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Rae Sremmurd - Real Chill Lyrics
Big diamonds on my mouth when I burp. Big rims when I skrt-skrt. Woah, leave my prints in the dirt, yeah. Leave them broke niggas hurt, uh. I'm that nigga, fuck ...
BIG SEAN LYRICS - Mula (Remix)
Lyrics to "Mula (Remix)" song by BIG SEAN: Where my real niggas that's gon' ... You put your rims on and you think that you're balling ... I oopsy-daisys on a skirt
I'm sqautting on rims, but should I say limpin'? 454 thats a real big engine, how much I spent on it? nigga that ain't yo business. Humongous ... and the rims look like pickle juice 26 inches sittin' on the skirt tails y'all, look, really not difficult
BIG KRIT LYRICS - Hype (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "Hype (Freestyle)" song by BIG KRIT: I'm on a roll like a rim on a rolls Swangers adapting while scraping them fours Pressing them button...
BIG KRIT LYRICS - That Part (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "That Part (Freestyle)" song by BIG KRIT: Lately, I been talking to my ego That we gon be one ... Bumping UGK, my rims don't scrape my trunk on quake
BIG KRIT LYRICS - Lock Jaw (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "Lock Jaw (Freestyle)" song by BIG KRIT: Feel like I shoulda put a grill in for this one They hollin ... And buy another old school and sit it on some rims
LUKE BRYAN LYRICS - That's My Kind Of Night
I got that real good feel good stuff. Up under the seat of my big black jacked up truck. Rollin' on 35s. Pretty girl by my side. You got that sun tan skirt and boots
MIGOS - Bad And Boujee lyrics
(skrt) I tell that bitch to come comfort me (comfort for me) I swear these niggas is under me (hey) ... Yeah, dat way, big dyke ho get it on, Macy Gray (hey).
Lyrics to "Big Daddy" song by NICKI MINAJ: You hear that right there? That sound ... Your bitch call me big daddy ... I tell her keep on them heels and that mini skirt ... My shooters, they shoot at your head, like the rim just to see if the net work
J. COLE LYRICS - Be (Freestyle)
I signed a big deal and went to the dealership. Man they ... Like a gym or a rim dog, I'm built for the game ... But I'm just trying to find what you hiding in that skirt
Big Tymers - Still Fly Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Still Fly' by Big Tymers. Whassup ... Put the Caddy up, start the three wheel Benz (skirt!) Hyper white ... And the rims keeps spinning every time I stop
WEBBIE LYRICS - Bad Bitch (Remix)
I'm in this cheerleader skirt, and these legs flexible. You flippin and pushin and ... Own damn house flossed out big screen mayne. I'll bring the whole hundred ...
Fuck that bitch, until she tired, 'Til she tired like a rim. Give her head like a brim, ... Lift up that mini-skirt. That's my dinner, desert. She fell in love with the martian
Cake - Wheels Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wheels' by Cake: And the muscular cyborg German dudes dance with sexy French Canadians ... Cake - Cake Short skirt, long jacket lyrics Lyric Video.
Hoes see the chrome 4's and they follow, got my rims from the chrome big and tall ... When they see me skirt ... Chevy so big, I'm livin' like a midget when I'm in it
JAY-Z LYRICS - FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt
200 in the dash we gonna rev it, skirt. Lucky Luciano is what that call me Paisano ... I'm riding big coming down that beach. Geechy niggas with satin sheets
TAYLOR SWIFT - Style lyrics
And I got that good girl faith and a tight little skirt, And when we go crashing down , we come back every time. Cause we never go out of style. We never go out of ...
BIG KRIT LYRICS - Money On The Floor
Lyrics to "Money On The Floor" song by BIG KRIT: Is it me or is it something bout a car that ... Now she's dancing on the table, skirt done went up to her navel
I need me a bitch, with some big old thighs. I need me a fine ass ... I need me a bitch that'll shine my rims up and open my door. I need me a bitch, ... I need me a bitch in the middle of the grocery store she'll lift up her skirt. I need me a bitch, like  ...
Short skirt look kind of fine in it ... Look round it's kinda like sex on wheels. Chain all blinging, big stage a canee all swinging dropped a little change on wigan f ...
about none of y'all (fuck y'all) I'm ridin til the wheels fall off. I only rides with my Doggs ... I skirt out, I hit a corner on ya, fuck doin halfway. I do it to the fullest, I'll ...
Famous Dex feat. Quavo & Rich The Kid - Goin for Ten lyrics ...
Mar 10, 2017 ... I bought my bh a new uber (skrt) I know my bh is way cuter (mwaaah) I ... on ' em, you know what I'm saying, big-big head like Jimmy Neutron, you ... walk with a 10, them ns don't want to win(fuck em) I need a pipe rim, rim, ...
Project baby, came from Hot Wheels to riding in a foreign. And my diamonds come from Tokyo, yoin yoin yoin. Power high come from Tokyo, I call 'em ching ...
Outkast - A Life In The Day Of Benjamin Andre Lyrics
Moved away from home to school with big plans. By day ... You're hiking up your skirt now ... You fix it up, you trick it out, you give it rims, you give it bump
SNOOP DOGG LYRICS - Gin & Juice #2
Put my shit on three wheels for thrills. I hit a corner and make ... And then it got worse, cus now I got my hand up and down her mini-skirt. Twerkin' that shit ... Were's Serv-D, well serve me, since you got that big bad ass dangle. Nigga you know ...
J. Cole - Be Freestyle Lyrics
I signed a big deal and went to the dealership ... like a gym or a rim dog, I'm built for the game ... but I'm just trying to find what you're hiding in that skirt ay Cole ...
So let me see you make dat ass roll like my rims. Spinnin like ... Let dat ass roll like 24s on a big truck ... Pull up ya skirt and work it like da hook keep sangin
Big K.R.I.T. - Money On The Floor Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Money On The Floor' by Big K.R.I.T.. Is it me or is it ... I regret it, the bitch just can't stop. Now she's dancing on the table, skirt done went up to her navel
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Get That Dough
Big hat pimp strong daddy. Got my hoes on my arm ... And I see ya in that Gucci skirt ya sweet. But later on I ... And put the rims on the whip then diamonded up
RUN DMC LYRICS - Walk This Way
That's a real big/pleaser. As far as I can remi/ ... Little skirt hangin way up her knee. It was three ... So I took a big chance at the high school dance. With a miss  ...
these hoes dont love me, they love my benz, love my rims, love my style, these fiends ... switch em with bigger stash, movin my work, jus for some boots n a skirt,
Bruce Springsteen - Red Headed Woman Lyrics
It takes a red headed woman. To get a dirty job done. Tight skirt, strawberry hair. Tell me what you've got baby, waiting under there. Big green eyes that look like, ...
Big Tymers - Still Fly lyrics and translation
Feb 28, 2011 Lyrics and translation for Still Fly by Big Tymers. ... start the three wheel Benz ( Skirt) Hyper white lights, ultra-violet lens Suma-tuma tires and ...
at the end of the tunnel tried to hit me for my rims. I never thought thirty ... Orga-no -i-z-e-Mr. D.J. and me and Big Boi [Chorus] ... a hoe pull up her skirt. I drunk that ...
A Beautiful Silence - Big Booty Bitches Lyrics
Big Booty Bitches lyrics performed by A Beautiful Silence: I stop but my rims keep ... flip up her skirt and then I'll tear off her blouse, and then I'll fuck her all night ...
2PAC LYRICS - Catching Feelins
We in the big things. Eat a dick man. If your hating. We gone ride 'Till the wheels fall off. Pay attention. Screaming ... Niggas put on a skirt. These drugs ain't ...
Wiz Khalifa - Dispensary Lyrics
Pull up in the Porsche, skirt up, smokin' that murda. Illest that you've ... The rims on the whip all chrome clipse ... Big dog stacker, punk bitch slap a bitch trappin'
Lyrics to "I'm That Nigga" song by KODAK BLACK: Aye man let me get my rim on ice man Let me get that check straight hunnids Let me get my back in be...
Webbie - I'm Ready Lyrics
Hit them niggas heart tell big boy to skirt off. Ten toes down now ten hoes down ... Rims keep spinning fuck hoes I'll consider. Tote high four five dope house I'm ...
Big K.R.I.T. - Money On The Floor lyrics
Money On The Floor lyrics by Big K.R.I.T.: [Big Krit verse] / Is it me or is it something about a ... Chromed out wheels if you hop in here you might. ... Now she's dancing on the table skirt done went up to her naval niggas throwing money at her

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