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Dead Milkmen - Bleach Boys Lyrics
"Bleach Boys" By The Dead Milkmen From Beelzebubba (c) 1988. I've got some buddies and we all drink bleach. You know we practice what we preach
Dead Milkmen - Plum Dumb Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Plum Dumb' by Dead Milkmen. She stands there on the corner, got raspberry jeans / Waiting and watching, oh god, here he comes / He pulls up ...
Dead Milkmen - Cousin Earl Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cousin Earl' by Dead Milkmen. Now you wanna talk about bladder problems / Then the man you wanna talk to will probably be my cousin Earl / I ...
Dead Milkmen - I Am The Walrus Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Am The Walrus' by Dead Milkmen. A young Watusi watches 'I Love Lucy' / And I think, 'What can this mean?' / A goat goes to school and makes us ...
Dead Milkmen - Earwig Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Earwig' by Dead Milkmen. Your ears fell off in the parking lot / Your blood's still drippin', God, I hope it clots / You say you're okay but we know.
Dead Milkmen - In Praise Of Sha Na Na Lyrics
Lyrics to 'In Praise Of Sha Na Na' by Dead Milkmen. Sha Na Na / Sha Na Na Na / Sha Na Na Na Na / Sha Na Na (x2) / Sha Na Na Na Na / Sha-Na-Na were the ...
Dead Milkmen - Big Lizard Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Big Lizard' by Dead Milkmen. Big lizard in my backyard / Can't afford to feed him anymore / Big lizard in my backyard / Bustin' down my neighbor's.
Dead Milkmen - Beach Song Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Beach Song' by Dead Milkmen. Sand is hurting my tender feet / The air smells like rotting fish and Solarcaine / I hate the people on the beach / With.
Dead Milkmen - Bitchin' Camaro Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bitchin' Camaro' by Dead Milkmen. Hey Jack, what's happenin'? / I don't know / Well, uh, rumor around town says you might be thinkin' 'bout goin'
Dead Milkmen - The Secret Of Life Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Secret of Life' by Dead Milkmen. I saw a cigar shaped flying ship / It landed outside on my lawn / You poked your head out of a door / And said,
Dead Milkmen - Stuart Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stuart' by Dead Milkmen. You know what, Stuart, I LIKE YOU. You're not like the other / People, here, in the trailer park. / Oh, don't go get me.
Dead Milkmen - Tiny Town Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tiny Town' by Dead Milkmen. Hello, my name is Billy Bob and I don't give a damn / I got myself some white sheets straight from the Ku Klux Klan / I.
Dead Milkmen - Going To Graceland Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Going To Graceland' by Dead Milkmen: Goin' to Graceland It's gonna be great I'm so happy I just can't wait Gonna see the bucket that.
Dead Milkmen - Gorilla Girl Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gorilla Girl' by Dead Milkmen. (This is a gorilla girl) / Gave to the gorilla girl, gobs and gobs of love / No one else would touch that girl unless.
Dead Milkmen - The Guitar Song Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Guitar Song' by Dead Milkmen. Hey Kitten, whatcha doin'? / Wanna play the guitar? / You say, what's that sound / Coming out of the hole in the.
Dead Milkmen - Moron Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Moron' by Dead Milkmen. Hangin' out in the commode / Listening to Depeche Mode / You look like some kind of toad / Why are you a moron? / Got a.
Dead Milkmen - Born To Love Volcanos Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Born to Love Volcanos' by Dead Milkmen. Born to love volcanos / Seen em on PBS / Born to love volcanos / My apartment is a mess / Somewhere ...
Dead Milkmen - Silly Dreams Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Silly Dreams' by Dead Milkmen. I had a dream you came back to my house / You changed your mind / I had a dream you came back to my house / To  ...
Dead Milkmen - Chaos Theory Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Chaos Theory' by Dead Milkmen. I am the king of the new white underclass / I am the prince of the lazy and poor / I am the one who sleeps the latest.
Dead Milkmen - Rocketship Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rocketship' by Dead Milkmen. Rock-et ship (x2) / I'm going on a trip / Far away / I am leaving today (x2) / Rock-et ship (x2) / My bags are packed /
Dead Milkmen - If I Had A Gun Lyrics
Lyrics to 'If I Had a Gun' by Dead Milkmen. Would I be amused / Would you be impressed / That I had the power / To put a hole into your chest? / When the kids.
Dead Milkmen - Lucky Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lucky' by Dead Milkmen. (One, two, three huh!) / Little Billy drunk on beer / Plops down behind the steering wheel / His prom date pukes on her brand.
Dead Milkmen - Do The Brown Nose Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Do The Brown Nose' by Dead Milkmen. Good evening ladies and gentlemen / And welcome to P.J.'s Astrological Love Lounge / We are Lester Shy  ...
Dead Milkmen - Depression Day Dinner Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Depression Day Dinner' by Dead Milkmen. Barfy was a fine pet / He fetched stick and played dead / Every day he'd get fed / And he'd bring home the.
Dead Milkmen - Peter Bazooka Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Peter Bazooka' by Dead Milkmen. Tuesday, yes, it was Tuesday / When I saw my congressman coming out of the titty bar / He didn't look like my.
Dead Milkmen - The Fez Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Fez' by Dead Milkmen. Hello Colin, it's the Fez / Who has angered the volcano god? / Who has angered the volcano god? / Who has angered the.
Dead Milkmen - Not Crazy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Not Crazy' by Dead Milkmen. This is living / I've got everything I want at my fingertips / Just have to clap and lights turn on / I've got several.
Dead Milkmen - Leggo My Ego Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Leggo My Ego' by Dead Milkmen. My subconscious mind / Has got me in a bind / Your love has made me blind / Let go my ego! / I feel the cold wind ...
Dead Milkmen - Violent School Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Violent School' by Dead Milkmen. Violence rules! / Violence rules! / Violence rules! / Violence rules! / Violence rules! / Violence rules, guns are.
Dead Milkmen - I Hate You, I Love You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Hate You, I Love You' by Dead Milkmen: What am I gonna do When I get close to you? Wanna hold you next to me But you bring me misery.
Dead Milkmen - Filet Of Sole Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Filet Of Sole' by Dead Milkmen. Filet of sole, baby / It's my favorite dish / Filet of sole, baby / When the dish is fish / 'Cause oh, I lose control.
Dead Milkmen - My Many Smells Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Many Smells' by Dead Milkmen. Sometimes I smell like a barrel of rotting fruit / Stinking up the jungle under the hot tropical sun / Other times I.
Dead Milkmen - The Woman Who Was Also A Mongoose Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'The Woman Who Was Also A Mongoose' by Dead Milkmen. She was once an attraction at the county fair / And now she sleeps in a box at the top of ...
Dead Milkmen - Serrated Edge Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Serrated Edge' by Dead Milkmen. Up on the hilltop where the vultures perch / That's where I'm gonna build my church / T'ain't gonna be no priest,
Dead Milkmen - Right Wing Pigeons Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Right Wing Pigeons' by Dead Milkmen. The town in Georgia's got a law on the books / Says if we all got guns then we won't have crooks / Now what.
Dead Milkmen - Labor Day Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Labor Day' by Dead Milkmen. On my TV screen / Every Labor Day / Fuckin' Jerry Lewis / Make him go away / Make him go away / Make him go away  ...
Dead Milkmen - Six Days Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Six Days' by Dead Milkmen. I've been to Phoenix / So goddamn hot / 110 in the shade / I didn't like it a lot / I've been to L.A. / So sunny and.
Dead Milkmen - Tacoland Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tacoland' by Dead Milkmen. There's a place / In San Anton / Where I can go / And not feel alone / Tacoland, it's a panacea / Tacoland, they're always.
Dead Milkmen - Ask Me To Dance Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ask Me To Dance' by Dead Milkmen. Ask me to dance / Ask me to dance / While the room around me explodes / This is your last chance / Just ' cause I.
Dead Milkmen - Dean's Dream Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dean's Dream' by Dead Milkmen. Friday night cookin' show, with a / Horse-meat dish / I had to stay in the freezer / All Thursday eve / Talkin' to.

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