Bang she sucked me two times bang bang bang she suck me again lyrics

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SUGA FREE LYRICS - I'd Rather Give You My Bitch
Whatcha gonna do? (Baby) Do you wanna get out? (Tell Me)... ... Suck her tits and she'll suck yo dick. And sense 1 mans ... I'd rather give you my bitch, then to let you breathe again, breathe again. I'd rather ... But I bang, bang, chitty, chitty,
Ahhh! They didn't do it again, what-what, what-what? Did you shit on these niggaz two times Dr. Dre? [Dre] Oh fo' sho'! ... Just let me lay back and kick some mo' simplistic pimp shit on Slim's shit ... Got about fifty guns, and I love all of 'em the same - bang bang! Damn baby ... [LOWER pitch] Suck my fuckin dick, you faggot
TOO $HORT LYRICS - The Bitch Sucks Dick
Lyrics to "The Bitch Sucks Dick" song by TOO $HORT: Oh yes, I'm that master rap I'm the cold cap I'm what you know, ask Rapping ... 2 times baby, one time more ... She sucked and sucked and she's a bitch ... Cause when a bitch sucks me down ... I'm Sir Too Short, fresh fresh again ... More then once, more than twice
Lyrics to "Miss Me" song by DRAKE: I said tell me what's really going on ... Gone for surgery but now I'm back again ... Every time you see me I look like I hit the lotto twice ... Someone tell Maliah I'm on fire she should work tonight ... Man I swear my bitches do it till they suck the brown off ... So if you bang it, motherfucker
MACK 10 LYRICS - Get A Lil' Head
She like to fuck, I like to get my dick sucked (uhuh) She gave me head while baby stashed her fingers in her butt (Nasty bitch) I told her "Baby, if you ... [Verse Two: Binky Mac, Boo Kapone] Fuckin for riches ... "Ain't y'all rappers? Don't y'all Hoo Bang? ... Get a lil' head (You're gonna suck my nigga Binky dick) Make a lil' love ...
First I'm gonna start off like that, hey help me sing it homeboy [Chorus] ... She sucked my dick 'til the shit turned white. Thought to ... I fucked her once, fucked her twice. I ate that ... I can't wait 'til I fuck that bitch again ... Suck A Dick Jockey · Girls
She punched me in my shit all I did is walked off because I'm wrong. But 2nite ... So tha next thang I fuck she gone get extra ripped up. I looked ... Oh let them hoes suck on my shit. I told her no she sucked be but he just played like he was me
or help me when I was down, so its fuck them niggas now. Lames tryin to ... Old bitch mad at me, she gets no text. She strippin ... Ride past the club two times and make you choke again. Red bottles ... Every bitch that suck me up gon' choke
She hates my company, guess she don't love me no more, I tried to get her up out of my head, left my ... And Kendrick don't forget to buy two pair of those ... Bitch cut my fuckin' brake line, stepped on them fuckers eight times, still goin' 73 thank ... Woke up again and jumped up like fuck it, I've had it I'm checkin' into rehab
So them R Kelly hoes gettin' pissed on twice. Damn, how a ... Be that pretty mothafucka, you could call me what you wanna. Cause I'm in love with that ass, she in love with the cash. So she shakin' it ... Can I suck your titties, tryin' to see how far I can go. Try again and then again and she ain't tellin' me no. Sweetie tell me ...
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Cocktales
I pulled her to the side and let her suck my dick. She was fine as ... Everytime she cross my mind I go fuck her again. She's like ... I took her to my house and she let me cum in her mouth. You know I ... Angie called me up about two weeks later
What's your name again? Nobody knows it. Don't speak to me nigga, you not important. I'm focused ... and get me. Said I suck him at your neck ... Like a HIV victim , man nobody fuckin' with me. I got banned from New Zealand, whitey called me demon ... Two, Three, Four ... She got hair like Shanaynay, and eyes like Wonda
MACK 10 LYRICS - Steady Grinding
My Lil' Bitch Kisha said she hit the mall, bought some goods ... Put me on the floor two nines in my hip ... And they can suck a nigga dick cause the hustle dont stop ... Cause if I let that nigga slide than he gon' try to do it again ... Who Bang is the game nigga ... And I been fucked and sucked by all my hoez at least twice
YG LYRICS - Hell Yeah
She asked me if I wanted right there. I said: hell yeah! Started kissing on my ear, I said: hell yeah! Then I told her like you know what, We can do it in my rover,
DRAKE - Miss Me lyrics
Check out the complete Drake Miss Me lyrics and watch the music video on ... Gon for surgery but now I'm back again ... Every time you see me I look like I hit the lotto twice ... Someone tell Maliah, I'm on fire she should work tonight , ... Man I swear my bitches do it till they suck the brown off ... So if you bang it, mothaf*cka
Notorious B.I.G. - Bust A Nut Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bust A Nut' by Notorious B.I.G.: Fuck for about an hour, now she want a golden shower You didn't know that we be pissing on hoes, bitch. ... I got a bitch that suck my dick 'til I nut ... The whole clique, dick sucked, ass licked ... Leave it up to me, I get fucked all day ... You'll never hear them the same way again.
MONTANA OF 300 LYRICS - Fuck Her Brains Out
Girl go on and show me what that brain 'bout. When I go ... She say she love me cuz always fuck her brains out. I always ... She suck this dick just like a vacuum
TWIZTID LYRICS - She Ain't Afraid
Lyrics to "She Ain't Afraid" song by TWIZTID: So whats up man this shit ain't goin down Trust me, trust me I ... You gotta bang it till it falls right off ... She ain't afraid to let me fuck her in the ass ... Drop my drawers to my ankles, give my dick a suck
PIG LYRICS - "Pigmata" (2005) album
You suck it all up, you spit it right out. Take it all in ... Situation. Everything I feel just turns on me. Again and again 'til I can't see ... I take my corners on two wheels .... Big gun! Big bang! You hear! I'll heal! But still I'll hang! I'm a junky all the time ... Gorged, sucked, and fucked some more ... Looks like a leper but she's my priest
Notorious B.I.G. - One More Chance Lyrics
Yo Big this is Quita, Kenya told me she saw you and Shana in the mall. And I know you aint fuckin' ... Big bang boots from the Bronx to Bolivia Gettin Physical like ...

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