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Mike Sherm - Asshole Lyrics
Lyrics for Asshole by Mike ... that I'm shining when you see the grill If I bust in yo gut bitch eat this pill This nigga belt hella fake how the fuck he real ...
Missy Elliott - She's A Bitch Lyrics
I'ma have to bust you in your lips And the whips better have a whole lot of chips ... Anybody gotta get the hoe by they pill. She's a bitch When they say my name
Curren$y Lyrics - Choosin
Lyrics to "Choosin" song by Curren$y: Daytime - lights on Hell yeah I'm frontin' but you love it I don't hide, bitch, I'm high when I'm in...
Disrespect my wishes, bitch, I'll beat your ass ... busting nuts is only my interest ... D12-Purple Pills ...
RZA Lyrics - Be A Man
Lyrics to "Be A Man" song by RZA: ... Fuckin a hundred bitches couldn't mend a broken heart ... They might bust you Cause your hoe snatched your money up, ...
Logic Lyrics - Disgusting
Lyrics to "Disgusting" song by Logic: ... Bitch I don't give a fuck, ... But he never says it; I'll dump your body in a dessert
Lil Boosie Lyrics - Bank Roll
Blockin you out there poppin them pills fuckin ... So everytime money calls I gotta bust my ass Im on the grind bitch bank ... "Bank Roll" lyrics provided for ...
Eminem Lyrics - Bad Guy
Lyrics to "Bad Guy" song by Eminem: ... bitch, I even have your initials ... Grab for some water but I’m that pill that’s too jagged to swallow
Schoolboy Q Lyrics - Druggy's Wit Hoes Again
Lyrics to "Druggy's Wit Hoes Again" song by Schoolboy Q ... had to bust off quick Uh, ... 2 for the 10, nigga, extra pills, give your bitch some sex appeal Hey Soul!
Tech N9ne - Speedom Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Speedom' by Tech N9ne. I get to busting like I'm a thirty ought six / When I'm ripping the beat up, ... Speedom Lyrics ... bitch Would never be ...
Kendrick Lamar Lyrics - The Art Of Peer Pressure
Lyrics to "The Art Of Peer Pressure" song by ... everybody Everybody sit your bitch ass down and listen ... we off a pill and Remy Red Come through and bust ya ...
Esham Lyrics - Hit And Run
I used to fuck her everyday cause she was on the pill ... Tellin' all her fuckin' friends how I bust her out ... it's a hit and run I met this bitch on the street
Lil' Wayne Lyrics - 3 Peat
Lyrics to "3 Peat" song by Lil' Wayne: ... It's the Carter 3 bitch better put ya supper up Hollygrove I throw it up like I'm tryna lose my gut
Pill feat. Tech N9ne - Ya Killin' Me Lyrics
Lyrics for Ya Killin' Me by Pill ... that was your bottom, bitch I do the ... as you But you, you, ya killin' me I feel this shit, I bust to my meal ticket I ...
RZA - Be a Man Lyrics. (RZA) Yeah it's Bobby Digital Just floatin over +The City+ I came across this, this, this black man He was talkin about (look down below) S
Asap Ferg Lyrics - Dump Dump
Lyrics to "Dump Dump" song by Asap Ferg: ... I put a slug in these bitches Pop a pill in her asshole, ... I'm in court for your bitch ass, real shit, ...
Young Jeezy Lyrics - Goldmine
We was in that bitch all like Lil Wayne grill, uh He said he loves his hood ... they need pain pills We was in that bitch all like Lil ... You say you bust a ...
Speedom (WWC2) (Feat. Eminem & Krizz Kaliko ...
[Tech N9ne:] I get to busting like I'm a thirty-aught-six When ... Speedom (WWC2) (Feat. Eminem ... If Stephanie Mills left any extra refills of ecstacy pills next ...
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Yung Chris Lyrics - Racks (Remix)
"Racks (Remix)" (feat. Young Jeezy, ... Bitch I hit one button, ... Got pills all on my phone, these niggas know I’m wrong
Mac Miller Lyrics - Lucky Ass Bitch
"Lucky Ass Bitch" lyrics. ... You fuckin’ with that molly, she ain’t gon’ let you bust ... Molly pills, orange juice got the bitch wired
The Game Lyrics - Ecstasy
Get that hoe drunk drop a blue pill in her ... heroin so he was that nigga. Carry the .45, and he bust that ... if I rate that bitch. [Chorus:] I'm off this ecstasy.
Jealousy Lyrics - Webbie
for from x pills ta bitch ... I cut my gut in the field an got scorched by the sun ... You won't stop Webbie riches an nigga handle your business
Yelawolf Lyrics - Growin Up In The Gutter
Lyrics to "Growin Up In The Gutter" song by Yelawolf: ... he took a bitch to his apartment to brag ... Cause he showed her all the pills he had for sale for the low
Wale feat. Meek Mill, Pill, Rick Ross & Teedra Moses ...
Lyrics for Self Made by Wale feat. Meek Mill, Pill, Rick Ross & Teedra Moses. What is this? Maybach Music I like this Maybach Music, suede Self made, gotta handle ...
Tech N9ne Lyrics - Speedom (Worldwide Choppers 2)
Lyrics to "Speedom (Worldwide Choppers 2) ... I get to busting like I'm a thirty-eight-six When I'm rippin' the beat ... bitch Would never be chopping without Slick Rick
Y.G. - I'm a Real 1 Lyrics
Lyrics for I'm a Real 1 by ... account no digits Fuck the bitch and bust a nut in 4 minutes Cause I ... one If one fight then we all fight Pop a pill and fuck ...
Ces Cru Lyrics - It's Over
"It's Over" lyrics. Ces Cru Lyrics ... your life's a bitch when it's Tecca Nina with them and then a ... With a villain a cutter and you chilling with a pill in your gut
YG Lyrics - Im A Real 1
Lyrics to "Im A Real 1" song by YG: ... I'm 6 figure nigga your account no digits Fuck a bitch and bust a nut in 4 minutes ... Pop a pill to fuck all night
Los - My Biz Lyrics. ... And the best thing that ever came out your bitch mouth was my dick, Hell no, ... Drop top, gut’s off like a sushi bar,
Lil' B Lyrics - Respect My Mind
Lyrics to "Respect My Mind" song by Lil' B: Yeah Bitch look at me It's your boy ... X pills, blue pills, fuck pills ... nigga fuck with me I'll bust ya head, nigga ...
Game - Ecstasy Lyrics
Lyrics for Ecstasy by Game. ... [Verse 1:] That bitch fine. ... Pops sold heroin so he was that nigga. Carry the .45, and he bust that trigger.
E-40 - Rick Rock Horns Lyrics. ... Drug, smack, meth, pills, trees Show me what you need [Verse 2: ... bust your head like a piñada
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