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Couple Niggas (Remix) Lyrics - Chinx Drugz
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Couple Niggas (Remix)" from "Chinx Drugz": ( HOOK), Start it for a hundred then I came down with a double, bag double bag ...
Chinx Drugz - Couple Niggas (Remix) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Couple Niggas (Remix)' by Chinx Drugz. Real niggas only, me by my lonely / All 'bout my meals, bitch no bologna / This is a Rollie & this is a Hublot.
YG LYRICS - My Nigga (Remix)
Lyrics to "My Nigga (Remix)" song by YG: I'm talkin 'bout puttin' on, ridin' out; Glocks in my ma's house ... Cause niggas drop a dime on you like a couple nickels
chinx feat. 2 chainz & french montana - coule niggaz remix
2 Chainz & French Montana - Coule Niggaz Remix (Remix) Lyrics. Always in it with a couple niggas Gettin' money with a couple niggas Burnin' up the spot, ...
G HERBO LYRICS - Hot Nigga (Remix)
Lyrics to "Hot Nigga (Remix)" song by G HERBO: I'm so hot nigga I'm so high nigga G Herbo, I'm some hot ... Only got a couple minutes, take a couple flizzicks
Lyrics to "CRZY (Remix)" song by KEHLANI: Crazy I go, I go, I go Everything I do, I do ... A couple niggas tried to screw me over, had to learn how to use a ratchet
Troy Ave - Real Nigga (Remix) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Real Nigga (Remix)' by Troy Ave. I made my name up in these streets ... A couple boxes, ain't no sneaks, just some bills, nigga. The way I handle all my ...
DJ DRAMA LYRICS - Big Money (C4 Remix)
Lyrics to "Big Money (C4 Remix)" song by DJ DRAMA: Talkin' big money, boy it come in thousands Trap house ... Know a couple niggas in a fuckin' situation
LIL DURK LYRICS - Chiraq (Remix)
Lyrics to "Chiraq (Remix)" song by LIL DURK: Niggas say me and Sosa beefin' but we both ... Everytime a nigga rap beef, get clapped up in a couple weeks
TREY SONGZ LYRICS - Look At Y'all (Lookin' Ass Nigga Remix)
Lyrics to "Look At Y'all (Lookin' Ass Nigga Remix)" song by TREY SONGZ: Bring that mic You see ... I hit a couple y'all bitches then I'm through wit y'all bitches
Lyrics to "Hot Nigga (Remix)" song by BOBBY SHMURDA: Niggas got me on my Brooklyn shit Aye, what I told 'em? I said Being hot get you the MVP Stayin' hot.
Know a couple niggas that's down to ride for a homicide ... Bitch I cash out 'till I pass out, got a couple trues I don't even wear ... Like "Bibby hop on this remix"
Fuck wrong with these ho niggas? ... These niggas that I roll with don't let a single thing get by em ... Know a couple niggas that's down to ride for a homicide
TRAE LYRICS - A Couple Of Grand (Remix)
Lyrics to "A Couple Of Grand (Remix)" song by TRAE: A couple grand, price tag on your head - leave ... niggas gay, plus it's understood you get it - how you play
Lyrics to "Lonely" song by SPEAKER KNOCKERZ: Started out with nothing I was hungry, Now I got a couple niggas bitches on me, Fuck nigga I don't w...
YG - My Nigga Remix lyrics
My Nigga Remix lyrics by YG: [Hook: Rich Homie Quan] / I said that I'mma ride for my motherfuckin' niggas / Most likely I'mma die with my.
DJ KHALED LYRICS - They Don't Love You No More
Nigga, you ain't seen it, I've been fucking up the winters. I'm with double M, the ... Had to shake a couple niggas, everybody won't make it. God is the greatest as ...
Niggas will shoot you in the back and cut yo fucking throat like rich and alpoe. ... God forgive me I been hurt by a couple niggas thats why I wake up say my ...
Lyrics to "Racks (Remix)" song by YUNG CHRIS: (YC!) Whatchu got? Racks ... A couple of haters lookin, I'm knowin them niggaz hot (hot) You can tell 'em that I ...
LIL DURK LYRICS - B.O.N. (Big Ol Nigga)
Lyrics to "B.O.N. (Big Ol Nigga)" song by LIL DURK: It's your boy Lil Durk man King of Chicago man This is not ... And I lost a couple niggas that I can't hug again
LIL DURK LYRICS - B.O.N. (Big Ol Nigga)
Lyrics to "B.O.N. (Big Ol Nigga)" song by LIL DURK: It's your boy Lil Durk man King of Chicago man This is not ... And I lost a couple niggas that I can't hug again
Dreezy feat. King Louie - Aint for None Lyrics
Nov 22, 2014 All I smoke is loud, you smoke mid, I don't want nothing Lost a couple of homies and I don't give a fuck! I can name a couple niggas that think ...
LADY LESHURR LYRICS - Don't Waste My Time (Female Remix)
Lyrics to "Don't Waste My Time (Female Remix)" song by LADY LESHURR: If she ain't fucking, she got to go ... Have a couple wild niggas stick it on a man quick
Couple brothers I'll die for. Couple women I'll try for. Couple niggas be hatin' still but we just standing our ground. What? Nigga, you broke? That's cool, pay me ...
Lyrics to "B.O.N (Remix)" song by CARDI B: Fuck all that talking shit Fuck all that stalling shit I came here ... Yeah I fucked a couple niggas pulled a couple tricks
CUPCAKKE LYRICS - Jumpan (Remix)
Lyrics to "Jumpan (Remix)" song by CUPCAKKE: Never will I do a false alarm Hit the Matrix if ... Got a couple niggas that need those, so its adios to the migos
DREEZY LYRICS - Chiraq (Remix)
Lyrics to "Chiraq (Remix)" song by DREEZY: Hit up Harolds on 87th Get a 5 piece with some mild sauce Thot top ... I done chopped it up with some real niggas and the next day they got whacked ... Drop a couple bars, and leave them all quiet
MEEK MILL LYRICS - Trap Vibes (Summer Sixteen & Panda Remix)
Lyrics to "Trap Vibes (Summer Sixteen & Panda Remix)" song by MEEK MILL: Turn me up some Cruz I told Barcelini if them niggas hating they gon suffer I'm goin up a hundred ev... ... Couple hundred, we gon vac seal em. Just to ride with it ...
O.T. Genasis - Push It (Remix) Lyrics
Couple niggas had beef so I had to Chief Keef I got homies from the 2, I got homies from the 3. I keep everything neutral, I just wanna smoke a leaf. I was runnin' ...
DMX LYRICS - Pure Uncut Remix
Lyrics to "Pure Uncut Remix" song by DMX: DMX McGruff and Canibus. You know where you heard ... I gotta blow a couple, niggas away just to show the muscle
Lyrics to "No Love (Remix)" song by AUGUST ALSINA: (Drumma Boy) August Young Money I swear ... You should just drink a couple drinks with a nigga like me
ACE HOOD LYRICS - Bugatti (Remix)
Lyrics to "Bugatti (Remix)" song by ACE HOOD: We the motherfuckin best nigga ... We the motherfuckin best nigga ... Couple weeks old, "Bugatti" done went gold
Lyrics to "Wild Boy (Remix)" song by MACHINE GUN KELLY: Yeah Bitch, Yeah ... Nigga! [Mystikal Verse:] Bitch, I Got My Beanie And My Hoodie Here Go The Dick, ... A couple of them Ready To Do It Different Whenever I Tell Them Bitches To ...
Lyrics to "Drinks On Us (Remix)" song by MIKE WILL MADE IT: You know I been on now, then, and I'm next Every year my year, you ... I'll probably sneak a couple on this motherfuckin' jet (XO) ... Bet you never see my niggas pull up to the spot
O.T. GENASIS LYRICS - Touchdown (Remix)
Lyrics to "Touchdown (Remix)" song by O.T. GENASIS: Word around town I'm the man nigga Break that bitch down to the ... 16 O's in a pound nigga, quarter back drop, touch down nigga ... Still flip a couple water bottles but the shit smell
Got a couple niggas on my line. Nigga all I'm tryna say. You know that I hear you boy. Niggas talk that shit all day. Tell me you something different boy. Ooh boy I ...
DEJ LOAF LYRICS - Been On My Grind
You ain't gotta be a killer to get my respect, pussy nigga. Ay just play yo role, you ... I keep a couple niggas, but ain't got a lot of patience. If I want it, Imma take it, ...
KEVIN GATES LYRICS - Thought I Heard (Bread Winners' Anthem)
I'm the truth, chosen one, couple niggas said it. Why you mad at Kevin Gates? Ain 't you gettin' paper. Thought I heard somebody say they was a bread winner
CHRIS BROWN LYRICS - Marvin's Room (Remix)
It's been a couple months now. Baby I am not suprised. But I'm a real nigga. Girl, how you gon take his side [Hook] I bet if I lick that spot then you won't act like ...
YO GOTTI LYRICS - Down In The DM (Remix)
Lyrics to "Down In The DM (Remix)" song by YO GOTTI: If she respond to this DM, ... Do be in some gangs, couple Cs on their bag, bitches ... Nigga, pinky swear

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