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YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Cross Me Lyrics
[YoungBoy Never Broke Again:] I was blind when they crossed me (Yeah) I was blind when they crossed me (I was blind) I was blind when they crossed me (Oh I) I was blind when they crossed me [Lil Baby:] I'm in that 'Vette again (Slatt), I just went top speed I should've knew they would cross me They sit around, talk about me
Lil Yachty - NBAYoungBoat Lyrics
I'm with Lil Baby yeah, keep a .380, yeah I'm with big slime yeah you know we going brazy, yeah (slatt) [NBA YoungBoy:] 17 with four babies, yeah Lotta money know they hate me yeah One on four they try to play me, yeah Shoot his ass right up in here Diamonds they shine like a headlight I keep that lil bitch off her head right
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Have You Ever Lyrics ...
YoungBoy Never Broke Again "Have You Ever": ... You say you got a boyfriend, well let me be your friend Baby matter fact, let me be your helping hand I ain't tryna get up in your business girl, I'm just saying ... baby that's just my lil symbol Put you up in the summer baby even in the winter
NBA Young Boy 38 - 38 Baby Lyrics. Ion give a fuck who out here doing this shit mane, (yea) You know, nigga know what the fuck this is mane NBA gang, ya heard me? I go by youn
NBA YoungBoy - 4 Sons Of A King Lyrics
NBA YoungBoy "4 Sons Of A King": This for lil' Kayden, my first born (Draco) You made a nigga strong, ... This for lil' Taylin, my second baby, my wildest son (Tay Tay) Before it's done, I promise we'll have a bond (PlayBoy on this bitch but he ain't playin' though) ... Old friends call me, mistake 'em for somebody else
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - My Window Lyrics
[NBA YoungBoy:] (Got it on Smash) I'm smokin' on the best right now Believe that I can vouch for that, I can bet money on that That whip cost money, I ain't lyin' My mama said I did it, I'm up, stop playin' with me, yeah He get caught playin' games, recieve that fine, yeah Shawty got a thing for them tunes, I been playin' her keys
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Soul Stealer Lyrics ...
Demon baby, demon flow Say they fuck with you but really don't A-I gang 'cause I seen it before Real gang baby made through the snow Like a Hot Boy, I been in here Come on Top, boy, it's killin' season Catchin' a water shark for any reason (Grrt, bah) Oh, oh-oh (Tryna talk my talk, that shit)
NBA Youngboy Song Lyrics
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YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Ride Lyrics
Don't need no job baby, we gon' count up on the daily And we can gamble and be on like we up in Vegas She like YoungBoy you the realest She say she forever with me All alone when we kick it Let's go higher, told her stars is the limit Double cup my lean just to make it through the night Let's take our chances baby, it's gon' be alright
Lil Baby - Pure Cocain Lyrics
I'm livin' my best life for real Just left the dealership, no tag If we opposite it won't work, it won't last Be the 'opp-o-site' knocked off, toe tags Ain't been home in a month, got my hoe mad They need me in the trap but I, can't go back I jumped out of Porsche with a ho that's 'bout to snap I got M's in the bank, give a damn what they think
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Dead Trollz Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dead Trollz' by YoungBoy Never Broke Again. [Intro] That lil'-ass bag, and that pussy-ass boy won't say it, ayy Man, you don't come future around this way, nigga (Free DDawg) (PlayBoy on this bitch)
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - How I Live Lyrics
NBA Gang la familia, no we don't do no friends [x2] In my zone going hard right now I won't stop till' the top where I'm going right now I ain't lying I'm going in it's my time right now All day working I ain't taking calls right now KD got the cannabis card, where the smoke at? In California I'm with Eli we on Fairfax
NBA Youngboy Featured Song Lyrics
View All. Videos. NBA YoungBoy - Gsg (Lyrics) Video XXXTentacion's Death Leaves Abuse Allegations Unanswered: 'No One Wins' Video 8 Things You Didn't Know About Drake Video; NBA Youngboy - I Ain't Hiding Lyrics Video; NBA Youngboy - Like Me lyrics Video; NBA Youngboy - Ride On Em (Lyrics) Video XXXTentacion Attends His Own Funeral in Eerie Music Video Video
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Black Cloud Lyrics
Lost one friend and I gotta advance Young rich nigga need to buy me some land Real go-getter, she don't need no man She so thick and the tone of her skin Make a nigga wanna try dating again Oh Holly, I'm so sorry You my only friend I feel you right onside me I never want this for the end Your energy keep on calling I pick up
Lil Baby - Best Of Me Lyrics
I came too far to stop now, I can't let a nigga get the best of me Submit Corrections. Writer(s): Christopher N'quay Rosser, Dominique Jones. AZLyrics. L. Lil Baby Lyrics. mixtape: "Too Hard" (2017) To The Top. Money. All Of A Sudden. Money Forever. Best Of Me. Ride My Wave. Hurry. Sum More. Going For It. Slow Mo. Trap Star. Eat Or Starve ...
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Traumatized Lyrics
[Lil Baby:] Traumatized since I was a boy Hit the target, we don't shoot at cars We'll shoot at 12, nigga fuck the law Scream fuck 'em all, we forever ball When I hit the head, watch the body fall It's guns up when we involved Thirty eight baby, keep my relover Glizzy with a dick, that's the problem solver Traumatized, traumatized, traumatized ...
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Lil Top Lyrics
NBA YoungBoy shared a snippet of this song music video on Instagram on the 21st of February 2020. He captioned the clip with "'LIL TOP' #outnow #sfss" as a referense to the album title, "Still Flexin, Still Steppin".
NBA YoungBoy - Litty Lyrics
[NBA Youngboy:] We party, we smoking, we breaking the rules We turnt up, won't turn down, like ain't nothing to do We rock out, we boot up, we litty like ohhh-ya Yeah, vibe out, we have fun, I'm up in my mood On my level, I'm so high, I'm way on the moon Outside to my ride, me and you can move, yeah I ain't never been to a party like this before
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Lil Top lyrics YoungBoy Never ...
YoungBoy Never Broke Again's YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Lil Top lyrics music video in high definition. Learn the full song lyrics at MetroLyrics. ... NBA Youngboy - LYRICS NEW SONG: Lil Baby, Moneybagg Yo - 'No Sucker ' - LYRICS HOT SONG: Playboi Carti - '@ MEH' - LYRICS
NBA YoungBoy - Murder Lyrics
Got the VVSs dripping, lil nigga tried to reach and all he seen was a motherfucking red light Now they scared right Called your baby mama over cause her head's right I push your favorite rapper in a wheel chair Niggas say they from the street but bitch I'm still there [NBA Youngboy:] Nigga play he gone get his head bust You know how we comin
NBA YoungBoy - Moral Lyrics
Fuck a bitch, I don't talk to my baby mama And I better not hear my name flyin' through the wind Make me send Pap for to spin the benz I appreciate the love but don't need the fame I just want the money, I don't want no friends Deno knockin' at the door, let him come inside Ben wet em up, somebody want a 35 Cold hearted, lost my mind when Lil ...
Moneybagg Yo & NBA YoungBoy - Appeal Lyrics
Moneybagg Yo & NBA YoungBoy "Appeal": ... Baby mama callin', trippin', jealous 'bout the other one I told her I wasn't gon' have no more kids ... I know that's your friend but I was just tempted Fuck me so good I flew her to Memphis I told you I'm sorry bae, I was just tripping
NBA Youngboy - Ride On Em (Lyrics) NBA Youngboy - Ride On ...
NBA Youngboy's NBA Youngboy - Ride On Em (Lyrics) music video in high definition. Learn the full song lyrics at MetroLyrics. ... Lil Baby 'Sum 2 Prove' - LYRICS POPULAR SONG: Bad Bunny & Sech – 'Ignorantes' - LYRICS HOT SONG: YoungBoy Never Broke Again - 'Lil Top' - LYRICS
Untouchable (Remix) [feat. Nba Young Boy] - KaSaunJ feat ...
KaSaunJ feat. NBA Youngboy - Untouchable (Remix) [feat. Nba Young Boy] Lyrics. I remeber I wanted for to quit so many time But I know this is my moment come now its my time I gotta make up for them nights that my mama c
NBA Youngboy - Outside Today Lyrics
NEW ALBUM: XXXTENTACION - 'Bad Vibes Forever' - Track-List! NEW ALBUM: Lil Wayne Drops New Album 'Funeral' ft. Adam Levine , Watch Will Smith perform to iconic song 'Prince Ali' from Aladdi
NBA Youngboy - Beam Effect Lyrics
Watch Will Smith perform to iconic song 'Prince Ali' from Aladdi; NEW ALBUM: XXXTENTACION - 'Bad Vibes Forever' - Track-List! NEWS: Chicago Rapper Juice WRLD is dead at 21!
YoungBoy Never Broke Again Song Lyrics
Nba Youngboy - Trap House Lyrics 2018: Gangsta Fever Lyrics 2019: All My Niggas Lyrics 2018: Murda Lyrics 2018: Rock & Roll Intro Lyrics 2018: Lonely Child Lyrics 2019: Play Me Lyrics 2018: Show Me Your Love Lyrics 2018: Rich As Hell Lyrics 2019: Sky Cry Lyrics 2018: RIP Lil Phat Lyrics 2020: We Dem Lyrics 2018: WGBT Lyrics 2018: 38 Heights ...
NBA Youngboy - Twilight (Lyrics) NBA Youngboy - Twilight ...
Nba Youngboy - Not Wrong Now (lyrics) NBA Youngboy - Cross Me (Lyrics) NBA Youngboy x All I Know Is Murder… NBA Youngboy - Murda Man Lyrics NBA Youngboy - Hypnotized (Lyrics) ... Rick Ross, Lil Baby & S-X - LYRICS HOT SONG: Harry Styles - 'Watermelon Sugar' - LYRICS ...
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Genie Lyrics
All for you I'll take a slug baby Who the realest had to tell her I'm a genie I can answer wishes (yeah) I got my static when you ride with me We got pulled over no you ain't going to do no time for me I put my hands up police drew down on me So many charges make me wanna go way over seas Reminiscing 'bout them days I was sittin' up in that cage
Lil Baby News
YoungBoy Never Broke Again released a new song called "One Shot" ft. Lil Baby. Check Out NBA Youngboy new single! One Shot, Lil Baby, YoungBoy Never Broke Again HOT SONG: Lil Baby - "The Bigger Picture" - LYRICS ... The Best Moments From The 2017 BET Awards Featuring Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar, Chance, Future and more.
NBA Youngboy Nba Youngboy-Gravity Lyrics Nba Youngboy ...
NBA Youngboy's Nba Youngboy-Gravity Lyrics music video in high definition. Learn the full song lyrics at MetroLyrics. ... NEW SONG: Lil Baby, Moneybagg Yo - 'No Sucker ' - LYRICS HOT SONG: Playboi Carti - '@ MEH' - LYRICS HOT SONG: Rod Wave - 'Girl Of My Dreams' - LYRICS
NBA Youngboy - Dedicated Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dedicated' by NBA Youngboy. Since a yungin' I been gettin' it on my own You gotta get it nigga, that's what I was told I ain't quittin' and I put that on my soul I'm dedicated, that's on everything I know I'm dedicated baby that's on all I know
Latest Music News
YoungBoy Never Broke Again released a new song called "One Shot" ft. Lil Baby. Check Out NBA Youngboy new single! One Shot, Lil Baby, YoungBoy Never Broke Again NEW SONG: J. Cole - "Snow On Tha Bluff" - LYRICS ... 7 Best Moments From Artists We Talked To This Year See all Liner Notes.
Birdman & NBA YoungBoy - We Poppin Lyrics
Yeah, we poppin', oh now I could say lil' bitch we poppin' Yeah, we poppin', oh [Birdman & YoungBoy Never Broke Again:] Mm, we get that money from U.S. and flip it overseas (flip it overseas) Transport that pack with a trunk full of hella kis (full of hella kis) I'm from a pound with my round, we'll bust and flee (we'll bust and flee)
DaBaby - JUMP Lyrics
Hold on, I'm Lil Top, nigga, believe that [YoungBoy Never Broke Again (DaBaby):] I make it jump like, like crack in the '80s Baby, these bitch ass niggas ain't crazy Broke ass, ASCAP go straight to my baby (Hold on, Lil Top, talk to 'em, nigga) And I'll make my bitch talk to me when we fuckin' (Talk back) Big rocks on my wrist, I bust it (Bling)
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