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Bugzy Malone - Separation Lyrics
Bugzy Malone "Separation": ... I remember the smell, you was trying to make man blaze Them times I was way too young ... following you like you was the one You remember the creps? 110s we used to call them, yours were the baddest on road Them days were the best, free as a bird pedalling from postcode to postcode
Bugzy Malone - December Lyrics
Bugzy Malone Lyrics "December" 24 hours in the same place Told 'em I need me a vaca' I never get 'round to the vaca' Bank statements making me lazy ... That I try not to remember I was born in December, five days before Christmas day Haunted by the ghost of the Christmas past
Bugzy Malone - Skeletons Lyrics
Bugzy Malone "Skeletons": Oi blinks I told you about the chain already, ... Were getting lost in my younger days ... And I remember you sitting in that interview room and the police was telling me I was looking at attempted murder And you'd hidden my phone in your bra
Bugzy Malone - The Revival Lyrics
Now it's all hectic in man's city. Let's get down to the nitty gritty. I came from the bottom into the premiership. Now I'm notorious like Biggie. Now it's all glorious, I'm ready. And I'm so curious already. Cause right now life feels like. I'm watching the Fast and Furious on telly. I'm not used to the limelight, I rhyme tight.
Bugzy Malone - The Rainmaker Lyrics
Bugzy Malone Lyrics. "The Rainmaker". Now they could tell that I was different. When I stepped up out that bedroom I made everybody listen. And I swear, I was like 7 in some dungarees. I hyped up telling everyone to look at me. Now I would have the worst nightmares I be shoutin' for my mum and I would wake up and there's nobody there.
Bugzy Malone - Childhood Memories Lyrics
Bugzy Malone Lyrics. "Childhood Memories". Smiles, laughter, good times. Family, friends, no ties. Wild, Young. And I'm about to take you back deeper than I can remember. Let me start with the smiles, the laughter, the good times. With the family, the friends and the no ties. She was wild, young but that was all about to change.
Bugzy Malone - Memory Lane Lyrics
[Bugzy Malone:] Today was gonna be the day But they'll never throw it back to you By now you should've somehow Realized what you're not to do I don't believe that anybody I don't believe that anybody Feels the way I feel about you now I just want you to know that I love you It's a cruel world outside but I need you to know that I got you
Bugzy Malone - New Day Lyrics
It's a new dawn, I felt nuttin' but stress from the day that I was born. It's a new dawn, it's a new day and I'm startin' to feel like crime doesn't pay. It's a new dawn, it's coming like the calm before the storm. It's a new dawn, it's a new day and I'm just really tryna wash the stress away. Yo, I see the world in a different light it's like ...
Bugzy Malone - The Resurrection Lyrics
Bugzy Malone Lyrics "The Resurrection" [*phone ringing*] I'm sorry but the person you have called is not available ... And I remember it clearly cos it was the first time I'd shot a gun Boy drowned on me, I'd had the gang on me Fuck about a burn a flame when your make it fuel for me
Bugzy Malone - Beauty And The Beast Lyrics
And that was in Bury New Road, bedroom stinking cheese, but she was on a ride or die ting, we're like Beauty and the Beast. [x2] I'm not home much no more, she sits and cries about the times we were low. And when her family ask about me she says we're cool. Tell her not to cry no more cause I'm coming home, I'm coming home.
Bugzy Malone - Changes Lyrics
Bugzy Malone "Changes": ... So many women I just can't remember names And I remember not having a penny to my name A packet of cheese and onion crisps, snickers and a nurishment And that would do my belly for the day I never saw a Nandos until I made change And now I order a full chicken and perinaise
Bugzy Malone - Come Through Lyrics
Pu-pu-put it this way - we don't have olders no more that's old news. Put it this way - I seen way more boxes than I seen new shoes. Put it this way - when it goes off there's no one you can run to. Put it this way - you're gonna hear pah-pah-pah-pah when I come through. Come through. Pah-pah-pah when I come through.
Bugzy Malone - AND WHAT Lyrics
Bugzy Malone I'm coming for the game Zdot on production I'm coming for the game Watch out for the B Malone clothing I'm coming for the game B. inspired I'm coming for the game this year and what Man had the hand thing and plant pot And I couldn't wait till let it bang off But now I know the russians I'm hands off This is some maffia shit now
Bugzy Malone - Evil Genius Lyrics
Bugzy malone You know Let me help you get into the zone like alize red I put the chrome to his dome like A.S.A.P said You are now listening to the journal of an evil genius Listen to the words Watch this Now I'm that buggy malone Life can get colourful in the daytime Bitches always trying to catch me slipping on the FaceTime
Bugzy Malone - Late Night In The 0161 Lyrics
Bugzy Malone Lyrics. "Late Night In The 0161". Oh it was mad. Warm up was mad. I just wanna do some illegal shit right now. Me I'm not really in the mix right now. I heard my mans going on colder than cold. Tell 'em I'm about and I'm in the bits right now. He was on a Jet Li ting so I started training and I'm fit right now.
Bugzy Malone - Moving Lyrics
Bugzy Malone Lyrics. "Moving". It comes a point in life when you gotta learn to keep it moving. And what I mean about that is, you can't look at a problem. You gotta look through a problem. You see the minute you stop, you're dying. And the minute you understand that. Well, then you can start to live. Nobody's doing this for me.
Bugzy Malone - Submarine Lyrics
Bugzy Malone "Submarine": Me, ... Cos these days I see loads of police These days I say no to peace They were gangsters back then But these days they're nobodies ... Make him remember I was tackling man like a defender I was gloved up in a blender Mixin' the fizzy with the Beln
Bugzy Malone - Serial Killer Lyrics
My name's Bugzy Malone And this is my journal Somebody better tell my mother that I don't think I can stay undercover 'Cus I feel like a serial killer who's just being nice for the sake of a dollar I just want more money than sense, so I don't care if I get silly when I come up I had a feeling that I couldn't fly when I jumped, but I still took ...
Kojo Funds - Who Am I? Lyrics
Bugzy Malone) [Kojo Funds:] ... When I remember the days of the semi Niggas cut through sho', sky like Beck-I Get your papers, fuck the haters We don't par round here with investigators Pigs and yats, yeah they're all instigators Got money on my mind, can't wait till later (yea-yeah)
Bugzy Malone - The North's Face Lyrics
Bugzy Malone see what! Man are sick of these big corporations On some culture vulture shit Finna can come in this fucking culture and use man Try and pay man pennies and all that Start payin' man right Like it's not man that makes this thing [?] in the first place Trust me, it's a fucking B Malone thing In JD, anti JD Trust me, trust me Man!
Bugzy Malone - M.E.N Lyrics
Bugzy Malone You know Mr Snowman on production Watch this, I got a brand new 3 bedroom crib Spotlights in the ceiling it's sick Got a beanbag in the computer room, all I need now is Grand Theft Auto 6 Got an office and everything cocaine white In the morning it can get too bright
Bugzy Malone - Mad Lyrics
Man don't wanna see me going on rags. Everybody knows that I, I. Turn into the devil when I get mad (mad) Turn into the devil when I get mad (mad) Turn into the devil when I get mad (mad) Turn into the devil when I get mad (mad) Turn into the devil when I get mad. There's levels to this shit, I know mine. She's not a ten, she's a low five.
Bugzy Malone - San Andreas Mentality Lyrics
Bugzy Malone You know Let me take them back Watch this And when I look back shit's changed I remember sitting playing my computer games San Andreas had me feeling I could rob a bank And drag a man out of his car with my bare hands Marijuana had me sitting on the clouds So my perception was foggy I'm not saying I was proud To have a name in the bits
Bugzy Malone - Hip Hop Heavy Metal Lyrics
Now I'm stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea. I live in rebel I was destine to see HMP. But I came, I saw, I conquered. And now look no wonder MC'S are hatin on me. Coz I'm to ghetto for the good to good for the ghetto. To clever for the hood so hood I'll never settle. Now I'm sitting in my bedroom drinking amaretto. And I think I'm ...
Bugzy Malone - Go Get Em Lyrics
Now I'm Bugzy Malone I'm far too cold to spit over the woo riddim. And anybody wanna come against me I will absolutely just ruin em. Turn into the devil, I make the sky turn red. And I make the moon turn black. And I'm so loud when I switch that I make the windows crack. Into the devil I turn, I make the room turn cold.
Bugzy Malone - Fire In The Booth Lyrics
Bugzy Malone's not just an MC I got locked up aged sixteen So fuck Chipmunk 'n' his A's n B's I rep this grime 'ting properly, 0161 Watch how they walk with me, trust me Watch how they walk with me And fuck that dough cause I spent that fast No money management, fucking with cash These days man just say fuck the past
Bugzy Malone - Skeletons Lyrics
Lyrics for Skeletons by Bugzy Malone. Ayy, Blinks I told you about the chain already, it's just heavy Uh, okays. Alrights, Bugz Look I'm fuckin' with Alizé Bleu again And now my ego is tellin' me it's me against you again I had a right-hand man and then I kinda lost two of them Killers, knew a few of them Uh, some incarcerated and some are ...
Bugzy Malone - If Only Lyrics
Bugzy the don dapper number one rapper The back in the day scrapper, never lost nada And I've never been a back stabber Cos I'm not unlike you So I've never wore a crap swagger And I know the label wasn't major But the money the offer that I made a month later I paid the bills off so now I'm coming off the radar
Bugzy Malone - Clash Of The Titans Lyrics
Back when man used to roll naked. By naked I mean no shank with the bristles. Now there's big boy teeth on the blade. Through a bubble coat, man are still gonna dribble. Any sign of blue lights or sirens. Den man run from the dibble. Over the fence and straight through the ginnel. Nowadays man are teflon and dem man let off the thing it tickles.
Bugzy Malone - Ride Out Lyrics
Every day I get dope, Bentley with the big spokes on it No, I don't smoke, but the edibles are chronic And the business is solid, B. Malone sellin' from the High street I'm like the Wolf of Wall Street Might see me overseas, Cartier shades and a side-bag Or on a dance-floor somewhere bringin' the vibe back Bottle for my sidekick
Bugzy Malone - Moving Lyrics
Lyrics for Moving by Bugzy Malone. 'There becomes a point in life where you gotta keep it moving.' 'And what I mean by that is, you cant look at a problem, you gotta look through a problem.' 'You see the minute you stop, you're dying' 'And when you understand that, you can start to live.'. Bugzy Malone,
Bugzy Malone - No Way Lyrics
Bugzy Malone Cuba Raphael Benjamin Rose I haven't done a piece of writing since I've landed Driving 'round the captial, feeling like I'm stranded Who would have thought a villian from the small town of Manny would be driving through the gridlocked streets of North Hackney This time last year I was rolling with a bally
Bugzy Malone - M.E.N III Lyrics
Bugzy Malone Lyrics. "M.E.N III". Yo. It's Bugzy Malone. Ayy, you see, as soon as I got to the hospital. The nurses told me I'm lucky to be alive. 3 weeks later, I get a blood clot in my chest. The shit nearly killed me. And now I'm back.
Bugzy Malone - Late Night In The 0161 Lyrics
Lyrics to Late Night In The 0161. Late Night In The 0161 Video: Oh it was mad. Warm up was mad. I just wanna do some illegal shit right now. Me I'm not really in the mix right now. I heard my mans going on colder than cold. Tell 'em I'm about and I'm in the bits right now. He was on a Jet Li ting so I started training and I'm fit right now.
French The Kid - Daily Duppy, Pt. 1 Lyrics
I remember the days I was out with the cats Weren't born for that trap but I done that stuff ... Bugzy Malone & Chip - "Notorious"I could have been one of the most notorious This Luciano, Tony Soprano Come up like Pablo, nothin' like Narcos And I'm self employed, ...
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