As we stand before your throne like a servant before his king lyrics

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BANE OF WINTERSTORM LYRICS - "The Last Sons Of Perylin ...
as your sons are crushed before you” [Aranon:] ... Take your blade, we will stand, My brother ... “I will drink from the chalice of gold as I sit upon your throne,
KREATOR LYRICS - "Live Kreation" (2003) album
Reconquering The Throne 4. Extreme ... 9. Renewal 10. Servant In Heaven King In Hell 11. .... Bloody wounds on his body, praying to his god. People pass him by , but they say. Why should we care about him? he will die today. Riot of ... Before final death of the soul killed your sight ... Guys like you I cannot stand. Maybe I ...
FOR TODAY LYRICS - "Prevailer" (2013) EP
Our Messiah has been sent at last, to take the throne and shut the gates of hell. We ... Now we stand set apart to storm, the gates of hell. ... King of kings, beaten and broken down, Why would He live like a servant? ... My hands can build, but your hands can create. ... All creation knows his name, and now I stand before him.
AMASEFFER LYRICS - "Exodus: Slaves For Life" (2008) album
Not like one before ... ('Come, we must deal shrewdly with them or they will become even more numerous and, ... Abashed I stand before you ... to him to do in the land of Egypt to Pharaoh, And to all his servants, and to all his land, .... And you supreme king of kings, judge us for we are your servants and they are your allies.
FOR TODAY LYRICS - "Portraits" (2009) album
like anything that anyone has ever felt before, because we are fearless, and / because we are His hands, ... Lord of glory, make us worthy to possess your name.
IMPENDING DOOM LYRICS - "The Serpent Servant" (2009) album
IMPENDING DOOM lyrics - "The Serpent Servant" (2009) album, including " Beginnings", "City Of ... When waters run deep, we will stand like mountains. ... Your gods resemble humanity, the irony is they are inferior and ... On his day I will be ready. We ... We call you God, but are you king. ... I saw the dead before the throne.
SLECHTVALK LYRICS - "A Forlorn Throne" (2010) album
9. Vengeance Of A Scorned King ... For we are the sons of the High King, all bow before us ... I should have followed your rule, oh father, I feel like a fool. ... Our enemy doesn't stand a chance, he will have to accept his defeat. ... They crowned him and hailed him as a high Lord of old, humbling themselves as his servants
Bow your head before your king, as I'm the bringer of light. The chosen one ... Shut up you servant,, respect divine right ... Devote we are to the crown, in sole command forever glorious ... No one deserves to be heir to the throne ... I stand swinging in my indecision ... Just like to get laid with the worst enemy I've inside
I kill, like the millions before them they're all the ... Was it me who turned your wine into blood? No, no, yes... ... When the carnage is over we'll be standing here tall ... Descending from his throne above, ... Bury the servants of God Like ... Stand still and behold, the end of days. Fire! .... At the core of Sodom is where I am king
SLEEPING GIANT LYRICS - "Kingdom Days In An Evil Age" (2011 ...
I am holy vengeance and all we are is worship to the throne. We are the ... I bow my head to the king in submission as his words are spoken. The peace of ...
MORBID ANGEL LYRICS - "Ignominious" (2005) album
[Solo: Brunelle] Dead - your god is dead ... (I bend my knees not before my selfish desire) [solo Brunelle] ... We choose to burn in the pits of hell ... And like the cat I' m stalking. I'll take ... As a servant I am serving myself and I bathe in anticipation ... Our former king to his rightful throne ... I stand before thee, gods of all prestine
YEAR OF THE GOAT LYRICS - "Angels' Necropolis" (2012) album
His majesty's eyes follow you in mesmeric solicitation. Obedience ... I bow down my head and raise my hand, to form the king seal. My wings ... Bow down before me, I'm the new God now ... Pitiful king of sorrows, your kingdom is now mine ... We stand strong and ready, ready for you ... Green flames rise, building my throne
SEVEN KINGDOMS LYRICS - "Seven Kingdoms" (2010) album
(Prepare attack before the rising light) ... Ready your bows, axes, and swords ... He would have saved his own life from Ragnar's Sons ... WE RIDE! To York where the king must die. Led by a boneless man on a throne made of steel ... Only a servant in my design .... Iolas came before him with sword in hand to take his stand
RIGHTEOUS VENDETTA LYRICS - "Lawless" (2011) album
We have conquered the world this time. The eldest of evils, ... I saw the dead standing before the throne of God Do we have ... Stand your ground, for nothing can shake us, not even his lies. We will defeat hell, like Christ defeated our sin. Well done my ... I am a walking corpse with the heart of a king and the mind of a servant
OVID'S WITHERING LYRICS - "Scryers Of The Ibis" (2013) album
All your children at the mercy of my trident at last will cry 'Earthshaker, Earthshaker'! ... for in the wake of the Gigantomachy, we will seize the throne of Olympus and ... As the rain wildly stabs the earth, his servants storm the room ... Laius..he comes for the throne.' .... You stand before the judgement of all this is boundless.
CHRISTAGEDDON LYRICS - "Metal Unblack" (2013) album
Hordes of thee Almighty, stand with me and fight. In Christ we ... Through Him we shall triumph over the night's bane. Hordes of thee ... Father, baptize me in your sacred blood. The blood of ... servants of the LORD. and their ... King of kings and Lord of lords. Christ is ... His eyes like flames ... Before His great white throne.
REBELLION LYRICS - "A Tragedy In Steel - Shakespeare's Macbeth ...
At the beginning of the play, we look upon Macbeth as a shining hero. On behalf of his king, Duncan, he has just defeated the traitor Macdonwald, quelling ... It seems like a stroke of fate when the grateful king arrives as a guest at the castle of ... Before long, he hires assassins to kill Banquo, the supposed father of kings and ...
SEVENTH AVENUE LYRICS - "Terium" (2008) album
Hands Of The King 10. ... He knew that they won't love him for his speech, but they needed to know ... You bend your knees before the rich and mighty, but you stamp on the poor ... You will walk in the dark like the dead, but death will not be merciful. .... I still can remember the old structures we had, before we got the Terium.
HAMMER HORDE LYRICS - "Fed To The Wolves" (2015) album
Together still we stand. But in the ... Before his death is met. Penance in ... Heralding no master nor king. Riding on the ... May your sword stay wet like a young girl in her prime. Hold your ... Kill their servants ... Beyond the forlorn throne. To live ...
FAIRYLAND LYRICS - "Of Wars In Osyrhia" (2003) album
Now that we are riding, riding with the sun. To the ... The strenght in your heart will burn like a flame. ... Armies of the dark, servants of hell preparing to fail ... United now to face the dark and evil throne ... The stones now scream and say mighty one fight for your king ... Fury never seen before ... On the king and on his land
INFERI LYRICS - "The Path Of Apotheosis" (2014) album
Eons before the age of man. Entities of ... They dwell in the garden seeking the knowledge of our throne ... And a path to be paved for his majesty to burn like coal. There is no ... Gather my legions of servants and demons ... This obelisk, it is our catalyst, here we make our final stand. Follow me I am your blackened king
A NIGHT IN TEXAS LYRICS - "The God Delusion" (2015) album
How can a father feel no shame treating his son like a slave? Oh father please come down to me, I haven't seen your face in what seems like eternity ... As countless bodies fall to empower my throne of flies ... You dare stand before me ... The gripping darkness will take hold, my servant ... We shall delve into sodomy
DARK FUNERAL LYRICS - "Where Shadows Forever Reign" (2016 ...
As One We Shall Conquer 3. ... You wandered off before me, now come back and pick me up ... Behind their masks there stand but slaves and servitude ... Those left behind, shall die as slaves, as servants of their humble ways and Satan will be laughing from his throne ... For me all your flesh and to the Devil your soul
Bill Gaither - Because He Lives lyrics
2 explanations, 38 meanings to Because He Lives lyrics by Bill Gaither: God sent His son, they called Him, Jesus; / He came to love, heal.
VENI DOMINE LYRICS - "Material Sanctuary" (1995) album
He spoke to me in languages I never heard before. Looked at me with eyes ... Material sanctuary - we can be without. Abandon the ... Turned into thoughts of a throne in the sky ... Your land is open, like a king waiting for his bride. The walls ... Because I am your master and servant ... See how the nations stand in confusion
Lyrics to "This Is Our God" song by HILLSONG LIVE: Your grace is enough More than I need And Your word I will believe I wait for You Draw near again An...
FIT FOR A KING LYRICS - "Slave To Nothing" (2014) album
Kill The Pain. I've filled my veins with poison. And silenced my voice just to take another breath. I've broken my vows to you a thousand times before. I'm losing ...
3 INCHES OF BLOOD LYRICS - "Advance And Vanquish" (2004 ...
Nothing can ever cure your thirst except for rum and gold ... The servants crying underground. Smelling mortal blood like hounds ... A lesson learned for all of the usurpers to the throne. Bridges ... The first mate draws his cutlass forth, towards the captain challenging a duel ... Unlike anything seen before, the Lord of the storm
NIGHTINGALE LYRICS - "Retribution" (2014) album
Before turning his eyes on me. Flying high on ... So remember to look over your shoulder. Be prepared ... Forever be free, abandon his throne. When will he ... The servant from the early dawn of time. Now inferior ... The king had lost his crown. By his ... It seems like I wear us down ... Because united we stand but divided I fall ...
BEHOLD THE KINGDOM, The Eyes Of The Wicked Will Fail LYRICS
The Suffering Servant 7. ... You saw this fallen world and gave your son to die for us, ... We are the face we are the fire we are the sons of the almighty king. ... He gave his life, I'll give my heart, Through death is life, He fell for you, ... my sin is always before me ... i will exalt my throne above the stars of God, ... Dry bones Stand
AVENGED SEVENFOLD LYRICS - "City Of Evil" (2005) album
Symbolic woman sits on his throne but hatred strips her and leaves her naked. ... if you're not a servant you'll be struck to the ground. ... One king to watch the horsemen fail, I'll fight 'til the end (I won't help you) ... Just live your life blind like me .... And I've seen it all before and I'll settle the score, I'll never join your side ...
VENGEANCE RISING LYRICS - "Released Upon The Earth" (1992 ...
Once you understand that, guilty before God all we are. You can receive ... Smiling in your face, stabbing you in the back, "doing this for God" is his story. Sitting on that paper throne, elevated oh so high ... When you stand before Him in a fear you can't conceive ... But this ones from your servant, Lord be honored - this I pray
SACRED STEEL LYRICS - "Wargods Of Metal" (1999) album
Dethrone The Tyrant King 9. ... We will fight for your Glory ... Now stand up and fight ... Die like Sinners, die in Pain ... In his fearful Eyes ... Reign from a Throne made of Thunder ... Servants of the King ... We're so much stronger than before
LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR LYRICS - "The Ultimate Destroyer" (2006 ...
Stand on this hill ... Sneak upon the resting king. And spill his blood while he sleeps ... Into her grave, you feel it in your being, you slave ... From your throne of pain, ... Servant at your feet, ... Scattering bones before him now ... Then we came upon land of the Laistrygones ... Spearing men like fish, to my astonishment
THE SAVING LYRICS - "David Star" (2014) album
I was never wanted, no chance of being king. As I was ... I perform like I know my Redeemer lives ... "We all get caught up in the thrill and the excitement of secular heroes ... So get in the right side if history and take a stand for humanity .... And how holy is His throne? .... Yet from before the foundations, You set Your calling
NOCTURNAL RITES LYRICS - "In A Time Of Blood And Fire" (1995 ...
Ornated in blood we stand. And in his eyes shone victory. In from the ... She looked out the plague from her throne. By the gate in ... To conquer the throne ... Before the break of dawn ... Servants of unholy powers ... Like the storm rides the wind ... Lay of ennui king of the lore ... We'll burn your homes and bring you dismay
NETFASTCORE LYRICS - "And Everything Returns To Dust" (2014 ...
Still strong we stand ... What king's without weakness ? D'you believe in your servants ? They've never ... An old man on his wane ... Before your face dirty by the dust .... All you've got, seems like dust in your hands ... This throne is not for me
DIVINEFIRE LYRICS - "Into A New Dimension" (2006) album
In His name we'll never be the same ... We rock. We are waiting for Heaven No more tears and sorrow. In the Spirit we're ... We rock. We rock for the King Worthy is your name. You're the fire in my heart ... No, there's no one like you ... You are my servants ... The world is worshipping their throne ... Save me Jesus before I die
ARTILLERY LYRICS - "When Death Comes" (2009) album
The endless road lay endless before me. Nothing to ... (And your life is like a screaming, Bloody ... We will rise above it all ... Come down from your throne ... Where I'm king ... Uniform -- public servant number one -- uniform ... The lines on his forehead he's torn and wiped and used ... We will survive and stand our ground
THEOCRACY LYRICS - "Ghost Ship" (2016) album
The honor to share that cup of shame, we've burned it away. On we go, with ... We're living lives fit for a king ... Raise the anchor, all aboard as the Captain calls his misfits ... Ancient workmanship before ordained ... All shall bow at Your throne , for Your ways are not our own ... The servant – unto the least of these as unto Me

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