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Dave East x Offset - Checc Lyrics
Lyrics to "Checc" song by Dave East x Offset: You dig? Uh, feel bad, go everyday A lot of money, yeah, uh wait A lot of jewelery, I look like a ch...
Dreamville & J. Cole - Rembrandt... Run It Back Lyrics ...
I leave, come back This fall, diss all y'all niggas I came up with My, what a bit of a change up These niggas lame, we in minimal danger I got the banger, just give me the next My nigga put me in the game and I'm ready to flame, I'm anxious Put the motherfuckin' bank on it [J. Cole:] Big nuts hangin', big bucks bringin', fuck 'em all
Lil' Kim - No Time Lyrics
I got, no time for fake niggaz Just sip some Cristal with these real niggaz From East to West coast spread love niggaz (that's right) And while you niggaz talk shit we count bank figures (say what?) I got, no time for fake niggaz (uh-uh, uh-uh) Just sip some Cristal with these real niggaz (uh-huh, uh-huh)
Young Buck - Where You Want Me Lyrics
With ice on it 30th the shanties on the hummer Gettin money like I never seen it And if it's dirty I swear to you that I never clean it I'm in the hood telling youngsters to get their bank up Bangers they put their hammers down When they was pop, pop back don't be just standing around Last some making 'em think you coming on handing something
Gucci Mane - Brinks Lyrics
I'm, selling CD's globally, my Brinks truck pullin up I get offers for a million dollars just to throw it up I made two thundred thousand today I feel like throwin up Gucci [Chorus: Gucci Mane] I got Hummer trucks, pullin up, but I'm buyin other trucks Master P and Gucci Mane done pulled up in the wealth with our Brinks... we threw our rap in ...
Coolio - My Soul Lyrics
My soul-oul-oul My soul-oul-oul (My soul) Soul-oul-oul-oul-oul-oul-oul (My soul) My soul-oul-oul (My soul) My soul-oul-oul [Verse 1:] You can try to throw salt, but I keep my game face on And the only thing on your mind is stalkin' more digits than a telephone Me and thirty-nine theives jumpin' out of white Hummer
Lloyd Banks - On Fire Lyrics
Lyrics to "On Fire" song by Lloyd Banks: ... 26-inch chrome spokes on the Hummer This heat gon last for the whole summer Running your bitch faster then the Road Runner ... turn your ass round, back a nigga down And I aint bias when im riding through the town Like em small, like em tall, like em black, like em brown ...
Mack Maine - Freestyle 102 Lyrics
Lyrics to "Freestyle 102" song by Mack Maine: Freestyle 102, nigga! Ha ha, you know what it is, I ain't gotta write shit, nigga! ... ridin round in the Hummer ngga Feeling like a soldier, nigga Shouts that to all my niggas Still up in that, know you nigga ... My niggas in the bank I send them nothing but kites and when they come home
8Ball & MJG - Look At The Grillz Lyrics
Lyrics to "Look At The Grillz" song by 8Ball & MJG: Look at the grill this for my niggaz with the bank roles (look at the grill on my pimp mobile)...
B.G. - Hot Boys 226 Lyrics
Girlfriend under the seat, driver side of the Hummer ... SK's be sendin, slugs can't be defended There goes the arrival, chopper spits five more ... And motherfuck anybody tryin to get yo back They better be 'bout some comin around the men in black. Song Discussions is protected by U.S. Patent 9401941. Other patents pending.
Wiley - Off The Radar Lyrics
Back in the day, on the roof at danger, when Lethal B got ended again I've got 7 and 8s but I roll with a 10, Louis Vuitton luggage I'm rolling again If you don't see me dominate them charts one day I'll drive a swag rover again Well I go to war where the odds are against me, like, Tucker and Daniel, holder again
B.G. - Hot Boys 226 Lyrics
Lyrics to "Hot Boys 226" song by B.G.: Nigga you peepin, ... Girlfriend under the seat, driver side of the Hummer Here comes the chopper drummer faster than a track runner ... SK's be sendin, slugs can't be defended There goes the arrival, chopper spits five more
Lil' Kim - No Time Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No Time' by Lil' Kim. I got no time for fake niggaz Just sip some Cristal with these real niggaz From East to West coast spread love niggaz And while you niggaz talk shit we count bank figures
21 Savage, Offset & Metro Boomin - Ghostface Killers ...
Lyrics to "Ghostface Killers" song by 21 Savage, Offset & Metro Boomin: Metro Boomin want some more nigga Automatic (auto), automatics, in the trunk Shoot the maggots, sh...
Gucci Mane - Go Lyrics
Got a stupid bank roll and I let it go Go, go, go, go Who need to talk when on top you can let it go [Verse 1 - Gucci:] Sitting low on the wood floor But you can see me from the nose bleed Red diamonds, they a nose bleed Zay done turned me to the old me Back to business and I'm back to speeding? Back talking about these birds and V's
B.G. - Cash Money Roll Lyrics
The Hummer sound had em' jumpin in the SuperDome We got so much money we gave the bank a credit loan We go shopping and spend 50 G's at the mall But that hurt cause Cash Money go still ball Until We Fall [Chorus:] I ain't even gotta tell u how Cash Money Roll! I ain't even gotta tell u we ballin outta control! [Repeat twice] [Verse 2:]
Tim Hus - Saskatchewan Son-of-a-Gun Lyrics. The prairie is a place , you can watch your dog run away for days Golden fields of wheat as far as you can see There’s nowhere in the wh
slowthai - Inglorious Lyrics
And it's just me, my laptop and my bank card I'm directing movies like Gaspar I drive the wraith like it's Nascar I love the look on their faces when they look in the whip and it's a black star That's for all the jokes about the jam jar You talk about SK level that's top floor Will I ever come down I'm not sure Look in the bag I got lots more
Wiley - I Was Like You Lyrics
I’m a free man, regular free bank cards I'm rich, second name Cowie Hello Came from a Ghetto, but my name ain’t Ghetts True, I'm a boss, I can tell a dog fetch That's wrong though, so I'll be cool like Wretch I’ve got no point to prove MCs, I'm the top one brother I fire bullets out like a shotgun lover You're gonna see me pose in new ...
Big Tymers - Big Tymers (Intro) Lyrics
Lyrics to "Big Tymers (Intro)" song by Big Tymers: ... Baby got an all black Hummer Bought a Jag for tha summer, green wit tan leather ... So much ice in B's Roley you can't get a slow glance He ain't have no money in his bank account till tha over flow came My Uncle Prime got a 5 and it's top of tha line 19 inches cause 20's fucks up tha ride
Lil Yachty - We Outta Here! Lyrics
Bank roll look like, roll Bank roll look like cabbage (Uh) Fuck these hoes they average (Uh) Ayy, I got the Glock in the bag Ayy, I got the Glock with the du-du-du (Uh) I got the beam, it's attached Aim at your wig, get it snatched [Young Nudy:] Yo, double OG Big dog, young nigga parrot, I eat All them niggas, yeah, behind my back
B.G. - Hot Boys 226 (feat. Hot Boys) Lyrics
Lyrics for Hot Boys 226 (feat. Hot Boys) by B.G.. ... driver side of the Hummer Here comes the chopper drummer faster than a track runner Don't play the hard road 'cause the hard road will get you left On your way to the crossroads, no tomorrow for yourself Wettin your whole set and where I think ya be at Attackin your old hood and where ya ...
EPMD - Put On Lyrics
Hit a bank and shot a guard in the spleen With Bill Blast, he made a dash smash the cash Ran two blocks pulled off the ski mask But then started flippin', forced in the phat whip and People started talkin', po-po started sniffin', plus He never hit James Dean with the cream So James put a hit to catch him on the scene
Lloyd Banks - Neighborhood Watch Lyrics
Ain't no neighborhood watch! - Watch ya own back My buddy got room for 6, I'll letcha hold that! Shady and ya know that! Ya best bet's not to show ya lady where ya dough at, she'll show that. Feet on ya doormat! Hold that! - Lord sent me a sign Will I fall victim, full clip and an envious mind! (blat-blat! blat-blat-blat!)
Do Or Die - Keep It Real Lyrics
Lyrics to "Keep It Real" song by Do Or Die: Uhh, for the two G's, for the millenium Do or Die Oooohhh hooo-ooooh, ain't gon' pay no bills...
Future - Mask Off Lyrics
Rob the bank, we gon' rob the game They gang, we gang...but they are not the same (Freebandz) Percocets, molly, Percocets Percocets, molly, Percocets Rep the set, gotta rep the set Chase a check, never chase a bitch Mask on, fuck it, mask off Mask on, fuck it, mask off
Daye Jack - Piggybank Lyrics. I got no problem with way that it is Daddy told me go and get yo shit A million dollars in my back pocket No more struggle nigga no more str
Big Tymers - Down South Lyrics
That the hummer got dropped keep it on the down low I'm cruisin up highways, stunnin down roads I'll open up shop then I'm shuttin down shows Luda cash cheques that'll break the bank Then I'm in the Old School like Frank the Tank You can't beat me join me, petes they bore me But all the Southern asses they keep me horny Oooh, Big Tymers in a ...
Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast Lyrics
666 the number of the beast Hell and fire was spawned to be released Torches blazed and sacred chants were praised As they start to cry hands held to the sky In the night the fires are burning bright The ritual has begun, Satan's work is done 666 the number of the beast Sacrifice is going on tonight This can't go on, I must inform the law
Do Or Die - Keep It Real Lyrics. Do Or Die Miscellaneous Keep It Real {*car starts*} Uhh, for the two g's, for the millenium Do or die [johnny p] Oooohhh hooo-ooooh, a
Taylor Swift - Blank Space Lyrics
Taylor Swift makes history when "Blank Space" blasts from No. 13 to No. 1. on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. As the song dethrones her previous hit, "Shake It Off", after four weeks atop the chart, Swift becomes the first woman in the Hot 100's 56-year history to succeed herself at the top spot.
Asap Rocky - Gunz N Butter Lyrics
Fuck them boys no KY with this SK leave them DOA AR in the ER it's the state of mind of every state Say your grace you better pray Guns with the butter Guns for my brother Came from the gutter Cocaine in the buttocks Raise a box cutter Play undercover Paint in the hummer Skate wit' your mother Tha fact of tha matter she blow out tha frizzame
Old Dominion - Snapback Lyrics
My eyes baby they're fixed on you in your snapback T-shirt of your favorite rock band Checkin' your make-up in my Ray Bans Breakin' hearts like only you can in your snapback Woah oh oh oh Woah oh oh oh Woah oh oh oh In your snapback Come on baby shoot a smile at me Midnight selfie on a balcony A little somethin' for my lock screen
Dave East - Checc Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Checc' by Dave East. / Diamonds all on me, I walk with a pistol / I don't want no issues, I look like a check / I'm at the bank, 'bout to make a
Method Man, Ghostface Killah & Raekwon - Criminology Part ...
Hit you in the back of your dome, from far, kid Dice kickers, gun clickers, run up in the bank for ones, quick The drug dealer niggas, we flip 'em Polo rugbies, flags on my hats, you love these Knockout artists are one-piece Fly in a foreign, all my money ties is tied-up I'd rather sell coke, no bargain Tough like a Hummer, fly like a Maybach
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