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Psyckadeli - Chasing My Shadow Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Chasing my shadow' by Psyckadeli. Verse 1 / If I could live my life all over / I would'nt change a thing / I've walked around in circle's / Even.
Clubfeet - My Shadow lyrics
I was chasing my shadow While it was chasing me It was no one else Nowhere else How can we be friends? Now we slept together again Tell me how can we ...
Deep Purple - Chasing Shadows Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Chasing Shadows' by Deep Purple. Chasing shadows, over my walls / with myself hardly sleeping / Dwarfs and giants, twenty feet tall / fill the room.
Daqueba - Chasing My Shadow lyrics
Lyrics for Chasing My Shadow by Daqueba. ... Chasing My Shadow - Lyrics. Daqueba. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points.
Psyckadeli - Chasing my shadow Lyrics. Verse 1 If I could live my life all over I would´nt change a thing I´ve walked around in circle´s Even looked in the lost and ...
Skyclad - Jumping My Shadow Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jumping My Shadow' by Skyclad. / Maybe ... chasing dreams is like shadow leaping. ... There's a wind in my sails (but I have lost all my direction),
SAM SMITH LYRICS - Drowning Shadows
Running around chasing hearts. Chasing bodies ... Give in to someone or lock down my door? Or drown all my shadows, drown them like before? I'm drowning  ...
Oh, Lord, light up my dark eyes. Teach me to let go. I've been runnin' Chasing nothing but shadows. My heart is an ocean raging. And Your grace is all that ...
Has anybody seen all my wasted love? Ooh, wasted love. Ooh, wasted love. It's late, I'm drunk and I'm running on empty tonight. Baby, I'm chasing my shadow ...
SHAKIRA LYRICS - Chasing Shadows
We will run from nothing, my love. But it's just you and me. And we chase our shadows. We're waiting for, just waiting for. The sun to go down. But until it does
Lyrics to "Alive" song by CHASE & STATUS: As the rain, keeps pouring down on me And the sky is the only thing I see ... And my shadow is the only thing I see
Santigold - Chasing Shadows Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Chasing Shadows' by Santigold: Goal I'm trouble, you know You find us where we fall ... I will follow things in the long way if my standards hold me up
FREE LYRICS - Walk In My Shadow
Lyrics to "Walk In My Shadow" song by FREE: Walk in my shadow My throat is dry My knees are weak It's so damned hot I can't even speak Walk in...
Therion - The Wild Hunt Lyrics
And my holy guardian angel has walked away. I'm chasing my shadow inside my own soul. I am the persecutor of my self in the wild hunt. The horned god take ...
SAM SMITH - Drowning Shadows lyrics
Check out the complete Sam Smith Drowning Shadows lyrics and watch the music video on Directlyrics. ... Chasing bodies, ... Or drown all my shadows,
Lyrics to "Me And My Shadow" song by ROBBIE WILLIAMS: Johnny and Robbie What you talking like that for, you're from Stoke! I dunno but I can't stop he...
CHRIS REA LYRICS - The Soul Of My Father's Shadow
Son, I'm so scared, scared of what I see. Oh you got to cool down or you'll end up like me. Chasing the soul. Of my father's shadow. Oh I hear what they're saying
Lyrics to "Chasing Shadows" song by ANGELS & AIRWAVES: Eighteen and a wicker basket Red ... I'm falling to my knees. I'm digging at the shadows of a ghost
BLACK TIDE LYRICS - Chasing Shadows
"Chasing Shadows". Drowning in torment. My sanity's gone and my faith's been stolen. You cut me open. This wound is so deep and I'm left here choking
NerdOut - Chasing Shadows Lyrics
Jan 20, 2017 They have the answers You're seeking Kept hidden for centuries You tell me Nothing is true I know everything is real Everything is real In my ...
Chasing Shadows Lyrics - Jamie Drastik feat. Havana ...
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Chasing Shadows" from "Jamie Drastik feat. Havana Brown and Pitbull": Havana Brown, You take my heart out on the run, But the ...
Shakira - Chasing Shadows Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Chasing Shadows' by Shakira. Woah oh oh ... We will run from nothing, my love. But it's just you ... When all my dreams are brought to life life, life, life ...
Trying to cover my shadow. An ocean growing inside. Now all the others seem shallow. All this running around. Bearing down on my shoulders. I can hear an ...
URIAH HEEP LYRICS - Chasing Shadows
On my shoulder. I feel you're near. I feel you moving. But you never appear. Chasing shadows. Chasing something I can't see. Chasing shadows. Will I ever be ...
Moon Underwater Lyrics - Wave
Moon underwater, you're pulling me under. An illusion that's always out of my reach. It's like chasing my shadow. I can't help but follow. I'll never catch up to you
PILLAR LYRICS - Chasing Shadows At Midnight
Lyrics to "Chasing Shadows At Midnight" song by PILLAR: Next time I try To cross your mind Remind me to look ... And now I wear these scars out on my sleeve
SANTIGOLD LYRICS - Chasing Shadows
Lyrics to "Chasing Shadows" song by SANTIGOLD: Being dizzy, fell in love, I'm getting through ... I'm breaking my rules, do it my way, oh got still stung like a bee
SMOKIE LYRICS - Chasing Shadows
Lyrics to "Chasing Shadows" song by SMOKIE: Tried to carry by myself this heart of mine don't want no one else My tears of emptiness Cry out for...
Just chasing dreams across the fields. In the shadow of the sun. I plan to have it all while I'm still young. And chase the fields across my dreams. In the shadow of  ...
I'm out on the edge and I'm screaming my name ... You could come and save me and try to chase the crazy right out of my head ... Just my echo, my shadow
Chasing your shadows all around the world Lyrics - ...
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Chasing your shadows all around the world" from " Zeigeist, The": Come come smoochy on my eyes, You dirten my surprise so ...
2 Seconds Too Late Lyrics - Shanell
He's chasing my shadow, Running out of time. I don't wanna look back. Too scared to cry. I'll never know if he cared enough to try 2 seconds made it too late.
Lyrics to "Chasing Shadows" song by FRANKMUSIK: The sun appears, and so do they. Echoes of the ... I keep chasing shadows ... My red, green and blue
SHAKIRA - Chasing Shadows lyrics
We will run from nothing, my love. But it's just you and me. And we chase our shadows. We're waiting for, just waiting for. The sun to go down. But until it does
Ocean Colour Scene - It's My Shadow Lyrics
Lyrics to 'It's My Shadow' by Ocean Colour Scene. Who is that ... Who is chasing in the wind all the letters never sent ... Dancing upon the floor, its my shadow
Chase Goehring - A Capella Lyrics
May 10, 2015 I'm out to be the best me that I can be working on my craft day in and out ... from my shadow you can call that shade my verse is straight and my ...
Alter Bridge - On My Way Now Lyrics
I don't know 'Cause I'm on my way now. And I call for you on my way now. Chase my shadows. Have I lost my. And will I ever find my way now? Buried in a past ...
Secret Someones - Chase Your Shadow Lyrics
Lyrics for Chase Your Shadow by Secret Someones. ... can hear you in the wind the distant echo pulls me in I don't wanna waste my time to find if I'm not on your ...
Charlotte Martin - Chasing A Shadow Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Chasing A Shadow' by Charlotte Martin. The chase goes on forever / I'm running out of time / There's madness in the river and it has half my mind / A.
MOODY BLUES LYRICS - Shadows On The Wall
Chasing shadows on the wall. Chasing shadows as they dance on the floor. Chasing dreams that were forever young. Now I'm on my own. Chasing shadows on ...

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