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BlueBucksClan - 5:57 AM Freestyle Lyrics
Don't I feed you good? Big steaks, ain't no Chilly D's (Ain't no Chilly D's) Don't I fuck you good? You be sayin' you gon' never leave Don't I talk shit in every booth? Patrick Beverly Found out I'm fuckin' on her friend, why you mad at me? (Why you mad at me?) Number eight for Kobe Bryant, that's a tragedy (Goddamn)
BlueBucksClan - Spartacus Lyrics
Big twenty-ounce steak, that's what I'm cravin' (Big steaks) I just give her good D like I'm the Ravens (I'm the Ravens) Broke a bitch, now I'm diggin' in her savings (In her savings) Brokanese, I ain't speakin' in your language (Hell nah, Omega) You the type when they say no, you just take it (Niggas weird)
BlueBucksClan - 1st Place Lyrics
Balenciagas big, but they fit tight as fuck (Yeah, they tight) I get fly, she like, "Damn, is you a kite or what?" (Is you a kite or what?) Book the Clan, two bands, yeah, we slidin' up (Book the Clan) Urus and a Cullinan, we don't be ridin' up (Big foreigns) Walk up to the baddest bitch like, "You fine as fuck" (Bitch, you fine as fuck)
BlueBucksClan - Mind Set (Intro) Lyrics
If the Clan walk in, it's a bank in here (It's a bank) Bust down a Backwood, put an eighth in there (Put an eighth) Throwin' ice in my cup, put some drank in there (Pour me up) It was fish sticks on my plate, now it's steak on there (Big steaks) [Jeeezy:] It was Buicks in my parking spot, now it's Wraiths in there (Double-R)
BlueBucksClan - Want Me To Lyrics
Twenty-ounce steak all in front of you (Big plates) Put them Louboutins all up under you (All up under you) You ain't even my bitch, but I fuck with you (You ain't even my bitch) I could take you from your man if you want me to (I could take you from him) I'll post you on the 'Gram if you want me to (I'll post you on the 'Gram) [Jeeezy:]
BlueBucksClan - On Camera Lyrics
Big body, she wanna slide in the Benz (Yeah) I met lil' mama on the road back when I was tourin' Lil' mama stay blowin' up my phone, she think I'm so important She ask me, "When I'm coming home?" whenever she horny Do you love when I fuck you on camera? (Oh-no) Beating that box with' yo' legs in the air Do you love when I fuck you on camera?
BlueBucksClan - Have You Ever Lyrics
Room service at the house, I order steaks at my pleasure (have you ever?) Tryna squeeze too many bitches in my schedule (have you ever?) Talking to a model bitch like she regular (have you ever?) I don't even know what I just po'd, I ain't measure (have you ever?) Room service at the house, I order steaks at my pleasure (have you ever?)
BlueBucksClan - LA Leakers Freestyle #154 Lyrics
Pussy fire, got me happier than Gilmore. It's a lot of niggas' bitches that I feel for. [Part III] New Ricks, you ain't seen 'em, I'm the first to get 'em. Mad at me about these hoes, prolly heard I hit 'em. With some grimy dudes, if I wink, they'd hurt a nigga. I got ten bitches, all believe I'm a perfect nigga.
BlueBucksClan - 4Play Lyrics
Yeah, big-ass shoes, I need step space Big-ass Rolls-Royce, I got leg space (Big Rolls) Been fuckin' niggas hoes, we got sextapes (I been fuckin') ... Clan niggas fuckin' up the club, you gotta see this shit (You gotta see it) GiGi, that's on God, her head fire, you gotta meet this bitch (You gotta meet this bitch, hahaha, ah) ...
BlueBucksClan - Thor Lyrics
Niggas askin' where the hoes, I got four with me (I got four with me) Heard you mad I got your bitch, yeah, your whore with me (Yeah, she with me) Yeah, ain't no square bitches, only goers with me (Yeah, goers) My niggas got the hammers in the club, feel like Thor with me (Like Thor) Walkin' in these Christian Loubs, I got the Lord with me ...
BlueBucksClan - Supposed To Lyrics
Yeah I'm a big Commander like I'm Josh Norman. While my bitches here, I'm being smooth, I'm tryna act normal. Told her I just want her face, I ain't that horny. Lady asking how my day when I'm at Marni. Facing woods, niggas you can't smoke with me. Pull up to the Laker game, yeah they chauffeur me.
BlueBucksClan - When You See Us Lyrics
It's a whole lotta juice when you see us. 42 ain't no goose when you see us. Alotta bitches by the group when you see us. All the bitches get mad when you come around. All the bitches shakin ass when I come around. With the clan in any club we'll shut it down. Remember ridin on that rapid bus I couldn't drive around.
BlueBucksClan - What You Doin Lyrics
Big table, it's just us, it fit ten people V12, yeah I drive this bitch like I'm Vin Diesel What you on? Where you at? I'm tryna see you ... Finna Bring you steak Is you busy? FaceTime me, let me see yo face Boarding flights, taking trips, we can leave the states Big money, bad weather, make it rain all year We don't fuck with lame niggas, yeah ...
BlueBucksClan - Can I Lyrics
While we walk in every club and we make a big scene I'm the nigga of your dreams, you'll never get a ring This bitch said I'm hella mean, you want head, what you mean? Can you treat me like a king? Can I make your pussy cream? Can I fuck you off a bean? Can I touch you 'til you scream? Fly nigga, I got wings
BlueBucksClan - Flyin Up Lyrics
She small, but it's big in here, this shit spacious (This shit spacious) Dodgin' all these weak bitches like The Matrix (Like The Matrix) [BlueBucksClan DJ:] I don't do weak bitches, man, I hate it (Man, I hate it) I can't hang with lame niggas, I can't take it (I can't take it) Nigga say he want a song, throw them bands at me (Throw them bands)
BlueBucksClan - Hate It Here Lyrics
Yeah, I like big foreigns, ain't no Chevys (Big foreigns) Pants saggin' off my ass like I'm Webbie (Like I'm Webbie) Forty bands in my pants, this shit heavy (This shit heavy) Pass a bitch to my man, yeah, she ready (Yeah, she ready) Tryna start a tip drill like I'm Nelly (Like I'm Nelly) She said do I got a bitch? I'm like, "Barely" (I don't know)
BlueBucksClan - Make Niggas Leave Lyrics
Bitch, it's blue bucks, we the clan, ain't no lynch withh us We get blue bucks, ain't no ones, we got strips with us Niggas beatin' on they bitch, askin' how they get with us Top down, drivin' fast, I got goosebumps You gotta know the real meaning, bitch, it's blue bucks Niggas hatin' on the clan, I give two fucks
BlueBucksClan - Again Lyrics
Clan gettin' bands, that's the only plan (Only plan) Finna throw a girls night, I'm the only man (I'm the only man) Demon time, bitches tryna take my soul again (Tryna take my soul) I'm already fly, I bought a coat again (Bought a coat) Yeah, I'm still high, I'm finna pour again (Finna pour)
BlueBucksClan - LAX Lyrics
To a check. She know I get fly, LAX. She know I get high as a jet. Every time I walk, Gucci steps. Every day, I'm a bloody mess. Took it out her mouth, shot it on her chest. [Jeeezy:] Damn, baby, all I need is a lil' bit (Is a lil' bit) She askin' twenty-one questions like I'm 50 Cent (Like I'm 50 Cent)
BlueBucksClan - Horace Grant Lyrics
Here go twenty five hundred, get yo' hair done (Get yo' hair done) Bitch I paid every bill, you can't trip none. I'm with eight bitches outta town, make the trip fun (Eight bitches) This my last cup, I can't afford to spill none (I can't spill none) Told the chef make my plate when the meal done (When it's done) Jeeezy pulled up in the Lamb ...
BlueBucksClan - No Edges Lyrics
Big bills in my pockets and they all blue (All blue) I just punched this card, I bet it go through (I hope so) Lamb' spittin' blue flames, look like Goku (Like Goku) Yeah I'm Fendi down, check my whole fit (Fendi down) Told her from the jump, I got a whole bitch (I got a whole bitch) Hell nah, we ain't puntin', finna score six (Finna score)
BlueBucksClan - Can't Believe It Lyrics
I'm on El Segundo in a Bentley, I'm by Stevens. Take the baddest bitches out the party when we leaving. All this money on the floor, I can't believe. Tryna give up on this juice but I can't leave it. Room service, I can chill till they bring it. SoFi, I'm on Century, I got tickets for the season. All this money on the floor, I can't believe.
BlueBucksClan - Only 4 the NighT Lyrics
Big nickel on me feeling like Carlos Boozer Tomorrow she think she gone see me but I'm not gone scoop her Face her wood, strong, super Niggas lame, broke loser Slimmest waste, ass stupid Diamonds hitting, Zab Judah Using both hands to steer this wheel like a beach cruiser I got bitches way from down south on up to Vancouver
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