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L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - Like Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Like Me' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone). they wanna be just like me / look just like me / dress just like me / and act just like / wanna sound just like me.
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - Need Your Body (featkrayzie Bone, Kareem ...
Lyrics to 'Need Your Body (featkrayzie Bone, Kareem)' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone). Krayzie Bone ... Ya suit me ooh nobody can do me like you do. We hang out ...
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - Time Will Tell Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Time Will Tell' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone). It's all about ... I said, it's all about perfect timin', feel me! / Nigga, it's ... If they can be like lil' Layzie they would
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - I Get Higher Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Get Higher' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone). ... Hocus pocus, niggas magic here, I'm like the ball that's crystal clear ... Makin me feel like you wanna be
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - Str8 Ridaz (featkrayzie Bone) Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Str8 Ridaz (featkrayzie Bone)' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone). X 2. ... Im'a be the victor man, strong arm, take the shit man, like I was the beater man, Bulldozer against the grain ... We ain't smokin' heat, tokin', fuck with me killer, fuck a bitch
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - For My Weed Heads Lyrics
Lyrics to 'For My Weed Heads' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone). ... Cant believe this is happenin to me let me do a community service like a thug caught up in the ...
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - Still The Greatest Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Still the Greatest' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone). Hook x3 / Now he better lay down / Test me boy / I trust my dawgs / In the ... serve em like them dealas
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - Lock-N-Load Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lock-N-Load' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone). / My stuff is ... Crime suspect on the string like a puppet, warriors on the frontline ... Why you want to judge me?
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - Vote For Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Vote For Me' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone). C'mon, you can lean on me. ... Regardless, we strong like them folks down in New Orleans man. Meaner than ...
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - Smoke On Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Smoke On' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone). / Nigga, this my ... Like a nigga might as well be broke. But quote me a ... You wanna smoke with me. Drop me a  ...
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - Make My Day Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Make My Day' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone). ... Tell me what you gonna do when they be droppin them bombs. Cause I'm gonna ... It's just like rollin a dice
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - My Niggaz Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Niggaz' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone). ... All of my niggas that know me ain't askin' what I be doin' to get this cash ... 'Cause a nigga like me, i'm tired
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - How Long Will It Last? Lyrics
Nigga was fourteen in '89. Shoulda seen little Layzie grind. If a nigga came short, he gave me mine. It was all about the scrilla, nigga. Real niggas like you know
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - Real Life (featkrayzie Bone, Treach) Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Real Life (featkrayzie Bone, Treach)' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone). ... (Can you please get off my Bone, Bone, Bone.) ... Got me illest livin' like everyday.
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - Up Against The Wall Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Up Against The Wall' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone). (Chorus 2X) / They got me feelin' like I'm trapped up against the wall / And I'm feelin' to start.
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - Connectin' The Plots Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Connectin' The Plots' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone). (Chorus)x2 / We ... Nigga I'm a world wide baller call me the international thug. Makin' it happen, so ...
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - Fear No Man Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fear No Man' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone). (Chorus) / That's the ... (L- Burna) Mama told me to keep my head up. Head up and take as much as I can, can
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - Thug By Nature Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Thug By Nature' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone): Cause I'm a thug by nature, thug by nature, yeah, yeah ... If it's this dough these niggas wanna kill me for
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - Streets Lyrics
[Chorus:] Just, just, just... Just ridin', ridin'... Ridin' the city streets in a black benz lexus. Just ridin', ridin'... I'm feelin' you, you feelin' me, ain't nobody jealous man.
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - Everyday (featkrayzie Bone, Wish Bone ...
Lyrics to 'Everyday (featkrayzie Bone, Wish Bone)' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone). Intro: Felicia ... They tellin' me the crime is decreasin'. And what is the ... And it ain' t too much changed here today seems like it's neva' gon' get betta'. Wonder if we' ll ...
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - What's Friends (featkrayzie Bone) Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'What's Friends (featkrayzie Bone)' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone). You stand here beside me, and all the times you just pretend / To be my friend... / ... [Layzie] This is strange some shit if he'd explain shit don't act like you'd. Understand ...
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - Listen Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Listen' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone). ... You know we pray and we pray and we pray like every day ... That you would listen, but you can't hear me
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - Hip Hop Baby (featkrayzie Bone) Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Hip Hop Baby (featkrayzie Bone)' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone). ... Me and my radio doin' 90 on the freeway you no other way to go. And I like to feel the ... like Dr.King I had a dream to be one of the greatest musicians alive. Too many ...
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - Battlefield Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Battlefield' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone). / If you got beef with B.O.N.E / Then holla at me lil Layzie, the bad boy of bone / And I'll be thuggin till.
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - Intro Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Intro' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone). What's friends. real friends are straight riders. kelly robbison and freddy tiffany ya can't be like me murder music.
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) Miscellaneous As The Rain [Chorus] [Verse 1] You ask me how we do ... Let me check the time on my rollie like it's moving far from slowly
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - There They Go Lyrics
Lyrics to 'There They Go' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone). (L-Burna) / Livin' ... Show me love, pump your fists. And when it get like this it's crackin' ... They don't wanna fuck with me. (L-Burna) Thugs up, bustas down lay it down. Better hit the ground,  ...
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - Everyday Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Everyday' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone). ... They me that Krayzie what is the reason for all of this brutality they killing these niggas in cold blood bone thugs ...
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - For The Thugs That's Gone Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'For The Thugs That's Gone' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone). Layzie Bone, representin ... That's why this opportunity still knockin like I would in my balls. Forever the, hood in me dawg, and yeah the law is still trailin. Been some time since I ...
L-Burna Aka Layzie Bone - Mind Of This Money Lyrics
Mind Of This Money lyrics performed by L-Burna Aka Layzie Bone: (feat. Krayzie Bone) ... Don't act like you know me, cause Lay' still that stranger. This shit was ...
Layzie Bone Lyrics
View the 109 full and accurate lyrics we have for "Layzie Bone" on LyricsBox.com . Find them now! ... Do you like this artist? ... Ain't Nothin To Me ... Im L-Burna
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - Midwest-Westcoast Connection Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Midwest-Westcoast Connection' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone). + (Layzie) / ( From the 2-1-6 ... And I'm that lad from the southern side that flows like no other
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - Touchdown Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Touchdown' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone). Sit back and let this ... Tell me yo ' age, show me yo' license, we ain't goin out like Tyson Better try again, we dig ...
Lyrics to "Fire" song by BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY: FIIIIIIIIIIIIIRE! Burn, baby ... [ Wish] Me squeeze one shot, and leave ya not, not, not... [Krayzie Bone] Anywhere you ... But I'm wild, I get at cha, hit a nigga like a tractor, collapse ya, thrash ya ... lil L-Burna finna burn it up, we got 'em runnin to the radio to turn it up! Like "is it ...
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - Deadly Musicals Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Deadly Musicals' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone). (Chorus) / I keeps ... Nigga Mo Thug be flowin' like flossers, toss it up ... Y'all niggas better take me serious
A'yo DJ Smallz L Burna Burna Burna Layzie bone It's Bone… L Burna ... Scare these niggers like a monster made it… Why these haters wanna see me down?
L-Burna Aka Layzie Bone - For My Weed Heads Lyrics
For My Weed Heads lyrics performed by L-Burna Aka Layzie Bone: [Intro: Layzie] Yeah, I dedicate this ... This is for my weed heads - it works just like a charm
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - Say Lady Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Say Lady' by L-Burna (Layzie Bone). Say there Lady I think I wanna call you up / I think I wanna see wasup / Hey baby, I don't wanna to say too much.
L-Burna Aka Layzie Bone - Mo' Murder Lyrics
Mo' Murder lyrics performed by L-Burna Aka Layzie Bone: (feat. Mo Thugs) [Big ... Run up on me if you wanna, it be murder she wrote. I'd rather be judged by ...
L-Burna (Layzie Bone) - As The Rain Lyrics
... L-Burna (Layzie Bone): [Chorus][Verse 1]You ask me how we do this the way ... now what[Chorus][Verse 2]Let me check the time on my rollie like it's moving ...

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