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Disturbed - Liberate Lyrics
Can't you see that the pace Has just fallen behind All the hate in your heart Will be leaving you blind So bold motherfucker Don't you limit your mind This time Waiting, for your modern messiah To take away all the hatred That darkens the light in your eye Still awaiting, I
Foals - Exits Lyrics
The places they can't find We'll hide out Then the black sky came down The cities underground The flowers upside down In our dreams Oh, to meet you again To pass you on the stairs To see you everywhere In my dreams 'Cause they watch us in sleep And the language that we speak And the secrets that we keep to ourselves In our dreams, in our dreams ...
Simply Red - Stars Lyrics
The only one you ever thought about Wait a minute can't you see that I I wanna fall from the stars Straight into your arms I, I feel you I hope you comprehend For the man who tried to hurt you He's explaining the way I'm feeling For all the jealousy I caused you States the reason why I'm trying to hide As for all the things you taught me
Metallica - Invisible Kid Lyrics
Ooh, what a good boy you are. Out of the way and you’re kept to yourself. Ooh, can’t you see that he’s not here. He doesn’t want the attention you give. Ooh, unplugging from it all. Invisible kid floats alone in his room. Ooh, what a quiet boy you are. He looks so calm floating ‘round and ‘round in himself.
Skye Sweetnam - Tangled Up In Me Lyrics
I'm the reason why you can't get to sleep I'm the girl you never get just quite what you see Hey! Hey! Hey! Can't you see I want you by the way I push you away, Ya! Don't judge me tomorrow by the way I'm acting today Mix the words up with the actions do it all for your reaction Ya! Hey! Hey! Get tangled up in me You think that you know me You ...
Billy Boyd - The Last Goodbye Lyrics
I saw the light fade from the sky On the wind I heard a sigh As the snowflakes cover My fallen brothers I will say this last goodbye Night is now falling So ends this day The road is now calling And I must away Over hill and under tree Through lands where never light has shone By silver streams that run down to the sea Under cloud, beneath the ...
Les Miserables Cast - Stars Lyrics
You know your place in the sky You hold your course and your aim And each in your season Returns and returns And is always the same And if you fall as Lucifer fell You fall in flame! And so it must be, for so it is written On the doorway to paradise That those who falter and those who fall Must pay the price! Lord, let me find him That I may ...
Royal & The Serpent - Underneath The Mask Lyrics ...
Little diamonds in the sky. Can you see me through those eyes. Twinkle twinkle you can't hide. I'm the devil in disguise. Underneath the mask I'm steaming. Wasted on the blood, I'm drinking. I hypnotize my demons. You better watch your back. Yeah.
Sting - After The Rain Has Fallen Lyrics
After the rain has fallen. After the tears have washed your eyes. You'll find that I've taken nothing. That love can't replace in the blink of an eye. After the thunder's spoken. And after the lightning bolt's been hurled. After the dream is broken. There'll still be love in the world. Still be love in the world.
Crosby, Stills & Nash - Southern Cross Lyrics
Think about how many times I have fallen. Spirits are using me larger voices callin'. What Heaven brought you and me cannot be forgotten. (I've been around the world) I have been around the world. (Lookin') Lookin' for that woman girl. Who knows love can endure. And you know it will, and you know it will. Yes.
Suicide Silence - O.C.D. Lyrics
Through the sky every day and night. And way up high I can still see just fine, Don't worry everything will be alright. I know it's scary, but everything will be alright [x2] I can't sleep, too many voices trying to talk to me. I can't sleep, bloodshot eyes and I still feel fine. I think I've lost my mind and I think I still feel fine.
From Ashes To New - Light Up The Sky Lyrics
And I'll be there to see your face. As you choke on the smoke you've made. Yeah, I wanna watch the sky turn gray. You're up in flames. I'll be there to see your face. While you light up the sky and burn. While you light up the sky and burn. I've suffered long enough from. Every lie that you swore was true.
Jaden - Cabin Fever Lyrics
Eating marshmallow pies, I can see it in your eyes Girl, you're speaking and I wanna believe ya Girl, I really wanna believe ya If you love me, how come I never see ya? Eating marshmallow pies while we're flying through the sky Girl, I got that cabin fever 310, we're on the go (We're on the go) Our life just like roller coast (Rollercoaster)
Oscar And The Wolf - Oliver Lyrics
And I'm weary. 'Cause every time you look like. Dynamite. You don't see me. And I'm weary. 'Cause every time you look like. Submit Corrections. "Oliver" is the lead single from Oscar And The Wolf's studio album "The Shimmer". The song was premiered on July 23, 2021, accompanied by a music video which Max Colombie directed himself and of which ...
Stevie Ray Vaughan - The Sky Is Crying Lyrics
The sky is cryin' Can't you see the tears roll down the street I've been looking for my baby And I wonder where can she be I saw my baby early one morning She was walking on down the street I saw my baby early this morning She was walking on down the street You know it hurt me, hurt me so bad
George Benson - Give Me The Night Lyrics
Whenever dark has fallen You know the spirit of the party Starts to come alive Until the day is dawning You can throw out all your blues And hit the city lights 'Cause there's music in the air And lots of lovin' everywhere So gimme the night Gimme the night You need the evening action A place to dine, a glass of wine A little late romance It's ...
Sting - Ghost Story Lyrics
What moves the Earth around the sun. What could I do but run and run and run. Afraid to love, afraid to fail. A mast without a sail. The moon's a fingernail and slowly sinking. Another day begins and now I'm thinking. That this indifference was my invention. When everything I did sought your attention. You were my compass star.
Crowder - Crushing Snakes Lyrics
Dressed in light we (Piercing through the sky) See Him coming (Breaking through the darkness) On a horse that's white like lightning Do you see Him Do you see Him We're taking back our freedom Our battle has been won We have been liberated Back from the dead, we've come We're taking back our freedom Our battle has been won
Iron Maiden - Lost In A Lost World Lyrics
And all the children point up to the sky They see the eagle as it floats on the wind And they follow with their spirits high Buffalo roam on the plain ... But it doesn't last for that long before some fiend comes out and hits you over the head with a mallet and the track kicks in. And then it takes you on a journey to a fantastical world that ...
David Hasselhoff - Damnit I Love You Lyrics
Can't live without your love. Damnit I love you and then I don't. Damnit I need you, next day I won't. Damnit I hate you, but I just can't. Can't live without your love. All I wanted was an open door. To find the freedom I've been looking for. But it's not what it seemed. Your little world was much too small.
H.E.R. - I Can Have It All Lyrics
Yeah, I know you're tired, baby Yeah, I know you're so tired And help has arrived, baby Look up in the sky Know you wanna fly Know you're tryin' your hardest to get right And I can see it in your eyes I can see it in 'em We The Best Music 'Cause I can have it all I can have it, I can have it I can have it all I can have it, I can have it ...
FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM LYRICS - "Mourning Sun" (2005) album
The sky is burning No night can fall Zero dark (look out) I'm of the world (look out) ... (You can see the doorway towards your betrayer) (86 degrees below) 86 degrees and below ... We are Fallen Like the mourning sun We are waking up Yeah, We are Fallen Like the mourning sun
SENTENCED LYRICS - "Crimson" (2000) album
Again the sky has fallen down on me Once more a world has crumbled down and over me And yet in some twisted way I enjoy my misery And in some strange way I have grown together with my agony ... that it is hard for me to see how you can after all these years still be standing by me
Faith No More - Just A Man Lyrics
So I don't have to see the light (see the light) Shining so bright. I'll dream about a cloudy sky, about a cloudy sky. And every night I shut my eyes. But now I've got them open wide (open wide) You've fallen into my hands. And now you're burning me. And now you're burning me. And every night I shut my eyes.
Edguy - Fallen Angels Lyrics
Calling you up to the shore and you'll see us As we sail away, moonstruck and astray We're fallen angels We're the scary tale to scare your mind away From fallen angels So many days wasted in haze You're free, oh so free on their strings Illusions of life, they say you can fly They laugh and they cut off your wings Night child, they give you steel
DRAGONFORCE LYRICS - "Sonic Firestorm" (2004) album
Can you see the debauchery and the blade of death that has come for thee ... The legends of the seven seas and mystic fallen star Their laden ships are sailing on towards the sun ... Riding through the starlight and smashing the boundaries as hellfire falls from the sky
DREAMTALE LYRICS - "Difference" (2005) album
As I fell from the sky the dreams fallen in vain [Chorus] ... As the sea cries for more, Can you See the mast in the ocean Sea will take, will take it's price [Chorus:] ... Let's flt like birds in the sky For the first time you'll be mine In this magical night I embrace you the final time
STRATOVARIUS LYRICS - "Infinite" (2000) album
Can you see, can you feel all the beauty that we have in this world? There's so much to see, forever Ignorance, arrogance ... I beg the light up in the sky to make me whole, to tell me why I can't be bothered to be brave and I've been waiting, and hesitating, and then I see the curtain fall: the wonder of it all
Honeymoon Suite - What Does It Take Lyrics
I would give you the sky. Don't you make that mistake. What does it take? It's not like I've been mean to you. It's not like I've got something better to do. The life I live you'll never understand. If you fly with me, we'd never have to land. It's easy to live hard and fast. But inside we know it won't last, oh yeah.
ATHEIST LYRICS - "Unquestionable Presence" (1991) album
Well I don't think you understand Mother Earth has fallen to Mother Man The Air, the Sea, the Grass, the Trees, ... a false spy in the sky Re-route your path With the blink of an eye Walking around with a mind of your own With a glance to the past You can see we have grown How much we have grown It's been my dream To enter the stream To let ...
Even if the sky is fallin' down, down, down (oh) You ought to know Tonight is the night to let it go Put on a show (show, show) I wanna see how you lose control So leave it behind 'cause we have a night to get away (away, away) So come on and fly with me as we make our great escape (escape, escape) So, baby, don't worry You are my only You won ...
ENSIFERUM LYRICS - "Ensiferum" (2000) album
I am the one who has fallen into the path of shadows (and that road never seems to end) I am the one who has drowned into the river of tears 11. Battle Song Hear the sound of swords fulfill the night Feel the winds of death on your skin See the arrows fly, flaming in the sky Hear the screams of men, as they die
Maudy Ayunda - Lirik lagu "not for us"
Why'd you have to call me tonight? Bringing up stories, Like they were just yesterday And you open up the pages I've chosen to close We've lost the fight for this ending Don't be naïve Nothing has changed Why do you have to play with fire Don't you know that we're not right? Can't you see that I'm so tired? Of the love that's meant to fade
KATATONIA LYRICS - "The Fall Of Hearts" (2016) album
I can see the sky is a ceiling. And when my heart dies down, I am long gone on the fields of summer's green. Away from fall and famine! In my weariness I still hear you singing in my mind. All the fortunes they took away! The shifting earth beneath us. Nothing to observe!
DRAGONFORCE LYRICS - "Reaching Into Infinity" (2017) album
The time to overcome and do what is right for the world to see. And from the ashes of the dawn I arise. The time has come for me, The time to overcome and do what is right for the world to see. And from the ashes of the dawn I arise. Yeah, yeah, yeah. [Solo: Sam/Herman] I have seen the sorrow in your eyes.
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