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DDG Lyrics. "ALMOST". Almost broke my wrist but I still keep spendin' (Spendin'!) Almost broke my wrist, diamond still keep spinnin' (Spinnin'!) Hol' up. Walk in the dealer, blew like 150 (50!) Stunt so hard niggas might try and get me. Almost broke my wrist but I still keep spendin' (Spendin'!) Almost broke my wrist, diamond still keep spinnin ...
DDG - Well Off Lyrics
DDG Lyrics. "Well Off". Brodi poppin' xanny's, he just wanna take the edge off. He just seen a opp at the store but he sped off. Gotta keep it on me cause these niggas know I'm well off. (Yeah these niggas know I'm well off) Young ass nigga but I move like I'm the oldest. I was grindin' hard but them bitches never noticed.
DDG - Exotics Lyrics
DDG Lyrics. "Exotics". Devo this shit hard. I'm in the city, I'm whippin' exotics. She off of narcotics, she rubbin' my body. I think she popped her a X or Molly. I think she in college, but fuck it, we partied. It ain't no new friends, my nigga, we solid. We on it, we 'bout it, I don't even doubt it.
DDG - Free Parties Lyrics
DDG Lyrics. "Free Parties". Zaytoven. Yeah, ayy, ayy, ayy, PontiacMadeDDG, ayy. I pull up at parties that only got free shit, ayy. I pull up at parties that only got free lit, ayy. Don't pay for no parties I'm on VIP list, ayy. Don't send me no flyers unless it is free, bih, ayy. I pull up at parties that only got free shit, ayy.
DDG - WOOZY Lyrics
DDG Lyrics. "WOOZY". (CB on the beat) Yeah, ayy, hold on. Mmm, yeah. It's a whole lot of things that I can do with you, boo (Yeah, yeah) Bring your friends, I'll bring my friends and we can do what we do (Boom, boom) Say you feeling me, I know it 'cause I already knew (I knew it) How I'm feelin' in this club, I might leave here with two.
DDG - Pontiac Lyrics
Bora Bora for a few days. Hundreds spent on the D'usse. They say DDG is the new wave. Made a hundred bands in like two days. Rapper niggas on the same shit. Like a lil' bitch on the same dick. You broke, you ain't rich. You got no hoes, that's the same bitch (Okay) Went to visit at my old college.
DDG & OG Parker - Money Long Lyrics
[DDG:] Sayin' "free the guys," 'til my homie home Gotta keep a Glock, niggas hating 'cause my money long I can't tweak over thots, I got other ho's Brodie servin' fiends on the block with a runny nose He got wock, he got lean in his double cup I just hit the 'sino for a band, watch I double up Shake that ass, shake that ass, bitch fuck it up
DDG & OG Parker - Hakuna Matata Lyrics
Millions and millions come annually. I'm stacking this paper up gradually. What the fuck is a little band to me. I got 100k randomly. If he hatin he a fan to me. Back in the day I was broke with no dolla. Now I got Gucci all over my collar. I do this shit for my mufuckin mama, my brotha my papa, my sista I got ya.
DDG - Lit Tonight Lyrics
DDG Lyrics. "Lit Tonight". Yeah (Tre On The Beat, yeah) Yeah. I don't know if it's just me but like- do you feel like- you know. All my business is our business, gotta be their business. Yeah, like if I'm kickin' it with you and you kickin' it with me it's just supposed to be about us, not everybody else. But you seem not to be able to keep ...
DDG - New Money Lyrics
DDG. Written by:Darryl Granberry Jr. Last update ... right all my wrongs But fuck that I'm dissing all of my exes in all of my songs Bridges burn after fucking with me You fall off after fucking with me You get left after fucking with me You better off never fucking with me Niggas be Talking but ain't bout that action Bet when they see me ain't ...
It's only for the night, but I'm tryna fuck with you now. I put it down right, you fell in love, but I flew out. Meet me in the lobby. I won't tell nobody (No) Let's go to my room and have a party (Party) I might set the mood and get it started (Started) I won't tell nobody. You want to kick it backstage with the crew now.
CJ SO COOL - Tired Lyrics
CJ SO COOL Lyrics. "Tired". I'm tired of the liars. I'm tired of the games. I'm tired of everything that don't quite feel the same. Girl, I got that fire but with me it ain't the same. Now I could make you famous, put you in a mansion. The designer, the frames. Money ain't a problem.
Exodus - Downfall Lyrics
Fall! Downfall! So quick to claim the credit due Yet no one takes the blame Like Nero played his violin While watching Rome in flames Implosion of our nations through Decisions of its kings Downfall of our creation It's the end of everything [Chorus] Submit Corrections. Writer(s): Gary Holt.
DDG - New Money Lyrics
That's disrespectful, they know I got more. New wave, new money. Young niggas gettin' paid. I just turned 20 (Hah!) Already got millions, ayy. Smokin' gelato, big checks and the paper. I'm used to Henny, I don't need no chaser. Your diamonds fufu and cloudy like vaper. That girl a eater, she fucked off my taper.
DDG & OG Parker - Way You Talk Lyrics
Baby I like when you ride it. I really want you and I cannot hide it. I really hope you don't mind it. I get you drip with no stylist. I wanna show you I'm bout it. Get you a Birkin that match with a wallet. I wanna show you I'm solid. Girl you know I love the way you walk. And it's something bout the way you talk.
Way too much weight (Yeah) Turning nothing into something, fuck up out my face. Let's face it. You know you know that I'm patient. But I don't wanna have a look back at all these years and say, "This time been wasted". We just fuckin' fight and I sacrifice every night. Don't even know what you like.
Lou Reed - The Fall Of The House Of Usher Lyrics ...
Banners yellow, glorious, golden, On its roof did float and flow; (This -- all this -- was in the olden time long ago) And every gentle air that dallied, Along the rampart plumed and pallid, A winged odor went away. All wanderers in that happy valley. Through two luminous windows saw. Spirits moving musically.
Sleepy Hallow - Lowkey Lyrics
Actin' like she leavin', but she can't. Said her heart won't let her take the chance. She be actin' like she leavin', but she can't. Nuh-uh, won't let her take the chance. I liked it better when we was lowkey. Now you're tellin' all your friends that I'm different, ain't the old me. Takin' these drugs, I'm 'bout to O.D.
Quin NFN - Broadday Lyrics
Lil' bro will burn you, hit the corner, that's a pick and roll. Got niggas feisty, they don't like me 'cause I'm getting dough. But that's okay 'cause I'm the youngest, I'm the general. I'm askin' God to go to heaven with a sinnin' soul. We gon' pull up on an opp and we blappin' 'em broad day. Shit wasn't easy, all my niggas went and got it the ...
MACHINE HEAD LYRICS - "Through The Ashes Of Empires" (2003 ...
Downfall, and all falls down With faith I crawl In sadness, I fear what I've become 'Cause after all I'm acting, pretend my smile on Before the fall The pain washes over Hold on, hold on Survive Survive This Walk, run Free the fear you've become Fight back Before it's your Downfall, and all falls down 10. Wipe The Tears Ask me how it feels
A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - Come Closer Lyrics
You gon' fall into my trap, you gon' fall right through Even when you're with your lover and your phone's on mute When I call you an Uber, you gon' come right through Need to cry you a river If you lie, won't forgive you And I won't ever, ever trust you And I won't ever, ever miss you And yeah I love my baby mother But if she fuck another nigga
Shadows Fall - Mystery Of One Spirit Lyrics
Shadows Fall Lyrics. "Mystery Of One Spirit". Inspiration is the light of the mind. Revelation the meaning behind. Clouds of sacred incense allow us to rise. Cast away all our earthly ties. Without a veil of tears. Journey Of the Magi Cascading. Fulfillment of our mind your cowardice.
Kodak Black - Down South Lyrics
Kodak Black Lyrics. "Down South". I know you from the Bronx. Heard it's cold, it's like my heart. Let me book ya a first class flight to Florida where it's hot. I'ma take ya down south, show you what I'm rappin' 'bout. Young niggas, 14, permanent golds in they mouth. I be jumpin' on these beats, remember sleepin' on the couch.
Trippie Redd - It Takes Time Lyrics
Trippie Redd Lyrics. "It Takes Time". You know time is of the essence. Yeah I tried lil baby. Put your feelings to the side lil baby. You got too much pride lil baby. I ain't have time yesterday. But today I got time lil baby. 'Cause you been up on my mind lil baby.
EXODUS LYRICS - "Exhibit B: The Human Condition" (2010) album
Fall! Fall! Fall! Downfall! [Solo Gary] So quick to claim the credit due Yet no one takes the blame Like Nero played his violin While watching Rome in flames Implosion of our nations through Decisions of its kings Downfall of our creation It's the end of everything [Chorus] 6. March Of The Sycophants Do as they say, not as they do
Ida Corr - Star Lyrics
Lyrics for Star by Ida Corr. it is possible an earlier example for complete solubility struggling harassing gridiron lv...
The Offspring - You're Gonna Go Far, Kid Lyrics
And now you'll lead the way. Show the light of day. Nice work you did. You're gonna go far, kid. Trust, deceived. With a thousand lies. And a good disguise. Hit 'em right between the eyes. Hit 'em right between the eyes.
Exodus - March Of The Sycophants Lyrics
Marching to the beat of a different kind of drum. It's the march of the sycophants! Town hall rabble. Cry liberty and justice for the few. It's the end of they world as they know it. That's what they'll say to you. Conspiracy theories eaten raw like meat. Fed by the mother of lies. They suck straight from the teat.
Black Sabbath - Paranoid Lyrics
Black Sabbath Lyrics. "Paranoid". Finished with my woman 'cause she couldn't help me with my mind. People think I'm insane because I am frowning all the time. All day long I think of things but nothing seems to satisfy. Think I'll lose my mind if I don't find something to pacify. Can you help me occupy my brain?
Exodus - Class Dismissed (A Hate Primer) Lyrics
A blood splattered treatise of hate. Class dismissed is my hypothesis. Gun fire ends the debate. All I ever wanted was a little affection. But no one ever gave it to me. My hate primer's the result of my rejection. You'll die for it, and I'll die for thee. The halls of learning now a shooting range. My final exam with a gun.
SYMPHONY X LYRICS - "V - The New Mythology Suite" (2000) album
2. Evolution (The Grand Design) [Music: Michael Romeo, Michael Pinnella] [Lyrics: Michael Romeo, Russel Allen, Jason Rullo] Born from the light - journey into the. moment, delivered from thought and. sky. He will be one, one with the land -. Lord of wind and the sea and the sands.
Shadows Fall - Destroyer Of Senses Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Destroyer Of Senses' by Shadows Fall. The sweet taste of self destruction waves of purity wash away the memories I keep on falling off I keep on falling off
Moxas - Cannot BE Friends Lyrics
Sad Frosty & DDG - "Pull Up" Brr, bop Bop, bop, bop Uh, what? Yuh Astro got it runnin' Uh I'm a boss, I ain't trippin' if I take a L Ksubi jeans on my ass, B.B. Simon my belt I'm bumpin' my collar, my new bitch a scholar Got si...
Blood for Blood, eye for an eyeLet my vengeance reign the skyLet it Rain… feel its painI’m the catalyst of your demiseIf it breathes, it lies; if it bleeds, it diesI’ll cut you open from the insideRestless…in a world that’s shamelessThe slaves are endless ...
Rod Wave - Gone Till November Lyrics
On the road. Half way home. Sorry my friend, I don't want to be alone yeah. So I, I'll be gone till November. Go on and mark your calendar. Phone keep ringing, heart keep breaking. No matter what I do, can't keep nobody happy. Can't keep these haters off me, can't get along with my daddy. I hope when they get older that my kids can understand me.
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