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Lyrics to "Major Denial" song by BOWLING FOR SOUP: You've got style, ... You' ve got a boyfriend that wants to kick my ass ... Victim of your no loser policy
Lyrics to "Kick My Ass" song by BIG & RICH: Well I walked up to the bar I laid down my platinum card Then I ordered fifty longnecks for my ... Then I ordered fifty longnecks for my new friends ... Then I saw her boyfriend ... And uh to your right
Lyrics to "Fast Lane" song by EMINEM: Uh, first verse, uh I'm on 'til I'm on a island My life's ridin' on the Autobahn on autopilot Before... ... Bet you could light your own cigarette with your asshole ... Nicki Minaj, but I wanna stick my penis in your anus! ... Imma kick the ballistics! ... Tell your boyfriend that you just struck paydirt
KEVIN GATES LYRICS - Thought I Heard (Bread Winners' Anthem)
Lyrics to "Thought I Heard (Bread Winners' Anthem)" song by KEVIN GATES: Thought I heard ... Thought I heard somebody say they wanna break one ... Kick a bitch ass, go to jail, beat up her brother ... They gon' let your loyal partner rip when you not lookin' ... Show my ass, won't pull up my pants, let me do my dance
LUDACRIS LYRICS - What's Your Fantasy
Lyrics to "What's Your Fantasy" song by LUDACRIS: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Give it to me ... I wanna, li-li-li-lick you from yo' head to yo' toes ... How ever you want it lover lover gonna tap that ass soon ... Like up on the roof roof tell yo boyfriend not to be mad at me ... Champaign with my campaign let me do the damn thing
Lyrics to "Eviction Notice" song by SAGE FRANCIS: Fuckin' doin' it This song is ... She wants a man I can look up to, a role model to come through-- ... And ain't no legal separation gonna kick my ass out. I'm in the house y'all, I'm in the house y' all. And ain't no new boyfriend gonna kick me out, y'all! ... Get your things packed
2PAC LYRICS - No More Pain
Lyrics to "No More Pain" song by 2PAC: Hey DeVante Nigga, don'tcha know we' re gonna sow up ... When I die, I wanna be a livin legend, say my name ... Line up my adversaries, blast on sight, and fuck your boyfriend. Bitch, I want some ass tonight, you know my steelo ... Last year we was lettin these niggaz kick up dust
Lyrics to "How Many Times" song by DJ KHALED: Pour a cup for the bitches that ain't ... How many times I gotta tell your ass to come over? ... Yeah leave your boyfriend and call me when you're leaving ... I'm on my grind, 3 AM text like I need ya ... Soon as I'm done, kick her out in the morning ... You wanna fuck with a thug
THE GAME LYRICS - 300 Bars & Runnin'
Lyrics to "300 Bars & Runnin'" song by THE GAME: My mama took me to Sam Goody's I wanted to buy a 50 Cent CD I took that shit home That ... Bitch ass nigga need a rhyme dictionary, to rehearse his lines ... Got mad 'cause I ain't wanna make your beef mine .... They kicked me out of G-Unit and I rebounded like Rodman
Lyrics to "Again" song by KEVIN GATES: I've been abused by this cold, cold world Everybody around you pretending that they your partner (W... ... Swear to God that I can't wait to shit on all my friends again. I'm a pull up bens again, p-p- pull up ... Bend her over pull her hair and eat her pussy, lick her ass. And when we be ...
Lyrics to "Say My Name" song by XZIBIT: This ain't beef man I don't know what the fuck to call it But no beef Whattup X? I ... I'd have my motherfuckin ass kicked by Moby ... Let's see who wanna die the same time as me ... Right before you lay in your coffin, hoe say my name ... Watch what you say partner, it's a small earth
KID ROCK LYRICS - Welcome To The Party
Lyrics to "Welcome To The Party" song by KID ROCK: Well my name's Kid Rock I' m a Capricorn And Detroit's city where I was ... Well my name's Kid Rock I'm a Capricorn ... Or I'll put my foot in your ass tonight ... People want to know when's the tour gonna kick off ... I'll tell ya drop your boyfriend then drop outta high school
Lyrics to "Title" song by MEGHAN TRAINOR: If you want my love You gotta do what it does If ... You might never get a chance to see me naked in your bed ... But if you think you wanna try. Then consider this an invitation to kiss my ass goodbye
Lyrics to "All Of Me" song by JOE BUDDEN: I give you my all.. but it seems like that's not ... I want me and my old homeboys to still kick it ... I wish I could see a day wit no he say, she say, just wanna see Trey ... I wish you all the best throughout the rest of your career". ... It help you come across not soundin like an ASSHOLE
Lyrics to "You Got It" song by J. COLE: Hey, one time Hey, one time One time Throw your hands to the sky ... God damn your ex man is a dumb ass ... I know you got a 9-5 I'll be your 5-9! ... I tell her my name Jermaine, I'm tryna be lowkey
EMINEM LYRICS - Won't Back Down
Lyrics to "Won't Back Down" song by EMINEM: You can sound the alarm you can call out your guards you can fence in your yard you can ... listen garden tool don't make me introduce you to my power tool ... settle ya fucking ass down I'm ready for combat, man ... Bitch, am I the reason that your boyfriend stopped rapping?
J. COLE LYRICS - Nothing Lasts Forever
Lyrics to "Nothing Lasts Forever" song by J. COLE: I tried, you tried, we tried All of the times that we had together We should've ... And your mama love me, little sister hugs me ... You been stayin' in my crib, you gotta get about it ... You know the diesel ass, half slow, evil ass ... I wanna kick it, but I know that shit is different now
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Somethin' To Ride To
Lyrics to "Somethin' To Ride To" song by TOO $HORT: Ahhhhhh shit - now let me warm it up I got the gin and juice ... Kick a big fat dick in a bitches mouth ... She wanna ride punk bitch you can ride my dick ... Kiss my ass and spend your cash, on this shit to ride to ... I got my partner Ant Banks sittin on something real phat
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Don't Fight The Feelin'
Lyrics to "Don't Fight The Feelin'" song by TOO $HORT: Say hoe Yeah you Can I ask you a question You like to fuck? ... It's an easy task, to the corner cause the curb didn't want your ass ... You wanna bit of danger, Step you to my zone
JUVENILE LYRICS - Juvenile On Fire
Lyrics to "Juvenile On Fire" song by JUVENILE: Let's say I'm in a room with a bitch And the hoe don't wanna fuck Like a man I'm a beat my meat And... ... She goin to be with her boyfriend. You goin to be by your ... Cause I don't want your ass
DJ Squeeky, Skinny Pimp, 8Ball & MJG, DJ Zirk & Kilo G - Looking 4 ...
Jan 21, 2016 Skinny Pimp, 8Ball & MJG, DJ Zirk & Kilo G) by DJ Squeeky, Skinny Pimp, 8Ball ... grabbin The ass with a grip, you sweattin, your pussy's wet You see, you're ... bein your boyfriend, I'm not with relationships All I wanna do is stick my ... leavin my room walkin funny with a limp Drink a Yak, Smoke a sack, kick ...
DRAKE LYRICS - Say What's Real
Lyrics to "Say What's Real" song by DRAKE: Why do I feel so alone Like everybody ... So they stick around, kicking out feedback ... And you still make it even when they say your flight close ... Cause they girlfriend put my ass on a pedestal
Lyrics to "Bang Along" song by THE GAME: One for the impala's, two for the gold d's, 3 for the ... all the honeys on me, Patrick Ewings on I kept the fresh kicks take the nigga ... to wait, he had to blow while I was blowing in nintendo tapes, got my ass ... to be her boyfriend so I was like yeah trying to think of LL lines in the
J. COLE LYRICS - College Boy
Lyrics to "College Boy" song by J. COLE: Yeah, Ay check me out man, In case y' all niggas didn't know- ... And if your ass is dumb you won't even get a chance,
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Get In Where You Fit In
Lyrics to "Get In Where You Fit In" song by TOO $HORT: What happened to that other rapper y'all used to fuck with? ... I bet you get your ass kicked hanging at the park, bitch! ... You wanna follow in my footsteps, well put on your gangsta hat
Lyrics to "Freestyle" song by ASAP MOB: Yo, ASAP here We 'bout to kill a fucking ... I'm who your bitches wanna kick it with, kung-fu .... Peace out, or kiss my ass!
AKINYELE LYRICS - Put It In Your Mouth
Lyrics to "Put It In Your Mouth" song by AKINYELE: My baby left me, left me sad ... You wanna go down why not ... for your chapped ass lips (down in my mouth)
J. COLE LYRICS - Can't Get Enough
Lyrics to "Can't Get Enough" song by J. COLE: (I need that) Cole World (I need that) ... I hate to get the seats in the Benz wet, but that's how good yo' ass is. Make an ... Gotta tell your old boyfriend skate, girl, 'cause a nigga don't play them ex games ... And I ain't comin' off of my last name, 'cause I really can't take no stressing
Lyrics to "Oldie" song by ODD FUTURE WOLF GANG KILL THEM ALL: Yo, shout out to everybody that ... With the normal ass past like I cheated on my team
MONTANA OF 300 LYRICS - Chiraq (Remix)
Lyrics to "Chiraq (Remix)" song by MONTANA OF 300: Any nigga that ever looked at me wrong, (ha!) hey man, go ... And kiss your ass goodnight, like, (bang bang) that's smooches. No top that's ... And you mad at your main bitch cause that bitch bumpin my new shit ... This bitch got kicked like a punt it usually sit in my trunk
Lyrics to "Therapy" song by DOUGHBOYZ CASHOUT: Good evening Mr. 4-1 Payroll What up tho? I'm Dr. ... But askin me to be your man you soundin like a fool to me (BITCH) My last girl wasnt shit, I'll do for a bum before I give that hoe a cent ... now I heard she wanna fuck wit Roc ... Every nite I'm wasted girl showin ma ass
Lyrics to "Shawty Know" song by WEBBIE: Boo.. I mean you my baby man. ... You my what you call when you wanna take ya time, settle down, and share it all. ... what we have and when it come to fuck ups, baby, you done had your share. ... If you gotta real ass bitch that you in love with, holla “right chea”. hoes, I can't love ...
Jason Mraz - I'm Yours lyrics
19 explanations, 51 meanings to I'm Yours lyrics by Jason Mraz: Well, you done ... To me the meaning is this: He wants to show his girfriend he really cares and that ... The song starts with the lyrics, "when I look into your eyes it's like watching the ... (Hey life, you've thrown me some curve balls and kicked my butt a few times, ...
CHANCE THE RAPPER LYRICS - Everybody's Something
Lyrics to "Everybody's Something" song by CHANCE THE RAPPER: What's good good? And what's ... I know somebody, somebody loves my ass. Cause they ...
Lud Foe - Cuttin Up lyrics
May 12, 2016 Aye Aye She said she like my swag, I be cuttin' up He can't hang with us ... niggas , i can't fuck with the opposite ( gang gang) She said she wanna fuck, ... this bling on ( bling blang) I punch yo ass in yo face with all my rings on (ba ba ba!) Hollow bullets beatin in your chest, choppa King Kong I get that work, ...
Lyrics to "Hoes" song by TOO $HORT: You see some people like to play the dating game Meet a new freak and ask "What's your name? ... Can't fuck worth shit, old stiff-ass bitch. Tried to get some head and she just kissed my dick ... Kick back young partner, learn your lesson ... If a hoe wants to fuck you, she gots to pay
Lyrics to "The Zone" song by THE WEEKND: Why you rushing me baby It's only us alone I ... I don't wanna die tonight baby ... I'ma touch you right (let me get inside my zone) ... Sit yo sexy ass on that couch. Wipe that lipstick off of your mouth
DRAKE - Energy lyrics
Got a lotta people tryna drain me of my energy. They tryna take the waaave from a nigga. Fuckin' with the kid and pray for your nigga. I got girls ... Bout to call your ass a Uber, I got somewhere to be ... Y'all don't wanna see Win Win fifty a woe
Lyrics to "Tha Mansion" song by NIPSEY HUSSLE: Yeahhh, It's that TMC, let's get it Look, Look! Fresh out the club, on my way back to the mansion Y... ... Cause I don't wanna fuck if I know I can. And yeah, you got a butt, but your soul is whack
Lyrics to "Amnesia" song by KEVIN GATES: Who the fuck that is? Who the fuck that is? ... Her ass is like humongous. She say she love my convo cause I kick shit like a punter. But I don't know her name ... Look, I ain't grab your ass on purpose

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