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Before mi ride the banana-nana. Before mi ride the ... You know my eyes up on your face girl. My hands up on ... Go give me ride-ride like a taxi. I seen that ass ...
Jeremih, Stefflon Don & Krept & Konan - London Lyrics
Aug 25, 2016 Before mi ride the banana You haffi marry the nana-na-na Before mi ... on your waist (Your waist) I limbo go low-low-low-low I might get me a ...
KENDRICK LAMAR LYRICS - Sing About Me, I'm Dying Of Thirst
Lyrics to "Sing About Me, I'm Dying Of Thirst" song by KENDRICK LAMAR: When the lights shut off And it's my turn to ... When I ride it's a murderous rhythm ... And if I die before your album drop I hope - .... Banana clip split his banana pudding
Lyrics to "All We Do" song by YOUNG JEEZY: I got a bitch named Banana, pussy bananas That's why I gotta say it again, pussy bananas My ... Before I left, I put her to sleep - don't play no damn games ... She said, Young, since this your pussy, let's put your name here ... She said, listen here, that's my dick so let me ride that
Bumpy Ride (Remix) Lyrics - Mohombi feat. Pitbull
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Bumpy Ride (Remix)" from "Mohombi feat. Pitbull": Chorus x3, I wanna boom bang bang with your body-o, We're gonna rough it up .. . ... your body-o. We're gonna rough it up before we take it slow. Girl let me rock you, rock you like a rodeo ... I'm from the city where banana clips will lead you
Illegal Substance - Banana Song lyrics
Boom boom zoom Chicka Chicka Come take a ride on the nana banana uh ... While Ana banana takes a Ride on my nana You're looking on (your looking on) ... be doing Cuz I'm not too green don't call me yellow Smack it flip it Banana in the ...
Got me bouncing on it, I'm acrobatic. You got me riding on that, riding on that, grinding up in this bitch. Banana all in that split, bet them girls can't do you like this
Lyrics to "Money Made Me Do It" song by POST MALONE: Diamonds in my chain ... Every 20 minutes change clothes I had a mil before the label Just as long. ... Take a ride when we wake up ... Clown like your daddy met your mom at a circus
[Verse 1] Something going on, I feel funny can't tell me nothing different ... You niggas chose to ride that ship, sunk with it ... Ready to go bananas ... I hear this voice in the back of my mind like mack tighten up your circle. Before they hurt you
Lyrics to "C'mon Let Me Ride" song by SKYLAR GREY: And the wheels go round. .. and round... and round... If you got a sweet tooth, You ... C'mon, let me ride your bicycle ... Flip backwards while I flip this bike on it's banana seat. My fantasy's ...
JAKE OWEN LYRICS - Eight Second Ride
Lyrics to "Eight Second Ride" song by JAKE OWEN: Come on I said, "Hey girl, what's your name Haven't I seen you before? I recognize them dark green...
WAX LYRICS - Wax Goes Bananas On Shade 45
Lyrics to "Wax Goes Bananas On Shade 45" song by WAX: If there was a crowd right here right now I would make em say all right And if you know a damn ... Rappers straight looking up to me like I'm Sistine Chapel paint ... Pussy so wet you think it just got off the log ride ... Steppin' in the ring before you got your skills honed
PRINCE LYRICS - Let's Go Grazy
Let's look for the purple banana 'Til they put us in ... Before the grim reaper come knocking on your door. Tell me, are we gonna let the elevator bring us down
Lyrics to "Ticket To Ride" song by THE BEATLES: I think I'm gonna be sad I think it's today, yeah The girl that's driving me mad Is going away She'...
THE GAME LYRICS - 300 Bars & Runnin'
Just loan me your ears for 15 minutes. Walk with me. Here the breakdown, pass the doja, .45 in the holster. Hollow tips'll fold 'em, them niggaz they toy soldiers
MEEK MILL LYRICS - Y'all Don't Hear Me (Freestyle)
Loso waddup? Check me, I from the city where the skinny niggas ride Wh... ... Make me put it on you and have your own homies tryna swarm you. I'm sworn to riding with this ... Know a couple young'uns that died before their grandma. I'm not trying to ... But now I got that paper in and I be going bananas. Like Tony Montana ...
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Ain't Nothing Like Pimpin'
And like I told your ass before you can fuck my hoe. I ride nuthin but vogues, ain't hittin no switches. Top down in my Caddy just me and my bitches. With a Ziplock bag ... She gotcha looking like an old banana peel in the dirt. Bitch, slipped up ...
Lyrics to "We Ride" song by RIHANNA: Ride when we ride we ride It's 'til the day that we ... You were out we your friends ... Made me feel like I'm floating (yeah)
ZAC BROWN BAND LYRICS - Where The Boat Leaves From
Take one part sand, and one part sea, one part shade of banana tree ... And I know this is the place for me ... Where a ride that floats and don't grab your coats
They seeing me, but I don't see them suckers (see them suckers) I ain't gon lie, man my ... Wake me up, this a sick dream (what) Got the Alpine with ... That's why I cop the AR with banana clips (ay, ay) [Hook x2] ... I was saying Yeah before Usher (what) ... Disrespect the Chevy, still riding on spokes (ay, spokes) You fucking ...
Lyrics to "I Need You" song by ZUSE: Girl, I need you, like never before Bang, bang, who's there? Knocking on your front door It's me, gi...
MONTANA OF 300 LYRICS - Trap Queen
If you love your life you better let them bands go. I was out here ... And I can ride with my baby. I just left ... Planet of the apes me and broskinem tote banana clips
TONY YAYO LYRICS - We Don't Give A Fuck
Lyrics to "We Don't Give A Fuck" song by TONY YAYO: We, we don't give a fuck about you Your homey on the block ... Before you snitch, yeah see I know what you chumps'll do ... Four niggaz in a whip, AK banana clip. War time, frontline, nigga ride or run and hide ... I got a crew of schitzos behind me, I give 'em the word
A yo this beat is bananas. Gave king ... Take a look at my ride, you see the doors fall off 'Cause the ... They can hear me coming, you can hear before you see me ... Cause that King Kong will have your ears ringing like a ring tone [Chorus:]
MEEK MILL LYRICS - Funk Flex Freestyle #017
Finna go banana like the K clip. Niggas talk ... Seen too many trill niggas fall to let you bitch niggas beat me 'Fore I take a loss ... Riding down Broad Street, I'm in the Bach again ... When your momma a fiend but your lil' sister a queen. And the  ...
Lyrics to "Let's Ride" song by HAYSTAK: Let me get a cigarette dawg Check ... Could be your mama my mama shit any of us's mama's who gotta identify us before ... Scandalous shit ain't nothin you cant handle with banana clips damn thats ...
Sam Lachow feat. Sky Blaow, Ryan Campbell & J. Byrd - Banana ...
Lyrics for Banana Goo Pie (Bonus Track) by Sam Lachow feat. ... outkast my favorite rappers andre if i finish my career before my album is out if my pants ... but between me and you i got a soft spot for many things chow hits gums puff buds pops ... than your lunch done dumb yellow mood ready for the ride dabs all night and ...
THE BEATLES LYRICS - The Long And Winding Road
The long and winding road, that leads, to your door. Will never disappear, I've seen that road before. It always leads me here, lead me to your door. The wild and ...
THE GAME LYRICS - Outro (Red Bandana)
Why you snitch on me and tell 'em that (he wears a red bandana) All the Pirus know ... I'm a renegade ride with the 44, been a gangbanger all my life, fuck the popo. I ain't never been a ... I move that chronic and yayo, way before I met 50, Banks, Buck and Yayo Ask Eminem ... your shoes are straight garbage your movies ...
And they ask me, they ask me, they ask me, I tell them (here's to Rocafella) Raise your glasses, your glasses, your glasses to the sky (here's to the roc) This is the last call for ... I'm the Gap like Banana Republic and Old Navy, and oooh. It come out sweeter .... ten days before I had to actually get out. So I ain't have to deal
Lyrics to "You Can Leave" song by KEVIN GATES: Nigga run up on me with the ... Banana boats how we came over ... Your right wrist got my name on it
We Don't Give A Fuck Lyrics - Tony Yayo feat. 50 Cent ...
50 Cent and Lloyd Banks": We We don't give a fuck about you, Your homie on the ... ... Before you snitch, yeah, see I know what you chumps will do. Sunny day; hot fudge, vanilla, banana split. Four niggers in the whip A.K. banana clip. Wartime, frontline, n**** ride or running high ... I got a crew o' schizo's behind me
Lettin' all these hoes ride my dick, car pools. My bars passed the bar ... She say " Tunechi you the shit, you need your ass wiped" I say "Before you gas me up, check the gas price" Then I make her ... Man, nuts and bananas. You know how the ...
Aye, get out your motherfuckin seat to this one, you know? Slat! Slat! Slat! ... Compromise shit, down to ride shit ... Got banana clips for all these niggas actin' monkey ... These percocets, they got me so high I swear I'm in my own damn zone
I just wanna ride, ride through the city in a Cutlass Find a big butt bitch, ... And if you got a hoe before me, then she better be a 10. I ain't picky but these girls be ...
Mark Ronson feat. Mystikal - Feel Right Lyrics
Nov 27, 2014 You gon' mess around and make me knock your fruit juice loose Ya banana, ya watermelon and pomegranate too Rhyming kung-fu that split ...
JACK JOHNSON LYRICS - Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
Must I always be playing playing your fool? I sing ya ... And maybe you been through this before. But it's my first ... Keep building me up, then shooting me down
KIMYA DAWSON LYRICS - My Rollercoaster
When I look at your face I can tell that you're not going to be stopping soon or even slowing down. And if we keep ... And before I had a mini van I road the greyhound bus. My mom would ... Knowing that you do them too makes me really happy. On the road ... I'm gonna ride the biggest ride it'll be out of sight. Then I'll share ...
Lyrics to "Like Me" song by LOGIC: Tryna get it like me, can't get it like me Tryna get it like, like me Tryna get it like, ... Only bring your friends if them bitches look identical ... This record was written right before I got on the stage ... Like a realer banana this get me iller ... She gon roll with us like she need a ride to the crib ( word)
Presidential Rollie, nigga, where your wrist at? I can kill you in four ... Let me tell you who suck, like banana Now or Laters ... Now do you wanna ride, back seat of my Caddy? Used to ... Before that it was missing teeth and nickle sack baggies

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