to try it Nah I ain't Nas get the fuck off my dick Besides from the ...
SACRED REICH LYRICS - "American Way" (1990) album
8. 31 Flavors Vanilla is smooth chocolate is kickin' strawberry is sweet all deserve a hearty lickin' have em all three scoops piled high variety is the spice of life Well you can have soft serve and hard sugar cones root beer floats or my banana split do you like nuts or some sticky whip creme come lick it off and be my dairy queen
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