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Snoop Dogg - Wrong Idea Lyrics
[Bad Azz] See me, I'm bout my money my paper I'm bout my dollars Poppin collars with this mac and this slack and these two revolvers See we smoke and go hoein cause the bitch ain't never shit to me and pussy stay sellin, so I never let it get to me The shit to me is simple, it relies on credentials We credible individuals, ahead of you we original
Everybody Gotta Hustle And They Hustle And They Strong Here Today Next Day You Gone In Ths Hood I Roam. Carla Hit Me On The Phone Like Becky Gone Camrae Just Died And Tefa Gone(Dedeauxs) For Every Momma Lost A Child They Gone Play This Song Missing Her Baby More And More Everyday He Gone.
Lil Boosie - Chasin My Dreams Lyrics
So hit yo knees If you believe then you can achieve Take the game from me Boosie Bad Azz [Chorus:] Since an itty bitty kitty I've been chasn' my dreams I dreamed this on my desk Back in middle school [x2] Since an itty bitty kitty I've been chasn' my dreams I'm a be all I can be by any means Say that Since an itty bitty kitty I've been chasn ...
Lil Boosie - I Miss U Lyrics
Remeber The Police They Killed My Nigga Nail Shawn On The Front Road Pulling Out A 8.(Damn) [Chrous:] Sometimes I Wanna Break Down And Cry Cuz You Don't Know How Bad I Miss You Neva Gone Foget The Time That We Shine.
Lil Boosie - Miss Kissin' On You Lyrics
album: "Superbad: The Return Of Boosie Bad Azz" (2009) My Avenue Top Notch Better Believe It Lawd Have Mercy I'm A Dog No Mercy Levi's Bullshit Who Can Love U Miss Kissin' On You Pain Loose As A Goose Clips And Choppers Bank Roll Crayola Mind Of A Maniac
Lil Yola - Dem Haterz Lyrics
Yes a fat bag of that sticky in some bad azz hoes So when I step out on the scene suckas already know To start hatin', start talkin' about my clothes You see I'm pimped out come try and knock me for my hoes I'm a real nigga, so I ain't buy no eddie gold I ain't gon' trick out with that bitch and ain't gon hang around my folks
Juvenile - Gone Ride With Me (Explicit) Lyrics. I'm charging 600 for some big hoe You do business with me you coming back to get more My shit is fire cause it's jogging back to twenty nine
Boosie Badazz - Fuck The Police Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fuck The Police' by Boosie Badazz. ] / I'm a send dis mothafucka here, to tha mothafuckin' crackers... / Rot in hell mothafucka, plottin' on my
Boosie Badazz - Retaliation Lyrics
We so surprise his mama in tears Somebody gon die now His baby mama she been crazy She done lost her mind now Don't want to look at his lil boy Cause it look like my dog I'ma set it off in the muthafucka I'm going ham with an AK I promise his mama I'm gon protect him You gone get slam with AK I'll duck tape you homie Write your name on this ...
Lil Boosie - Better Believe It Lyrics. (*Prod. by Mouse) [** feat. Young Jeezy & Webbie:] Success Rolls Up On You Without A Warning, But It Looks The Same For Everybody. It Has
Lil Boosie - Wipe Me Down Lyrics
I pull up at the club V-I-P Gas tank on E but all drinks on me (Wipe me down) Fresh kicks, fresh white tall tee Fresh NFL hat, fresh 'bauds with the crease
Lil Boosie - Goin' Thru Some Thangs Lyrics
so I be straight when I'm gone I been prayin' for webbie cause webbie wild with that crown (Chorus:) I been goin' thru some thangs and don't nobody understand me man I want ride candy man I been goin' thru some thangs hopin' my niggas stay the same but they always change I been goin' thru some thangs and don't nobody understand me man I want ...
Boosie BadAzz song lyrics collection. Browse 180 lyrics and 32 Boosie BadAzz albums. Lyrics. ... The Return of Boosie Bad Azz. Category F5 (Explicit) Bad Azz. Lifestories (Dragged and Chopped) Life After Deathrow. Incarcerated. The Boot Mixtape Mobb: Louisiana's Time Pt.1.
Boosie Badazz - Cancer Lyrics
I've been stressing so bad, my nigga Praying to the man with both hands, my nigga Just want to be around in my family chilling Lost three aunties to this pussy ass disease while you keep beef with my family, nigga Leave us alone, my God, we need some answers Leukemia at 10 years old, please heal this cancer
Boosie Badazz Song Lyrics
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Kodak Black Song Lyrics
Coolin and Booted [Explicit] Lyrics 2017: Side Nigga [Explicit] Lyrics 2017: My Cousin Lyrics 2017: Day for Day Lyrics 2017: ... Bad Azz Becky: 26 Best Breakup Songs Of All Time. View All. Hot Videos ... If so - or if you notice any other song that's missing - be the first to submit them! ...
La The Darkman - Streetlife Lyrics
Streetlife Lyrics La The Darkman. Streetlife video. La The Darkman - Street Life Lyrics. X. ... Cause if y'all is. we gone get to bustin' Rrrr, skirt out, get away from haters and Get money, live life like players ... Bad Azz So just. watch ya watch and know when it's time to go I kick this shit for my niggas, I never rhyme for hoes ...
Lil Boosie - Better Believe It Lyrics
Got Love From The Hood So It's All Good We Both Gone Eat (who dat) Me And Jeezy Ridin Down The Highway (Zooom, Zooom) ... You better believe it Always stay true, stay true to tha G-CODE ... The new album is on the way this the real deal so you know you gotta wait Bad azz goin act a dawg ass and ya'll already know that.
Lil Boosie - When You Gonna Drop Lyrics
highlight lyrics to add meaning... Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: im tired of all these bitch ass niggas asking me when im gone drop i got you niggas now say mel and t gone get this shit pressed up im ready nigga im tired of these niggas asking me they like look boosie ...
Lyrics Search lil boosie the rain -
by Lil' Boosie on album Gone Til December (Mixtape) Boosie You gotta hold me down(6x) How deep...tell Me(2x) how deep is yo love How deep How deep how deep is your love Verse 1 would u baby sit some kids that aint even yurs be at court every morning w.
Lil Yola - I Ain't Gon' Let Up Lyrics
Stunted on ya, ya stunted wrong ya get it in ya or get gone Live fake, you'll die fake, that's just the way it goes I'ma gangsta, young nigga, so I keep my mouth close
Boosie Badazz - The Rain Lyrics
I'm walking through the rain but still I move on, I just STARTED so right now I'm far from done. I keep moving on until I see the full sun. Patiently waiting but the best is still yet to come, I guess things happen for a reason when its said & done.
Lil Boosie - Devils Lyrics
You Gone Shoot Or Die Dem Devils Got Dem Youngters Wildin' Out At Twelve Nah[Twelve Nah] ... Da Police Know Yo Ass Dirty 'Fore You Even Do It I'm So Gutta, So Gangsta, So In Da Streets[What Else?] I'm So Freaky, So Nasty, So In Da Sheets[Believe Dat] My Cousin Life, Da Grandpa Wife ... Dey Got Devils Out Chea Believe Dat Boosie Bad Azz It don't ...
Lil Boosie - Soft To Hard Lyrics
highlight lyrics to add meaning... Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: If You Got Some Work Dats Soft Then I Can Make The Shit Hard... I Started Off With Mustard Greens Gangsta Lean Good White For A Good Price My Whip Game Is Insane So Lil Boosie Live Dat Good Life Uncle ...
Lil Boosie - Fuck You Lyrics
so here we come for you gats a gat a stack's a stack my click they'll beast it's goin' down where we roam in the hotel suite old lady gone crazy caught me rollin up 3 beat that pussy out her drawers and I put her to sleep you bullshittin' with me boy my nerves stay bad get one of my convicts out the hood to put that dick in ya ass (Chorus ...
Boosie Badazz - On That Level Lyrics
Lyrics to 'On That Level' by Boosie Badazz. do you / aye girl / boosie badazz / i got that liquor in my system / sumbodie gone be my victim / got me a turn up
Boosie Badazz - Right Game Wrong Nigga Lyrics
Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: Damn man she played my thug bruh ... right game wrong nigga. You gone be straight dawg Everybody make mistakes dawg If I was in yo place dawg ... they ain't work so that nigga pulled a pistol out.
Boosie Badazz - Wake Up Lyrics
You turn out bad bro, so I advice you Wake up. You might be making [?], flexin', now just selling coke But all that flexin' gone get mixing when you go to court Your friends gone tear, them same friends they gone fuck your hoes Her brother's boyfriend you confronted, he gone get your dope The fans in town you witness, plenty niggas, snitches
Juvenile - Gone Ride With Me Lyrics. I'm charging six hundred for some bigger hoes You do business with me, you coming back to get more My shit is fire 'cause it's jogging back
Boosie Badazz - Hands Up Lyrics
My hands up, but something telling me to stand up (fuck that shit) Lord knows the evil (the evil you do) The DA fired you hot, the friends you called so that appeal get denied
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