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Esoteric - Creation (Through Destruction) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Creation (Through Destruction)' by Esoteric. Night surrounds me, / As I sit alone, / In the indecipherable darkness. / I smell the noise of past. /
IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE LYRICS - Creation & Destruction
Lyrics to "Creation & Destruction" song by IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE: Yeah Haha Se ha cabado la mierda Bout to drop a def' cut Yo, yo, yo, huh Immortal ...
FIT FOR A KING lyrics - "Creation|Destruction" (2013) album, including "Eyes To See", ... You've turned away and the guilt is flowing through your veins
PATHOLOGY LYRICS - "Incisions Of Perverse Debauchery" (2008 ...
1. Incisions Of Perverse Debauchery 2. Creation Of Mass Destruction 3. Blessed Through Suffering 4. Eviscerated Human Torso 5. Defiled Autopsy Remnants 6.
EMMURE LYRICS - The Philosophy Of Time Travel
Creation through destruction. Beauty is no longer a picture of heaven. It's just an illusion. Nothing completes me. Submit Corrections. Visit for ...
BOLT THROWER LYRICS - "War Master" (1991) album
3. The Shreds Of Sanity 4. Profane Creation 5. Destructive Infinity 6. ... Through death it becomes clearer, mankind alone is to blame. Unleashed upon mankind ...
THY WILL BE DONE LYRICS - "In Ancient Of Days" (2009) album
Redemption achieved through. Revelations of truth ... Sanctified Through The Truth You must become ... Finding creation through destruction. With Grace And ...
DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS LYRICS - Self Destructive Zones
Lyrics to "Self Destructive Zones" song by DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS: It was 1990 give or take I don't ... Than admit that something bigger is passing through
Ghazi - Culture Forge Lyrics. Culture Forge Creation through destruction Human situation And the irreverence displayed towards life Never will humanity never ...
MALEVOLENT CREATION LYRICS - "Warkult" (2004) album
Munitions destroyed, no chances for retaliation ... Onward to conquer, supremacy through annihilation
ANNIHILATIONMANCER LYRICS - "Precursor Of Destruction" (2016 ...
Inert, you see the truth through the webs of ideology ... what mind cannot see, tangled in the blood, strained in the failed creation
MUDVAYNE LYRICS - Mercy, Severity
Mother of creation wait, embrace the souls of a lost world. Carry them away, ... Mother of destruction wait with a belt of. Skulls strap ... Through the dark. Lightning ...
bleeding through the cables living through the cables breathing through the ... there's glory in subversion there's glory in destruction fossils are an invention to ...
ABIOTIC LYRICS - "Casuistry" (2015) album
Reanimated Destruction 3. Cast Into The ... For those who will claim to have entrance through the gates of heaven ... A mindless creation hell bent on destruction
INFERNAL WAR LYRICS - "Terrorfront" (2005) album
Dead head's emire! Creation through destruction. Order through diabolical chaos . The ancient laws returning. Dead head's empire is rising. Welcome to the new ...
DEICIDE LYRICS - "Deicide" (1990) album
Lunatic Of God's Creation 2. Sacrificial ... Levitate through the secret and ancient doors. Unbegun ... Mass destruction, ended lives, blasphemation, you will die
Infernal War - Dead Heads Empire lyrics
Dead head's empire is rising. Dead head's emire! Creation through destruction. Order through diabolical chaos. The ancient laws returning. Dead head's empire  ...
ARES KINGDOM LYRICS - "Incendiary" (2010) album
The Destruction Of Sennacherib 4. ... Faith in an idea to provincialize all creation. Borne of paralyzing ... Playing the music of creation through a skipping media
NEAERA LYRICS - "Omnicide - Creation Unleashed" (2009) album
NEAERA lyrics - "Omnicide - Creation Unleashed" (2009) album, including "The ... Through a downpour of hail and fields of drought ... Destruction within peace
OLD MAN'S CHILD LYRICS - "Slaves Of The World" (2009) album
Path Of Destruction 6. The Spawn Of Lost Creation 7. On The Devil's Throne 8. Ferden ... Enter this world through the gates of hell. Unleash the wolves and your  ...
Descend upon me* Scrape away impurities. With flame purify. This life won't be denied. Finding creation through destruction. With Grace And Truth Heal These ...
METAL ALLEGIANCE LYRICS - "Metal Allegiance" (2015) album
Destruction) 9. Pledge Of Allegiance 10. We Rock ... Staring through the walls. I will rebuild. A stronger design ... Control your creation. Leaves you all but dead
GOLDEN DAWN LYRICS - "Return To Provenance" (2012) album
... album, including "Return To Provenance", "Self-Destruction", "Vision Of Entirety ". ... from the creation as it was meant to be ... no feeling for life but through pain
Thy Will Be Done - And Fire Will Fall Lyrics
This life won't be denied. Finding creation through destruction. With Grace And Truth Heal These Wounds Let The Fire Fall On Me World atonement. In this time  ...
Creation Through Destruction / Adversary Lyrics Kristallnacht · Creation Through Destruction / Adversary · Blooddrenched Memorial 1994 - 2002 Lyrics ...
Within Destruction - Void Lyrics
Aug 9, 2016 With blackened eyes, staring at our fragile creation A slithering claw pierces ... pierces the veil of vivid light Crawling through the void of oblivion.
DECIMATION LYRICS - "Reign Of Ungodly Creation" (2014) album
Devour the god, origin of dark creed, their end, destruction, torment and the evolution ... Spiritual agony more than a torture, exile through the vacancy, gibberish ...
ABNORMALITY LYRICS - "Mechanisms Of Omniscience" (2016 ...
Destruction of natural processes. The cure worse ... Omniscience through cymatic hallucinations ... Only through destruction is creation unleashed. We stood and ...
GOJIRA LYRICS - "L'enfant Sauvage" (2012) album
GOJIRA lyrics - "L'enfant Sauvage" (2012) album, including "My Last Creation", " This Emptiness", "The Fall"... ... The flashes find a way, stealing through these broken walls. And when this fire grows, ... Let us worship this god of destruction
THE AGONIST LYRICS - Lonely Solipsist
Tragic auditorium for one Pygmalion soul. Manas in transcendence through an infinite cosmos. Destruction. Destruction is the ultimate creation so, your children,  ...
ETERNITY LYRICS - "Pestiferous Hymns – Rev. I-I-XXXIII" (2012 ...
Reborn Through The Flame (Against The Creation) 6. Waiting In The ... I march through blood. On a stream of ... Creation and destruction. Blood and ashes
Inanimate Existence - The Rune of Destruction lyrics
May 24, 2016 Lyrics for The Rune of Destruction by Inanimate Existence. It leads through the forest and to the gates Darkness paralyzes me in fear, though ... Fusing energy growing from the planet with cosmic creation Fire surrounds me as ...
IMPIOUS HAVOC LYRICS - "Great Day Of Wrath" (2003) album
... HAVOC lyrics - "Great Day Of Wrath" (2003) album, including "Destruction Awaits", "Uncreation II", "Uncreation I"... ... His highest creation ... Through the most
Creation; all must ends in destruction. We cannot change the fate of civilization ... Through space and time. We can't escape this paradigm. At the edge of the ...
Sanctuary - Seasons Of Destruction Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Seasons Of Destruction' by Sanctuary. Feel my pain ... And through politics and crime. Forgotten ... This grand creation, our human race. No control, no ...
EMMURE LYRICS - "Felony" (2009) album
These things I've felt. They are meaningless. Life is meaningless. Everything in this world dies alone. I've turned into a monster. Creation through destruction
BEWITCHED LYRICS - "Spiritual Warfare" (2006) album
Malevolent Force Of Destruction 8. This Is ... Possession through demonic copulation. Turns her to dust .... Creation of light – we send you to hell. Die! This is ...
THY ART IS MURDER LYRICS - "Hate" (2012) album
I am the destruction of innocence. I am the .... I am the everlasting prophet of destruction. I walk the earth I stalk ... I rip through time to seek the origins of creation.
MEPHISTOPHELES LYRICS - "Modern Instinct's Purity" (2001) album
... lyrics - "Modern Instinct's Purity" (2001) album, including "Solarian", "Conquer Self - Destruction", "My Enemy Divine"... ... Thou who art the murderer of Thy own creation ... The one that walked alone through bastard blood's prosperity
All pain sifts through myu soul. You'll never feel greater ... Forever creation has conceived. Birth of destruction spreads its wings oh yea. Chaotic rebirth a new ...

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