As i slip into the ocean swallow me up in one motion lyrics

As i slip into the ocean swallow me up in one motion lyrics

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40 Below Summer - Drown Lyrics
Chase this tease into the open wave. And take this leash into ... I will set in motion , to open me up again. I will make the ocean, swallow me up and then. Drown.
NORTHLANE LYRICS - "Node" (2015) album
Stare into a broken mirror ... Time in constant motion, ... One small step will shake the earth ... Humanity is slipping through the cracks ... From the island that world will surely swallow ... How clear is the air up there ... The streams of least resistance poison me and poison you ... Through the rift between the sky and ocean
Hilary Grist - Swallow Me Up lyrics
Oct 10, 2015 Lyrics for Swallow Me Up by Hilary Grist. Flooding through these veins miles and back again swallow me up swallow me up swallow me u...
Help me, please ... And let them swallow you. Go and part the sea, yeah, in Malibu And the sun goes down. I watch you slip away ... I walk into the waves
Tell me what do you want what you want me to be. My skin (you touch) ... Just shoot and don't slip away ... You better set it in motion ... Dance with me. Listen up! All of my friends and enemies. No one can put back the clock so make my day ... We wanna trip into night without single care. ... THE WAVES SWALLOW US ALL.
ACID BATH LYRICS - "When The Kite String Pops" (1994) album
Kill your idol, come on, jump into the void. Eat my cold shit ... Slow motion, liquid universe ... One bullet ... I woke up alive black with stain ... Slice me. Dice me. I want to die screaming. The thoughts of dead babies .... We shoot out the lights and swallow razor blades ... Slip away and take a breath ... Take me into the ocean
GUILT MACHINE LYRICS - "On This Perfect Day" (2009) album
Slide down into the silence. Numb the day away ... Feel it slip away ... Drown the ocean. Drain the ... Till nothing's left of me ... One small step... you'll soon be fine today ... I can swallow your soul ... In motion surreal ... I was making up my mind
ARCHITECTS LYRICS - "Lost Forever // Lost Together" (2014) album
One thing's for sure, he doesn't fucking love us. He doesn't ... You've got to swallow fear. Cover your ... So watch the sun sink into the sea. There is a perfect peace, but don't wait up for me. And when we ... They said the ocean's on fire. Say it isn't .... The road is lost and you start to slip ... While the motion slows, as we collide
CODE LYRICS - "Augur Nox" (2013) album
In one, a stranger to light / Black rumination / Dark mouths in perishing prayer ... Dead minds feed this aberration / Swathed in tears / In ocean tinctures ... Swallow your soul and cut a hole right into you / They shudder and shake and cut a road ... Make me a host / Make me a palace, parasite / Pull out the walls of my world
ICE NINE KILLS LYRICS - "Every Trick In The Book" (2015) album
So come one and come all to the crumbling walls .... I've crossed ocean of time, caused unspeakable crime ... And I'm slipping through the cracks again. They'll never take me alive because I'm already dead ... Your neck is up next ... It's hard to swallow the unthinkable .... I stare through the cracks of my life in slow motion
Mourning Beloveth - The Words That Crawled lyrics
Log in or Sign up ... Their burnt cinders fall upon my heaped corpse and seep into my open ... Single lonely drop fell to the inviting earth and buried unending furrows to carve me open. An absurd drop of pain within such a vast ocean of disease ... As the swallow lands and bleeds, to suck the light and with it weave, dark ...

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