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Brian Setzer - 8-Track Lyrics
Lyrics to '8-Track' by Brian Setzer. Food's on the table and the coffee's getting cold / And I haven't eaten since I don't know when / My 8-track's pumpin' out.
Brian Setzer - Summertime Blues Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Summertime Blues' by Brian Setzer. Well I'm a gonna raise a fuss / I'm a gonna raise a holler / about working all summer just to try to earn a dollar.
The Brian Setzer Orchestra - Kiss Me Deadly Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Kiss Me Deadly' by The Brian Setzer Orchestra. She came to me in early April / She came like late spring / Does sometimes / My heart was taken so /
Brian Setzer - Ignition Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ignition' by Brian Setzer. Well she's got hydramatic hips / Lips like fluid drive / And if you don't believe me man / Just take her for a ride / Some.
Brian Setzer - Americano Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Americano' by Brian Setzer. He's drivin' a jeep / But he ain't in the Army / Gets all his cigarette money / From his mommy / Dressed like a rootin'
Brian Setzer - Let S Shake Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Let s Shake' by Brian Setzer. Let's Shake! (Shake! Shake!) (4x) / Well, It's a crazy little world / a crazy world we're livin' in / I never thought.
Brian Setzer - You're The Boss Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You're The Boss' by Brian Setzer. When it comes to kissin', I just got to keep insistin' / Baby, you sure do swing / And when it comes to kissin', I.
Brian Setzer - Jump Jive An' Wail Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jump Jive An' Wail' by Brian Setzer. Baby, baby it looks like it's gonna hail / Baby, baby it looks like it's gonna hail / You better come inside /
Brian Setzer - This Cat's On A Hot Tin Roof Lyrics
Lyrics to 'This Cat's On A Hot Tin Roof' by Brian Setzer. Well, this cat's on a hot tin roof / Drinkin' that whiskey, 96 proof / Don't need no doctor, don't.
Brian Setzer - Red Hot Lyrics
[Chorus] My gal is red hot. Your gal ain't doodle a squat. Yeah, my gal is red hot. Your gal ain't doodle a squat. Well, she ain't got no money. But man, she's ...
Brian Setzer - '59 Lyrics
Lyrics to ''59' by Brian Setzer. Well I was born back in '59 / I didn't come late, I was right on time / We had a '59 Ford, that never ran quite right / We'd.
Brian Setzer - Slow Down Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Slow Down' by Brian Setzer. Hey! you be the wheels, I be the spokes baby / You be the wheels, I be the spokes baby / When you start a-turnin', my.
Brian Setzer - Boogie Woogie Santa Claus Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Boogie Woogie Santa Claus' by Brian Setzer: Well It's rock rock rock Mr. Santa Jump jump jump Mr. Santa Claus Well the boogie woogie Santa Will.
Brian Setzer - Since I Don't Have You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Since I Don't Have You' by Brian Setzer. I don't have plans and schemes / And I don't have hopes and dreams / Baby, I just don't have anything /
Brian Setzer - '49 Mercury Blues Lyrics
Lyrics to ''49 Mercury Blues' by Brian Setzer. Broken down on the side of the road / Damn brakes locked up in the rain / Smoke's pourin' out from under the hood.
Brian Setzer - Peroxide Blonde In A Hopped Up Model Ford Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Peroxide Blonde in a Hopped Up Model Ford' by Brian Setzer. Well, I went out cattin on a Friday night / I was dressed to kill, I was a-lookin for a.
Brian Setzer - Let's Live It Up Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Let's Live It Up' by Brian Setzer. You only go around once on this big spinnin' planet of love / So, don't be wastin' my time, tell me what you're.
Brian Setzer - Maria Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Maria' by Brian Setzer. The rains never came; I saw my land die. / Maria was sleeping when I kissed her goodbye. / I couldn't stand the sound of my.
Brian Setzer - Rock This Town Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rock This Town' by Brian Setzer. Well, my baby and me went out late Saturday night / I had my hair piled high and my baby just looked so right /
Brian Setzer - As Long As I'm Singin' Lyrics
Lyrics to 'As Long as I'm Singin'' by Brian Setzer. As long as I'm singin' / There's a bell up in my brain that's ringin' / Makin' a crazy ding dong / And if.
Brian Setzer - Buzz Buzz Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Buzz Buzz' by Brian Setzer. Cruisin' 'round this hopeless town / Down the lovely streets of desire / You're my angel of mercy all dressed in white /
Brian Setzer - Stray Cat Strut Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stray Cat Strut' by Brian Setzer: Casanova, hey man, thats where its at Get a shoe thrown at me from a mean old man Get my dinner from a garbage ...
Brian Setzer - Sleepwalk Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sleepwalk' by Brian Setzer. (instrumental)
Brian Setzer - Rooster Rock Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rooster Rock' by Brian Setzer. Well, in this barnyard / I'm king cock of the roost / Stay out all night, just drinkin' that moonshine juice / And I.
Brian Setzer - Aztec Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Aztec' by Brian Setzer. We traveled through this land a thousand years ago / We were the first to see the purple skies / I wondered round the desert.
Brian Setzer - Jumpin' East Of Java Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jumpin' East Of Java' by Brian Setzer. I like coffee, I like tea / I like you baby next to me / You're as cool as red hot lava / Jumpin' east of Java.
Brian Setzer - Switchblade 327 Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Switchblade 327' by Brian Setzer. Ohh Switchblade 327 / Lit cigarette in his hand / Steel toed boots on the accelerator / Oil leakin' outta the pan /
The Brian Setzer Orchestra - Winter Wonderland Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Winter Wonderland' by The Brian Setzer Orchestra. Sleigh bells ring, hey are you listenin'? / In the lane snow is glistenin' / A beautiful sight,
Brian Setzer - Santa Rosa Rita Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Santa Rosa Rita' by Brian Setzer. My little Santa Rosa Rita wore high heels on her feet / A ring on every finger and a couple on her toes / Well she.
Brian Setzer - Real Wild Child Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Real Wild Child' by Brian Setzer. Well, I'm just outta school / Like I'm real real cool / Gotta dance like a fool / Got the message that I gotta be /
Brian Setzer - Radiation Ranch Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Radiation Ranch' by Brian Setzer. You got me jumpin' like a cat strung up on a wire; / Waiting for the sandman to put me to sleep. / I got a no-show;
Brian Setzer - Haunted River Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Haunted River' by Brian Setzer. With that, the cold New England wind / Blowin' through my hair, / As my blood and whisky / Run through me as one. /
Brian Setzer - Jingle Bells Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jingle Bells' by Brian Setzer: Jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the way Oh what fun it is to ride In a '57 Chevrolet.
Brian Setzer - Rumble In Brighton Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rumble in Brighton' by Brian Setzer. There's the Rockabilly Cats / With their pomps real high / Wearin' black drape coats / All real gone guys / Cool.
Brian Setzer - Stairway To Nowhere Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stairway To Nowhere' by Brian Setzer. I'm travelling on the stairway to nowhere / Wishing (wishing) you'd come back to me / I'm travelling on the.
Brian Setzer - The Footloose Doll Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Footloose Doll' by Brian Setzer. Just look at that chick in the silvery dress / She's got a cool tattoo and her hair is a mess / And every single.
Brian Setzer - Barbwire Fence Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Barbwire Fence' by Brian Setzer. They took the coal from the mountains, ripped the fruit from the soil / Pulled the fish from the sea, drained the.
The Brian Setzer Orchestra - Yabba-Dabba Yuletide Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Yabba-Dabba Yuletide' by The Brian Setzer Orchestra. Merry, merry Christmas, and a happy holiday to you / If you've been good all year, maybe ...
Brian Setzer - Rakin' And Scrapin' Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rakin' and Scrapin'' by Brian Setzer. I'm a rackin & a scrapin' / Skippin' & a savin' / All of my love for you / My heart is a burnin' My lips are a.
Brian Setzer - Just Because Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Just Because' by Brian Setzer. Well-well-well, just because you think you're so pretty / And just because your mama thinks you're hot / Well, just.

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