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Bill Anderson - Still Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Still' by Bill Anderson. (Still) though you broke my heart / (Still) though we're far apart / (I love you still) / (Still) after all this time /
Bill Anderson - Po' Folks Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Po' Folks' by Bill Anderson. There's a whole lotta people lookin' down their noses at me / 'Cause I didn't come from a wealthy family / There was ten.
Bill Anderson - Three A.m. Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Three A.m.' by Bill Anderson. Look at me walking the streets at 3 a.m. / And you're saying what a crazy fool I am / But the one I love is out tonight.
Bill Anderson - For Loving You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'For Loving You' by Bill Anderson. (For loving you for needing you but most of all for loving you For loving you) / And now I'm losing you and I'm a.
Bill Anderson - Ninety-Nine Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ninety-Nine' by Bill Anderson. My mama always told me better than to play with a loaded gun / If I'd've just listened to her she'd've never had a.
Bill Anderson Lyrics
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Bill Anderson - Footprints In The Sand Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Footprints In The Sand' by Bill Anderson. Over all my burdens and through all my fears / Jesus carries me / Through all my trials and through all my.
Bill Anderson - Peel Me A Nanner Lyrics
PEEL ME A NANNER Writer Bill Anderson RECORDED BY ROY DRUSKY. There I was in all of my innocence lovin' you with all of my might. Come to find out I ...
Unicorn Lyrics - Bill Anderson
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Unicorn" from "Bill Anderson": Well the ark started moving and it drifted with the tide, The unicorns looked up from the rocks ...
Bill Anderson - Walk Out Backwards Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Walk Out Backwards' by Bill Anderson. I'd rather live a life of lies and fantasy / Than face the truth and realize you're leaving me / You built me.
Bill Anderson - City Lights Lyrics
Lyrics to 'City Lights' by Bill Anderson. The bright array of city lights as far as I can see / The great white way shines through the night for lonely guys.
Bill Anderson - Sometimes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sometimes' by Bill Anderson. Hello beautiful are you married ( sometimes) tell me are you happy (yes sometimes) / But sometimes I feel like I've just.
Bill Anderson - It's Been So Long Darling Lyrics
Lyrics to 'It's Been So Long Darling' by Bill Anderson. (It's been so long darling) it's been such a long time since I gazed into your eyes / (It's been so long.
Bill Anderson - Deck Of Cards Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Deck Of Cards' by Bill Anderson. When I first heard this song, I was a little boy growing up / Down in the state of South Carolina / The song had.
Bill Anderson - Whiskey Lullaby Lyrics
WHISKEY LULLABY Writers Bill Anderson, Jon Randall RECORDED AS A DUET BY BRAD PAISLEY AND ALISON KRAUSS. She put him out like the burning ...
Bill Anderson - Cold Hard Facts Of Life Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cold Hard Facts Of Life' by Bill Anderson. I got back in town a day before I'd planned to / I smiled and said I'll sure surprise my wife / I don't.
Bill Anderson - This Little Light Of Mine Lyrics
Lyrics to 'This Little Light Of Mine' by Bill Anderson. THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE / Traditional / Chorus: / This little light of mine, / I'm going to let it.
Bill Anderson - Nickels Quarters And Dimes Lyrics
NICKELS QUARTERS AND DIMES (Bill Anderson - Jimmy Gateley) '66 Moss Rose Publications RECORDED BY JIMMY GATELEY. I just took my last ten dollars ...
Bill Anderson - Country D.j. Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Country D.j.' by Bill Anderson. I'm gettin' up when my next door neighbor's / Turnin' off the late show and hittin' the hay / I've got to sign on the.
Bill Anderson - Thanks Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Thanks' by Bill Anderson. Sunday morning in the valley we would gather for the service / You would always run to meet me you'd smile at papa kinda.
Bill Anderson - Kiss You All Over Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Kiss You All Over' by Bill Anderson. When we get home babe gonna light your fire / All day I been thinkin' about you baby you're my desire / Gonna.
Bill Anderson - How Married Are You Mary Ann Lyrics
Lyrics to 'How Married Are You Mary Ann' by Bill Anderson. When I first saw you I saw something I hadn't seen in a long long time / I saw a lady who looked like.
Bill Anderson - That's What Made Me Love You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'That's What Made Me Love You' by Bill Anderson. / That's what made me love you that's what made me love you.
Bill Anderson - Golden Guitar Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Golden Guitar' by Bill Anderson. I happened to walk into a honky tonk one night down in New Orleans / Up above the bar hung a big guitar like none.
Bill Anderson - Love's Not Love (till You Give It Away) Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Love's Not Love (till You Give It Away)' by Bill Anderson. A bell's not a bell till you ring it a song's not a song till you sing it / I believe what.
Bill Anderson - Double S Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Double S' by Bill Anderson. She was sitting on a stool in a little bar / Called the Seldom Seen / When I walked over and said, 'Hi', introduced.
Bill Anderson - I Love You Drops Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Love You Drops' by Bill Anderson. They're not teardrops just sincere drops / They're I love you drops cause I love you (I love you) / They were on.
Bill Anderson - Can I Come Home To You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Can I Come Home To You' by Bill Anderson. Honey if I'll be a good boy and always say please / If I promise to do all the right things like get down.
Bill Anderson - This Is A Love Song Lyrics
Lyrics to 'This Is A Love Song' by Bill Anderson. Sometimes I catch myself staring at you while you're lying fast asleep / I memorize the moment and lock it.
Bill Anderson - Twenty Years Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Twenty Years' by Bill Anderson. I asked the man who drove the bus / To let me off at Maple Avenue / He looked at me through puzzled eyes / And said,
Bill Anderson - I Can Do Nothing Alone Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Can Do Nothing Alone' by Bill Anderson. I plowed the fields and I planted the seed I worked my hands to the bone / But the ground laid barren till.
Bill Anderson - 8 X 10 Lyrics
Lyrics to '8 X 10' by Bill Anderson. (8 by 10, 8 by 10) / All that's left of our old love now is just your picture, 8 by 10. / (A souvenir of things that might.
Bill Anderson - Sugar In Your Coffee Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sugar In Your Coffee' by Bill Anderson. SUGAR IN YOUR COFFEE / ( Ray Griff) / '72 Blue Echo Music / I came downstairs and found the morning paper  ...
Bill Anderson - One Solitary Life Lyrics
Lyrics to 'One Solitary Life' by Bill Anderson. Jesus Jesus Jesus sweetest name I know / He was born in an obscure village / The son of a simple peasant woman ...
Bill Anderson - When A Man Can't Get A Woman Off His Mind Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'When A Man Can't Get A Woman Off His Mind' by Bill Anderson. I've been fighting with these sheets again can't make myself lie still / My pillowcase.
Bill Anderson - Dis-Satisfied Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dis-Satisfied' by Bill Anderson. Dis-satisfied dis-satisfied nothin' makes you happy that I can see / Dis-satisfied dis-satisfied how long before you.
Bill Anderson - Precious Memories Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Precious Memories' by Bill Anderson. Precious mem'ries unseen angels sent from somewhere to my soul / How they linger ever near me as the sacred ...
Bill Anderson - Once A Day Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Once A Day' by Bill Anderson. When you found somebody new I thought I never would / Forget you for I thought then I never could / But time has taken.
Bill Anderson - Cold Coffee Morning Lyrics
COLD COFFEE MORNING Writers Bill Anderson, Jon Randall RECORDED BY JOHN RANDALL. G C G The saddest face I've ever shaved is staring back at me  ...
Bill Anderson - That's What It's Like To Be Lonesome Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'That's What It's Like To Be Lonesome' by Bill Anderson. The streets're dark and empty and you walk them all alone / You think about your love affair.

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