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BATHORY LYRICS - "Blood On Ice" (1996) album
BATHORY lyrics - "Blood On Ice" (1996) album, including "The Revenge Of Blood On Ice", "The Ravens", "Gods Of Thunder Of Wind And Of Rain"...
BATHORY LYRICS - "Nordland" (2002) album
BATHORY lyrics - "Nordland" (2002) album, including "Heimfard", "Mother Earth Father Thunder", "Great Hall Awaits A Fallen Brother"...
BATHORY LYRICS - "Nordland II" (2003) album
BATHORY lyrics - "Nordland II" (2003) album, including "Outro", "The Wheel Of Sun", "Flash Of Th Silverhammer"...
BATHORY LYRICS - "Under The Sign Of The Black Mark" (1987 ...
Nocturnal Obeisance. 2. Massacre. Down the vast hills in morning mist cold. Into the peaceful deep valley below. Twothousand stallions foaming with hate
BATHORY LYRICS - "Twilight Of The Gods" (1991) album
BATHORY lyrics - "Twilight Of The Gods" (1991) album, including "Hammerheart" , "Bond Of Blood", "To Enter Your Mountain"...
Bathory - War Lyrics
Lyrics to 'War' by Bathory. The bells of war doth chime tonight / And the heavens shake with fear / The earth commot the sky is in flames / The battle is ever.
BATHORY LYRICS - "Blood Fire Death" (1988) album
BATHORY lyrics - "Blood Fire Death" (1988) album, including "Blood Fire Death", "Dies Irae", "For All Those Who Died"...
Bathory - Dies Irae Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dies Irae' by Bathory. Creed of eternal life I swore / Held my candle of life to the void / Risen from the dead I deaths powers wed / In the name of.
BATHORY LYRICS - "Hammerheart" (1990) album
BATHORY lyrics - "Hammerheart" (1990) album, including "One Rode To Asa Bay", "Home Of Once Brave", "Song To Hall Up High"...
BATHORY LYRICS - "Octagon" (1995) album
BATHORY lyrics - "Octagon" (1995) album, including "Deuce", "Judgement Of Posterity", "Schizianity"...
BATHORY LYRICS - "Jubileum Volume III" (1998) album
BATHORY lyrics - "Jubileum Volume III" (1998) album, including "Gods Of Thunder Of Wind And Of Rain", "Genocide", "Pax Vobiscum"...
BATHORY LYRICS - "Requiem" (1994) album
BATHORY lyrics - "Requiem" (1994) album, including "Apocalypse", "Distinguish To Kill", "Suffocate"...
BATHORY LYRICS - "Destroyer Of Worlds" (2001) album
BATHORY lyrics - "Destroyer Of Worlds" (2001) album, including "Day Of Wrath", "White Bones", "Sudden Death"...
"Bathory Aria". [I. Benighted Like Usher] Snuffed tapers sighed. As Death left impressing. His crest of cold tears on the Countess Benighted like ill-fated Usher
BATHORY LYRICS - "Jubileum Volume I" (1992) album
BATHORY lyrics - "Jubileum Volume I" (1992) album, including "Blood Fire Death ", "Equimanthorn", "Under The Runes"...
BATHORY LYRICS - "The Return..." (1985) album
BATHORY lyrics - "The Return..." (1985) album, including "The Return Of Darkness And Evil", "Sadist (Tormentor)", "Son Of The Damned"...
Bathory - The Woodwoman Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Woodwoman' by Bathory: I'm but a man. Mortal, a man. And I'll need all the help that I can get. So I give my heart to the woman of the dark With.
Bathory - The Ravens Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Ravens' by Bathory. Steadily on jagged wings / Feather black against the burning sky / Spread your wings and ride the wind / Gaze down on me ...
Venom - Countess Bathory Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Countess Bathory' by Venom. Welcoming the virgins fair, to live a noble life / In the castle known to all - the Count's infernal wife / She invites.
BATHORY LYRICS - "Jubileum Volume II" (1993) album
BATHORY lyrics - "Jubileum Volume II" (1993) album, including "Twilight Of The Gods", "Bond Of Blood", "Total Destruction"...
Bathory - Raise The Dead Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Raise The Dead' by Bathory. 'dust to dust' / I gasp for air / I scream for sight / And fight against / Torment and dread / Calling the vengeance / I.
BATHORY LYRICS - "In Memory Of Quorthon Vol. III" (2006 ...
BATHORY lyrics - "In Memory Of Quorthon Vol. III" (2006) compilation, including " Song To Hall Up High", "Silverwing", "You Just Got To Live"...
Bathory - Home Of Once Brave Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Home Of Once Brave' by Bathory. Out of the water / Cold, black Nordic sea / Risen towards the eternal sky / The land lays open and free / Up high the.
Bathory - In Nomine Satanas Lyrics
Lyrics to 'In Nomine Satanas' by Bathory. Ink the pen with blood / Now sign your destiny to me / Now in my hands your fate is given / My claim thee to join me /
Dissection - Elisabeth Bathory Lyrics
[TORMENTOR cover]. This is a story about Elizabeth Bathory Her blood is ourselfs... clean, hungarian blood... Dark castle, occult carols sound, woman... crying
Bathory - Satan My Master Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Satan My Master' by Bathory. Satan My Master / I slit my wrists to drain me of my blood / Satan My Master / Up side down I turn the cross of God /
BOYSETSFIRE LYRICS - Bathory's Sainthood
"Bathory's Sainthood". Do you feel alive now. Now that you own the dead. Preying on the corpses. Their hearts no longer fed. Your sainthood is obvious on every ...
Bathory - Die In Fire Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Die In Fire' by Bathory. When horny flames begins to rise / To burn your flesh and bone / That's when you realize you've never / Been so scared and.
Bathory - Witchcraft Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Witchcraft' by Bathory. I drink the blood / From cup of death / I sip the milk from tied up / Angels holy breasts / I fuck the whore and eat her.
Bathory - Bleeding Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bleeding' by Bathory. Blood blood blood / Vultures soaring high above me waiting to descend / To sink their claws into my fucking flesh and to rip.
Bathory - Pax Vobiscum Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pax Vobiscum' by Bathory. Holy Jesus, fuckin' Christ / Forgive my fuckin' head / It's full of doubts and questions / Did you really raise the dead? /
Bathory - Krom Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Krom' by Bathory. Waxed up, shining fat and clean / Double big shot pipes from hell / Air cleaner cover gleam / A vibe you can not buy or sell / The.
Bathory - War Machine Lyrics
Lyrics to 'War Machine' by Bathory. Burning limbs and deformed steel / The shells cuts through the sky / The corpses fills the the endless fields / It's shoot.
Bathory - Possessed Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Possessed' by Bathory. Witching hour bad moon is on the rise / I can't resist its infernal cold power / When it blaze into my eyes / Feel I am slowly.
Bathory - Heimfard Lyrics
Bathory - One Rode To Asa Bay. Bathory - Bathory - Reaper (Lyrics) Lyric Video. Bathory - Reaper (Lyrics). Bathory - Bathory - Gods of Thunder, of Wind and of ...
Bathory - Silverwing Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Silverwing' by Bathory. Silverwing see the moon is rising / Way up high in the night / It's time to spread your wings / And to fly across the sky /
Bathory - The Revenge Of The Blood On Ice Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Revenge Of The Blood On Ice' by Bathory. Fifteen years have passed / Every day the woods have cried / The words of vengeance and revenge  ...
Bathory - Sadist Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sadist' by Bathory. I summoned up the living dead / And the demons in the skies / I drank from chalice warm and red / And watched the virgined eye /
Bathory - The Rite Of Darkness Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Rite Of Darkness' by Bathory: Sacrifice by death On my command.
Unleashed - Countess Bathory lyrics
Lyrics for Countess Bathory by Unleashed. Originally performed by Venom Welcoming the virgins fair, to live a noble life In the castle known to all - the Count's...

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