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CAPLETON LYRICS - Who Dem? (Slew Dem)
Tell them say me nah keep no sodamite friend. Nah go stoop low me trod the raggy roads them. This fire here, it red upon them, it name [Chorus] So me burn out ...
CAPLETON LYRICS - Don't Dis The King
Mi find out seh nough a dem a work iniquity. Mi done dem anywhere, any town, any city. Place get cruel and dem life get sticky. Member a me seh burn out the
Promoe with Capleton - Purge Dem (Catch a Fire), Part II Lyrics ...
Lyrics for Purge Dem (Catch a Fire), Part II by Promoe with Capleton. Burn man a burn them out Man a burn them burn them Burn man a burn them out ... tell 'em we got the style Them a burn So me burn out them skin Them a burn Them no fi ...
CAPLETON LYRICS - Mashing Up The World
Lyrics to "Mashing Up The World" song by CAPLETON: Let Jah rise and all his enemies be scatter Rastafari seated up in Zion ... Thats why I burn out the eagle and the dragon and the bear ... Well a life me promote and this a dead dead scare
CAPLETON LYRICS - Prophet Rides Again
Lyrics to "Prophet Rides Again" song by CAPLETON: Rolling rolling, prophet rides ... Again, him come fi prophecize and burn out all di traitor dem and burn
Lyrics to "Jah Protect Us" song by CAPLETON: Rastafari never let us down Rastafari ... And he make me know a friend in need ... Burning out dem silly sense
After me lef from Jamaica go a foreign pon tour. When me come back dem turn big time sell out. When me did say woman me, lotion me, no lotion man
CAPLETON LYRICS - Bun Dung Dreddie
Lyrics to "Bun Dung Dreddie" song by CAPLETON: Yes Jazzwad just select it This one is the ultimate ... Diss Capleton and now me see say them ah traffi [Hook 2:] Long time me ready. Burn down dreddie ... Eh watch out now there rude boy
Capleton - Acres Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Acres' by Capleton. ... David House - Pass me di chalice and seh Shango tek a sip ... Killin all de weed I now me find out dem a weed undertaker
Cali P feat. Capleton - Dem Ago Burn Up Lyrics
Mar 12, 2017 Lyrics for Dem Ago Burn Up by Cali P feat. Capleton. ... when me step outta road, me haffi step out fi win Haffi talk how me feel and burn out the ...
Lyrics to "Jah Jah City" song by CAPLETON: Jah Jah city Jah Jah town Dem ... So we just burn dem evil concept. Cause we ah seh death is a destruction to di humanity so weh me ah seh(better know) ... Big .45 fi shoot out dem brother mold
CAPLETON LYRICS - That Day Will Come
Lyrics to "That Day Will Come" song by CAPLETON: Equal rights and justice for all Rise and never fall Tell dem ... When dem find out sey dat dem caan escape
CAPLETON LYRICS - Wings Of The Morning
And so great is a man goin to be praised. Selassie I every time. I say Jah shall execute judgment and justice. And none shall escape, what me say. Selassie I ...
Capleton - Jah Jah City Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jah Jah City' by Capleton: Better know) So lets burn dis evil concept. ... want to watch out now oy ... Wrong kind of sip me all ah ketch dem ah sippy
Capleton - Fire Fire Lyrics
fire, fire, dem nah go cool me down, let them know seh no retire...even when mi know seh the pagans, dem a conspire dem sell out the ghetto yutes chu dem a ...
Gentleman feat. Capleton - Fire Ago Bun Dem Lyrics
May 28, 2014 Me bun the fire from a distance Bun out dem fourty-fives and all dem ... The ghetto youth tell dem fire burn, fire burn Then the more you live the ...
Capleton - Original Man Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Original Man' by Capleton. For me say you carbon / Different from the original man / Well, King Selassie I is the ... Me come fi burn down Sodom.
Capleton - Cuyah Cuyah Lyrics
Cause from yuh clean seh di fire nah go bun yuh out. There is...nuttin to nuh worry about. There is...nuttin to confuse about. There is, when mi seh nuttin to nuh ...
Capleton - Same Old Story Lyrics
Burn dem envy in me. Same old same old story nah loose your sanities. Same old same old story nah bow fuh vanities. Same old same old story their promises
Lyrics to "Stop Them" song by CAPLETON: Equal rights and justice for all(better know) Keep it burning yo yo! ghetto yute rise never ... Close in pon me! them want hussein and who bin laden ... Until them bun out di sars and bun out anthrax
Capleton - Stand Tall Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stand Tall' by Capleton. / Well di righteous man he must ... Long time me ha warn dem but dem never waan listen. Tell dem da dis de one whey get de  ...
Capleton - East Coast To The West Coast Lyrics
When me a burn Eden and burn Sheden. Dem say dem have love ina dem heart. Dem have none ya mi frien' Else dem woulda accept Jah truth with all a clear ...
Yeah Don't go get burned (let Jah rise and all his enemies scatter) Don't go get burned (enemy ... Artist: Capleton ... Always singing my song (hear me say it out)
Capleton - Babylon A Use Dem Brain Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Babylon a Use Dem Brain' by Capleton. Ah more time you done ... Well dem you know say bad mind dem ah go burn in tha flame. Oh, what a agony ...
Stephen Marley feat. Capleton & Sizzla - Rock Stone Lyrics ...
I say, rock stone was my pillow Rock stone was my pillow 1; Capleton Hear de ... now Dem find out seh dem way off Alright So mi seh one by one, one by one One by ... the slum Neva giveup matta what Strictly fire burn Hail rasta, take us from the ... Stephen Marley: Hear me now Jah man me cool, nuh stumble like you Walk ...
Capleton & Sizzla). [Stephen Marley ... Who did waan fi stop mi now dem find out seh dem way off. Alright, and ... Never give up no matter what, strictly fiyah burn
Capleton - In Your Eyes lyrics
[Intro:] Oh.. Oh yeahh.. Ay, In your eyes, In your smile.. In your eyes, in your smile.. I feel it in your eyes.. Burning in the skies. See through your eyes. I see your ...
Lyrics to "Burn Dem Turf" song by SIZZLA: And now the one that's rised so high as the most high Emperor Selassie I ... Give me the whole entourage and make me bun it down red ... This one you have fi know, check out the youths them living
Capleton - Alms House Lyrics. AC-DC Flick Of The ... Album: The Best of Capleton. Heyo! ... She bring on the flames, and it's burning and burning. My body's ... You got me burning and burning. You got me ... 2, Bun Out The Chi Chi. 3, Bun Out ...
honeyhoney - Burned Me Out Lyrics
Jul 20, 2015 Lyrics for Burned Me Out by honeyhoney. Oh babe I gotta say I learned the hard way with you Your words like books had me hooked li...
Capleton - Tour Lyrics. Yeah I say ... (Me sing) After me lef from Jamaica, go a foreign pon tour ... Alla tell de girls girl dem fi bruck out like a sore. It seems like the ...
TAKE THAT LYRICS - Will You Be There For Me
Will you be there for me. If the walls of this castle burn down. If my dragons and demons come out. And we're left in the shadow of doubt. Oh Oh Will you be there  ...
Hold me down don't let me breathe. Take it all in front of ... Oh-oh bring out your armies. Oh-oh let's start a ... We're burning away, burning away. Losing our souls  ...
Promoe - Songs Of Joy lyrics
Songs Of Joy lyrics by Promoe: [Capleton] / Yo! Changon, Promoe wey dem! ? / Blaze up di fire make e burn dem, / Burn dem, burn dem, burn.
Sizzla - You World Leaders Lyrics
So you world leaders, deceivers, making fool out of the people ... Burn out the system, I wont be no victim ... Me praise Selassie I and educate the worldwide. Youth a ... Anthony B lyrics. Anthony B · Capleton lyrics. Capleton · Buju Banton lyrics.
Honeyhoney - Burned Me Out Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Burned Me Out' by Honeyhoney: Oh but it's not your concern no All I really learned Is all your rounds are roundabouts Oh man they burn me out.
Billy Idol - Can T Break Me Down Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Can t Break Me Down' by Billy Idol. ... shape of a chapel / You hid the knife in the core of an apple / Burn me, try to hurt me. ... You tried to knock me out
... know how to tell him She was in love with a Rasta man Fire was burning and burning To... ... To let out what she was holding in ... No lovers leap is not for me
Capleton - No Man Can Save No Man Lyrics
Lyrics for No Man Can Save No Man by Capleton. ... low me make me go on chant the song Then me chant me song Stress us not in oppression ... fi wipe out we nation Tell the whole of dem dem better overstand Black is not recessive ... dem ever see so much ganja pipe burn Babylon spot the works The whole a dem dumb ...
Chino - Larger Than Life Lyrics
Aug 8, 2015 Burning up like a Jamaican fire (So blessed!) You can't stop for the good life We' re larger than life, We're larger than life Larger than life Well, watch out, all! ... I pull the Kush from the... trees Got me higher than Jupiter and ...

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