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Zack Fox - FAFO Lyrics
Black and white diamonds, man my wrist should be on blacked All my bracelets and my watches on my arms I look like Jax Came up in Atlanta me and momma had to struggle Nerdy nigga but I'm thuggin' it's the Zone 6 McLovin I was down on Custer, watchin' Martin while she suckin'
Nasty C, Lil Gotit & Lil Keed - Bookoo Bucks Lyrics ...
Black and white diamonds, Andy Griffiith, I ain't Opie Told her put her little bitty mouth on my tool Hey, hey, went and put that Cartier watch on my wrist Man, be nasty, we slime in a Bentley Wishin' to genies, my top off the 'Ghini I came from the bottom, she came in bikinis We blow the top off the op in a minute
Dolla - I'm Fucked Up Lyrics
My wrist shinin', 'cause I stay grindin' I'm the man of the future I got white diamonds, red diamonds Shit I even got fuschia She winked at me, so I winked back Where the waitress at, let's get it in motion Yeah I got the potion I thought you should know Bitch on my arm like Marilyn Monroe And she like bitches so I like her
Duwap Kaine - Youngins Lyrics
Diamonds biting on my wrist like an alligator That bitch in the club, she a booty shaker ... Bottles after bottles man I gotta take a piss ... Take a nigga shit and hold it for ransom I ain't going in without a magnum All black and white like a panda (Like a panda) Submit Corrections. AZLyrics. D. Duwap Kaine Lyrics. mixtape: "fourteen" (2016 ...
Notorious B.I.G. - One More Chance / The Legacy Remix ...
Cartier wrist-wear with diamonds in 'em (whoo) (Finest women I love with a passion!) (Ya man's a wimp, I give that ass a good thrashing!) (High fashion flyin' into all states?) (Sexin' me while ya man masturbates!) (Isn't this great?) Your flight leaves at eight Don't go don't go don't go (Her flight lands at nine, my game just rewinds, uh!)
Notorious B.I.G. - One More Chance (Remix) Lyrics ...
Cartier wrist-wear with diamonds in 'em The finest women I love with a passion Ya man's a wimp, I give that ass a good thrashin' High fashion flying into all states Sexing me while your man masturbates Isn't this great? Your flight leaves at eight (Don't go, don't go, don't go) Her flight lands at nine, my game just rewinds
Tay-K - Gotta Blast Lyrics
Young Diego Money but call me the juugg man Neck all gold, know we toting poles 30 with the red dot, aim it at your nose Look at my wrist It'll leave you froze We ain't smoking on no gram I'm smoking out a bowl One phone call and have my shooters at your throat They don't want smoke Know we love smoke Got all white diamonds like a pound of coke
KRYPTO9095 - Woah Lyrics
Diamonds all white, yeah, look like I dipped 'em in bleach (Woah) Hit on my ward and I flee, ice on my neck is like negative three (Woah) Ten times out of ten, I bet I hit yo' ho (Woah) Ain't no average Joe, oh, born in '94 (Woah) She wanna go on a date, I gave her chicken to go (Woah) Fur chinchilla, my coat, she want it bad, oh (Woah)
Kanye West - Slow Jamz Lyrics
Man, I swear she fine homes Why she always lying though Telling me them diamonds when she know they rhinestones She got a light skinned friend look like Michael Jackson Got a dark skinned friend look like Michael Jackson I played 'Ready for the World' - she was ready for some action My dog said you ain't no freak, so you're 'bout to prove my ...
Young T & Bugsey - Don't Rush Lyrics
Gucci my mom while you twiddle your thumbs. Count my sums, this is gonna get long. Love my green, I'm tryna get strong. Tryna get on, where I'm from, it's on. Yes, man don't take no dumb, threats. They see funds, they hop, fence. We been up, not up next. Don't rush, slow touch. Brown and white, like I go cunch.
Lil Wayne - Loud Pipes Lyrics
Lil Wayne Lyrics. "Loud Pipes". (feat. B.G., Baby, Juvenile, Mannie Fresh) I put piss stains on private planes, 'cause it's my jet nigga. Money ain't shit 'cause my Rottweilers drink Moët. Diamond baguette bracelets for my lovers. Player, I use Cristal to lubricate rubbers. Who got shit on his wrist that cost three nickel.
Meek Mill - Love Money Lyrics
Blood on the diamonds, blood on the back of the twenties Showed too much love, he got whacked in December Ain't no love, ain't no love, ain't no love left on my money (Ain't no love on my money, it's just blood on the money) I put blood diamonds on bitches, leave a blood trial of money (Leave a blood trail of dead presidents and Dior)
The Diplomats - Dipset Anthem Lyrics
Yeah man, I'm back at it Today's a new day, got the boo-lay up in the suitcase Go uptown to Harlem, tell 'em that I sent ya Tell 'em it's August, I'm "Gon' Til' November" I need a couple birds, get a broad, have 'em sent up Call my bird, get my broad have her sent up (Please) Call my niggaz, call my squad, have 'em sent up (Please) I see a town ...
DJ Drama & OJ Da Juiceman - I'm That Guy Lyrics
Posted in my trap house but I got 6 kitchens Right wrist a fool and my left wrist kickin All this jewlery bout a quarter ticket Car don't mention, House a half a million Got all these rooms Like I'm walking thru a buildin I'm That Guy and my chain same size as children Black and White diamonds, lookin like a pilgrim
Young Thug - WTF You Doin Lyrics
Man we gotta gotta go, we gon' go go. Gon' go brazy on this bitch, let's get it. [Young Thug:] I'ma go hit him in the leg, have the nigga try to run. I done got a little richer, all a nigga pockets Big Pun. I just got a Reggie Miller and the motherfucker one of one. I just got another bitch pregnant and my bitch say she leavin'.
Young Scooter - Diamonds And Money Lyrics
Diamonds and money, diamonds and money. Diamonds and money, diamonds and money. Free bands in my pocket, and my wrist's worth a hundred. [Verse 1:] Bundles of money, hundreds and thousands. Rolex, that's light money, diamond chains off trap houses. Earrings with the pot money, I splurge with the cap money. Don't fuck up the plug money, got a ...
Clare Dunn - Tuxedo Lyrics
You should knoooww Oh my man He got them real strong hands And after working all day out in that hot sunshine He comes walking in always lookin' so fine Oh my heart Lights up like shooting stars He like a knight in shining armour with them blue jeans on Dirty white tee and my baby don't need no Tux - tux - tuxedo Tux - tux - tuxedo Don't need ...
Man this chain hit me for a couple grand Oh no, I ain't complainin just watch how you wipe my chest (Wipe me down) A bad bitch wanted me to stay there longer I put that dick up on her but I had a flight to catch (Wipe me down) Shoulders, chest, pants, shoes Shoulders, chest, pants, shoes Shoulders, chest, pants, shoes Shoulders, chest, pants, shoes
Juice WRLD & benny blanco - Real Shit Lyrics
Workin' out my demons, they in better shape (Yeah, ayy) Demons on my back, get them away from me (Uh, ayy) Cut it like a razor blade, hey (Uh) Turn on like a light switch Havin' black hoes snortin' up the white bitch (Uh, ayy) Main ho found out 'bout my mistress Gotta flip the script like a kickflip I'ma make her bawl her eyes out
bbno$ - black eyed pees Lyrics
My diamonds pissening The G-O-A-T (Yup) That's me me me me me G-shock on my wrist you know I had to bust it down If you do not like my music all good I like how it sounds And this shawty want the verb she gotta pay me a few nouns Cause my dick game Le Labo yeah cost a couple pounds And I smell like flowers when I'm in her tulips, she my bouquet
Tate McRae - rubberband Lyrics
And I got this rubber band on my wrist, on my wrist. And I snap it every time that I think about your lips. Got this rubber band on my wrist, on my wrist. Almost break it every time when I'm trying to forget. I know that I have never been good at this. Love you in a second, next you know I'm checking out.
Gucci Mane - Stupid Lyrics
And my diamonds fruity Seven on my jacky baby call Her terry bracelet baby Bart one was spent bout 20 gees Gucci drop three eighty baby Multi-color carrot tee My necklaces are heavy mane Hit the club then leave the club Then come back with another chain Mighty mouse is icy dog bart shit is jus stupid yellow blue black green white the diamonds ...
Maino - Bout That Life Lyrics
Hammer on me and my homies do to I'm bout that life, bout that life You know what I'm bout I'm bout that life I'm bout that life Money on my mind, trying to get it up 50 grand on my wrist man I'm glitted up Fell asleep inside the club woke up with a bitch Rolled over then I nodes that she brought her bitch Caught up in this living what I'm ...
Rob Stone - What I'm 'Bout Lyrics
Shit my wrist ache, I whip it 'til my wrist break, ayy When I'm dippin' I'ma switch lanes Out on Biscayne, where the bitches give brain, ayy I'm the shit but never look stank Eating big rings, sauce up on my big ranks, ayy Man these groupie bitches insane Don't make 'em give names, I'm balling out like King James Pipe down nigga, pity and you ...
Soulja Boy - Anime Lyrics
Soulja boy tell'em that my swag everlasting. Pikachu diamonds, anime floskas, Man I'm gettin money and I'm out there ballin. G-flight jet, trump shoot like I'm ballin. Marvel vs. Capcom, Soulja vs. the world. I'm fuckin all your baby mama, anime in hurr. It's so hot in this motherfucking club.
Gucci Mane - Gorgeous Lyrics
Your girlfriend so fine shawty gorgeous. Gucci mane la flare my flow is Gorgeous. Gucci mane la flare my flow is gorgeous. [Verse 2:] White girl with me white girls love me. A black girl dream but chinesse girls know me. Gucci mane club holdin bad hoes only. Bad hoes want me is all eyes on me.
Guapdad 4000 - Platinum Falcon Lyrics
Niggas ain't have no black Superman, all a nigga ever had was the man static shock No disrespect to the man Virgil but my first Off-White was dirty fake Forces (Yeah) Didn't have a box with 'em like Roddy, Yeah the homies was rich but my momma had portions, yeah Now niggas got Porsches Of Porch just to come out on top I just gave dick to a bop
iann dior - gone girl Lyrics
I should've known, thought I saw a sign in the stars But I was wrong, fucking with you ain't last that long Now you gone, now you gone, now you gone, girl [Trippie Redd:] I just want the love, baby, not the lust Caught up in a daze, man, I need your trust All up in a maze, left you in the dust Gone in a wraith, see the stars in a wraith
Trill Fam - Wipe Me Down (Remix) Lyrics
We the best I'm a fool I'm the hemi man red light green light yellow light get it man [Chorus] [Verse 3: Webbie] Hot drop drop top top drop hoes drop it like it's hot yea nigga I'm the shit (wipe me down) You see this ice on my wrist how it glist soon as the light hit you can't lie the ice sick (wipe me down)
HoodRich Pablo Juan - Ball Like A Bitch Lyrics
I be so fresh I should frame it Ooh, shoot with the chopper, I ain't gotta aim it Hundred rounds, I got my nuts hanging I'm somewhere high, I'm geeked up with the angels I'm rocking designer while I'm praying When they look at my left wrist that's a hundred bands Diamonds so bright, I could give a tan Calling my customers like the ice cream man
Young M.A - Foreign Lyrics
Water on my neck, water on my wrist. Water in my drip, ooh, pardon my pool. Pardon my drool, pardon my ooh. Hey, made my plate, now I'm eating my food. It's a fact shit, black shit. Matte shit, bat shit and the engine go vroom. Flinstones on my neck and the diamonds go yaba daba doo.
Doe B - Betta Kno It Lyrics
Doe B Lyrics. "Betta Kno It". Amp me up, little nigga. Real recognize real, money recognize money. And if you gain money nigga, you know money when you see it nigga. You betta know it, nigga. See me on Hustle Gang, you know what it is nigga. I'm a young nigga getting money, better know it. Bank roll full of them a hundred, better know it.
Lloyd Banks - Playboy 2 Lyrics
Hanging out the whips rocks bangin off my wrist, yea I'm a ball till I die, why, 'cause I'm a playb-o-y Guess who's the man this quarter, the rich playin' the boarder Your papers much shorter, my safe is this big Not from New York to Georgia, they recognize the slaughter Diamonds around the boarder, a platinum ice pick
Young Dro - Shoulder Lean Lyrics
I ride 26 and let my 9 screen "flip" Dro be watchin' Oprah, Mac, 9 up in a clip Triple black Phantom nigga nah it ain't Tip With Lucky charm diamonds and man but nah it ain't Flip K bounce..ok then I let my shoulder lean And I bet my car talk, and I bet my motor clean Suicide doors, Brown Rover look like pok n bean
OJ Da Juiceman - Swag Lyrics
I'm a swag to da left and I'm a swag it to the right, I'm chain swang shawty so I'm swaggin all night, got yo girl steady choosin cause my diamonds cut right, when I pull up at da club all you hear is loud pipes, when I trap with biz j I bring it through the city pipe I'm a manufactor cokea so my whip game tight, ridin 6-45 and my wrist pail ...
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