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Carrie Newcomer - Abide Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Abide' by Carrie Newcomer. I will bring a cup of water here's the best that I can offer / In the dusk of coming night there is evidence of light. /
Carrie Newcomer - Betty's Diner Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Betty's Diner' by Carrie Newcomer. Miranda works the late night counter / In a joint called Betty's Diner / Chrome and checkered tablecloths / One.
Carrie Newcomer - If Not Now Lyrics
Lyrics to 'If Not Now' by Carrie Newcomer. / If not now, / Tell me when. / But miracles do happen every shining now and then. / If not now tell me when. / If.
Carrie Newcomer - A Crash Of Rhinoceros Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Crash of Rhinoceros' by Carrie Newcomer. When Adam went out to name the animals / He sat on a rock and he figured / Horse and cow and goat ...
Carrie Newcomer - Bare To The Bone Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bare to the Bone' by Carrie Newcomer. Here I am without a message / Here I stand with empty hands / Just a spirit tired of wandering like a stranger.
Carrie Newcomer - Lazarus Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lazarus' by Carrie Newcomer. Now that he's gone / Now the world has moved on / Since he called my name nothings the same / As my sister cried ...
Carrie Newcomer - Before And After Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Before and After' by Carrie Newcomer. The dust settles after a hit and run / Bewildered by the damage done / I don't know why we chose the roads we.
Carrie Newcomer - My True Name Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My True Name' by Carrie Newcomer. Let me call you darlin', maybe call you sweetheart / Don't you hate it when they call you Louise / But isn't it.
Carrie Newcomer - Every Little Bit Of It Lyrics
Every Little Bit Of It -- Song (by Carrie Newcomer). Just beyond my sight, something that I cannot see. I've been circling around a thought that's been circling ...
Carrie Newcomer - Sanctuary Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sanctuary' by Carrie Newcomer. Refrain / Will you be my refuge / My haven in the storm, / Will you keep the embers warm / When my fire's all but.
Carrie Newcomer - Close Your Eyes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Close Your Eyes' by Carrie Newcomer. I believe we're born good from the start / And we come equipped with a piece of God in our hearts / But the.
Carrie Newcomer - Hold On Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hold On' by Carrie Newcomer. I've been drivin' down this road / Five times this week / It's almost as if these farm fields / Could speak to me / A.
Carrie Newcomer - When One Door Closes (another Door Opens ...
Lyrics to 'When One Door Closes (another Door Opens Wide)' by Carrie Newcomer. When one door closes another door opens wide / It's hard to believe all of ...
Carrie Newcomer - You'd Think By Now Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You'd Think By Now' by Carrie Newcomer. It isn't fair, it isn't right / I've gone over and over the scenes in my head, / Laid here awake half of the.
Carrie Newcomer - Arthur B And Bob Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Arthur B and Bob' by Carrie Newcomer. I'm a little bit retrievers and a little bit hound / A little bit cocker spaniel and / Something that was.
Carrie Newcomer - Something Worth Fighting For Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Something Worth Fighting For' by Carrie Newcomer. There's stormy seas this side of heaven / No guarantees of reaching shore / Well I'm not perfect.
Carrie Newcomer Lyrics
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Carrie Newcomer - One Woman And A Shovel Lyrics
Lyrics to 'One Woman And a Shovel' by Carrie Newcomer. Martha walked right down to the dam, / I hoe and a shovel in either hand / She was bound to dig for ...
Carrie Newcomer - I Wish I May I Wish I Might Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Wish I May I Wish I Might' by Carrie Newcomer. Sweet Corn Days in Oakland City / The Apple Fest in Nappanee / The Blueberry Cavalcade / The ...
Carrie Newcomer - Stones In The River Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stones in the River' by Carrie Newcomer. There's a crack in the glass where the water gets out / There's a dusty wind when the heart's in drought /
Carrie Newcomer - The Length Of My Arms Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Length Of My Arms' by Carrie Newcomer. I've always had long arms and my sleeves never fit. / And my mother would worry about my dangling ...
Carrie Newcomer - One Good Turn Lyrics
Lyrics to 'One Good Turn' by Carrie Newcomer. Where do we start / How do we proceed / It's been such a long time / Just to sit here and bleed / It's hard enough.
Carrie Newcomer - I Should've Known Better Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Should've Known Better' by Carrie Newcomer. Been a long time comin' / And the cards were stacked / It's been a long hard road / To hell and back /
Carrie Newcomer - The Gathering of Spirits Lyrics. Let it go my love, my truest Let it sail on silver wings Life's a twinkling and that's for certain But it's such a fine ...
Carrie Newcomer & Alison Krauss - The Gathering of Spirits lyrics ...
Lyrics for The Gathering of Spirits by Carrie Newcomer & Alison Krauss. Let it go my love, my truest Let it sail on silver wings Life's a twinkling and that's for ...
Carrie Newcomer - Three Women Lyrics. There's a light in the kitchen There's a glass on the stand Three women round the table And they're holding hands ...
Carrie Newcomer - Visitation Lyrics. It's hard letting go, more than I thought And if the truth be told, I'm a pillar soft I'm a pillar soft For ever every time that it took.
Carrie Newcomer - Holy As a Day Is Spent Lyrics. Holy as a day is spent Holy is the dish and drain The soap and sink, and the cup and plate And the warm wool  ...
Carrie Newcomer - Room at the Table Lyrics. Let our hearts not be hardened to those living on the margin There is room at the table for everyone This is where it  ...
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Carrie Newcomer - The Moon Over Tuscon Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Moon Over Tuscon' by Carrie Newcomer. We just can't help it so we do it again / We just gun the gas and let the wheels spin / It's true and I've.
Carrie Newcomer - A Mean Kind Of Justice Lyrics
Lyrics to 'A Mean Kind Of Justice' by Carrie Newcomer. There's a ring around the moon, / There's a chill in the air. / There's a mean kind of justice, / Coming.
Threads Lyrics - Carrie Newcomer
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Threads" from "Carrie Newcomer": Where ever it led, Joined to one an other by, Invisible threads.
Carrie Newcomer - A Light in the Window Lyrics. Looking out at the night, the only driver's wheel Curving hips made of snow in the withered fields There's a ...
Carrie Newcomer - Biscuits And Butter Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Biscuits And Butter' by Carrie Newcomer. Daniel said traveling risky / But the money awful good / When I get back we can finally / Get ahead sure we.
Carrie Newcomer - The Razor's Edge Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Razor's Edge' by Carrie Newcomer. There's a shifting of the shadows down along the woods / There's an echo of a gun down in the hollow / The.
Carrie Newcomer - This Long Lyrics
Lyrics to 'This Long' by Carrie Newcomer. I don't know why / I can't say no / I guess I should / But I can't let go / Any day I'll be all right / But not.
Love Like An Immigrant Lyrics - Carrie Newcomer
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Love Like An Immigrant" from "Carrie Newcomer": Grandpa came over on the boat, His voice was thick with the old world and ...
Carrie Newcomer - Ghost Train Lyrics. There's a light in the darkness Just barely out of view From the corner of your vision It beckons to you After the crops have ...
Carrie Newcomer - Haunted Lyrics
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