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GUCCI MANE LYRICS - All My Bitches Love Me
Lyrics to "All My Bitches Love Me" song by GUCCI MANE: She loves me, She loves me not She loves me, She loves me not Vvs all my ... I love you too baby ( Gucci!) ... Shawty fine as hell but she thick as hell. ... Gucci got a bad bitch and Wacka got a bad bitch. ... I am very lucky, I think that she loves me (It's Gucci Baby )
TRINA LYRICS - Caroline (Remix)
... TRINA: She's a bad thang Fine as hell Thick as fuck Oh my God I'm that baby no ... Nigga bitch want to say your name while you going hard til you scream like  ...
Lyrics to "Any Many Miny Moe" song by YOUNG DOLPH: This that High ... I said girl where you been all of my life? ... You so fine I don't even wanna think that the ending ... High class street nigga, I need a high class bitch [Verse 2:] Lil mama bad as hell, I can't even lie ... Play with me, see how fast I fuck yo baby mama boy
J. COLE LYRICS - Crooked Smile
You're the one that was tryna keep me way down. But like the sun, ... They tell me I should fix my grill cause I got money now. I ain't gon' sit ... I got smart, I got rich, and I got bitches still. And they all look like my eyebrows: thick as hell. Love yourself ... And baby girl you're a star, don't let 'em tell you you're not. Now is it real?
Gucci Mane - She Loves Money lyrics
Jul 10, 2014 I love you too baby (Gucci!) ... Shawty fine as hell but she thick as hell. ... got a bad bitch, Whoop got a bad bitch, Gucci got a bad bitch and Wacka got a bad bitch. ... All my bitches love me, My bitch says that she loves me.
I tell her “now goin' pop that pussy for a real nigga" I already know ... I'm in hell's kitchen with an apron and a hair net. Devil on my ... Well just make sure that bitch is beautiful ... I wish we could take off and go anywhere but here baby you know the deal. But she bad, so maybe she won't ... I like my girl thick, not just kinda fine
That nigga broke, he ain't got nothin' for ya ... And you're so fine, you make my blood boil. I have to ... 'Cause her ass thick as a pumpkin ... And if I'm up in this bitch then I'm probably with the owner ... But I'm unhealthy for you baby, I fuck up your world ... "Trap House III" (2013). Traphouse 3 · Use Me · Nuthin On Ya · Hell Yes
JAY-Z LYRICS - Girls, Girls, Girls
I got this French chick that love to french kiss ... Merci, you fine as fuck but you givin me hell ... And if it goes down y'all that's my heart. Baby girl so thorough she been with me from the start ... She look right in that tight blue dress, she's thick
I hit him with the shotty that I bought from the academy. Duck for ... Fuck a fine loca by the name of Jueta ... And got my middle finger up your Baby Mama anus, BITCH! ... I got sacks for sale in the land of Hell, ... Would you fuck a thick bitch even though she wasn't pretty? ... If I was doin' bad would you smoke a blunt with me?
Lyrics to "My Bitch Bad" song by TRAVIS PORTER: My bitch bad, fat ass got dumb swag My bitch bad, fat ass got dumb swag My ... It's windy as hell turn your heat up ... Try to rob a kid that's when I cross the job ... I'm a 90's baby, she's a 80's
Lyrics to "Do Wrong" song by TWISTA: Man dawg, it's some bad bitches out here that'll ("make you do wrong") Whoa... go on girl ("make yo... ... And keep me two baby glocks, both of 'em loaded with a full clip. Still I gotta be ... Saw me ippy uppy icy as hell, f'rilla good smell ... A fine-ass Medusa make your dick turn to stone
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Broke Bitch
Lyrics to "Broke Bitch" song by TOO $HORT: Whassup baby? ... But you broke as hell and ain't got no whip ... I don't give a fuck 'bout your bad attitude ... Tear it up later when you hate my guts. Right now, I wanna make you taste my nuts. You hella fine, but I don't wanna keep in touch ... You wanna be rich better stop that shit
She called my phone in the mornin' and started moanin' and groanin' Well I be home in a ... Hell yeah it's our one night anniversary bitch [Hook: Lil Boosie ... the bad bitches strip. Hold up, I got a bitch that work at Onyx ... Thick thighs, nice legs, soul food. My D.C. chick ... She like to see another bad chick eat Boosie And my ...
From that south side if you from my section then stand up. Rubber band up ... Gates baby you killin em. All I know is smashin ... Bad bitches I rip em up. Done that shit for ... Who the hell said gates ain't shit who the hell cares. Bet your followers ...
Shawty fine as hell but she thick as hell. Love the way she ... So icey boyz everybody got a bad bitch. Juice keep a ... All my bitches love me my bitch says that she loves me. I am very lucky I think that she loves me (it's Gucci baby) [ Verse 2:]
Make me throw my diamonds up, bitch my life was hard knock. Had so much kush ... Racks on, racks off, see that blonde stripper, my hat's off. Lookin at my ... Got a bad bitch from the U.K. (Okay!) ... Switch gears like stick shifts, fresh as hell, I'm Big Gipp We buy .... Police on yo' mama phone talkin 'bout, "Yo' baby gooooone!"
TWISTA LYRICS - It Feels So Good
Let that playa ass nigga Twista be your guide as we go on a ride where playa hatin killers ... One morning I woke up next to a thick bitch. Took a shower ... Think I'm blessed with the zest after slippin on my slick fit. The high ... Where y'all goin y' all thick as hell ... what you feelin on maybe soft with the silicone baby but can you ...
I like 'em tall dark, skin, thick and fine ass. Nice around, pants size ... And know that one flat ass can make a whole clique look bad. To all you li'l booty bitches eat ya biscuits. Get thicker ... No time to fuck around it's goin' down in my room. A whole ... Shackle handcuff her da sucker, hell give that girl some love. But not you ya ...
Yo, shout out to everybody that worked on the album. You feel me, son? ... My bitch white and black like she's been mimicking a panda. It's the dark ... But two bad bitches in front of me cunnilingus [Verse 4: ... Get your baby mommy popped with my other snobby bop. Do I love her, ... Rollin' up a blunt with that fire from hell
J. COLE LYRICS - Sparks Will Fly
Baby you deserve the whole enchilada, Gucci and Prada Toast to the ... Money can't buy you happiness that's true as hell ... I love you like the bad kid love breakin' shit. Ride and die chick fighting insecurities ... I know my smile ain't perfect
She said I know you bad, but I want you back. She said makes me so sad that I gotta leave you alone (She said) I gotta ... Wake up in the morning get my smash on. I want more ... Had them other bitches mad when they seen us. Had to match ... Maybe even go half on a baby girl ... And do whatever the hell I want. She said  ...
J. COLE LYRICS - Losing My Balance
Lyrics to "Losing My Balance" song by J. COLE: Yea huh Yea one, two, one, two, one, two One, two, one two uh-huh Yea, uh Yea uh Miss high profile... ... But there's a soul that's inside that you don't even knew exist ... Sometimes I ride around wondering if we in hell ... Kind of chick that rather rent a flick and get intimate
(Hell, yeah) ... Thick, thick, mamma jammas, all in there. Booty ... Say playa you know that chick is fine ... Let me take a picture with my camera phone ... I like that so baby, do what you do ... 'Cause you a bad mamma, jamma with a big behind
Problem - Rap Monument Lyrics
They think that they know, something 'bout my life. Not in the same ... This that category 5, this that quake, bitch. See I'm so ... These bad hoes is gruntin', their booties is pokin' ... All of hell's kitchen praying he don't stick from the stove .... No High school diploma but baby I'm a street soulja .... While I'm fine dining on YouTube
So he fucking bitches while he sitting lonely in a cell. Thinking well, what the hell I been on ... Nigga how high, so high that I could touch the sky ... My niggas hit the trees like squirrels ... When the tention gets thick than there's nothing to do
Lyrics to "The Set Up" song by OBIE TRICE: Bitch I see you, cause you know I know you Yeah I know you. Last time I ... Thick thighs but she full of surprises. I swear this ... And you think that that's your baby (you don't know) ... Showed us what his shit hit her, hell of a lick BUT! ... Got my friend zipped up in the bag, it's all bad
TRAVIS SCOTT LYRICS - Uber Everywhere (Remix)
Rolling in my Uber, that's just how I use my time. Blowing ... Looking out the window, hoping it all would be fine ... Pick your DJ and we got that bitch on smash, yeah yeah yeah ... And I need a thick red bone shawty where I lay. Bad bih in LA tell me that she'll make the trip. Shawty bad as hell yea with them Kylie Jenner lips
Bow Wow - New York New York Freestyle Lyrics
I Like my hoes tall and thick just like tube socks they gotta a thang ... that fake shit far from av-er-age I'm great bitch sending shots ... I got a girl and she bad, fine as hell big ole ass ... hate that shit baby moms start trippin', don'tchu hate dat bitch
I hate when people say they feel me man, I hate that shit. It'll be a long ... Bitches smiling at ya, it must be happy hour. They put the ... You wont feel me til you want it so bad you tell yourself you're in it. And tell the ... My young niggas poppin' M's and sippin' dirty jones. Problem ... We'll Be Fine ... HYFR (Hell Ya Fuckin' Right)
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - She Will (Remix)
Lyrics to "She Will (Remix)" song by LIL' WAYNE: I tell her "now goin pop that pussy for a real nigga" I ... I'm in hell's kitchen with an apron and a hair net ... Karma is a bitch? ... I wish we could take off and go anywhere but here baby you know the deal. And she bad, so maybe she won't ... I like my girl thick, not just kinda fine
Madeintyo - Uber Everywhere Lyrics
And my ex keep calling, swear that she be in the way. And I need a thick redbone shorty where I lay. Bad bih in LA, tell me that she'll make the trip. Shorty bad as hell, yeah, with them Kylie Jenner lips. Uber every ... in my VIP Canada jawn, yeah I think that bitch from the six ... Pre-roll shorty light it up, you know you fine
My bitches, they bad, thats probably why y'all mad. My cars, they hot, ... And the ones I drive, what a hell of a ride. Built for a player ... Look baby girl, thats whats up. Slide by my side ... It was 2, 3, 4, then 5, tall short thick and fine. And they all ...
LIL' FLIP LYRICS - Sorry Lil' Mama
what the hell ya baby daddy in my face fo' now I'm reachin for my ... and all three of 'em ringin, from bad ass bitches that wanna bone take one or two calls, ... talk up on somethin short and thick-go straight to the bed with it but on the low low, ...
THE GAME LYRICS - 300 Bars & Runnin'
Lyrics to "300 Bars & Runnin'" song by THE GAME: My mama took me to Sam Goody's I ... I mean Olivia cute but they say that bitch a man ... Bring hell to niggaz when Dre producing a track ... I'm 10 years younger than Yayo, I get out, I'm fine
Twista - Do Wrong Lyrics
Man dog, it's some bad bitches out here that'll (make you do wrong) / Whoa, go on ... And keep me two baby glocks, both of 'em loaded with a full clip ... Saw me ippy uppy icy as hell, f'rilla good smell ... A fine-ass Medusa make your dick turn to stone ... Here come my man in the front, asking me what ("make you do wrong" ).
Actin bad. Hoes hollerin there he go. Who? Boosie bad ass. And these fools know I keep that thang (I ... Hell noooo it's this savage shit ... With a high yellow fine virgin and we swervin ... Shit I done took my eyes up off the road when I was rubbin on that cat ... Slow down baby ... It's on your head bitch you dead I'll pay the cost
KERI HILSON LYRICS - Pretty Girl Rock (Remix)
My name is Keri, I'm so very. Fly oh my it's a little bit scary. Boys wanna ... Mad cause I'm cuter than the girl that's with ya. I ain't gotta talk about it baby you can see it. But if you want ... But all the bad model girls they love to date ... and they looking like what the hell you got on ... I mean you demoralising bitches with your style
Lyrics to "Brand New Guy" song by ASAP ROCKY: I'm camo down to my boxers Gold teeth, a bathing ape It's ... So talk money, check latin (Suck my fuckin' dick bitch) ... Hot as hell nigga, Fitzroy ... With two bad hoes, I'll teach you how to jerk. Teach you how to jerk. Swaggin' in my J's Pop me a pill and throw that pussy a rave
Lyrics to "Fast Lane" song by BAD MEETS EVIL: First verse, uh I'm armed 'til I'm on a island My ... Me and Shady deaded the past, so that basically resurrected my cashflow ... Bumpin' "Ice, Ice Baby, " screamin' Shady 'til I die ... And he came to the club tonight with' 5'9″ to hold this bitch down ... "Hell: The Sequel" (2011).
Oh yeah, I've got trouble with my friends ... But who the hell else is, is gonna hold me down? ... Should I grab his cell, call this chick up. Start some shh, then hang up? Or I should I be a lady? Ooh, maybe 'cause I wanna have his babies?

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