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D4L LYRICS - Get Real Low
Bend yo knees until your hips go. D4L...Bend your knees until your hips go. Make ya get real low bounce on your toes hit after hit [Chorus] Make ya get real low ...
Super Jigga TC - Action Lyrics
Gyal the way your bounce does shake the ground yuh causing eruption. Cause you got plenty vibes, ... Gyal I wah yuh wine and touch your toes. Yuh raising meh body ... Gyal ah wah yuh wine and bend down low yeah. When yuh give me that  ...
Lyrics to "Like That" song by WEBBIE: Like that like that, Bounce ya ass like that like that. ... stripper, up and down like flippa, bend over let me see it from the back . ... bend towards the floor I want your hands where your toes be. ... I want to get an ounce of hydro get alicia eyes low take her to the suite and make her hit all of  ...
Everywhere we get down. It's 'bout to ... I turn around and make it bounce like a basketball. Bounce ... Rocking not stopping, bend over go 'head touch your toes
Lyrics to "Bend Ova" song by LIL JON: Bend ova, make your knees touch your elbows! Bend ova, make ... Hands on your knees, bounce that ass like a yoga ball
USHER LYRICS - Yeah! (Remix)
(Remix)" song by USHER: Peace up, A-Town down Philly! Yeah! (yeah! ... Probably bouncing to Rap music, the four life fluid. And it does ... The way she " get low!" I'm like yeah, ... Then bend over to the FRONT - and touch your toes! I - left the ...
Lil Jon & Eastside Boyz - A Lil Low Now Lyrics
all the hoes get lil lil low a lil low now (x8). said ah shit, god damn, get off your ass and jam i see ya shakin lil mama shawty bounce that ass gimme a reme bottle ...
CHOPPA LYRICS - Choppa Style
Won't you bend that ass over now pop it like it hot. Put yo head between your legs and touch your toes. Bounce your booty up and down--Ooh girl, there you go. Won't ya walk like a model. If you a independent woman, maybe I'ma holla
Shoulda known that you would bring me down. Yeah, I've been dancing with the devil, like, oh, oh, oh, oh. The Cash Cash make my ass bounce back [Verse 1 ... To try to pay attention to what your momma say. She just ... Let's go! And I love the way shorty get low. And the way she bending over and she touching on her toes
Lil' Jon - Pop That Pussy Lyrics
... by Lil' Jon. Bend over, won't you pop that pussy for me. ... Big old booty, now make it bounce ... Go and touch your toes ... The down-low on Aubrey Graham.
BEYONCE KNOWLES LYRICS - Get Me Bodied (Extended Remix)
Drop down low and sweep the floor wit it drop drop down low and sweep the floor wit it, Drop down ... Pat your weaves ladies pat pat pat your weaves ladies watch it while he check up on it, ... Do the scissor leg, touch ya heels touch ya toes
LiL' PoP - Make Dat Ass Wiggle Lyrics
Girl bend over, touch your toes, all that ass, make it ... Wiggle that, bounce that, move it all around, squat down low, make that ass touch the ground, baby bend it  ...
Bend it over, touch your toes. Break it down, let it ... Hands down, bad honey. Do it wrong, go ... The way she pick it up and bounce it in the air. The way she rock ...
Mike L TuneY - Bounce It Lyrics
do that thing, up and down, twe-twenty K in my pocket, twerk it up if you want it, got a bunch of bad hoes, jump in my condo, bend it over and touch your toes,
LUDACRIS LYRICS - What's Your Fantasy Remix
Lyrics to "What's Your Fantasy Remix" song by LUDACRIS: Yeah (Remix) Yeah ... I wanna li-li-li-lick you from your head to your toes. And I wanna move from the bed down, to the down to the, to the floor ... Make you bounce till you pass out
TRU (Master P) - Freak Hoes Lyrics
Hey check this out miss thang or should I say bitch do you like to shake / your ass in the club do you a motherfucker. ... freak hoes freak hoes bounces your ass and let your knees touch your elbows ... The down-low on Aubrey Graham. Discuss ...
Lyrics to "I Wanna Fuck" song by YO GOTTI: Freak hoes Freak hoes Bounce that ass make ya knees touch ya elbows This for ... Bounce that ass make ya knees touch ya elbows ... Bend it over touch ya toes ... I'mma call you throw that pussy back you call me hang low ... I got the set and the sneakers I just want your fitted cap
Lyrics to "Get On Your Knees" song by NICKI MINAJ: Get on your knees, get on your knees, get on your knees Baby ... When I'm bouncing, it chill out, and don't you make a mistake with it ... I'ma need you to give these other dudes the run down
TYGA LYRICS - Make It Nasty
Uhhh. Yeah Bitch Make it Nasty Tongue down her throat. While the other ... Oh, bend it over, make you touch your toes. I like how she merry-go-round round the  ...
YING YANG TWINS LYRICS - Ying Yang Vs. Lil Jon And The East ...
Bend over to the front touch toes back dat ass up and down and get low (get low) Bend over to the front touch toes back dat ass up and down and get low (get ...
Lyrics to "Bring It Back" song by TRAVIS PORTER: Runnin in that pussy like a crash dummy Bend it over, touch ya toes Shake that ass for me Bounce tha...
Now drop it low and let me see your hips swing. Down to the floor, now let me see you hips swing. Now drop it ... Knees bent, ass out, come on push your ass out
Yo Gotti - I Wanna Fuck Lyrics
Freak hoes bounce dat ass make your knees touch your elbows (2x). (Yo Gotti verse) This ... Bend it over, touch your toes. ... Ima call you throw that pussy back, you call me hang low. (Chorus) ... Yo Gotti - Down In the DM Music Video. Down In ...
Keep it on the low, DL my initials. Nigga's be ... That's fireplace, we might pop up where your mama stay ... Keep them on they toes DeJ keep em guessing ... Take a L, bounce back gotta restack it ... I was cooling down, now I'm revamping
MR. CHEEKS LYRICS - Lights, Camera, Action
LB, G.I. one fam, oh my (Bounce with me now) Big, dawg ... Money spent, niggas gettin bent, chicks in front of me ... Plus I'm do' low at a table - I'm fuckin with this chick, ... Touches her toes, and she can make her butt talk ... I love the way it's goin down she got the thong on ... Lookin as good as ya smell, pay your own bills
I have respect for every man that demand your respect, Nigga still alive, He lying if he said he ... full of gangstas and we both know this, If a sucker run up on me he can get bent up, Hold it down for my real niggas still penned up, Luca Brasi!!
Bend over to the front, touch the toes. Back dat ass up and down and get low 3, 6, 9, stand real fine. Move it to you suck it to me one mo time. Get low, get low, get ...
Lil Wil - Bust It Open Lyrics
Drop it down low 'n' bring it back up to my intersection. I wanna feel ya inner section, penetrate my inner section. Bend ova, wiggle it, wobble it, girl, I'm luvin' it. You just keep ... Pussy like a camel toe, ass shake like a Georgia peach. Pop me a ...
THE GAME LYRICS - 300 Bars & Runnin'
I went down one of them Bodaga shits right there in Harlem Got me a bootleg ... Now, there's the speaker, bring your ears a little closer. Before you .... Both feet in the dirt, 300 Bars and Running And I beef ... Pull the brim low, if they don't get it
Lil' Jon - Bend Over Lyrics
Hook: / Bend Over, won't u pop dat pussy fo me.. / Bend Over ... Big ol' booty, Make it bounce.. Pop dat pussy ... Put a hump in ya back, Get low wit it.. Ay!! ... Gon' touch ya toes, Show me what u bout.. Make that ... Turn Down for What. Lil' Jon ...
Worms squeezing their way through my toes. Tonight that's how it ... Then through the glass I see your dress fall to the floor as he embraces every inch of you
M.E. feat. A.Love - Hydrolics Lyrics
Apr 17, 2014 One that ain't scared to drop it down and get low ... and down, up and down Hydrolics, hydrolics Watch me bounce, watch me bounce HyDrOlicS!!! ... Clap you thighs, clap your thighs Clap your thighs then . ... Bend it ova, touch ya toes Now spread ya legs and do the splits Now let me see ya do it on a DiCk!
My head is stuck in the clouds. She begs me to come down. Says, "Boy, quit foolin' around" I told her, "I love the view from up here. Warm sun and wind in my ear
Lyrics to "Get Low" song by DILLON FRANCIS: Brrr, brrr! Brrr, brrr! Get low, get get get low Low Get, get, get, get low when the whistle blow...
Big Booty Judy Lyrics - Ying Yang Twins
I spent my money while your poping that front and bouncing that ass doin what they gotta ... you wanna see a girl get low, drop that nugget down to the floor so indeed she with it ... Bend over touch your toes and get loose with it, Big booty judy ...
Eyes real low, just blame it on the green ... Better make, sure you fuck ya girl right 'fore I dick her, down (Flocka!) .... Oh! Twista, I see your future, finna shoot ya
KEVIN GATES LYRICS - Baddest In The Building
Got your hand on my head while I'm chewin' on your kitty. I'm the ... Imma hit you with uhhh that I done came down ... Head to tha toes, shoes to tha clothes
She bend that thing ova and to the ground. She can ... Bouncing slow. Shorty's ... Goddamn little buddy touch your toes ... Shorty slide up and down on that pole,
B.O.B LYRICS - HeadBand
She head down, booty poppin' in a handstand. I shine bright, I'll give your girl a slight tan. I make that ... She bend it over, touch her toes when she toot that there
Bend at the waist, lean to the front. Now BOUNCE yo body to the, just a little bit harder. Shawty move yo feet just a little. Aint nobody here ... Tell her if you give me your number then maybe I call her. She said that ... Wop [X4] Slow down like. AY

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