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KEVIN GATES LYRICS - Cut Her Off (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "Cut Her Off (Freestyle)" song by KEVIN GATES: Starin' at me like the damsel in distress Acapulco diamonds and they dancin' on my neck Flawless no.. .
Lyrics to "Cut Her Off" song by K CAMP: It ain't nothing to cut that bitch off It ain't nothing to cut that bitch off So what you saying, h...
J. COLE LYRICS - Cosmic Kev Freestyle
Lyrics to "Cosmic Kev Freestyle" song by J. COLE: It took me all day to find some inspiration It just hit me like a ton of ... And dog, my shows be off the handle ... Told her I be dealing with some real life shit ... Cut my leg off I wouldn't be defeated
GUDDA GUDDA LYRICS - Demolition Freestyle Pt 2
All you niggas is son-of-a-bitch made, And if ya girlfriend utta, I cut her like switch blades, (Yeah) We ride like roller blades, Now gone give me head til' it fall off of ...
FABOLOUS LYRICS - Quiet Storm Freestyle
Lyrics to "Quiet Storm Freestyle" song by FABOLOUS: DJ Clue. ... Shorty lost her sponsor that was cuffin' her up ... Your nigga cut you off broke scenario again
KENDRICK LAMAR LYRICS - Cut You Off (To Grow Closer)
Lyrics to "Cut You Off (To Grow Closer)" song by KENDRICK LAMAR: Uh-uh-uh, uh, uh-uh-uh, uh Ali, you ... But I notice that her heart resides next to bitterness
RUSS LYRICS - Longevity Freestyle
Lyrics to "Longevity Freestyle" song by RUSS: So many people blowing smoke It's getting too cloudy It's kinda funny ... Taking short cuts could have your whole career cut short ... The games got her legs open. I figured ... It's all good tho I'm off it
CHRIS BROWN LYRICS - Started From The Bottom (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "Started From The Bottom (Freestyle)" song by CHRIS BROWN: Black Benz You repent Give a fuck about this paper Say you're girl is a ... I do damage and she pull her panties down to the floor she let me cut ... Girl take them tights off
OUTKAST LYRICS - Da Art of Storytellin' (Remix)
Had to hate ya playa, I'm dickin the hoe down never said I paid her. Straight laid ... but I still wanna cut her though, maybe she had to work ... off in my 'Llac now
Lil Wayne - Demolition Freestyle Part 2 Lyrics
lotta of you niggas are son of a bitch made and if your girlfriend utter, I cut her like switch blade, yeaa we ridin like roller blades now gon give me head till it fall off ...
VIC MENSA LYRICS - Heathens Freestyle
Lyrics to "Heathens Freestyle" song by VIC MENSA: All my friends are heathens take it slow ... "Heathens Freestyle" ... I don't want your girl, cut her off like a fetus
DRAKE LYRICS - We Made It (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "We Made It (Freestyle)" song by DRAKE: The only thing I'm seein' I'd like to put an ... Now I walk into the buildin' and go off like "Nigga we made it!" ... Then she gon' text her best friend like "Girl he got some good dick and money"
Eminem - Whose Arm Is This (Freestyle) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Whose Arm Is This (Freestyle)' by Eminem: Whose arm is this? I must've cut it off at the pharmacist Who refused to renew my seventh prescription of.
RICH THE KID LYRICS - No Kiss (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "No Kiss (Freestyle)" song by RICH THE KID: Fifteen hundred for Margielas I been flexin' diamonds wet I got em' jealous Side Bitch give her no k... ... Got a bitch get cut off, one strip but she laid off. Swerving I'm getting topped off, big ...
WIZ KHALIFA LYRICS - All My Life Freestyle
Catch Wiz skinny ass chillin' on the beach. Cut my own hoes off, I ain't deal with them in weeks. I pray to God every night before I go to sleep. To let her know I'm ...
TORY LANEZ LYRICS - I'm Good (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "I'm Good (Freestyle)" song by TORY LANEZ: I'm good like G double O-D OG kush by the motherfuckin oz Hoes wanna roll with a ... That's why your wife got her eyes on my nigga ... Up in the cut with the buck ... Tint color is off streak
LIL' FLIP LYRICS - Freestyle King Award
Lyrics to "Freestyle King Award" song by LIL' FLIP: Nigga, 2000, Y2K Me and ... Call her, nigga, Caller ID, a baller I be. She wanna fuck, I'ma call her and see ... That's coffee, hoes wanna toss me, get off me ... Cut 4 U · Biz · I Can Do Dat. Search. Request Lyrics · Submit Lyrics · Soundtracks · Music Videos · Facebook · Links.
DJ Screw - Juicy (Freestyle) lyrics and translation
Lyrics and translation for Juicy (Freestyle) by DJ Screw. ... yeeeh yeeah yea yeeeah its them boys off that Long Drive that nigga D-mo (D-mo) Here I go, here I go ...
RUSS LYRICS - 10 Year Freestyle
Lyrics to "10 Year Freestyle" song by RUSS: Yuh, I'm cool on your opinion of my ... If her ass right but the face left, then I'm dippin' ... Act like it ain't happen, cut, copy, paste it. It's on every channel doesn't matter if you change it. I'm off it though
Then she got jealous soon as she knew about you. She don't never want to see us go through round two (Cut her off!) Cut her off that's what I'm doing now, you
Eminem - Westwood Freestyle 2010 Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Westwood Freestyle 2010' by Eminem. / I'll do a ... I chopped the bitch in half with it, sawed off her legs. And the top half of the ... Alchemist, cut that.
Yea I'm single make her have to cancel dat bitch like nino. I aint trippin on nuthin ... Say she wish she could cut my dick off and take it wit her. I say hol up she say ...
WALE LYRICS - O Let's Do It Freestyle
Lyrics to "O Let's Do It Freestyle" song by WALE: Um No days off Um The Wizards ... Can't tame her she's dangerous you ain't know she smashed the homies ... I'm fuckin witchu but I love them bitches you know I'm gettin more cut than nip tuck
MACHINE GUN KELLY LYRICS - Highline Ballroom Soundcheck ...
Lyrics to "Highline Ballroom Soundcheck (Freestyle)" song by MACHINE GUN KELLY: Ay yo, first off my name is, fuck that ... Ay yo, first off my name is, fuck that check the playlist ... Me ho, mis amigos will cut you into burritos and feed you to the seagulls ... Her Song · Spordy (Skit) · Highline Ballroom Soundcheck ( Freestyle)
Lyrics to "Freestyle" song by RICH GANG: Top floor type shit Chandeliers with ... My producer cut hoes off, Dun Deal ... If she wanna fuck, tell her come over
KODAK BLACK LYRICS - Down N Out (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "Down N Out (Freestyle)" song by KODAK BLACK: Kodak Project baby and you ... She want me to love her ... Fresh cut, kodak fade, on my corner with them thangs ... He wanted to be the team, grabbed my balls straight off the rim
EMINEM LYRICS - Chonkyfire Freestyle (Swag Juice)
Lyrics to "Chonkyfire Freestyle (Swag Juice)" song by EMINEM: I have no idea what I'm doing I have ... I'll spin chainsaw, take off like the blades on ... And I never trust her, a whole lot, even on the first date, she basically get her mouth rimmed,
Rich Gang - Freestyle Lyrics
Nov 8, 2014 Lyrics for Freestyle by Rich Gang. ... I need a lunch meal My producer cut hoes off , dun deal I'm real, I'm Quan, all I speak is truthful Come here, ...
He wanted to be major like the cut-throats and the thugs. But when he tried ... They wrapped her shirt around her head and knocked her onto the floor "This is it kid, now ... Can't freestyle, you're screwed off the top like bottle caps. Beneath the  ...
K CAMP LYRICS - Just Listen (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "Just Listen (Freestyle)" song by K CAMP: Hey man I just touch down a ... Snakes nigga cut ‚em off that's their way ... Thrhough all now she fish her.
LUPE FIASCO LYRICS - Champ Is Here (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "Champ Is Here (Freestyle)" song by LUPE FIASCO: The champ is here Flow ... It's like my third deal off Could Be ... Then I sent my dog to go and pick her up ... And to my niggas that liquor they livers up and distribute cut in the belly
Jay-Z - Criminology Freestyle Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Criminology Freestyle' by Jay-Z. It's like this yo, and we don't stop! / Jay- Z / Check it / I get deep ... Emcee's I cut off at the knees like shorts. It gets worst!
LLOYD BANKS LYRICS - Hip Hop Drunkies Freestyle (Cutmaster C)
Lyrics to "Hip Hop Drunkies Freestyle (Cutmaster C)" song by LLOYD BANKS: Let's go nigga! (that's right) Lloyd ... What don't y'all get off of my dick, I got an album to do ... It's nothing to bag your bitch, have her holding my cock (UH-HUH!)
THA JOKER LYRICS - Make It Rain Freestyle
Lyrics to "Make It Rain Freestyle" song by THA JOKER: I'm a Make It Rain Bitch I' m a ... O.F.F. we runnin shit ... And if her booty talk I put my nigga on the 3 way
BIG SEAN LYRICS - 4th Quarter
It ain't nothing to cut that bitch off but you can't cut my percentage (No no) With the ... Tell me who gon' be set for life, Myra and her son, fo' sure. One time for the ...
Kendrick Lamar - Cut You Off (To Grow Closer) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cut You Off (To Grow Closer)' by Kendrick Lamar: Cause everytime you come around You be ... But I notice that her heart resides next to bitterness
Tokyo - Down In The DM Freestyle Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Down in the DM Freestyle' by Tokyo. Bitch don't come up in my DM / Asking me no ... Cut him off when i get tired. And you be blowing up his phone
Hit a freaky Puerto Rican bitch and got her in a goddamn ride. And she got so ... Time to cut the bitches off and cut my mothafuckin losses. Why you do why you ...
MONTANA OF 300 LYRICS - Wifin' You
Lyrics to "Wifin' You" song by MONTANA OF 300: I cut off all my bitches, only thing on my mind is you And ... While she ride this dick, I be rubbin' her tits
EMINEM LYRICS - Just Rhymin Wit Proof
I'll cut your butt up and walk... Around with ... I'm blastin off...your ass is I'm startin to jack off. Cuz I'm so ... The girly I fucked last year when her hair was curly. Couldnt ... Here it is... need to write shit...cuz when we write shit

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