Control control me bad gyal bad gyal mi want lyrics

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Nicki Minaj - Hold Yuh Lyrics
Ayo Gyptian tell dem fi gwan eviction Dis one Yeah it a di bad gyal addiction, See ... tun tun Me na rampaz Mi nozzle and get my boom boom She de out a control I ... good Still me want it well good Gyal me wann fi hold yuhh put me arms right ...
GYPTIAN LYRICS - Hold Yuh (Remix)
Gal yuh give mi di tightest hold mi ever yet seen inna my life (This one's for ... Dis one yah it a di bad gal edition. See dem gal ... Like a fast bike pon di bike vroom vroom vroom vroom!!! ... She deh outta control, a more fire she waan in har soul
DRAKE LYRICS - Controlla
Lyrics to "Controlla" song by DRAKE: Gyal yuh body good and yuh special to meh Wan mek you mi lady, officially From ... From you tickets fi buy, den mi willing to pay ... They don't want me to give you nothing ... Yuh bad like an action movie
TORY LANEZ LYRICS - Controlla (Remix)
... real yard shit come in on it like this No one gyal can satisfy me Mi need more f... ... Nuh fi scared of the ting, gyal come closer ... Bad man we nuh watch that
Got Me Going Crazy Lyrics - Olivia
Bounce pon riddim, a bad gal ting (I love di way yuh) Bounce pon ... I love the way ya time it, ya control it. The way ya ... The way ya hold it, the way yuh do yuh likkle wine pon mi ... Just do it to me baby (like that) let me rock ya, rock ya steady
SHAGGY LYRICS - Out Of Control
Lyrics to "Out Of Control" song by SHAGGY: Woman make your waste line roll Woman make your waste line roll Gal, you're too bad and gal you're... ... Nuh bother hesitate fi jerk up ya spine, so hear me now. Woman make ... In the VIP dem know mi as the big tipper ... Seh she wants a man who know fi conquer and devour
Lyrics to "Bad Man" song by MISSY 'MISDEMEANOR' ELLIOTT: Yo, what some more feel like Dem know seh ... Dem nuh want mi shoot badman (Badman)
GYPTIAN LYRICS - Hold You (Hold Yuh)
Gyal you give me the tightest hole me eva seen in my life. Gyal me wann ... Mi want a girl who will take me away. Me want a ... She deh out a control a mi first she ...
Missy bad gyal a wine and a bruk dem back. And mi look fi ya badman fi touch dem hot. Vodka pon di rocks dat a touch dem spot. Hot gyal [?] Bad riddim move  ...
Samini feat. Stonebwoy - Party Away (feat. Stonebwoy) Lyrics ...
Dec 19, 2015 See dema coming oo. we get da party goo every bad gyal already know this. Eii if a shampang run come pop it up and if you want den I can puff it oo. ... away. ladies sexy ladies come and make we party awaaayy. come link me the ... turf and we control the game fly on a de pilot drive we insane oo. check mi ...
Ayo Gyptian tell dem fi gwan eviction Dis one Yeah it a di bad gyal addiction, See dem gal deh contradiction, Dem ... Gyal you give me tightest hold me eva seen inna mi life ohhhh ... Mi wanna gyal who go tek you away ... She de out a control
Love all mi gal dem in di black l-ace. This just a small ting ... Control the spot like some big time bad bwoy ... Huh, buss di dance let me s-ee, Kardinal [Chorus: ...
Freaks some gyal a freaks a di week some gyal a (FREAKS... ... Th-Th-This girl fuck me like she know me, she backed it up then she tipped on her toeeeeeessssss! ... Passa passa, you ain't got no wins in mi casa ... Where my bad bitches at?!
Vershon - Key Fi Mi Life Lyrics
Sep 9, 2015 Lyrics for Key Fi Mi Life by Vershon. ... pon da cocky yah eh Gyal Mi know yuh horny an yuh wan fuck Yuh punany, wet di draws up ... Open up yuh belly me shoot like di gun Nuh mi give yuh mi heart if yuh give me sum Mi love ...
Conkarah - Right One Lyrics
Dec 6, 2016 Me a wait all night fi approach yuh Buh yuh man a stand guard like a ... guard like a soldier now Him nuh love yuh girl him only wah control yuh ... wine fi mi baby, yuh style bad Mi love yuh, you a my gyal Mi shoulda know yuh ...
KONSHENS LYRICS - Pull Up To Mi Bumper
Lyrics to "Pull Up To Mi Bumper" song by KONSHENS: Just pull up to mi bumper Pull up to mi bumper Come inna ... Hey gyal yuh a tease mi. But mi like it. Mi no have no self control mi cyaa fight it ... Haffi prove to yuh caw mi hear seh yo bad
"Hold Me". [Chorus:] Gyal yo pum, pum, hold mi so. Control mi so. Yea the condom tear hi no. That mean the pum, pum, tight hi no. Can you turn around like a ...
MAVADO LYRICS - Carribean Girls
Lyrics to "Carribean Girls" song by MAVADO: Gal yo body hold mi fi true Mi stick on just like crszy glue ... Mi stick on just like crszy glue ... Barbados gal control mi
Lyrics to "Gal A Weh Me Do You" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Whe yaah seh Suppose mi sleep wid yuh best fren Den wid yuh enemy Have a yute fi yuh uncle Tell ...
DRAKE LYRICS - Controlla
Do things when you want me to. Like controlla, controlla. Yeah, like controlla, controlla [Beenie Man:] Gyal a tear off mi garments. And a bawl fi come inna mi ...
Likkle Dub Girl
Jun 12, 2016 Let me tell you this girl when the bass line drops she starts wining outta control I tell . ... gyal alone me a look for tonight Me likkle dub girl haffi deh by mi side So ... bad man A still a i tell ya this behavior carry all heep a gyal' Cause I'm ... she starts rollin outta control Me tell you this girl when the one drop kick ...
... put on mi clothes And step outta road Me notice gyal a gwan mad Dem say, mi look ... But she nah follow me, she a follow her God ... A Jah Jah control mi soul
Gyptian - Hold Yuh Remix Lyrics
Gyal me wann fi hold yuh / Put me arms right around ya / Gyal you give me the tightest hold me eva get inna my life / ... Gyal you give me tightest hold me eva get inna mi life, oh ... Mi want a gyal who can take care of me ... Mi outta control
Lady Saw - If Him Lef Lyrics
Mate and mate ah fight / True a gyal pussy kill a man last night / But watch ... A nuh you're pussy fault a di bad influence from fi her fuck deh wah she use to ... Gyal skin out , mek mi try mi finger first coz wuyy yuh pussy tight like a tight tus ... do de wuk,turn it back way and oulda kill him wit fuck,stab it in me angle ,angle mi ruff
Gaza girls haha hehe mi love di gyal dem yuh fuck dem love fuck yuh wa u a seh nuh? [Chorus:] ... To how mi love yuh gyal commin like yuh pussy tie mi. We fi par daily and nightly ... Fi di birth control mi cum inna har more 33 minus 24 inna ...
Lyrics to "Hooked On You" song by KONSHENS: A di bestest gyal Yo! ... Yuh put it pan me ... One touch mi touch it is like mi cya figet ... No gyal cya control me
Bad Man Deh Yah King Of Di Dancehall Harda Dem Come ... Airforce Me Control Nuff Of Dem Ah Run Back Where Di Gal Dem Alone When Mi Fling Meh Rod 9 Months Time A ... New Dance A Buss We Nuh Dead Like ??? [Chorus] [Verse 3:]
Sean da Paul we deh ya... all of deh gal dem just a flock, yow. Non stop ... Love it when you spin it and roll it, baby control it. Wine ya ... See the man a pree you, see the gal dem wanna be you ... See di haters dem a bad bad breed ... Gal... Quality time weh me waan fi devote. Gal a you run the route. Mi seh dat out mi mouth
How could someone like me so bad get such a good girl. Such a good girl, you're a ... I'm only good at one thing and it's not control. But I am consistent, that's ...
Bad Boy's Da Band - Tonight Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tonight' by Bad Boy's Da Band. Somethin' happens ... This sensation, emotions take control of me ... Make you hit high notes like R&B singers Mi Gyal.
Power to control. How I make you my ... Lick me down like you were ... But you don't care what they say about me… ... 'Cause there's no salvation for a bad girl
Tommy Lee Sparta - Dem Nuh Bad (Raw) Lyrics
Jan 27, 2016 Lyrics for Dem Nuh Bad (Raw) by Tommy Lee Sparta. ... fi threat De la Vega roll out wid di tec Di man weh fi kill mi him . ... up Di Teacha Free up Shawn Storm Like a remote control boy life inna me palm ... Mr Tek Weh Yu Gal.
Samini - New Style Lyrics
Mar 9, 2016 .1 Laimomo, dwohami You taste like wine from 69 The older the better Am ... Make we control the street with-with sweet vibes Wo n'ni problem y3nk) di me ... a me best thing along side mi baby Butterfly na mi gyal Light inna mi yard ... bad gyal Wa kyer3 me biibi fofor) bi Don't stop keep it coming Herrr Garzy ...
Lexie Lee - Warlord's Daughtah lyrics
Yuh see from yuh straight (Yeah mon) Bad mind caan pass through di gate (none tall) Clean heart alone mi rate (watch dem fall) [Verse:] Nuff a dem badmind
The roughest toughest bumboclaat bad man from out of Jamaica ... Is a thug girl me want fi me wife. ... Dis mi, mi wi bumb down yuh town ... Control all docks
Hey gyal, bend down low meck mi tell you weh mi know. Meck mi tell ... Bump and grine pon it, mi sink it like titanic. Slow wine ... Shi seh the pussy a fi bad man
Lyrics to "Luv Me Girl" song by MAVADO: Steam a rise to the ceiling Girl I love it when you close your eyes Can't control dis yah feeling Wa...
Mavado - Love Me Girl Lyrics
cyan control this a feeling what a running down yuh thighs. an imma mek u love mi, girl scream my name a million times, yeah imma mek u love mi, girl. chorus:
SEAN PAUL LYRICS - I'll Take You There
To a place, where you can be free as you wanna be girl ... We goin' start it, champagne we bought it, We no skylark with bad mind bad hearted. ... I'm gonna make you fly so high, let it loose for me girl cause I, ... You body blazin', gal you so amazing. ... Walk an you roll take full control cause you know you a done them lately.
Popcaan - She a Gwan Good Lyrics
Mar 20, 2016 Hey Chrome How da gyal deh look so boasty She look like a girl wa ... girl wa evey man want Look good so inna yo brown bra Mi love yo bad, ...

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