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Motion City Soundtrack Lyrics - Feel Like Rain
How about a phone call now? We love that game, ... and we wanna stay ... As the curtain closes on another day. Submit Corrections. Writer(s): ...
Oingo Boingo Lyrics - Nasty Habits
Take the phone off, lock the door and shut the curtains ... Nasty habits here to stay now they'll never go away
Fun. Lyrics - Carry On
Your head in the curtains ... Lay your clothes down on the floor, Close the door, hold the phone, ... Carry on. May your past be the sound
Eagle-Eye Cherry Lyrics - Save Tonight
Go on and close the curtains 'Cause all we need is candlelight You and me, and a bottle of wine ... I wish that I, that I could stay But girl you know I've got to go (oh)
Blindside Lyrics - King Of The Closet
I'm cold in a way I just want to stay And I'm cold this way Reckon I'll close the door Pull down the curtains stay close to the floor Mercy is for the weak; ...
The Weeknd Lyrics - D.D.
You’ll never make me stay So take your weight off of me ... Every musician’s fan after the curtains come down ... I didn’t call on the phone to
Automatic Loveletter Lyrics - The Curtain Close
Lyrics to "The Curtain Close" song by Automatic Loveletter: ... Shakespeare thought he'd never stay But, baby, believe This life When it's all begun from the overload
Jimmy Barnes Lyrics - Daylight
I close the curtains Just got to block out the light ... Stay out all night and all ... Without Your Love American Heartbeat
Editors Lyrics - The Phone Book
Lyrics to "The Phone Book" song by Editors: I'm on watch here So close your eyes and get some rest I'm here to watch your heart It's been faulty...
Outkast - Aquemini Lyrics
But until they close the curtain It's him and I Aquemini. Now is the time to get on like Spike Lee said Get on the bus go get your work ... I stay down with these streets
Casting Crowns - Stained Glass Masquerade lyrics ...
Maybe then we close the curtain ... 2 meanings to Stained Glass Masquerade lyrics by Casting Crowns: ... Be enough to make you stay
Heidi Newfield Lyrics - Stay Up Late
Lyrics to "Stay Up Late" song by Heidi Newfield: ... Call it a night, close all the curtains Come on baby, I can hardly wait To go to bed early and stay up late
The Firm Lyrics - Five Minutes To Flush
Like I'm Larry Davis the phone rang some D.A. bitch "Nature turn yourself in" I didn't say shit ... Searching my spot behind curtains stay cursing
Hal Ketchum Lyrics - Continental Farewell
Moonlight in the curtains love in the air ... I'd like to stay here and talk all night ... If your looking for love you ain't even close
Meghan Trainor Lyrics - Close Your Eyes
Lyrics to "Close Your Eyes" song by Meghan Trainor: Everybody's on the same page No new chapters We'll never change Everybody wants to be cool, yes the...
Eagle Eye Cherry - Save Tonight Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Save Tonight' by Eagle Eye Cherry: ... Go on and close the curtains ... that I could stay But girl you know I've got to go ...
Boz Scaggs - We're All Alone Lyrics
Lyrics to 'We're All Alone' by Boz Scaggs: ... Close your eyes and ami And you can be with me 'Neath the waves, through the caves of hours Gone, forgotten now
Harry Hudson - I`m Good Lyrics. Ridin' through the city with my ride or dies Haters talk a lot but all I hear is blasé blah How can I complain, man I'm inspired To ...
The Blackout Lyrics - Save Tonight
Lyrics to "Save Tonight" song by The Blackout: Go on and close the curtains All we need is candlelight You and me ... Save tonight and fight the ... that I could stay
Eagle Eye Cherry - Save Tonight lyrics
Save Tonight lyrics by Eagle Eye Cherry: Go on and close the curtains / Cause all we need is candle light / You and me and a bottle of wine. ... that I could stay
Harry Hudson - I'm Good Lyrics
Lyrics for I'm Good by Harry ... I ain't gonna change for nobody You can ask my bodies We always stay the same around here When you getting ... Close the Curtains. 02.
XV Lyrics - Lift The Game
Yeah, curtain close, throw your rose The night is early, ... But we try to stay away from being what you want us The streets get hotter than a June Summer
Eva Dahlgren - Stay Lyrics
Lyrics for Stay by Eva Dahlgren ... with tension Your voice breaks on the phone The sky is hurt and crying ... since We've been close together And locked us in ...
Chris Cendana - Stay Lyrics
Lyrics for Stay by Chris Cendana ... with tension Your voice breaks on the phone The sky is hurt and crying ... since We've been close together And locked us in ...
The Overtones Lyrics - All About You
All snuggled up in your grandmother’s car ... And as we watch the curtain close ... Because it hurts too much to stay So baby fly away
Rihanna Lyrics - Take A Bow
Curtain's finally closing That was quite a show Very entertaining But it's over now (but it's over now) Go on and take a bow Grab your clothes and get gone (get gone)
Eminem - Go To Sleep Lyrics
Go To Sleep Lyrics Eminem. ... You'se curtains, you use words, ... I'ma stay blazin New York wit the heat Stalk on the beat, walk wit my feet
BLOODSHOTEYE LYRICS - "An Unrelenting Assault" (2006) album
stay the fuck out of our way ... Drawing the curtain on The ones that should have meant the most ... Close your eyes Say goodnight
AZ Lyrics - Last Dayz
Close your eyes, let fly with me ... So many lost in these last days, closed curtains ... you either stay or walk, or get beat
Chris Cendana - Stay lyrics
Stay lyrics by Chris Cendana ... loaded with tension Your voice breaks on the phone The sky is hurt ... I think you should Stay I think you should Stay. Lyrics taken ...
Jason Chen Lyrics - Just For A Moment
It's not enough to hear my baby's voice on the phone ... to stay away from you baby ... so close your eyes girl
Jack & Jack Lyrics - Like That
Lyrics to "Like That" song by ... Never stop texting every time I see your name up in my phone ... I'm certain you'll be screaming for me when I close the curtains
The White Buffalo Lyrics - This Year
You better run fast or you're gonna burn your feet Splashin' and yellin' the cannonball ... Well it's close of the curtains, let's stay inside No flower, ...
Taylor Swift Lyrics - You Belong With Me
Lyrics to "You Belong With Me" song by Taylor Swift: You're on the phone with your girlfriend She's upset, she's going off about something that you said...
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