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Paragon - Blades Of Hell Lyrics
Paragon Blades Of Hell Lyrics. Blades Of Hell lyrics performed by Paragon: Relics of the doomsday We'll turn them into steel Treasures of the wasteland The  ...
PALACE LYRICS - "The 7th Steel" (2014) album
Rot In Hell 2. Iron Horde 3. Bloodshed Of Gods 4. Blades Of Devilhunter 5. Holy Black Rider 6. Desert Revolution 7. Metal Company 8. Secret Signs 9. Teutonic ...
COHEED AND CAMBRIA LYRICS - The Willing Well II: From Fear ...
You'll burn in hell while they're digging you out. You'll burn in hell while they're ... Go hide in the blades of that grass... Run, rabbit, run. Should capture be our ...
Bewitched - Blade Of The Ripper Lyrics
The Blade of the Ripper Shining - in the Eyes of Death The Blade of the Ripper. Feel the Blade of the Ripper Fel the Blade of Hell and Death. As darkness fades
BEWITCHED LYRICS - "Diabolical Desecration" (1996) album
We open wide the gates, We unleash powers of Hell We unlock the ... We have gained immortality through our cult in Hell .... Fel the Blade of Hell and Death
TRIVIUM LYRICS - Into The Mouth Of Hell We March
Into the mouth of hell we march. Now you see, for it is we. Who walk the fire and breathe. Make our way out of the grave. And lick the blood from our blades
Daydream XI - The Guts of Hell lyrics
Apr 22, 2016 As a million blades of fire seem to crawl inside my skin Need to break out Through the blazing walls I seal my fate For too long I've been ...
DIABOLICUM LYRICS - "The Dark Blood Rising" (2001) album
"Into The Dementia", "The Song Of Suffering (Eleven Blades Of Darkness)"... ... Build to slay all the aspects of life. Mankind! Are you ready to greet!? Hell!!!
Naglfar - Unleash Hell Lyrics
In the depths I arise in fury, I'm led through hell. We perform unspeakable deeds, we're the ones who fell. In my hands the blades of death, I wil take your life
MARDUK LYRICS - "Serpent Sermon" (2012) album
... (2012) album, including "Coram Satanae", "World Of Blades", "Gospel Of The Worm"... ... the drumbeats of Hell ... Blades of burnished curse gleam in the dark
EMINEM LYRICS - Almost Famous
You gon' fuck with a guy who licks the blades of his chainsaws. While he dips 'em in PF Chang's ... So go to hell and build a snowman, girl. The bullies become ...
Lethal - Blade Of The Reaper Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Blade Of The Reaper' by Lethal. Soon your time will come / To leave the mortal realm / You will travel from / This world and into hell / Death will.
GRIEVES LYRICS - Sunny Side Of Hell
Lyrics to "Sunny Side Of Hell" song by GRIEVES: Sunny, yesterday my life was filled with rain Sunny, yesterday ... I've been writing on a mirror with a razor blade
The sirens are screaming and the fires are howling. Way down in the valley tonight. There's a man in the shadows with a gun in his eye. And a blade shining, oh, ...
IRON FIRE LYRICS - "Blade Of Triumph" (2007) album
IRON FIRE lyrics - "Blade Of Triumph" (2007) album, including "Night Of The Demon", "Island Of ... Die by the blade, die by the sword .... Riders from hell
IPERYT LYRICS - "No State Of Grace" (2011) album
Blades Of Malice & Scorn 6. The Antithesis 7. ... No State Of Grace. The blade of terror shines again ... As I'm licking the greasy floor of hell. Shelter from what's ...
KULT OV AZAZEL LYRICS - "Oculus Infernum" (2003) album
Enshrouded by darkness Blessed in sin I hold the keys to death and hell .... a gathering of horns Into the eye of Hell the tormentorium is born With iron blades of
SAINT LYRICS - "Hell Blade" (2009) album
The Ascent. [Music by: Lynch] [Intro]. 2. The Blade. [Words by: Lynch, Music by: Lynch] Molten lava cracks the earth. As smoke ascends from hell. The hammer ...
Daydream XI - The Guts Of Hell lyrics
The Guts Of Hell lyrics by Daydream XI: Bleeding eyes boiling in corrosion / A bitter taste of ashes in my ... As a million blades of fire seem to crawl inside my skin
We're all going through hell. It's burn or keep on walking. The blackguards sing their ... A blade of malice cuts the rope. Hostility ensues, no attempt to repent
Daydream XI - The Guts of Hell Lyrics. Bleeding eyes boiling in corrosion A bitter taste of ashes in my mouth Acid clay clutching on my limbs As a million blades ...
NOMAD LYRICS - "The Tail Of Substance" (1997) album
NOMAD lyrics - "The Tail Of Substance" (1997) album, including "Burn Into Your Hell", "Nameless Throne", "The Blade of Inquisition"...
MESSENGER LYRICS - "See You In Hell" (2011) album
MESSENGER lyrics - "See You In Hell" (2011) album, including "Sign Of The ... To spill their blood - judgement by blade ... Another thunder is rolling from hell
BEWITCHED LYRICS - "Rise Of The Antichrist" (2002) album
... album, including "Bewitched By Evil", "The Rippers Return", "Hell's Triumph". ... In the dephts of the flames of Hell ... Seven deadly blades, with the Devil's mark
Lyrics to "This Side Of Hell" song by DAMN YANKEES: I don't want to talk That much about anything And I don't want to know About who you been seeing My...
Metalwings - Fallen Angel In The Hell Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fallen Angel In The Hell' by Metalwings. There is always beauty when you feel ... We are runners over Blade of Love Cover our hearts with the scars of ...
GOATWHORE LYRICS - "A Haunting Curse" (2006) album
Invoking this crudeness. This mark of Lucifer Grasp of achieving. This comfort of entrance to hell. Seething blade savior. In this kiss of failure. Sinking below
DEMON HUNTER LYRICS - "Storm The Gates Of Hell" (2007) album
DEMON HUNTER lyrics - "Storm The Gates Of Hell" (2007) album, including " Grand Finale" ... Now you hand me back the blade to make that first incision for you
Possessed - Evil Warriors Lyrics
Blades of metal. Cut off your head. Served as a meal. Satan is fed. Masters of evil . Blasters of hell no one can stop them we're under their spell. Red eyes are ...
POSSESSED LYRICS - "Seven Churches" (1985) album
Satan's Curse 7. Holy Hell 8. Twisted Minds 9. Fallen Angel 10. Death Metal. 1. The Exorcist. [Music & Lyrics - MT] Possessed by evil hell .... Blades of steel
KRIGERE WOLF LYRICS - "The Ancient Culture To Kill" (2012) album
Death Rides On The Blade 5. Wielding The ... mirroring the ferocity on the blades of the swords. Feet on the ground, ... A storm of fire opened the gates of hell
Coheed And Cambria - The Willing Well II: From Fear Through The ...
You'll burn in hell. While they're digging you out. So picture this face ... Go hide in the blades of that grass. Run rabbit run. Should capture be. I'll earn this volt
The people in my life are like blades of grass. How? 'Cause they're all so grounded but at least grass stays away from my butthole! Art is a harlot. And I am her ...
ETERNITY LYRICS - "Funeral Mass" (2007) album
One Way Hell 5. Reign Of Tortured Souls ... IN HONOUR OF MY OATH I AM THE NEW MESSIAH OF HELL ... Blades of steel cut my flesh. Open my veins slowly
... (2006) EP, including "Aborted Stygian Foetus", "Hell On Earth / Blood Runs Red", "The Man Who Killed For God"... ... Harrows of iron and blades of steel
ATHENA LYRICS - "Twilight Of Days" (2000) album
please your lord! Living in a black dream, singing into the pain, falling into darkness between the lies of my hell... The blade of justice is broken. Your destiny's in ...
THY INFERNAL LYRICS - "Warlords Of Hell" (2000) album
THY INFERNAL lyrics - "Warlords Of Hell" (2000) album, including "Warlords Of ... There is no escape from the reaper's blade -- when Satan's warriors attack
3 INCHES OF BLOOD LYRICS - "Fire Up The Blades" (2007) album
3 INCHES OF BLOOD lyrics - "Fire Up The Blades" (2007) album, including " Rejoice In The ... Demons Blade 8. .... The Hell you dreamed of was never so real
HORNCROWNED LYRICS - "Satanic Armageddon" (2006) album
The blade of chaos triumphant ride. Nothing leaves of the Earth The nuclear triumph prevail. Chaos Hell Devastation Is my law!!! Breed of nuclear devastation
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Karn Evil 9 Lyrics
There behind a glass is a real blade of grass be careful as you pass. Move along ... The greatest show in Heaven, Hell or Earth. You've got to see the show, it's a ...

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